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In Defence of Reason in Religion

Author(s): Michael S. Jones
Proposing a New Approach to Mind, Consciousness and Reason

Author(s): Robert E. Watson, B.A. (OXON), MSC
Particle Swarm Optimization-based LS-SVM for Building Cooling Load Prediction

Author(s): Xuemei Li | Ming Shao | Lixing Ding | Gang Xu | Jibin Li
Demography in a new key

Author(s): Burch Thomas K.
Empiricism: How much, how little

Author(s): Ramesh Babu Kurnool
Abstracted Empiricism in Social Epidemiology

Author(s): Kunitz, Stephen J.
Jonh Locke e o realismo científico

Author(s): Marcos Rodrigues da Silva
Empiricism and Theorizing in Epidemiology and Social Network Analysis

Author(s): Richard Rothenberg | Elizabeth Costenbader
Parameters of quality of the woodworkability for determination of different usage of Eucalyptus wood

Author(s): José Reinaldo Moreira da Silva | Marcelo Martins | Gabriel Marcos Vieira Oliveira | Pedro Paulo de Carvalho Braga
Hume y el escepticismo antiguo

Author(s): Plinio Smith
Who owns science, owns society

Author(s): Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva

Author(s): Daniel Ramos dos Santos
La ciencia política, ciencia noética del orden.

Author(s): Felipe Cárdenas Támara. | Luisa Fernanda Suárez Rozo.
Wirelessness as Experience of Transition

Author(s): Adrian Mackenzie
Creation versus evolution: from The origin of species to intelligent design

Author(s): Hortolà, Policarp | Carbonell, Eudald
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