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Potential and limitations of using soil mapping information to understand landscape hydrology

Author(s): F. Terribile | A. Coppola | G. Langella | M. Martina | A. Basile
Insomnia Symptoms and Cardiovascular Disease among Older American Indians: The Native Elder Care Study

Author(s): Charumathi Sabanayagam | Anoop Shankar | Dedra Buchwald | R. Turner Goins
Hypertension – a public health problem

Author(s): Zélia Maria de Sousa Araújo Santos
Implications of Edentulism on Quality of Life among Elderly

Author(s): Suely Maria Rodrigues | Ana Cristina Oliveira | Andréa Maria Duarte Vargas | Allyson Nogueira Moreira | Efigênia Ferreira e Ferreira
The Use of Land in Master Plans of Towns from the Point of View of Sustainable Spatial Development

Author(s): Liucijus Dringelis | Evaldas Ramanauskas | Giedrė Gudzinevičiūtė
Zinc in Well Water and Infant Mortality in Bangladesh: A Report from Gonoshasthaya Kendra

Author(s): Nicola Cherry | Corbett McDonald | Zafrullah Chowdhury
Patients’ Perspectives on Factors That Influence Diabetes Self-Care

Author(s): E Shakibazadeh | B Larijani | D Shojaeezadeh | A Rashidian | MH Forouzanfar | LK Bartholomew
A survey of the quality of clinical education in nursing

Author(s): Monir Ramezani | Sima Kermanshahi
Variations in emission parts from solvent use in the residential sector: the case of Greece

Author(s): K. Tzanidakis | D. Karnoutsos | C. Sidiropoulos | G. Tsilingiridis

Author(s): Sharma Natasha | Agarwal Dilip | Khinchi Mahaveer | Gupta M.K. | Bisht Shradha
Impact of Care and Social Support on Wellbeing among people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Author(s): Adebola A Adedimeji | Olayemi O Alawode | Oluwole Odutolu
"Blood Culture Contamination In Children’s Medical Center Of Tehran From April To July 2004"

Author(s): Chitsaz1 M | Khotaee G | Shhcheraghi F | Poorheydaree N
Seasonal and inter-annual variability of plankton chlorophyll and primary production in the Mediterranean Sea: a modelling approach

Author(s): P. Lazzari | C. Solidoro | V. Ibello | S. Salon | A. Teruzzi | K. Béranger | S. Colella | A. Crise

Author(s): Unita Lucian | Rahota Daniela | Maghiar Teodor Traian | Straciuc Oreste
Concept of the pathogenesis and treatment of cholelithiasis

Author(s): Vasiliy Ivanovich Reshetnyak
A laboratory investigation into the aggregation efficiency of small ice crystals

Author(s): P. J. Connolly | C. Emersic | P. R. Field
Health costs from hospitalization with H1N1 infection during the 2009–2010 influenza pandemic compared with non-H1N1 respiratory infections

Author(s): Zarogoulidis P | Glaros D | Kontakiotis T | Froudarakis M | Kioumis I | Kouroumichakis I | Tsiotsios A | Kallianos A | Steiropoulos P | Porpodis K | Nena E | Papakosta D | Rapti A | Constantinidis TC | Kerenidi T | Panopoulou M | Trakada G | Courcoutsakis N | Fouka E | Zarogoulidis K | Maltezos E
Perceptions of Heat-Susceptibility in Older Persons: Barriers to Adaptation

Author(s): Alana Hansen | Peng Bi | Monika Nitschke | Dino Pisaniello | Jonathan Newbury | Alison Kitson

Author(s): De Silva R.H.S.K. | Jayawardhane N.D.N. | Narasimha Murthy K.H.H.V.S.S | Tripathi J.S.

Author(s): SÂRBU Roxana | ILIE Anca Gabriela | PÂSLARU Constanţa | DUMITRIU Dan
Consumo sustentável e o comportamento de universitários: discurso e práxis! [doi: 10.5329/RECADM.20111002006]

Author(s): Giancarlo Gomes | Patricia Monteiro Gorni | Marialva Tomio Dreher
Cryptosporidiosis in Colombian children with HIV/AIDS infection

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Velasco | Fabián Méndez | Pío López
Landscape Preference Evaluation for Hospital Environmental Design

Author(s): Anthopoulos K. Petros | Julia N. Georgi
Proximal Input of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Groundwater Sources of Okrika Mainland, Nigeria

Author(s): C. G. Okoli | D. H. Ogbuagu | C. L. Gilbert | S. Madu | R. F. Njoku-Tony
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Municipal bylaw to reduce cosmetic/non-essential pesticide use on household lawns - a policy implementation evaluation

Author(s): Cole Donald | Vanderlinden Loren | Leah Jessica | Whate Rich | Mee Carol | Bienefeld Monica | Wanigaratne Susitha | Campbell Monica
Enhanced health event detection and influenza surveillance using a joint Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense biosurveillance application

Author(s): Lucero Cynthia | Oda Gina | Cox Kenneth | Maldonado Frank | Lombardo Joseph | Wojcik Richard | Holodniy Mark
Environmental factors in early childhood are associated with multiple sclerosis: a case-control study

Author(s): Conradi Silja | Malzahn Uwe | Schröter Franziska | Paul Friedemann | Quill Sabine | Spruth Eike | Harms Lutz | Then Bergh Florian | Ditzenbach Anna | Georgi Thomas | Heuschmann Peter | Rosche Berit
A large sustained endemic outbreak of multiresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a new epidemiological scenario for nosocomial acquisition

Author(s): Suarez Cristina | Peña Carmen | Arch Olga | Dominguez M Angeles | Tubau Fe | Juan Carlos | Gavaldá Laura | Sora Mercedes | Oliver Antonio | Pujol Miquel | Ariza Javier
The ACCOMPLISH study. A cluster randomised trial on the cost-effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce healthcare associated infections

Author(s): Erasmus Vicki | Huis Anita | Oenema Anke | van Empelen Pepijn | Boog Matthijs | van Beeck Elise | Polinder Suzanne | Steyerberg Ewout | Richardus Jan | Vos Margreet | van Beeck Ed
Functional outcome in older adults with joint pain and comorbidity: design of a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Hermsen Lotte | Leone Stephanie | van der Windt Daniëlle | Smalbrugge Martin | Dekker Joost | van der Horst Henriëtte
One Health: The global challenge of epidemic and endemic leishmaniasis

Author(s): Palatnik-de-Sousa Clarisa | Day Michael
Physician Consultations According to Different BMI Levels of the Greek General Population

Author(s): Evelina Pappa | Nick Kontodimopoulos | Angelos A. Papadopoulos | Yannis Tountas | Dimitris Niakas
Healthy and sustainable spaces, biosafety and wastes

Author(s): Simone Cynamon Cohen | Débora Cynamon Kligerman | Mara Rejane Barroso Barcelos
Marine bivalve geochemistry and shell ultrastructure from modern low pH environments

Author(s): S. Hahn | R. Rodolfo-Metalpa | E. Griesshaber | W. W. Schmahl | D. Buhl | J. M. Hall-Spencer | C. Baggini | K. T. Fehr | A. Immenhauser
3-D imaging and quantification of graupel porosity by synchrotron-based micro-tomography

Author(s): F. Enzmann | M. M. Miedaner | M. Kersten | N. von Blohn | K. Diehl | S. Borrmann | M. Stampanoni | M. Ammann | T. Huthwelker
A laboratory investigation into the aggregation efficiency of small ice crystals

Author(s): P. J. Connolly | C. Emersic | P. R. Field
Locked-in Syndrome and Blue Toe Syndrome Caused by Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Author(s): Feridoun Sabzi | Abdolrasoul Moloudi
Job Satisfaction on Primary Health Care Providers in the Rural Settings

Author(s): M Arab | A Pourreza | F Akbari | N Ramesh | S Aghlmand
Iran Millennium Development Goal's in a Glance

Author(s): GhR Heidari | RN Heidari
Disaster Health Management: Iran’s Progress and Challenges

Author(s): A Ardalan | GR Masoomi | MM Goya | M Ghaffari | J Miadfar | MR Sarvar | M Soroush | A Maghsoodi | K Holakouie Naieni | MJ Kabir | HR Khankeh | B Abolshams | M Aghazadeh
An Acute Case of Intoxication with Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in Recreational Water in Salto Grande Dam, Argentina

Author(s): Leda Giannuzzi | Daniela Sedan | Ricardo Echenique | Dario Andrinolo
Comparison of effective factors on sleeping the nurses and hospitalized patients’ viewpoints

Author(s): Zakerimoghadam M | Shaban M | Kazemnejad A | Ghadyani L
Designating Smoking Room to Control Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Nursing Homes

Author(s): Farhang Akbar-Khanzadeh | Samuel H. Windom | Farideh Golbabaei
Frostbites in circumpolar areas

Author(s): Tiina Maria Ikäheimo | Juhani Hassi
Occupational chemical burns: a 2-year experience in the emergency department

Author(s): Touzopoulos P | Zarogoulidis P | Mitrakas A | Karanikas M | Milothridis P | Matthaios D | Kouroumichakis I | Proikaki S | Pavlioglou P | Katsikogiannis N | Constantinidis TC
Effectiveness of the GAEC cross compliance standard Maintenance of olive groves in good vegetative condition in avoiding the deterioration of habitats and land abandonment

Author(s): Elena Santilli | Luca Lombardo | Maria E. Varlaro | Roberto Nannelli | Elena Gagnarli | Caterina Briccoli Bati
Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey

Author(s): Gaojun Fan | Shiyao Jin
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Lei Shu | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Takahiro Hara | Der-Jiunn Deng | Lei Wang
SCARP: Secure Congestion Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Ch.Radhika Rani | S.Nagendram | Subba Reddy Oota
Precautions for Health Care Workers to Avoid Hepatitis B and C Virus Infection

Author(s): M Askarian | M Yadollahi | F Kuochak | M Danaei | V Vakili | M Momeni
Habitantes do Arroio: memória ambiental das águas urbanas

Author(s): Rafael Victorino Devos | Ana Paula Marcante Soares | Ana Luiza Carvalho da Rocha
Periodontal diseases as an emerging potential risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcomes: A review of concepts

Author(s): Jyoti Bansal | Abhishek Bansal | Navneet Kukreja | Urvashi Kukreja
Work related complaints of neck, shoulder and arm among computer office workers: a cross-sectional evaluation of prevalence and risk factors in a developing country

Author(s): Ranasinghe Priyanga | Perera Yashasvi | Lamabadusuriya Dilusha | Kulatunga Supun | Jayawardana Naveen | Rajapakse Senaka | Katulanda Prasad
The Paradox of Nutrition-Related Diseases in the Arab Countries: The Need for Action

Author(s): Abdulrahman O. Musaiger | Abdelmonem S. Hassan | Omar Obeid
GREEN IT- Why Developing Countries Should Care

Author(s): Fatima Zahra Hanne
Perceived Stress Scale: Reliability and Validity Study in Greece

Author(s): Eleni Andreou | Evangelos C. Alexopoulos | Christos Lionis | Liza Varvogli | Charalambos Gnardellis | George P. Chrousos | Christina Darviri
Parenting and the decline of physical activity from age 9 to 15

Author(s): Bradley RH | McRitchie S | Houts RM | Nader P | O'Brien M
Eligibility, the ICF and the UN Convention: Australian perspectives

Author(s): Madden Ros | Glozier Nick | Mpofu Elias | Llewellyn Gwynnyth
A multiplicative hazard regression model to assess the risk of disease transmission at hospital during community epidemics

Author(s): Voirin Nicolas | Roche Sylvain | Vanhems Philippe | Giard Marine | David-Tchouda Sandra | Barret Béatrice | Ecochard René
Provider perceptions of barriers to the emergency use of tPA for Acute Ischemic Stroke: A qualitative study

Author(s): Meurer William | Majersik Jennifer | Frederiksen Shirley | Kade Allison | Sandretto Annette | Scott Phillip
Exhaled nitric oxide and urinary EPX levels in infants: a pilot study

Author(s): Carlstedt Fredrik | Lazowska Dagmara | Bornehag Carl-Gustaf | Olin Anna-Carin | Hasselgren Mikael
System Integration - A Major Step toward Lab on a Chip

Author(s): Sin Mandy | Gao Jian | Liao Joseph | Wong Pak
Determining research knowledge infrastructure for healthcare systems: a qualitative study

Author(s): Ellen Moriah | Lavis John | Ouimet Mathieu | Grimshaw Jeremy | Bédard Pierre-Olivier
Efficacy of a referral and physical activity program for survivors of prostate cancer [ENGAGE]: Rationale and design for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Livingston Patricia | Salmon Jo | Courneya Kerry | Gaskin Cadeyrn | Craike Melinda | Botti Mari | Broadbent Suzanne | Kent Bridie
The cost of emergency hospital admissions for falls on snow and ice in England during winter 2009/10: a cross sectional analysis

Author(s): Beynon Caryl | Wyke Sacha | Jarman Ian | Robinson Mark | Mason Jenny | Murphy Karen | Bellis Mark | Perkins Clare
Chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology in Sri Lanka: is cadmium a likely cause?

Author(s): Wanigasuriya Kamani | Peiris-John Roshini | Wickremasinghe Rajitha
Genome Wide Association Study to predict severe asthma exacerbations in children using random forests classifiers

Author(s): Xu Mousheng | Tantisira Kelan | Wu Ann | Litonjua Augusto | Chu Jen-hwa | Himes Blanca | Damask Amy | Weiss Scott
Schizophrenia in Malaysian families: A study on factors associated with quality of life of primary family caregivers

Author(s): ZamZam Ruzanna | Midin Marhani | Hooi Lim | Yi Eng | Ahmad Siti | Azman Siti | Borhanudin Muhammad | Radzi Rozhan
Descriptive Study on Parents’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Antibiotic Use and Misuse in Children with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Cyprus

Author(s): Andreas Rouusounides | Vassiliki Papaevangelou | Adamos Hadjipanayis | Sotiria Panagakou | Maria Theodoridou | George Syrogiannopoulos | Christos Hadjichristodoulou
Women Entrepreneur in Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their Contribution on Sustainable Economic Development in Sindh

Author(s): Abdul Latif | Muhammad Suhail Nazar | Naimatullah Shah | Faiz Muhammad Shaikh
Classification Method fo Urban Solid Waste Disposal Sites

Author(s): Adriana Soares de Schueler | Claudio Fernando Mahler
Health measurement

Author(s): Paul Andrew Bourne
Potential and limitations of using soil mapping information to understand landscape hydrology

Author(s): F. Terribile | A. Coppola | G. Langella | M. Martina | A. Basile
Determining Satisfaction with Access and Financial Aspects of Care for Persons Exposed to Libby Amphibole Asbestos: Rural and National Environmental Policy Implications

Author(s): Charlene A. Winters | Wade Hill | Sandra W. Kuntz | Clarann Weinert | Kimberly Rowse | Tanis Hernandez | Brad Black
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