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Estimating Global Cropland Extent with Multi-year MODIS Data

Author(s): Kyle Pittman | Matthew C. Hansen | Inbal Becker-Reshef | Peter V. Potapov | Christopher O. Justice
Can Justice and Fairness Enlarge International Environmental Agreements?

Author(s): Christine Grüning | Wolfgang Peters
Wisdom with justice

Author(s): Celia Deane-Drummond
La lucha continúa: challenges for a post-Navy Vieques

Author(s): Berman Santana, Déborah
Business Students’ Conceptions of Sustainability

Author(s): Anna Reid | Peter Petocz | Paul Taylor
Premises of sustainable development of agriculture

Author(s): Lješević Milutin A. | Markićević Miroslav
Evidence for Environmental Contamination in Residential Neighborhoods Surrounding the Defense Depot of Memphis, Tennessee

Author(s): Natasha A. Greene | Jason D. White | Vernon R. Morris | Stephanie Roberts | Kimberly L. Jones | Cynthia Warrick

Author(s): Alexandrina Marica | Andreea Marica
Standards of Care for Juvenile Sexual Offenders of the International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders

Author(s): Michael Miner | Charles Borduin | David Prescott | Helle Bovensmann | Renate Schepker | Reinmar Du Bois | Joann Schladale | Reinhard Eher | Klaus Schmeck | Thore Langfeldt | Arina Smit | Friedemann Pfäfflin
Passado e presente dos recursos hídricos no Brasil

Author(s): Antônio Augusto Rossotto Ioris
The complexities of measuring access to parks and physical activity sites in New York City: a quantitative and qualitative approach

Author(s): Maroko Andrew | Maantay Juliana | Sohler Nancy | Grady Kristen | Arno Peter
Public Talks and Science Listens: A Community-Based Participatory Approach to Characterizing Environmental Health Risk Perceptions and Assessing Recovery needs in the Wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Author(s): J. Sullivan | B. Parras | R. St. Marie | W. Subra | S. Petronella | J. Gorenstein | R. Fuchs-Young | R.K. Santa | A. Chavarria | J. Ward | P. Diamond

Author(s): Alessandra F. N. Pereira | Manfred Fehr
Developing an Ecosystem Services Online Decision Support Tool to Assess the Impacts of Climate Change and Urban Growth in the Santa Cruz Watershed; Where We Live, Work, and Play

Author(s): Laura Norman | Nita Tallent-Halsell | William Labiosa | Matt Weber | Amy McCoy | Katie Hirschboeck | James Callegary | Charles van Riper III | Floyd Gray
Monitoring Global Croplands with Coarse Resolution Earth Observations: The Global Agriculture Monitoring (GLAM) Project

Author(s): Inbal Becker-Reshef | Chris Justice | Mark Sullivan | Eric Vermote | Compton Tucker | Assaf Anyamba | Jen Small | Ed Pak | Ed Masuoka | Jeff Schmaltz | Matthew Hansen | Kyle Pittman | Charon Birkett | Derrick Williams | Curt Reynolds | Bradley Doorn
Participatory testing and reporting in an environmental-justice community of Worcester, Massachusetts: a pilot project

Author(s): Downs Timothy | Ross Laurie | Mucciarone Danielle | Calvache Maria-Camila | Taylor Octavia | Goble Robert
Institutional review board challenges related to community-based participatory research on human exposure to environmental toxins: A case study

Author(s): Brown Phil | Morello-Frosch Rachel | Brody J | Altman Rebecca | Rudel Ruthann | Senier Laura | Pérez Carla | Simpson Ruth
Teacher Absenteeism in Urban Schools

Author(s): James E. Bruno
The legal status of Uncertainty

Author(s): M. Altamura | L. Ferraris | D. Miozzo | L. Musso | F. Siccardi
Making the Environmental Justice Grade: The Relative Burden of Air Pollution Exposure in the United States

Author(s): Marie Lynn Miranda | Sharon E. Edwards | Martha H. Keating | Christopher J. Paul
Distributional Benefit Analysis of a National Air Quality Rule

Author(s): Ellen S. Post | Anna Belova | Jin Huang
Brazilian study on substance misuse in adolescents: associated factors and adherence to treatment

Author(s): Silva Vilma A da | Aguiar Aline S de | Felix Felippe | Rebello Gabrielle P | Andrade Renata C | Mattos Helcio F
Home-Community Visits during an Era of Reform (1870-1920)

Author(s): Navaz Peshotan Bhavnagri | Sue Krolikowski
Incorporating concepts of inequality and inequity into health benefits analysis

Author(s): Levy Jonathan | Chemerynski Susan | Tuchmann Jessica
The battle for Vieques¿ future

Author(s): McCafrey , Katherine T.
Sustainable and Integrated Development—A Critical Analysis

Author(s): Christopher J. Koroneos | Dimitri Rokos
Managing the Sacred Lands of Native America

Author(s): Roxanne T. Ornelas
A Screening Method for Assessing Cumulative Impacts

Author(s): George V. Alexeeff | John B. Faust | Laura Meehan August | Carmen Milanes | Karen Randles | Lauren Zeise | Joan Denton
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Bioethical Issues of Nanotechnology at a Glance

Author(s): M Aala | B Larijani | F Zahedi
O Ministério Público nas Unidades de Conservação do Corredor Central da Mata Atlântica: uma avaliação a partir do discurso dos Promotores de Justiça

Author(s): Soraya Carvalhedo Honorato | Isabel Maria Sampaio Oliveira Lima | Déborah Maria de Faria | Sérgio dos Anjos Mendes
Coari: petróleo e sustentabilidade – um exemplo amazônico

Author(s): Wagner Santos de Almeida | Newton Moreira de Souza
Justicia ambiental. El estado de la cuestión

Author(s): Arriaga Legarda, Alicia | Pardo Buendía, Mercedes
Epidemiology and health-environment relationship: reflections on environmental change, sustainable development and population health

Author(s): Diana M. Montoya | Félix M. Olaya | Yuli V. Carvajal | Sandra J. Echavarría | Alejandro Arango C | Clara M. Domínguez | Héctor A. Marín | Camilo Noreña H | Cesar A. Higuita | Juan F. Saldarriaga | Eliana Martínez H | Carlos Rojas A
Using Culture, Policy and Traditional Knowledge to Improve Engagement in Science Courses

Author(s): Lawrence K. Duffy | Catherine H. Middlecamp | Anna Godduhn | Cindy E. Fabbri

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