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Sequence determinants of innate immune activation by short interfering RNAs

Author(s): Goodchild Amber | Nopper Nicole | King Andrew | Doan Tram | Tanudji Marcel | Arndt Greg | Poidinger Michael | Rivory Laurent | Passioura Toby
Gene expression alterations in brains of mice infected with three strains of scrapie

Author(s): Skinner Pamela | Abbassi Hayet | Chesebro Bruce | Race Richard | Reilly Cavan | Haase Ashley
Viral particles of the endogenous retrovirus ZAM from Drosophila melanogaster use a pre-existing endosome/exosome pathway for transfer to the oocyte

Author(s): Brasset E | Taddei AR | Arnaud F | Faye B | Fausto AM | Mazzini M | Giorgi F | Vaury C
A critical role for endocytosis in Wnt signaling

Author(s): Blitzer Jeremy | Nusse Roel
A measure of endosomal pH by flow cytometry in Dictyostelium

Author(s): Marchetti Anna | Lelong Emmanuelle | Cosson Pierre
Vaccinia virus p37 interacts with host proteins associated with LE-derived transport vesicle biogenesis

Author(s): Chen Yali | Honeychurch Kady | Yang Guang | Byrd Chelsea | Harver Chris | Hruby Dennis | Jordan Robert
Phylogeny and evolution of Rab7 and Rab9 proteins

Author(s): Mackiewicz Paweł | Wyroba Elżbieta
Fusion of a Short HA2-Derived Peptide Sequence to Cell-Penetrating Peptides Improves Cytosolic Uptake, but Enhances Cytotoxic Activity

Author(s): Ines Neundorf | Robert Rennert | Jan Hoyer | Franziska Schramm | Kristin Löbner | Igor Kitanovic | Stefan Wölfl
Phylogeny-guided interaction mapping in seven eukaryotes

Author(s): Dutkowski Janusz | Tiuryn Jerzy
Biodistribution of gold nanoparticles in mouse lung following intratracheal instillation

Author(s): Sadauskas Evaldas | Jacobsen Nicklas | Danscher Gorm | Stoltenberg Meredin | Vogel Ulla | Larsen Agnete | Kreyling Wolfgang | Wallin Håkan
Evolution and Origin of HRS, a Protein Interacting with Merlin, the Neurofibromatosis 2 Gene Product

Author(s): Leonid V. Omelyanchuk | Julia A. Pertseva | Sarah S. Burns | Long-Sheng Chang
Retrieval of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein from the endosome to the TGN is S655 phosphorylation state-dependent and retromer-mediated

Author(s): Vieira Sandra | Rebelo Sandra | Esselmann Hermann | Wiltfang Jens | Lah James | Lane Rachel | Small Scott | Gandy Sam | da Cruz e Silva Edgar | da Cruz e Silva Odete
Improved antigen cross-presentation by polyethyleneimine-based nanoparticles

Author(s): Jian Chen | Zhengrong Li | Hong Huang | et al
Prion disease induced alterations in gene expression in spleen and brain prior to clinical symptoms

Author(s): Hyeon O Kim | Greg P Snyder | Tyler M Blazey | Richard E Race | Bruce Chesebro | Pamela J Skinner
Integrin Targeted Delivery of Gene Therapeutics

Author(s): Rudy L Juliano, Xin Ming, Osamu Nakagawa, Rongzuo Xu, Hoon Yoo
Interaction and uptake of exosomes by ovarian cancer cells

Author(s): Escrevente Cristina | Keller Sascha | Altevogt Peter | Costa Júlia
Endosomal accumulation of APP in wobbler motor neurons reflects impaired vesicle trafficking: Implications for human motor neuron disease

Author(s): Palmisano Ralf | Golfi Panagiota | Heimann Peter | Shaw Christopher | Troakes Claire | Schmitt-John Thomas | Bartsch Jörg
Triatoma bassolsae sp. n. from Mexico with a key to species of "phyllosoma" complex

Author(s): Aguilar Ricardo Alejandre | Nogueda Torres Benjamín | Cortéz Jímenez Máximo | Jurberg José | Galvão Cleber | Carcavallo Rodolfo
Nova espécie do complexo oliveirai (nova denominação para o complexo matogrossensis) (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae) do estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Author(s): Carcavallo Rodolfo U | Jurberg José | Lent Herman | Galvão Cleber | Steindel Mário | Pinto Carlos José Carvalho
Nephrotoxicity of Bence-Jones proteins: interference in renal epithelial cell acidification

Author(s): Nicastri A.L. | Prado M.J.B.A. | Dominguez W.V. | Prado E.B.A.
The Rab5 Effector Rabankyrin-5 Regulates and Coordinates Different Endocytic Mechanisms

Author(s): Schnatwinkel Carsten | Christoforidis Savvas | Lindsay Margaret R | Uttenweiler-Joseph Sandrine | Wilm Matthias | Parton Robert G | Zerial Marino
HIV-1 Vpu promotes release and prevents endocytosis of nascent retrovirus particles from the plasma membrane.

Author(s): Neil Stuart J D | Eastman Scott W | Jouvenet Nolwenn | Bieniasz Paul D
The SNARE protein family of Leishmania major

Author(s): Besteiro Sébastien | Coombs Graham | Mottram Jeremy
Shared as well as distinct roles of EHD proteins revealed by biochemical and functional comparisons in mammalian cells and C. elegans

Author(s): George Manju | Ying GuoGuang | Rainey Mark | Solomon Aharon | Parikh Pankit | Gao Qingshen | Band Vimla | Band Hamid
Perforin enhances the granulysin-induced lysis of Listeria innocua in human dendritic cells

Author(s): Walch Michael | Latinovic-Golic Sonja | Velic Ana | Sundstrom Hanna | Dumrese Claudia | Wagner Carsten | Groscurth Peter | Ziegler Urs
Myosin-Vb functions as a dynamic tether for peripheral endocytic compartments during transferrin trafficking

Author(s): Provance D William | Addison Erin | Wood Patrick | Chen David | Silan Colleen | Mercer John
The Curious Case of Arenavirus Entry, and Its Inhibition

Author(s): Jack H. Nunberg | Joanne York
Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Rhabdovirus Entry

Author(s): Aurélie A. V. Albertini | Eduard Baquero | Anna Ferlin | Yves Gaudin
Filovirus Entry: A Novelty in the Viral Fusion World

Author(s): Catherine L. Hunt | Nicholas J. Lennemann | Wendy Maury
Cellular targets and pathways of yellow head virus infection in lymphoid organ of Penaeus monodon as studied by transmission electron microscopy

Author(s): Pornsawan Duangsuwan | Yotsawan Tinikul | Boonsirm Withyachumnarnkul | Charoonroj Chotwiwatthanakun | Prasert Sobhon
Lysosomotropic agents as HCV entry inhibitors

Author(s): Ashfaq Usman | Javed Tariq | Rehman Sidra | Nawaz Zafar | Riazuddin Sheikh
An alternative pathway for alphavirus entry

Author(s): Kononchik Joseph | Hernandez Raquel | Brown Dennis
Subcellular Localization of Thiol-Capped CdTe Quantum Dots in Living Cells

Author(s): Zhang Yu | Mi Lan | Xiong Rongling | Wang Pei-Nan | Chen Ji-Yao | Yang Wuli | Wang Changchun | Peng Qian

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