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Endoscopic treatment of the suprasellar arachnoid cyst

Author(s): Yadav Y | Parihar Vijay | Sinha Mallika | Jain Nishin
Endoscopic Neurosurgery and Endoscope-assisted Microneurosurgery For The Treatment of Space Occupying Lesions of The Septum Pellucidum

Author(s): Moshos FRATZOGLOU | Vasileios PANAGIOTOPOULOS | Americo Leite dos SANTOS | Pete GRUNERT
Suprasellar cysts: clinical presentation, surgical indications, and optimal surgical treatment

Author(s): Gui Song-Bai | Wang Xin-Sheng | Zong Xu-Yi | Zhang Ya-Zhuo | Li Chu-Zhong

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