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Clinical experience with ureteral metal stents

Author(s): Al Aown Abdulrahman | Iason Kyriazis | Panagiotis Kallidonis | Liatsikos Evangelos
′Egg shell′ in bladder: A calculus around neglected Foley balloon catheter

Author(s): Singh Dharamveer | Vasudeva Pawan | Goel Apul
Updates on the use of ureteral stents: focus on the Resonance® stent

Author(s): Manoj V Rao | Anthony J Polcari | Thomas MT Turk
Analytical Bias in Taphonomic Studies of Macro-invertebrates: (Paleo)Environmental and (Paleo)Ecological Implications

Author(s): Sabrina Coelho Rodrigues | Marcello Guimarães Simões | Ricardo Angelim Pires-Domingues
Evaluation of materials and coatings to control incrustation by Limnoperna fortunei

Author(s): Carlos Perez Bergmann | Maria Cristina Dreher Mansur | Daniel Pereira | Paulo Eduardo Aydos Bergonci | Cíntia Pinheiro dos Santos | Tania Basegio | Juliane Vicenzi | Silvio C. A. Santos
Subcutaneous Nephrovesical Bypass in Kidney Transplanted Patients

Author(s): M. Yazdani1 | M. R. Gharaati | M. Zargham
Anodized 20 nm diameter nanotubular titanium for improved bladder stent applications

Author(s): Ece Alpaslan | Batur Ercan | Thomas J Webster
Comparison of 14C and U-Th ages of two Holocene phreatic overgrowths on speleothems from Mallorca (Western Mediterranean): Environmental implications

Author(s): Tuccimei Paola | Van Strydonck Mark | Ginés Angel | Ginés Joaquin | Soligo Michele | Villa Igor | Fornós Joan J.
The Role of Ureteral Stents for All Ureteroneocystostomies in Kidney Transplants

Author(s): MR Laftavi | Q Chaudhry | R Kohli | L Feng | M Said | K Paolini | M Dayton | O Pankewycz
Extra-anatomical complications of antegrade double-J insertion

Author(s): Rao A | Alleemudder A | Mukerji G | Mishra V | Motiwala H | Charig M | Karim O. M. A.
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