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Meningitis as cochlear implant complication

Author(s): Kosanović Rade | Ivanković Zoran | Babac Snežana | Stojanović Sandra | Petrović-Lazić Mirjana | Ječmenica Jovana
Development of a closed-loop neural prosthesis for vestibular disorders

Author(s): Di Giovanna J. | Gong W. | Haburcakova C. | Kögler V. | Carpaneto J. | Genovese V. | Merfeld D. | Demosthenous A. | Guyot J.P. | Hoffmann K.P. | Berthoz A. | Morari M. | Micera S.
Ultimate pH values in reindeer meat with particular regard to animal sex and age, muscle and transport distance

Author(s): E. Wiklund | A. Andersson | G. Malmfors | K. Lundström | Ö. Danell
Pathogenetic aspects of alcoholic encephalopathy treatment

Author(s): Shchetinin S.G. | Barylnik Yu.B. | Lim V.G.
Gastroparesis: Current diagnostic challenges and management considerations

Author(s): Shamaila Waseem, Baharak Moshiree, Peter V Draganov
Characteristics of the antivasoconstrictor effect of pinacidil on isolated radial artery

Author(s): Gojković-Bukarica Ljiljana | Stojnić Nataša | Perić M. | Cvejić Jelena | Bumbaširević M. | Lešić A. | Ćupić V. | Milošević I. | Kanjuh V.
A New Controller for FES-Assisted Sitting Down in Paraplegia

Author(s): POBORONIUC, M. S. | WOOD, D. E. | RIENER, R. | DONALDSON, N. N.
Hybrid Orthosis: The Technology for Spinal Cord Injury

Author(s): R. Jailani | M.O. Tokhi | S. Gharooni
Lack of nitrate tolerance in isosorbide dinitrate- and sodium nitroprusside-induced relaxation of rabbit internal anal sphincter

Author(s): Ayhan Koyuncu, Ihsan Bagcivan, Bulent Sarac, Cengiz Aydin, Sahin Yildirim, Yusuf Sarioglu
Modulatory effects of neurotoxic insecticides on the peripheral and central GABA-ergic actions

Author(s): Stanković Jasmina | Varagić V. | Milovanović Slobodan R.
The influence of lidocaine and beta-blockers on L-NAME-induced potentiation of the isolated rat hemidiaphragm contractility

Author(s): Stojanović R. | Todorović Z. | Nešić Zorica I. | Vučković Sonja M. | Cerovac-Ćosić Nataša | Lasica Ratko | Oprić Dejan | Kerkez M. | Lazić M. | Prostran Milica Š.
Excitatory muscarinic M1 receptors mediate in the regulation of guinea-pig terminal ileum motility

Author(s): Šćepanović Ljiljana | Kojić Zvezdana | Suzić Slavica | Nešić D. | Popović Dejana | Mazić Sanja | Ilić S.
Inhibitory effect of eugenol on rat ileal motility in vitro

Author(s): Trailović Saša M. | Robertson P.A. | Nedeljković-Trailović Jelena

Author(s): A. Nicolosi
Transcorneal electrical stimulation increases chorioretinal blood flow in normal human subjects

Author(s): Takuji Kurimoto | Shinichirou Oono | Hidehiro Oku | et al
Tramadol Iontophoresis Added to Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis

Author(s): Ayşe Dicle Turhanoğlu | Hayal Güler | Deniz İnanoğlu | Kerem İnanoğlu | Selim Turhanoğlu
Muscle twitch responses for shaping the multi-pad electrode for functional electrical stimulation

Author(s): Malešević Nebojša | Popović Lana | Bijelić Goran | Kvaščev Goran
Direct localised measurement of electrical resistivity profile in rat and embryonic chick retinas using a microprobe

Author(s): Harsha Kasi | Robert Meissner | Alexandre Babalian | Harald van Lintel | Arnaud Bertsch | Philippe Renaud
Respiratory muscle pacing with chronically implanted intramuscular Permaloc electrodes: A feasibility study

Author(s): James S. Walter, PhD | Robert D. Wurster, PhD | Qianlong Zhu, PhD | Franco Laghi, MD
A 3D Electroactive Polypyrrole-Collagen Fibrous Scaffold for Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Soh-Zeom Yow | Tze Han Lim | Evelyn K. F. Yim | Chwee Teck Lim | Kam W. Leong
Osteoblastic differentiation and stress response of human mesenchymal stem cells exposed to alternating current electric fields

Author(s): Hronik-Tupaj Marie | Rice William | Cronin-Golomb Mark | Kaplan David | Georgakoudi Irene
Early intensive hand rehabilitation after spinal cord injury ("Hands On"): a protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Harvey Lisa | Dunlop Sarah | Churilov Leonid | Hsueh Ya-Seng | Galea Mary
The blockade of the transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 and fatty acid amide hydrolase decreases symptoms and central sequelae in the medial prefrontal cortex of neuropathic rats

Author(s): de Novellis Vito | Vita Daniela | Gatta Luisa | Luongo Livio | Bellini Giulia | De Chiaro Maria | Marabese Ida | Siniscalco Dario | Boccella Serena | Piscitelli Fabiana | Di Marzo Vincenzo | Palazzo Enza | Rossi Francesco | Maione Sabatino
DREAM regulates BDNF-dependent spinal sensitization

Author(s): Rivera-Arconada Ivan | Benedet Tomaso | Roza Carolina | Torres Begoña | Barrio Jorge | Krzyzanowska Agnieszka | Avendaño Carlos | Mellström Britt | Lopez-Garcia José | Naranjo José
The effects of low frequency electrical stimulation on satellite cell activity in rat skeletal muscle during hindlimb suspension

Author(s): Zhang Bao-Ting | Yeung Simon | Liu Yue | Wang Hong-Hui | Wan Yu-Min | Ling Shu-Kuan | Zhang Hong-Yu | Li Ying-Hui | Yeung Ella
Differential cellular FGF-2 upregulation in the rat facial nucleus following axotomy, functional electrical stimulation and corticosterone: a possible therapeutic target to Bell's palsy

Author(s): Coracini Karen | Fernandes Caio | Barbarini Almir | Silva César | Scabello Rodrigo | Oliveira Gabriela | Chadi Gerson
Long-term Anterior Thalamus Stimulation for Intractable Epilepsy

Author(s): Siew-Na Lim | Shih-Tseng Lee | Yu-Tai Tsai | I-An Chen | Po-Hsun Tu | Jean-Lon Chen | Hsiu-Wen Chang | Yu-Chin Su | Tony Wu
Proximal and distal esophageal sensitivity is decreased in patients with Barrett’s esophagus

Author(s): Anne L Krarup, Søren S Olesen, Peter Funch-Jensen, Hans Gregersen, Asbjørn M Drewes
Cortical and spinal evoked potential response to electrical stimulation in human rectum

Author(s): Brian Garvin, Lisa Lovely, Alex Tsodikov, Danielle Minecan, Shaungson Hong, John W Wiley
Sensory testing of the human gastrointestinal tract

Author(s): Christina Brock, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Oliver Wilder-Smith, Asbjørn Mohr Drewes
Image Coding for Robotic Guidance Using Neuroblastoma Cultures

Author(s): Jose Manuel Ferrández | Víctor Lorente | Félix de la Paz
Effect of two-channel gastric electrical stimulation with trains of pulses on gastric motility

Author(s): Bin Yang, Xiao-Hua Hou, Geng-Qing Song, Jin-Song Liu, Jiande DZ Chen
Brugada Syndrome-An Update.

Author(s): Oruganti Sai Satish | Kuan-Hung Yeh | Ming-Shien Wen
Chronic pain and invasive therapy

Author(s): A. Rocco | P. Di Marco | M. Luzi | A. Canneti | C. Reale
Management of diabetic gastroparesis

Author(s): Aljarallah Badr

Author(s): Ernie H. Purwaningsih | Nurhadi Ibrahim | Hamdani Zain (alm) | Arjo Tedjo
Some Thoughts on Electrical Interventions for the Control of Tremor in Parkinson's Dinase

Author(s): A. N. Hearn | Madeleine Lowery | Annraoi M de Paor
Ultrastructural features of supraspinal muscles in rabbits after long-term transcutaneous lateral electrical surface stimulation (LESS)

Author(s): Ireneusz M. Kowalski | Józef Szarek | Izabella Babińska | Joanna Wojtkiewicz | Anna Andrzejewska | Joanna Lipińska | Mariusz Majewski
Sources of porcine longissimus dorsi muscle (LDM) innervation as revealed by retrograde neuronal tract-tracing.

Author(s): Mariusz Chyczewski | Joanna Wojtkiewicz | Agnieszka Bossowska | Marek Jałyński | Wojciech Brzeski | Ireneusz M Kowalski | Mariusz Majewski
Czy zastosowanie dynamicznej elektroneurostymulacji może być przydatne w leczeniu łuszczycy?

Author(s): Tatiana Szymczak | Rafał Białynicki-Birula | Maria Barancewicz-Łosek | Andrzej Bieniek
Effect of electrical stimulation on abdominal local fat thickness in young healthy women

Author(s): Maryam Hayati | Minoo Khalkhali Zavieh | Tahereh Mohamadipanah
Model for Electrical Field Distribution in the Human Esophagus during Stimulation with Patch and Ring Electrodes

Author(s): Christina Brock | Romulus E. Lontis | Flemming H. Lundager | Peter Kunwald | Asbjørn M. Drewes | Hans Gregersen
Online Assessment of Human-Robot Interaction for Hybrid Control of Walking

Author(s): Antonio J. del-Ama | Juan C. Moreno | Ángel Gil-Agudo | Ana de-los-Reyes | José L. Pons
The influence of the ultrasound treatment on some physiological and biochemical parameters in Spinacia oleracea L. Seeds

Author(s): Anisoara Stratu | Zenovia Olteanu | M Peptanariu | Alexandrina Murariu
Amplitude Changes of the Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential in Children with Cochlear Implants: Preliminary Results

Author(s): Alireza Pourjavid | Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman2 | Mahin Sedaie | Hessam-al-din Emamjome | Farzad Mobedshahi | Parvaneh Abbasalipour Kabirrah
Some Thoughts on Electrical Interventions for the Control of Tremor in Parkinson's Dinase

Author(s): A. N. Hearn | Madeleine Lowery | Annraoi M de Paor
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on the PC-5 and PC-6 Points Alleviated Hypotension after Epidural Anaesthesia, Depending on the Stimulus Frequency

Author(s): Young-Chang P. Arai | Akihiro Ito | Kenji Ohshima | Soki Hibino | Sinnosuke Niwa | Jun Kawanishi | Hiroki Numanami | Yoshikazu Sakakima | Shouji Mizuno | Yusuke Tawada | Yuki Maruyama | Jun Sato | Makoto Nishihara | Shinsuke Inoue | Takahiro Ushida
Effects of Low Voltage Electrical Stimulation of Wether Lambs Carcasses

Author(s): P. Polidori | F. Fantuz | F. Polidori
Study of nerve fibers nature reinforcing duodenal contractions by electrical stimulation of sympathetic nerve

Author(s): Sveshnikov D.S. | Kirichuk V.F. | Smirnov V.M. | Myasnikov I. L | Kuchuk A.M. | Trofimova J.E. | Trubetskaya M.A.
Panic-like behaviors in Carioca High-and Low-conditioned Freezing rats

Author(s): Bruno de Oliveira Galvão | Vitor de Castro Gomes | Silvia Maisonnette | J. Landeira-Fernandez
Short QT syndrome

Author(s): Carla Giustetto | Chiara Scrocco | Daniela Giachino | Charles Antzelevitch | Fiorenzo Gaita
Effect of Duration and Amplitude of Direct Current when Lidocaine Is Delivered by Iontophoresis

Author(s): Susan A. Saliba | Courtney L. Teeter-Heyl | Patrick McKeon | Christopher D. Ingeroll | Ethan N. Saliba
The effects of raloxifene treatment on oxidative status in brain tissues and learning process of ovariectomized rats

Author(s): Süreyya Osmanova | Ebru Sezer | Volkan Turan | Burak Zeybek | Mustafa Cosan Terek | Lutfiye Kanıt
Simulation of epiretinal prostheses - Evaluation of geometrical factors affecting stimulation thresholds

Author(s): Kasi Harsha | Hasenkamp Willyan | Cosendai Gregoire | Bertsch Arnaud | Renaud Philippe
Brain-Computer Interface Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation System for Ankle Movement

Author(s): Do An | Wang Po | King Christine | Abiri Ahmad | Nenadic Zoran
EEG-Based Asynchronous BCI Controls Functional Electrical Stimulation in a Tetraplegic Patient

Author(s): Pfurtscheller Gert | Müller-Putz Gernot R | Pfurtscheller Jörg | Rupp Rüdiger
SPAIDE: A Real-time Research Platform for the Clarion CII/90K Cochlear Implant

Author(s): Van Immerseel L | Peeters S | Dykmans P | Vanpoucke F | Bracke P
Detection of breathing phases

Author(s): Božić Ivan | Klisić Đorđe | Savić Andrej
E Actitrode: The new selective stimulation interface for functional movements in hemiplegics patients

Author(s): Bijelić Goran | Popović-Bijelić Ana | Jorgovanović Nikola | Bojanić Dubravka | Popović Dejan B.
The comparison of application of two different frequencies of TENS on excitability of Hoffmann reflex

Author(s): Bagheri H | Akbari M | Olyaei G | Talebian S | Jafari F
Cochlear Implant

Author(s): Mehrnaz Karimi
Cochlear Implant

Author(s): Mehrnaz Karimi

Author(s): M. T. Khorsandi | H. Borghei |  S. Abdi
Brain stimulation in posttraumatic stress disorder

Author(s): Vladan Novakovic | Leo Sher | Kyle A.B. Lapidus | Janet Mindes | Julia A.Golier | Rachel Yehuda
Nutritional stimulation of the autonomic nervous system

Author(s): Misha DP Luyer | Quirine Habes | Richard van Hak | Wim Buurman
Evaluation of the Electrically Evoked Action Potential Threshold Changes in Three Months after Receiving the Device in Children with Cochlear Implant

Author(s): Alireza Pourjavid | Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman | Hessam-el-din Emamjome | Mahin Sedaie | Dr. Mohammad Farhadi | Dr. Ahmad Daneshi | Dr. Massoud Motesadi Zarandi | Farzad Mobedshahi | Parvaneh Abbasalipour Kabirrah
Therapeutic Effects of Thalamic Electrical Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease

Author(s): Afsoun Seddighi | Amir Saied Seddighi | Ali Reza Zali | Vahid Afaghi | Ahmad Afaghi | Farzad Ashrafi
Amplitude Changes of the Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential in Children with Cochlear Implants: Preliminary Results

Author(s): Alireza Pourjavid | Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman | Mahin Sedaie | Hessam-al-din Emamjome | Farzad Mobedshahi | Parvaneh Abbasalipour Kabirrah
Ultimate pH values in reindeer meat with particular regard to animal sex and age, muscle and transport distance

Author(s): E. Wiklund | A. Andersson | G. Malmfors | K. Lundström | Ö. Danell
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Auricular Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Managing Posthysterectomy Pain

Author(s): Hin Cheung Tsang | Chi Shan Lam | Ping Wing Chu | Jacqueline Yap | Tak Yuen Fung | Gladys L. Y. Cheing
The effect of trancscutaneus electrical acupoint stimulation (TEAS) on fatigue reduction in hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Fateme Hadadian | Sadighe fayazi | Ali Ghorbani | Habib Falah | Sayed Mahmood Latifi
Neural correlates of heterotopic facilitation induced after high frequency electrical stimulation of nociceptive pathways

Author(s): van den Broeke Emanuel | van Heck Casper | van Rijn Clementina | Wilder-Smith Oliver
Automatic identification of gait events using an instrumented sock

Author(s): Preece Stephen | Kenney Laurence | Major Matthew | Dias Tilak | Lay Edward | Fernandes Bosco
Antinociceptive effect of cyclic phosphatidic acid and its derivative on animal models of acute and chronic pain

Author(s): Kakiuchi Yasutaka | Nagai Jun | Gotoh Mari | Hotta Harumi | Murofushi Hiromu | Ogawa Tomoyo | Ueda Hiroshi | Murakami-Murofushi Kimiko
Premature ventricular contractions originating from the left ventricular septum: Results of Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation in twenty patients

Author(s): Jia Li | Yue-Chun Li | Kang-Ting Ji | Na-Dan Zhou | Jia-Xuan Lin | Wen-Wu Zhang | Peng-Lin Yang | Ji-Fei Tang | Jia-Feng Lin
The analgesic effect of electroacupuncture on acute thermal pain perception-a central neural correlate study with fMRI

Author(s): Shukla Shivshil | Torossian Artour | Duann Jeng-Ren | Leung Albert
Effect of acupuncture depth on muscle pain

Author(s): Itoh Kazunori | Minakawa Yoichi | Kitakoji Hiroshi
Evaluation of Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction in Fibromyalgia Original Article

Author(s): Özlem Şahin | Serpil Yıldız | Nebil Yıldız | Mustafa Fatih Yaşar | Ece Kaptanoğlu
The mode of action of electrical high frequency stimulation

Author(s): Miriam Kammerer | Jonas M. Hebel | Thomas J. Feuerstein
Effects of functional electrical therapy on upper extremity functional motor recovery in patients after stroke: Our experience and future directions

Author(s): Plavšić Aleksandra | Švirtlih Laslo | Stefanović Aleksandra | Jović Stevan | Đurović Aleksandar | Popović Mirjana
Identification of Rules for a Rule-Based Control of Walking

Author(s): Slavica Jonić | Dejan Popović
Decreased central fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients after 8 weeks of surface functional electrical stimulation

Author(s): Ya-Ju Chang, PhD | Miao-Ju Hsu, PhD | Shin-Man Chen, MS | Cheng-Hsiang Lin, PhD | Alice M. K. Wong, MD
Efficacy of low level laser on knee osteoarthritis treatment

Author(s): Seyed Rasool Bagheri | Elham Fatemi | Seyed Hamed Fazeli | Raheb Ghorbani | Farzane Lashkari
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