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Apical Ballooning Syndrome: A Complication of Dual Chamber Pacemaker Implantation

Author(s): Raed A. H. Abu Sham'a | Elad Asher | David Luria | Michael Berger | Michael Glikson
Unusual Tachycardia Association In A patient Without Structural Heart Disease

Author(s): Eduardo Arana-Rueda | Alonso Pedrote | Lorena Garcia-Riesco | Manuel Frutos-Lopez | Juan A. Sanchez-Brotons
Investigating neurovascular coupling using canonical correlation analysis between pharmacological MRI and electrophysiology

Author(s): Bießmann Felix | Gretton Arthur | Meinecke Frank | Zhang Xiaoxhe | Rainer Gregor | Logothetis Nikos | Müller Klaus-Robert | Rauch Alexander
Fragmented QRS Electrocardiogram- The Hidden Talisman?

Author(s): Frijo Jose | Mangalath Krishnan
A Novel Way Of Repair Of Insulation Breaks During Pacemaker Generator Replacement

Author(s): Syed Manzoor Ali | Khurshid Iqbal | Nisar A Tramboo | Aijaz A Lone | Suresh Kaul | Neelam Kaul | Imran Hafiz
Extremely Prolonged Ventricular Asystole

Author(s): Miguel A. Arias | Alberto Puchol | Eduardo Castellanos | Marta Pachon | Luis Rodriguez-Padial
Functional recovery after implantation of artificial nerve grafts in the rat- a systematic review

Author(s): Sinis Nektarios | Kraus Armin | Tselis Nikolaos | Haerle Max | Werdin Frank | Schaller Hans-Eberhard
A Tale of Two Atria

Author(s): Khalil Kanjwal | Asma Khaliq | Blair P Grubb | Warren Foster | Yousuf Kanjwal
Current Comments on “Magnetic Energy of the Brain”

Author(s): Michael Bukay, M.S., George F. Buletza, Ph.D., José Moya, Antonietta Francini, M.D.
Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplementation Reduced Atrial Fibrillation Recurrence after Pulmonary Vein Antrum Isolation

Author(s): Dimpi Patel | Mazen Shaheen | Preeti Venkatraman | Luciana Armaganijan | Javier E Sanchez | Rodney P Horton | Luigi Di Biase | Prasant Mohanty | Robert Canby | Robert Canby | Shane M Bailey | J David Burkhardt | G Joesph Gallinghouse | Jason D Zagrodzky | Marketa Kozeluhova | Andrea Natale
Right Ventricular Endomyocardial Fibrosis Presenting With Ventricular Tachycardia And Apical Thrombus - An Interesting Presentation

Author(s): Amitesh Aggarwal | Bineet Sinha | Surender Rajpal | Shridhar Dwivedi | Vishal Sharma
Substrate Based Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia Through An Epicardial Approach

Author(s): Aman Makhija | Ajit Thachil | C Sridevi | B Hygriv Rao | S Jaishankar | Calambur Narasimhan
Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythm: History and Chronology of the Main Discoveries

Author(s): Andres Ricardo Perez Riera | Raimundo Barbosa Barros | Francisco Daniel de Sousa | Adrian Baranchuk
Second Degree Heart Block Associated with QT Prolongation

Author(s): Berna Saylan Cevik | Ayhan Cevik | Edide Tavlı
A Novel Approach to ICD Lead Revision in a Patient with Extensive Vascular Thrombosis

Author(s): Sony Jacob | Deepti Bhandare | Anil Mathew | M Salik Jahania
Lipid rescue for bupivacaine toxicity during cardiovascular procedures

Author(s): Christopher J. Gallagher | Jonathan M. Tan | Crista-Gaye Foster
Syncope: As a Rare Presenting Feature of Atrial Flutter

Author(s): Y Mahmoody | MA Babaee Beygi | MV Jorat,
Subacute Tension Hemopneumothorax with Novel Electrocardiogram Findings

Author(s): Saks, Mark A | Griswold-Theodorson, Sharon | Shinaishin, Furkan | Demangone, Dawn
Inadvertent Lead Placement In The Left Ventricle: A Case Report And Brief Review

Author(s): David D. McManus | Mary-Lee Mattei | Karen Rose | Jason Rashkin | Lawrence S. Rosenthal
ECG For The Diagnosis Of Pulmonary Embolism When Conventional Imaging Cannot Be Utilized: A Case Report And Review Of The Literature

Author(s): Keith Todd | Christopher S. Simpson | Damian P. Redfearn | Hoshiar Abdollah | Adrian Baranchuk
Cardiac Arrhythmias In Congenital Heart Diseases

Author(s): Paul Khairy | Seshadri Balaji
Cardiac Conduction System: Delineation of Anatomic Landmarks With Multidetector CT

Author(s): Farhood Saremi | Maria Torrone | Nooshin Yashar
Atrial fibrillation in Cardiac Channelopathies

Author(s): Jayachandran Thejus | Johnson Francis
Ventricular Tachycardia Storm - An Atypical Presentation of Sarcoidosis Exacerbation

Author(s): Subba Reddy Vanga | James Vacek | Loren Berenbom | Dhanunjaya R. Lakkireddy
Verapamil Sensitive Ventricular Tachycardia Associated With A Cardiac Hemangioma In The Right Ventricular Outflow Tract

Author(s): William J. Bonney | Scott R. Ceresnak | Ira Shetty | Allan Hordof | Leonardo Liberman
Radiofrequency ablation in an infant with recurrent supraventricular tachycardia and cyanosis

Author(s): Vora Amit | Lokhandwala Yash | Sheth Chirag | Dalvi Bharat
Azygos Vein Lead Implantation For High Defibrillation Thresholds In Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Placement

Author(s): Naga VA Kommuri | Sri Lakshmi S Kollepara | E Saulitis | MA Siddiqui
Periprocedural Considerations During Implantation of ICD In A Patient With Dextrocardia

Author(s): Farid Aliyev | Cengizhan Turkoglu | Isil Uzunhasan | Cengiz Celiker
Mahaim Fiber Accelerated Automaticity and Clues to a Mahaim Fiber Being Morphologically an Ectopic or a Split AV Node

Author(s): Shomu Bohora | Narayanan Namboodiri | Santosh Dora | VK Ajit Kumar | Jaganmohan Tharakan
Diffuse Fragmented QRS as an Index of Extensive Myocardial Scar

Author(s): Amir Aslani | Amir Tavoosi | Zahra Emkanjoo
An Update on the Energy Sources and Catheter Technology for the Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

Author(s): Pawan K. Arora | James C. Hansen | Adam D. Price | Josef Koblish | Boaz Avitall
Incisional Atrial Tachycardia Masquerading As Counter-clockwise Atrial Flutter

Author(s): Tchavdar N Shalganov | Mihail M Protich
Unusual Pauses In Sinus rhythm And Intermittent 2 to 1 AV Block In A Patient With Concealed His Extra Systoles - A Rare Cause Of Bradycardia

Author(s): Siva K Mulpuru | Ravi Diwan | Dayana Eslava Manchego | Cesare Saponieri | Balendu Vasavada
Single neuron electrophysiology of transcranial magnetic stimulation. I. Passive responses

Author(s): Coop Allan | McKay David | Lancaster Jack | Fox Peter
Invasive Management of Atrial Fibrillation and the Elderly

Author(s): Sandeep M. Patel | Samuel J. Asirvatham | Samuel J. Asirvatham
Thoracic electrical bioimpedance in the follow-up of patients with cardiovascular disorders

Author(s): Stojanov Vesna | Šaranović Mirko | Jakovljević Branko | Paunović Katarina
Botulismus: Six cases in one family

Author(s): Vildan Yayla | Murat Çabalar | Özlem Yarka | Vildam Güzel | Samiye Uysal
Role of TGF-β on cardiac structural and electrical remodeling

Author(s): Roberto Ramos-Mondragón | Carlos A Galindo | Guillermo Avila
Protein kinases modulate store-operated channels in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells

Author(s): Chen I-Shan | Dai Zen-Kong | Welsh Donald | Chen Ing-Jun | Wu Bin-Nan
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance guided electrophysiology studies

Author(s): Kolandaivelu Aravindan | Lardo Albert | Halperin Henry
Predicting Successful Pulmonary Vein Isolation In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation By Brain Natriuretic Peptide Plasma Levels

Author(s): Dong-In Shin | Thomas Deneke | Eduard Gorr | Helge Anders | Kathrin Buenz | Marcus Paesler | Marc Horlitz
Use Of A Unique Long Pre-curved Sheath To Facilitate Femoral Placement Of Coronary Sinus Catheters

Author(s): Adrian H. Shandling | Daniel Rieders | Melanie Edwards
P Wave Duration And Dispersion In Patients With Hyperthyroidism And The Short-term Effects Of Antithyroid Treatment

Author(s): Unal Guntekin | Yilmaz Gunes | Hakki Simsek | Mustafa Tuncer | Sevket Arslan
Atrial flutter: from ECG to electroanatomical 3D mapping

Author(s): Claudio Pedrinazzi | Ornella Durin | Giosuè Mascioli | Antonio Curnis | Riccardo Raddino | Giuseppe Inama | Livio Dei Cas
Expression of VEGF and neural repair after alprostadil treatment in a rat model of sciatic nerve crush injury

Author(s): Tang Jinrong | Hua Ye | Su Jianhua | Zhang Ping | Zhu Xuejiang | Wu Le | Niu Qi | Xiao Hang | Ding Xinsheng
Spectrum of mutations in sarcoglycan genes in the Mumbai region of western India: High prevalence of 525del T

Author(s): Khadilkar Satish | Singh Rakesh | Hegde Madhuri | Urtizberea Andoni | Love Don | Chong Belinda
Descending serotonergic facilitation and the antinociceptive effects of pregabalin in a rat model of osteoarthritic pain

Author(s): Rahman Wahida | Bauer Claudia | Bannister Kirsty | Vonsy Jean-Laurent | Dolphin Annette | Dickenson Anthony
An ontological analysis of the electrocardiogram - DOI: 10.3395/reciis.v3i1.242en

Author(s): Bernardo Gonçalves | Veruska Zamborlini | Giancarlo Guizzardi
Long-Term Recordings of Multiple, Single-Neurons for Clinical Applications: The Emerging Role of the Bioactive Microelectrode

Author(s): Karen A. Moxon | Stefanie Hallman | Aswin Sundarakrishnan | Margaret Wheatley | Jonathan Nissanov | Kenneth A. Barbee
Different forms of glycine- and GABAA-receptor mediated inhibitory synaptic transmission in mouse superficial and deep dorsal horn neurons

Author(s): Anderson Wayne | Graham Brett | Beveridge Natalie | Tooney Paul | Brichta Alan | Callister Robert
Decision Making and the Brain: Neurologists’ View

Author(s): Zvezdan Pirtošek | Dejan Georgiev | Milica Gregorič-Kramberger
Developmental expression of BK channels in chick cochlear hair cells

Author(s): Li Yi | Atkin Graham | Morales Marti | Liu Li | Tong Mingjie | Duncan R Keith
Assessment of the P Wave Dispersion and Duration in Elite Women Basketball Players

Author(s): Gokhan Metin | Mustafa Yildiz | Bulent Bayraktar | Ilker Yucesir | Hasan Kasap | Lutfi Cakar
High Defibrillation Threshold: The Science, Signs and Solutions

Author(s): Sony Jacob | Victorio Pidlaoan | Jaspreet Singh | Aditya Bharadwaj | Mehul B Patel | Antonio Carrillo
Right Ventricular Septal Pacing: Has it come of age?

Author(s): Johnson Francis | B Jayesh | M Ashishkumar | Ali Faizal | Harry Mond
Non-invasive Determination of the Optimized Atrioventricular Delay in Patients with Implanted Biventricular Pacing Devices

Author(s): Thomas Deneke | Thomas Lawo | Stefan von Dryander | Peter Hubert Grewe | Alfried Germing | Eduard Gorr | Peter Hubben | Andreas Mugge | Dong-In Shin | Bernd Lemke
Congenital Short QT Syndrome

Author(s): Lia Crotti | Erika Taravelli | Giulia Girardengo | Peter J. Schwartz
Ganglionic Plexus Ablation During Pulmonary Vein Isolation - Predisposing to Ventricular Arrhythmias?

Author(s): Faizel Osman | Suman Kundu | Jiun Tuan | Mohamed Jeilan | Peter J Stafford | G Andre Ng
Electrophysiological Evaluation of the Auditory Nerve in Normal Hearing Patients with Absence of Stapedial Reflex

Author(s): Pinotti, Keiny Sander Almeida | Corazza, Maria Cristina Alves | Alcarás, Patrícia Arruda de Souza
A Model to Study Effect of Rapid Buffers and Na+ on Ca2+ Oscillations in Neuron Cell

Author(s): Vikas Tewari | Shivendra Tewari | K. R. Pardasani
Ventricular Dyssynchrony Patterns in Left Bundle Branch Block, With and Without Heart Failure

Author(s): Hygriv B Rao | Raghu Krishnaswami | Sharada Kalavakolanu | Narasimhan Calambur
Attenuation of Post-Shock Increases in Brain Natriuretic Peptide with Post Shock Overdrive Pacing

Author(s): Marco Budeus | Emanuel Salibassoglu | Anna Maria Schymura | Nico Reinsch | Nils Lehmann | Heinrich Wieneke | Stefan Sack | Raimund Erbel
Focal Monomorphic Ventricular Tachycardia As The First Manifestation Of Amyloid Cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Srikanth Seethala | Sandeep Jain | N. Paul Ohori | Sara Monaco | Joan Lacomis | Frederick Crock | Jan Nemec
Atrial Tachycardia Originating from the Cavo-Tricuspid Isthmus May Exhibit Narrow P Waves

Author(s): Takumi Yamada | Thomas McElderry | James D. Allred | Harish Doppalapudi | G. Neal Kay
Comparative Clinical Profile of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Patients With and Without Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

Author(s): Khalil Kanjwal | Bilal Saeed | Beverly Karabin | Yousuf Kanjwal | Blair P Grubb
Orthodontic tooth movement and bioelectricity.

Author(s): Karanth H | Shetty K
Evaluation of PRGD/FK506/NGF conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration in rats

Author(s): Jifeng Huang | Dezhong Li | Qiongjiao Yan | Huayong Zheng | Shipu Li
Effect of CABG on P-wave Dispersion and the Relationship between AF and P-wave Dispersion

Author(s): Sh Khosropanah | MH Nemati | O Bazargan Lari | N Zare
Insulin-Induced Electrophysiology Changes in Human Pleura Are Mediated via Its Receptor

Author(s): V. K. Kouritas | M. Ioannou | C. N. Foroulis | N. Desimonas | K. Evaggelopoulos | K. I. Gourgoulianis | P. A. Molyvdas | C. Hatzoglou
The Relationship Between Boston Questionnaire and Electrophysiological Findings in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Author(s): Semiha KURT | Betül ÇEVİK | Yüksel KAPLAN | Hatice KARAER | Ünal ERKORKMAZ
An improved AC-amplifier for electrophysiology

Author(s): Jorgovanović Nikola | Bojanić Dubravka | Ilić Vojin | Stanišić Darko
Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator oversensing due to electric shock

Author(s): Jurčević Ružica | Angelkov Lazar | Vukajlović Dejan | Ristić Velibor | Tomović Milosav | Đukanović Boško
Ostrinia revisited: Evidence for sex linkage in European Corn Borer Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner) pheromone reception

Author(s): Olsson Shannon | Kesevan Subaharan | Groot Astrid | Dekker Teun | Heckel David | Hansson Bill
Evaluation of EMG processing techniques using Information Theory

Author(s): Farfán Fernando | Politti Julio | Felice Carmelo
Functional diversity in the color vision of cichlid fishes

Author(s): Sabbah Shai | Laria Raico | Gray Suzanne | Hawryshyn Craig
Electrodiagnostic Evaluation and Treatment of Root Avulsion in an Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injury-Case Report

Author(s): Evrim KARADAĞ SAYGI | Mehmet AĞIRMAN | Demet OFLUOĞLU | Cihangir TETİK
Identification of TRPM7 channels in human intestinal interstitial cells of Cajal

Author(s): Byung Joo Kim, Kyu Joo Park, Hyung Woo Kim, Seok Choi, Jae Yeoul Jun, In Youb Chang, Ju-Hong Jeon, Insuk So, Seon Jeong Kim
Ocular tolerance and efficacy of short-term tamponade with double filling of polydimethyloxane and perfluoro-n-octane

Author(s): Zenoni S | Romano MR | Palmieri S | Comi N | Fiorentini E | Fontana P
Cardiac evaluation of liver transplant candidates

Author(s): Mercedes Susan Mandell, JoAnn Lindenfeld, Mei-Yung Tsou, Michael Zimmerman
Clinical and Electrophysiological Studies of a Family with Probable X-linked Dominant Charcot-Marie-Tooth Neuropathy and Ptosis.

Author(s): Tony Wu | Hung-Li Wang | Chun-Che Chu | Jia-Ming Yu | Jeng-Yeou Chen | Chin-Chang Huang
Lecturer of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt

Author(s): Monika A Pradhan | Dianne M Sharp | Justin S Mora | Mariana Wittmer | Wolfgang Berger | Andrea L Vincent
Atrial flutter: from ECG to electroanatomical 3D mapping

Author(s): Claudio Pedrinazzi | Ornella Durin | Giosuè Mascioli | Antonio Curnis | Riccardo Raddino | Giuseppe Inama | Livio Dei Cas
Corneal Confocal Microscopy is Superior to Skin Biopsy as a Surrogate Marker of Human Diabetic Neuropathy

Author(s): C Quattrini | M Tavakoli | P Kallinikos | A Boulton | N Efron | R Malik
Electrophysiological Study of Sciatic Nerve Regeneration Through Tubes Seeded with Schwann Cells

Author(s): Mehrdad Bakhtyari | Hamid Abootaleb | Korosh Mansouri
Regional and cell-type-specific effects of DAMGO on striatal D1 and D2 dopamine receptor-expressing medium-sized spiny neurons

Author(s): Yao‑Ying Ma | Carlos Cepeda | Payush Chatta | Lana Franklin | Christopher J Evans | Michael S Levine
Electrophysiological Evaluation of the Incidence of Martin-Gruber Anastomosis in Healthy Bosnian Population

Author(s): Renata Hodzic | Nermina Piric | Mirsad Hodzic | Biljana Kojic
Monitoring the wild black bear's reaction to human and environmental stressors

Author(s): Laske Timothy | Garshelis David | Iaizzo Paul
Proliferative reactive gliosis is compatible with glial metabolic support and neuronal function

Author(s): Vázquez-Chona Félix | Swan Alex | Ferrell W Drew | Jiang Li | Baehr Wolfgang | Chien Wei-Ming | Fero Matthew | Marc Robert | Levine Edward
Electrophysiologic Study of Exhaustive Exercise

Author(s): MA Babaee Bigi | Ar Aslani
Evoked potential abnormalities in multiple sclerosis: a cross sectional study on 25 patients

Author(s): Harirchian MH | Karimi N | Abdollahi Y | Hashemi chalavi L
Ablation of Focal Right Upper Pulmonary Vein Tachycardia Using Retrograde Aortic Approach

Author(s): Ahmad Yamini Sharif | Gholamreza Davoodi | Ali Vasheghani Farahani | Hadi Fadavi | Ali Kazemi Saeed | Saeed Sadeghian | Fatemeh Ghazachai | Mehrdad Sheikhvatan
Use of antiarrhythmic drugs in elderly patients

Author(s): Hon-Chi Lee | Kristin TL Huang | Win-Kuang Shen
CARACTERIZACIÓN CLÍNICA Y PRONÓSTICA DE LA FIBRILACIÓN AURICULAR POR VÍA ACCESORIA / Clinical and prognostic characterization of atrial fibrillation due to an accessory pathway

Author(s): Arnaldo Rodríguez León | Eudis Reyes Mozo | Ramiro Ramos Ramírez | Gustavo Padrón Peña | Raimundo Carmona Puerta | Elibet Chávez González.
Noninvasive Electrophysiological Effects of Lightning Strike: Case Series

Author(s): Yahya İslamoğlu | Habib Çil | Mustafa Baştürk | Ebru Tekbaş | Mehmet Ali Elbey
Multimodal assessment of painful peripheral neuropathy induced by chronic oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in mice

Author(s): Renn Cynthia | Carozzi Valentina | Rhee Peter | Gallop Danisha | Dorsey Susan | Cavaletti Guido
AKAP150-mediated TRPV1 sensitization is disrupted by calcium/calmodulin

Author(s): Chaudhury Sraboni | Bal Manjot | Belugin Sergei | Shapiro Mark | Jeske Nathaniel
cAMP promotes differentiation of rodent neuronal progenitor cells

Author(s): Guilherme Lepski | Cinthia Elim Jannes | Guido Nikkhah
Caracterización de una delta endotoxina mutante de Bacillus thuringiensis con estabilidad y toxicidad aumentadas

Author(s): Syed Rehan A. Hussain | Flórez Álvaro M. | Osorio Cristina | Dean Donald H. | Alzate Óscar

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