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On the Design of Suspended Roofs with Paraboloidal Surfaces

Author(s): Dragoş-Stan Căciulă | Cristian-Constantin Ungureanu | N. Ungureanu
Envelopes of Cometary Orbits

Author(s): Mijajlović, Ž. | Pejović, N. | Damljanović, G. | Ćirić, D.
Use of the Location Inverse Solution to Reduce Ghost Images

Author(s): Yong-Zhong Hu | Ting-Jun Li | Zheng-Ou Zhou
An infinite plate with a curvilinear hole in S-plane

Author(s): A. A. El-Bary | I. H. El-Sirafy
A Novel Subpixel Edge Detection Based on the Zernike Moment

Author(s): Baojian Zhang | Linfeng Bai | Xiangjin Zeng
HE Plots for Repeated Measures Designs

Author(s): Michael Friendly
Extraction of Facial Features from Color Images

Author(s): M. Oravec | B. Kristof | M. Kolarik | J. Pavlovicova
Spatial analysis of falls in an urban community of Hong Kong

Author(s): Lai Poh | Low Chien | Wong Martin | Wong Wing | Chan Ming
Polynyas in a dynamic-thermodynamic sea-ice model

Author(s): E. Ö. Ólason | I. Harms
On Location of the Matrix Spectrum inside an Elipse

Author(s): Ayşe Bulgak | G. Demidenko | I. Matveeva
Nasal base narrowing of the caucasian nose through the cerclage technique

Author(s): Mocellin, Marcos | Pasinato, Rogerio | Berger, Cezar Augusto Sarraff | Soares, Caio Márcio Correia | Grinfeld, Arthur | Fagundes, Marina Serrato Coelho
Mathematical Aspect for Worm Grinding Using a Toroidal Tool

Author(s): Tareq A. Abu Shreehah | Rasheed A. Abdullah
Study of Copper and Purine-Copper Complexes on Modified Carbon Electrodes by Cyclic and Elimination Voltammetry

Author(s): Libuse Trnkova | Lenka Zerzankova | Filip Dycka | Radka Mikelova | Frantisek Jelen
The reliability of postural balance measures in single and dual tasking in elderly fallers and non-fallers

Author(s): Swanenburg Jaap | de Bruin Eling | Favero Kathrin | Uebelhart Daniel | Mulder Theo
Concordance of nuclear morphometric analysis with Fuhrman nuclear grade and pathologic stage in conventional renal cell carcinoma

Author(s): Sibel BEKTAŞ | Figen BARUT | Gürkan KERTİŞ | Burak BAHADIR | Banu DOĞAN GÜN | Nilüfer ONAK KANDEMİR | Nimet KARADAYI | Şükrü Oğuz ÖZDAMAR
Nuclear morphometry associated with Gleason score in prostatic adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Sibel BEKTAŞ | Banu DOĞAN GÜN | Burak BAHADIR | Aydın MUNGAN | Şükrü Oğuz ÖZDAMAR
Bistatic observations of large and small scale ULF waves in SPEAR-induced HF coherent backscatter

Author(s): T. K. Yeoman | L. J. Baddeley | R. S. Dhillon | T. R. Robinson | D. M. Wright
The Edgerton Structure: A Possible Meteorite Impact Feature in Eastern Kansas

Author(s): Daniel F. Merriam | Jianghai Xia | John W. Harbaugh
K-means Tracker: A General Algorithm for Tracking People

Author(s): Chunsheng Hua | Haiyuan Wu | Qian Chen | Toshikazu Wada
The role of magnetic handedness in magnetic cloud propagation

Author(s): U. Taubenschuss | N. V. Erkaev | H. K. Biernat | C. J. Farrugia | C. Möstl | U. V. Amerstorfer
Sensor Vectors Modeling for Small Satellite Attitude Determination

Author(s): S. Chouraqui | M. Benyettou | A. Si Mohammed
Reliability of Center of Pressure Measures of Postural Stability in Patients With Unilateral Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Hadian | Hossein Negahban | Saeed Talebian | Mahyar Salavati | Amir Homayoun Jafari | Mohammad Ali Sanjari | Masood Mazaheri | Mohamad Parnianpour
Plane section of cone and cylinder in computer geometry

Author(s): Obradović Ratko M. | Milojević Zoran

Author(s): Amir Hamzahan; Gatot Santosa; Wisnu Widiarto
High resolution geomagnetic field observations at Terra Nova bay, Antarctica

Author(s): S. Lepidi | U. Villante | M. Vellante | P. Palangio | A. Meloni
A Cascaded Fingerprint Quality Assessment Scheme for Improved System Accuracy

Author(s): Zia Saquib | Santosh Kumar Soni | Sweta Suhasaria | Pratibha Mokal
Color vision loss in patients treated with chloroquine

Author(s): Ventura Dora F. | Silveira Luiz Carlos L. | Nishi Mauro | Costa Marcelo F. | Gualtieri Mirella | Santos Ruth M. A. dos | Pinto Carolina T. | Moura Ana Laura A. de | Rodrigues Anderson R. | Sakurada Claudio | Sauma Maria de Fátima L. C. | Souza John M. de
Discriminação entre olhos normais e glaucomatosos mediante polarimetria de varredura a laser

Author(s): Magacho Leopoldo | Marcondes Ana Maria | Costa Vital Paulino
Graphic testing in deformation monitoring

Author(s): Sabová Jana | Gašincová Silvia
A suite of methods for representing activity space in a healthcare accessibility study

Author(s): Sherman Jill | Spencer John | Preisser John | Gesler Wilbert | Arcury Thomas
Retinal nerve fiber layer measurements in indian eyes using the scanning laser polarimeter, GDx.

Author(s): Vijaya Lingam | Varma Maneesha | Krishna Kumar R | Saraniya A | Babu Ganesh | Subash S | Sukumar B

Author(s): Vita Čebašek | Lucie Kubínová | Samo Ribarič | Ida Eržen
Computer simulation of conoscopic patterns for gyrotropic birefringent crystals

Author(s): Nastishin Yu.A. | Vlokh O.G. | Dovgyi O.B.
Histochemical and ultrastructure characterization of stem of Socratea exorrhiza (Mart.) H. Wendl. (Arecaceae)

Author(s): Tatiani Yuriko Pinheiro Kikuchi | Raimunda Conceição de Vilhena Potiguara | Pedro Paulo dos Santos
Correlation of PSA Density to Prostate Cancer Based on Prostate Volume by 3.0 T MRI

Author(s): Rulon L. Hardman | Yuanyuan Liang | Steve Ware | Adam J. Jung | Qi Peng | Fadi El-Merhi | Yumin Chen | Ian M. Thompson
Test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change for center of pressure measures of postural stability in elderly subjects

Author(s): Reza Salehi | Ismaeil Ebrahimi-Takamjani | Ali Esteki | Nader Maroufi | Mohammad Parnianpour
Use of the Location Inverse Solution to Reduce Ghost Images

Author(s): Hu Yong-Zhong | Li Ting-Jun | Zhou Zheng-Ou
Two-Stage Outlier Elimination for Robust Curve and Surface Fitting

Author(s): Yu Jieqi | Zheng Haipeng | Kulkarni SanjeevR | Poor HVincent
Intestinal Coccidia

Author(s): MJ Ggaravi
Neck pain and postural balance among workers with high postural demands - a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Jørgensen Marie | Skotte Jørgen | Holtermann Andreas | Sjøgaard Gisela | Petersen Nicolas | Søgaard Karen
Track-before-detect procedures for detection of extended object

Author(s): Fan Ling | Zhang Xiaoling | Shi Jun
Nadi Yantra: a robust system design to capture the signals from the radial artery for assessment of the autonomic nervous system non-invasively

Author(s): A bhinav | Meghna Sareen | Mahendra Kumar | Jayashree Santhosh | Ashok Salhan | Sneh Anand
Study on Axial Flux Hysteresis Motors Considering Airgap Variation

Author(s): Mohammad Modarres | Abolfazl Vahedi | Mohammadreza Ghazanchaei
Biomechanics Characteristics of New Type Artificial Hip Joint

Author(s): Hai-bo JIANG | Hong-tao LIU | Shu-yang HAN | Fen LIU
A Rubber Band Ethics Model for Computing and Information Technology Practices

Author(s): Mahmoud Mahmoud | Ghaleb E. El-Refae | Shorouq F. El-Etter
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