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Resting energy expenditure and glucose, protein and fat oxidation in severe chronic virus hepatitis B patients

Author(s): Chun-Lei Fan, Yan-Jing Wu, Zhong-Ping Duan, Bin Zhang, Pei-Ling Dong, Hui-Guo Ding
Long-Lasting Effects of Undernutrition

Author(s): Vinicius J. B. Martins | Telma M. M. Toledo Florêncio | Luciane P. Grillo | Maria do Carmo P. Franco | Paula A. Martins | Ana Paula G. Clemente | Carla D. L. Santos | Maria de Fatima A. Vieira | Ana Lydia Sawaya
Potential of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Producing and Using Biodiesel from Fatty Waste

Author(s): Kristina MONTRIMAITĖ | Jurgis STANIŠKIS | Asta Marytė LAPINSKIENĖ
Prevalence of exercise and non-exercise physical activity in Chinese adolescents

Author(s): Mak Kwok-Kei | Ho Sai-Yin | Lo Wing-Sze | McManus Alison | Lam Tai-Hing
Loss of deuterium in faecal solids and by sequestration in reindeer: effect on doubly labelled water studies

Author(s): Geir Gotaas | Eric Milne | Paul Haggarty | Nicholas J.C. Tyler
Effect of smoking status on total energy expenditure

Author(s): Bradley David | Johnson Lindsey | Zhang Zhumin | Subar Amy | Troiano Richard | Schatzkin Arthur | Schoeller Dale
The Working Principle and Use of High Pressures in the Food Industry

Author(s): Bosiljkov, T. | Tripalo, B. | Ježek, D. | Brnčić, M. | Karlović, S.
Impact of “noncaloric” activity-related factors on the predisposition to obesity in children

Author(s): Angelo Tremblay | Émilie Pérusse-Lachance | Patrice Brassard
A molecular mechanism for diacylglycerol-mediated promotion of negative caloric balance

Author(s): Hidekatsu Yanai | Yoshiharu Tomono | Kumie Ito | et al
Modeling energy and reproductive costs in caribou exposed to low flying military jet aircraft

Author(s): B.R. Luick | J.A. Kitchens | R.G. White | S.M. Murphy
Prevention of type 2 diabetes in a primary healthcare setting: Three-year results of lifestyle intervention in Japanese subjects with impaired glucose tolerance

Author(s): Sakane Naoki | Sato Juichi | Tsushita Kazuyo | Tsujii Satoru | Kotani Kazuhiko | Tsuzaki Kokoro | Tominaga Makoto | Kawazu Shoji | Sato Yuzo | Usui Takeshi | Kamae Isao | Yoshida Toshihide | Kiyohara Yutaka | Sato Shigeaki | Kuzuya Hideshi
Blood lipids and adipokines concentrations during a 6-month nutritional and physical activity intervention for metabolic syndrome treatment

Author(s): Dutheil Frédéric | Lesourd Bruno | Courteix Daniel | Chapier Robert | Doré Eric | Lac Gérard
Gene expression profiling of subcutaneous adipose tissue in morbid obesity using a focused microarray: Distinct expression of cell-cycle- and differentiation-related genes

Author(s): Rodríguez-Acebes Sara | Palacios Nuria | Botella-Carretero José | Olea Nuria | Crespo Lorena | Peromingo Roberto | Gómez-Coronado Diego | Lasunción Miguel | Vázquez Clotilde | Martínez-Botas Javier
Objectively measured physical activity during pregnancy: a study in obese and overweight women

Author(s): McParlin Catherine | Robson Stephen | Tennant Peter | Besson Hervé | Rankin Judith | Adamson Ashley | Pearce Mark | Bell Ruth
Changes in weight loss, body composition and cardiovascular disease risk after altering macronutrient distributions during a regular exercise program in obese women

Author(s): Kerksick Chad | Wismann-Bunn Jennifer | Fogt Donovan | Thomas Ashli | Taylor Lem | Campbell Bill | Wilborn Colin | Harvey Travis | Roberts Mike | La Bounty Paul | Galbreath Melyn | Marcello Brandon | Rasmussen Christopher | Kreider Richard
Commuting and health in Cambridge: a study of a 'natural experiment' in the provision of new transport infrastructure

Author(s): Ogilvie David | Griffin Simon | Jones Andy | Mackett Roger | Guell Cornelia | Panter Jenna | Jones Natalia | Cohn Simon | Yang Lin | Chapman Cheryl
Shedding of soluble glycoprotein 1 detected during acute Lassa virus infection in human subjects

Author(s): Branco Luis | Grove Jessica | Moses Lina | Goba Augustine | Fullah Mohammed | Momoh Mambu | Schoepp Randal | Bausch Daniel | Garry Robert
Starches, Sugars and Obesity

Author(s): Erik E. J. G. Aller | Itziar Abete | Arne Astrup | J. Alfredo Martinez | Marleen A. van Baak
Energy expenditure of free-living reindeer estimated by the doubly labelled water method

Author(s): Geir Gotaas | Eric Milne | Paul Haggarty | Nicholas J.C. Tyler
Bronchodilation improves endurance but not muscular efficiency in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): van der Vaart H | Postma DS | Grevink R | Roemer W | ten Hacken NHT
Strategies for reducing body fat mass: effects of liposuction and exercise on cardiovascular risk factors and adiposity

Author(s): Benatti FB | Lira FS | Oyama LM | Oller do Nascimento CM | Lancha AH Jr
Protocol for the ADDITION-Plus study: a randomised controlled trial of an individually-tailored behaviour change intervention among people with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes under intensive UK general practice care

Author(s): Griffin Simon | Simmons Rebecca | Williams Kate | Prevost A Toby | Hardeman Wendy | Grant Julie | Whittle Fiona | Boase Sue | Hobbis Imogen | Brage Soren | Westgate Kate | Fanshawe Tom | Sutton Stephen | Wareham Nicholas | Kinmonth Ann
International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: meal frequency

Author(s): La Bounty Paul | Campbell Bill | Wilson Jacob | Galvan Elfego | Berardi John | Kleiner Susan | Kreider Richard | Stout Jeffrey | Ziegenfuss Tim | Spano Marie | Smith Abbie | Antonio Jose
Increased leptin/leptin receptor pathway affects systemic and airway inflammation in COPD former smokers

Author(s): Bruno A | Alessi M | Soresi S | Bonanno A | Riccobono L | Montalbano AM | Albano GD | Gjomarkaj M | Profita M
A Meta Model for Domestic Energy Consumption

Effect of a High Dairy Diet on Serum Antibody Titers to Heat Shock Protein 27 in Overweight and Obese Children

Author(s): Mohammad Safarian | Rahim Vakili | Amirhossein Sahebkar | Mohsen Nematy | Monireh Dahri | Shima Tavallaie | Elham Lotfian | Mona Khorashadizadeh | Gordon Ferns | Majid Ghayour-Mobarhan
Fructose Might Contribute to the Hypoglycemic Effect of Honey

Author(s): Omotayo O. Erejuwa | Siti A. Sulaiman | Mohd S. Ab Wahab
Comparison of estimated energy intake from 2×24-hour recalls and a seven-day food record with objective measurements of energy expenditure in children

Author(s): Berit W. Rothausen | Jeppe Matthiessen | Margit V. Groth | Per B. Brockhoff | Lene F. Andersen | Ellen Trolle
Estratégias de desmame precoce e de suplementação concentrada no comportamento diário de cordeiros produzidos em pastagem de Tifton-85 Strategies of early weaning and concentrate supplementation on the daily behavior of lambs produced on Tifton-85 pasture

Author(s): Marina Gabriela Bechiol da Silva | Alda Lúcia Gomes Monteiro | Cláudio José Araújo da Silva | Sergio Rodrigo Fernandes | Ana Luisa Palhano Silva | Edson Ferraz Evaristo de Paula
Body Composition and Energy Expenditure Changes during Weight Loss: An Exploratory Study

Author(s): Jo Carol Chezem | Jocelyn E. Holden | Adrienne S. Thomas
Body Composition and Energy Expenditure Changes during Weight Loss: An Exploratory Study

Author(s): Jo Carol Chezem | Jocelyn E. Holden | Adrienne S. Thomas
Nutritional deficits in elderly smokers with respiratory symptoms that do not fulfill the criteria for COPD

Author(s): Obase Y | Mouri K | Shimizu H | Ohue Y | Kobashi Y | Kawahara K | Oka M
Nutritional Status and Physical Activities among Army Trainees in Public Institutions of Higher Education in Malaysia

Author(s): Zulaikha Mohd Rashid | Suriah Abd Rahman | Zalifah Mohd Kasim | Wan Aida Wan Mustapha | Mohd Hazali Mohamed Halip | Zulmadi Arifin | Ummul Fahri Abdul Rauf
The effect of ornithine ingestion on carbohydrate metabolism during rest after acute resistance exercise in healthy young males

Author(s): Koji Morishita | Takayoshi Yamada | Shunsuke Yamaji | Mami Aoki | Tamotsu Kitabayashi | Masanobu Uchiyama
Malnutrition in the Critically Ill Child: The Importance of Enteral Nutrition

Author(s): Marta Botrán Prieto | Jesús López-Herce Cid
Validity of estimating minute-by-minute energy expenditure of continuous walking bouts by accelerometry

Author(s): Kuffel Erin | Crouter Scott | Haas Jere | Frongillo Edward | Bassett David
Hormonal Regulators of Appetite

Author(s): Austin Juliana | Marks Daniel
Multihop Medium Access Control for WSNs: An Energy Analysis Model

Author(s): Haapola Jussi | Shelby Zach | Pomalaza-Ráez Carlos | Mähönen Petri
Comparative effectiveness of two popular weight loss programs in women I: body composition and resting energy expenditure

Author(s): Mardock Michelle | Lockard Brittanie | Oliver Jonathan | Byrd Mike | Simbo Sunday | Jagim Andrew | Kresta Julie | Baetge Claire | Jung Peter | Koozehchian Majid | Khanna Deepesch | Greenwood Mike | Rasmussen Chris | Kreider Richard
Validity of the international physical activity questionnaire and the Singapore prospective study program physical activity questionnaire in a multiethnic urban Asian population

Author(s): Nang Ei Ei Khaing | Gitau Ngunjiri Susan Ayuko | Wu Yi | Salim Agus | Tai E Shyong | Lee Jeannette | Van Dam Rob
Hours spent and energy expended in physical activity domains: Results from The Tomorrow Project cohort in Alberta, Canada

Author(s): Csizmadi Ilona | Lo Siou Geraldine | Friedenreich Christine | Owen Neville | Robson Paula
Repeated 24-hour recalls versus dietary records for estimating nutrient intakes in a national food consumption survey

Author(s): Willem De Keyzer | Inge Huybrechts | Veerle De Vriendt | Stefanie Vandevijvere | Nadia Slimani | Herman Van Oyen | Stefaan De Henauw
Resting Energy Expenditure in Anorexia Nervosa: Measured versus Estimated

Author(s): Marwan El Ghoch | Marta Alberti | Carlo Capelli | Simona Calugi | Riccardo Dalle Grave
Work capacity assessment of Nigerian bricklayers

Author(s): S .O. Ismaila | K.T. Oriolowo | O.G. Akanbi
An econometrics method to estimate demand of sugar

Author(s): Negar Seyed Soleimany | Masoud Babakhani
Neuropeptide Regulation of Appetite and Reproduction

Author(s): Small CJ | Bloom SR | Stanley SA
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonio Teixeira | Anna Tzanakaki | Davide Careglio | Miroslaw Klinkowski
Modeling of Human Arm Energy Expenditure for Predicting Energy Optimal Trajectories

Author(s): L. Zhou | S. Bai | M. R. Hansen | J. Rasmussen
Erectile dysfunction, physical activity and metabolic syndrome: differences in markers of atherosclerosis

Author(s): Pohjantähti-Maaroos Hanna | Palomäki Ari | Hartikainen Juha
Energy expenditure of free-living reindeer estimated by the doubly labelled water method

Author(s): Geir Gotaas | Eric Milne | Paul Haggarty | Nicholas J.C. Tyler
Loss of deuterium in faecal solids and by sequestration in reindeer: effect on doubly labelled water studies

Author(s): Geir Gotaas | Eric Milne | Paul Haggarty | Nicholas J.C. Tyler
Modeling energy and reproductive costs in caribou exposed to low flying military jet aircraft

Author(s): B.R. Luick | J.A. Kitchens | R.G. White | S.M. Murphy
Survival strategies in arctic ungulates

Author(s): N. J. C. Tyler | A. S. Blix
Hatha Yoga Practices: Energy Expenditure, Respiratory Changes and Intensity of Exercise

Author(s): Uday Sankar Ray | Anjana Pathak | Omveer Singh Tomer
Comparison of Predictive Equations for Resting Energy Expenditure in Overweight and Obese Adults

Author(s): Erick Prado de Oliveira | Fábio Lera Orsatti | Okesley Teixeira | Nailza Maestá | Roberto Carlos Burini
Elevated plasma leptin levels in autistic children of sultanate of oman

Author(s): Essa MM , Braidy N | Al-Sharbati MM , Al-Farsi YM , Ali A , Waly MI , Al-Shaffae MA , Gilles GJ
Obesity and dyslipidemia

Author(s): AK Singh | S K Singh, N Singh, N Agrawal , K Gopal
Weight gain since menopause and its associations with weight loss maintenance in obese postmenopausal women

Author(s): Sénéchal M | Arguin H | Bouchard DR | Carpentier AC | Ardilouze JL | Dionne IJ | Brochu M
Mechanisms behind early life nutrition and adult disease outcome

Author(s): Elena Velkoska | Margaret J Morris

Author(s): Shradha Bisht1*, Subhash Pingolia1, Natasha Sharma2
The effect of H. pylori eradication on meal-associated changes in plasma ghrelin and leptin

Author(s): Francois Fritz | Roper Jatin | Joseph Neal | Pei Zhiheng | Chhada Aditi | Shak Joshua | de Perez Asalia | Perez-Perez Guillermo | Blaser Martin
High protein diet maintains glucose production during exercise-induced energy deficit: a controlled trial

Author(s): Smith Tracey | Schwarz Jean-Marc | Montain Scott | Rood Jennifer | Pikosky Matthew | Castaneda-Sceppa Carmen | Glickman Ellen | Young Andrew
A mutation in the dynein heavy chain gene compensates for energy deficit of mutant SOD1 mice and increases potentially neuroprotective IGF-1

Author(s): Fergani Anissa | Eschbach Judith | Oudart Hugues | Larmet Yves | Schwalenstocker Birgit | Ludolph Albert | Loeffler Jean-Philippe | Dupuis Luc
Electronic feedback in a diet- and physical activity-based lifestyle intervention for weight loss: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Shuger Sara | Barry Vaughn | Sui Xuemei | McClain Amanda | Hand Gregory | Wilcox Sara | Meriwether Rebecca | Hardin James | Blair Steven
Quantification of the energy gap in young overweight children. The PIAMA birth cohort study

Author(s): van den Berg Saskia | Boer Jolanda | Scholtens Salome | de Jongste Johan | Brunekreef Bert | Smit Henriette | Wijga Alet
Physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and estimated insulin sensitivity and secretion in pregnant and non-pregnant women

Author(s): Gradmark Anna | Pomeroy Jeremy | Renström Frida | Steiginga Susanne | Persson Margareta | Wright Antony | Bluck Les | Domellöf Magnus | Kahn Steven | Mogren Ingrid | Franks Paul
Energy expenditure of interruptions to sedentary behavior

Author(s): Swartz Ann | Squires Leah | Strath Scott
Effects of diet type and supplementation of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM on body composition, functional status, and markers of health in women with knee osteoarthritis initiating a resistance-based exercise and weight loss program

Author(s): Magrans-Courtney Teresa | Wilborn Colin | Rasmussen Christopher | Ferreira Maria | Greenwood Lori | Campbell Bill | Kerksick Chad | Nassar Erica | Li Rui | Iosia Mike | Cooke Matt | Dugan Kristin | Willoughby Darryn | Soliah LuAnn | Kreider Richard
The Correlates of Leisure Time Physical Activity among an Adults Population from Southern Taiwan

Author(s): Chen Yi-Ju | Huang Ying-Hsiang | Lu Feng-Hwa | Wu Jin-Shang | Lin Linda | Chang Chih-Jen | Yang Yi-Ching
Predictive equations not always overestimate the resting energy expenditure in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients

Author(s): Liberé Guillermo | Guastavino Sabrina | Escobar Miguel | De Vito Eduardo
Fasting plasma chenodeoxycholic acid and cholic acid concentrations are inversely correlated with insulin sensitivity in adults

Author(s): Cariou Bertrand | Chetiveaux Maud | Zaïr Yassine | Pouteau Etienne | Disse Emmanuel | Guyomarc'h-Delasalle Béatrice | Laville Martine | Krempf Michel
Energy expenditure in chronic stroke patients playing Wii Sports: a pilot study

Author(s): Hurkmans Henri | Ribbers Gerard | Streur-Kranenburg Marjolein | Stam Henk | van den Berg-Emons Rita
Consumption of Milk-Protein Combined with Green Tea Modulates Diet-Induced Thermogenesis

Author(s): Rick Hursel | Margriet S. Westerterp-Plantenga
Condition-Based Diagnostic Approach for Predicting the Maintenance Requirements of Machinery

Author(s): C. I. UGECHI | E. A. OGBONNAYA | M. T. LILLY | S. O. T. OGAJI | S. D. PROBERT
The Total Amount of Energy Delivered by A Brazilian Hospital Catering does not Meet Patient Requirements as Measured by Indirect Calorimetry

Author(s): Carolina Ferreira Nicoletti | Tatiana Pereira Lima | Roberta Deh Souza Santos | Nancy Yukie Yamamoto Tanaka | Vivian Marques Suen | Julio Sergio Marchini | Carla Barbosa Nonino

Author(s): Serife Vatansever-Ozen | Gul Tiryaki-Sonmez | Guler Bugdayci | Guclu Ozen

Author(s): Dirk Aerenhouts | Evert Zinzen | Peter Clarys
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