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La seguridad alimentaria de México en el año 2030

Author(s): Mario Camberos Castro
Biofuel Impacts on World Food Supply: Use of Fossil Fuel, Land and Water Resources

Author(s): David Pimentel | Alison Marklein | Megan A. Toth | Marissa Karpoff | Gillian S. Paul | Robert McCormack | Joanna Kyriazis | Tim Krueger
Water Productivity Mapping (WPM) Using Landsat ETM+ Data for the Irrigated Croplands of the Syrdarya River Basin in Central Asia

Author(s): Alexander Platonov | Prasad S. Thenkabail | Chandrashekhar M. Biradar | Xueliang Cai | Muralikrishna Gumma | Venkateswarlu Dheeravath | Yafit Cohen | Victor Alchanatis | Naftali Goldshlager | Eyal Ben-Dor | Jagath Vithanage | Herath Manthrithilake | Shavkat Kendjabaev | Sabirjan Isaev
Facts and Perspectives of Water Reservoirs in Central Asia: A Special Focus on Uzbekistan

Author(s): Shavkat Rakhmatullaev | Frédéric Huneau | Philippe Le Coustumer | Mikael Motelica-Heino | Masharif Bakiev
Prospects of Nitrogen Fixation in Rice

Author(s): Parvez Sofi | Shafiq Wani
Food Relocalization for Environmental Sustainability in Cumbria

Author(s): Les Levidow | Katerina Psarikidou
Toward Food System Sustainability through School Food System Change: Think&EatGreen@School and the Making of a Community-University Research Alliance

Author(s): Alejandro Rojas | Will Valley | Brent Mansfield | Elena Orrego | Gwen E. Chapman | Yael Harlap
Biofortification in China: policy and practice

Author(s): Campos-Bowers Monica | Wittenmyer Brian
Assessing water reservoirs management and development in Northern Vietnam

Author(s): A. Castelletti | F. Pianosi | X. Quach | R. Soncini-Sessa
Ecological efficiency of production and the ecological footprint of organic agriculture

Author(s): Matjaž Turinek B.Sc., Young researcher | Maja Turinek | Silva Grobelnik Mlakar M.Sc., Senior Lecturer | Franc Bavec Ph.D., Full Professor | Martina Bavec (corresponding author) Ph.D., Associate Professor
Obesity and food security in Yazd primary school students

Author(s): Karam soltani Z | Dorosty motlagh AR | Eshraghian MR | Siassi F | Djazayeri A
Climate change and water security with a focus on the Arctic

Author(s): Birgitta Evengard | Jim Berner | Michael Brubaker | Gert Mulvad | Boris Revich
Assessing water resources management and development in Northern Vietnam

Author(s): A. Castelletti | F. Pianosi | X. Quach | R. Soncini-Sessa
Nanotechnology as a Novel Tool in Fisheries and Aquaculture Development: A Review

Author(s): Mohd Ashraf | Md. Aklakur | Rupam Sharma | Shabir Ahmad | Mujhid Khan
Analysis of Indonesian Agroindustry Competitiveness in Nanotechnology Development Perspective Using SWOT-AHP Method

Author(s): Nurul Taufiqu Rochman | E. Gumbira-Sa’id | Arief Daryanto | Nunung Nuryartono
Impact of Climate Change in Nigeria

Author(s): A.A. Idowu, | S.O. Ayoola, | A.I. Opele | N.B. Ikenweiwe
Impacts of Bio-fuel use: A Review

Author(s): Mahate Vidosh , | Verma Praksh , | Chaube Alok

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