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The Choice of AC Electricity Bridge Adjustment Parameters

Author(s): Zaiqi Fu | Changji Shan | Yuhui Luo | Xungang Yang
Energy efficiency and environmental impact of biogas utilization in landfills

Author(s): E. S. Karapidakis | A. A. Tsave | P. M. Soupios | Y. A. Katsigiannis
Life cycle assessment of 50 kWp grid connected solar photovoltaic (SPV) system in India

Author(s): A. F. Sherwani, J. A. Usmani, Varun, Siddhartha
Life Cycle Based Design and Product Development: Application of LCA to Lithuanian Industry

Author(s): Jurgis Kazimieras STANIŠKIS | Visvaldas VARŽINSKAS
A Binomial Tree Model for Investment in Transmission Assets

Author(s): Javier Contreras | Reinaldo C. Garcia | João Batista C. Garcia | Marco van Akkeren
Identifying power line harmonic radiation from an electrical network

Author(s): S. M. Werner | C. J. Rodger | N. R. Thomson
Thermoeconomic Analysis of Simple Trigeneration Systems

Author(s): Miguel A. Lozano | M. Carvalho | J. C. Ramos | Luis M. Serra
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Homayoun Nikookar | Erik Fledderus
Infrastructural Analysis of Load Dispatch Centre

Author(s): P A Kulkarni | R.M.Holmukhe
Renewable Energy Supply Options for Sri Lanka

Author(s): Priyantha D. C. Wijayatunga
Selective laser sintering method of manufacturing front electrode of silicon solar cell

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | M. Musztyfaga | A. Drygała
Synchronous Generator Modelling and Analysis for a Microgrid in Autonomous and Grid Connected Mode

Author(s): S. Jaganathan | Dr.S. Palaniswami | R. Adithya | M.Naresh Kumaar
Development of bioenergy conversion alternatives for climate change mitigation

Author(s): Nana S.A. Derkyi, Daniel Sekyere, Philip Y. Okyere, Nicholas A. Darkwa, Samuel K. Nketiah
Smart Tariff for Smart Meters In Smart Grid

Author(s): P.Vijayapriya, | Garauv Bapna, | Dr.D.P.Kothari
Why does the grid needs cryptography?

Author(s): Vančo B. Litovski | Predrag M. Petković
Design and Development of a Photovoltaic Power System for Tropical Greenhouse Cooling

Author(s): Faisal M.S. Al-Shamiry | Desa Ahmad | Abdul R.M. Sharif | Ishak Aris | Rimfiel Janius | Rezuwan Kamaruddin
Advances in High-Efficiency III-V Multijunction Solar Cells

Author(s): Richard R. King | Daniel C. Law | Kenneth M. Edmondson | Christopher M. Fetzer | Geoffrey S. Kinsey | Hojun Yoon | Dimitri D. Krut | James H. Ermer | Raed A. Sherif | Nasser H. Karam
The SSG Wave Energy Converter: Performance, Status and Recent Developments

Author(s): Diego Vicinanza | Lucia Margheritini | Jens Peter Kofoed | Mariano Buccino
Renewable Energy Systems: Development and Perspectives of a Hybrid Solar-Wind System

Author(s): J. B. V. Subrahmanyam | P. Alluvada | Bandana | K. Bhanupriya | C. Shashidhar
Assessment &evaluation of posture by RULAin an electronics and electricity manufactory in 2002

Author(s): J. Nasl-Seraji | M.J. Fahol | F. Golbabaei | M.A. Lahmi | I. Alimohammadi
Plug-In Vehicle Acceptance and Probable Utilization Behaviour

Author(s): Carla Silva | Catarina Rolim | Patrícia Baptista
Energy, Exergy and Thermoeconomics Analysis of Water Chiller Cooler for Gas Turbines Intake Air Cooling

Author(s): Galal Mohammed Zaki | Rahim Kadhim Jassim | Majed Moalla Alhazmy
The charcoal trap: Miombo forests and the energy needs of people

Author(s): Kutsch Werner | Merbold Lutz | Ziegler Waldemar | Mukelabai Mukufute | Muchinda Maurice | Kolle Olaf | Scholes Robert
Off-Grid System Development for House Car Pouch Lighting

Author(s): S. S. S. Ranjit | S. A. Anas | C. F. Tan

Author(s): Aleksandra Krkoleva | Verica Taseska | Natasa Markovska | Rubin Taleski | Vesna Borozan
Resource Needs for Nuclear Power Generation in Ghana

Author(s): Benjamin J. B. Nyarko | Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako | Edward H. K. Akaho | Isaac Ennison | Margaret Ahiadeke | Yaw Serfor-Armah | Kwame Gyamfi
A Study Using a Monte Carlo Method of the Optimal Configuration of a Distribution Network in Terms of Power Loss Sensing

Author(s): Hyun Ho Moon | Jong Joo Lee | Sang Yule Choi | Jae Sang Cha | Jang Mook Kang | Jong Tae Kim | Myong Chul Shin
Critical Factors that Affecting Efficiency of Solar Cells

Author(s): Furkan Dincer | Mehmet Emin Meral
Approach for Cost Determination of Electro-Mechanical Equipment in Ror Shp Projects

Author(s): Sachin Mishra | Sunil Kumar Singal | Dheeraj Kumar Khatod
Electronic Load Controller for a Parallel Operated Isolated Asynchronous Generator Feeding Various Loads

Author(s): Bhim Singh | Gaurav Kumar Kasal | Ambrish Chandra | Kamal-Al Haddad

Author(s): Shoumen Palit Austin Datta | JrJung Lyu | Hui-Chiao Jen
Simulation of a 10 kW Photovoltaic System in Areas with High Solar Irradiation

Author(s): Issa Etier | Mohammad Ababneh | Anas A. Tarabsheh
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