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The Knowledge Society: A Sustainability Paradigm

Author(s): Naim Hamdija Afgan | Maria G. Carvalho
Assimilation of IASI satellite CO fields into a global chemistry transport model for validation against aircraft measurements

Author(s): A. Klonecki | M. Pommier | C. Clerbaux | G. Ancellet | J.-P. Cammas | P.-F. Coheur | A. Cozic | G. S. Diskin | J. Hadji-Lazaro | D. A. Hauglustaine | D. Hurtmans | B. Khattatov | J.-F. Lamarque | K. S. Law | P. Nedelec | J.-D. Paris | J. R. Podolske | P. Prunet | H. Schlager | S. Szopa | S. Turquety
Analysis of IASI tropospheric O3 data over Arctic during POLARCAT campaigns in 2008

Author(s): M. Pommier | C. Clerbaux | K. S. Law | G. Ancellet | P. Bernath | P.-F. Coheur | J. Hadji-Lazaro | D. Hurtmans | P. Nédélec | J.-D. Paris | F. Ravetta | T. B. Ryerson | H. Schlager | A. J. Weinheimer
Evaluation on the role of sulfuric acid in the mechanisms of new particle formation for Beijing case

Author(s): Z. B. Wang | M. Hu | D. L. Yue | J. Zheng | R. Y. Zhang | A. Wiedensohler | Z. J. Wu | T. Nieminen | M. Boy
TransCom model simulations of CH4 and related species: linking transport, surface flux and chemical loss with CH4 variability in the troposphere and lower stratosphere

Author(s): P. K. Patra | S. Houweling | M. Krol | P. Bousquet | D. Belikov | D. Bergmann | H. Bian | P. Cameron-Smith | M. P. Chipperfield | K. Corbin | A. Fortems-Cheiney | A. Fraser | E. Gloor | P. Hess | A. Ito | S. R. Kawa | R. M. Law | Z. Loh | S. Maksyutov | L. Meng | P. I. Palmer | R. G. Prinn | M. Rigby | R. Saito | C. Wilson
Emission sources contributing to tropospheric ozone over Equatorial Africa during the summer monsoon

Author(s): I. Bouarar | K. S. Law | M. Pham | C. Liousse | H. Schlager | T. Hamburger | C. E. Reeves | J.-P. Cammas | P. Nédéléc | S. Szopa | F. Ravegnani | S. Viciani | F. D'Amato | A. Ulanovsky | A. Richter
Field Theory and Local Environmental Policies

Author(s): Amalia Maria Goldberg Godoy
Evaluation of environmental adjustment contract for pig production in Pinhal river sub-basin

Author(s): Julio C. P. Palhares | Antonio Luis Guidoni | Ricardo L.R. Steinmetz | Magda Regina Mulinari | Gilbert C Sigua
Proton/electron temperature ratio in the magnetotail

Author(s): A. V. Artemyev | W. Baumjohann | A. A. Petrukovich | R. Nakamura | I. Dandouras | A. Fazakerley
Assessment of Azithromycin in Pharmaceutical Formulation by Fourier-transform Infrared (FT-IR) Transmission Spectroscopy

Author(s): Muhammad Ali Mallah | S.T.H. Sherazi | Sarfaraz A. Mahesar | Abdul Rauf
The Use of Land in Master Plans of Towns from the Point of View of Sustainable Spatial Development

Author(s): Liucijus Dringelis | Evaldas Ramanauskas | Giedrė Gudzinevičiūtė
EU environmental policy and its criminal law framework

Author(s): Bjelajac Željko Đ. | Dašić Dragan | Spasović Milovan
Climate Change and Security: The Case for Turkey

Author(s): Esra Pakin Albayrakoğlu

Author(s): Ion Zăvoianu | Gheorghe Herişanu | Nicolae Cruceru
REVIEW: Social and Environmental Issues of Danau Sentarum National Park, West Kalimantan

The Growth of Escherichia coli in Soil Layers Separating the Soil Surface from the Underground Water Table, in Central Africa: The Hierarchical Influence of the Soil Chemical Characteristics

Author(s): Moïse Nola | Olive V. Noah Ewoti | Mireille E. Nougang | Luciane M. Moungang | Nour-Eddine Chihib | François Krier | Jean-Pierre Hornez | Thomas Njiné
Analyzing the individual and social rights condition of climate refugees from the international Environmental law perspective

Author(s): S. A. Poorhashemi | B. Khoshmaneshzadeh | M. Soltanieh | D. Hermidasbavand

Author(s): Sharma Natasha | Agarwal Dilip | Khinchi Mahaveer | Gupta M.K. | Bisht Shradha
Storm-time ring current: model-dependent results

Author(s): N. Yu. Ganushkina | M. W. Liemohn | T. I. Pulkkinen
Velocity of E-region HF echoes under strongly-driven electrojet conditions

Author(s): J. D. Gorin | A. V. Koustov | R. A. Makarevich | J.-P. St. -Maurice | S. Nozawa
School Consolidation in Nebraska: Economic Efficiency vs. Rural Community Life

Author(s): Joan M. Blauwkamp | Peter J. Longo | John Anderson
Quasi-geostrophic turbulence and generalized scale invariance, a theoretical reply

Author(s): D. Schertzer | I. Tchiguirinskaia | S. Lovejoy | A. F. Tuck
On the observation of unusual high concentration of small chain-like aggregate ice crystals and large ice water contents near the top of a deep convective cloud during the CIRCLE-2 experiment

Author(s): J.-F. Gayet | G. Mioche | L. Bugliaro | A. Protat | A. Minikin | M. Wirth | A. Dörnbrack | V. Shcherbakov | B. Mayer | A. Garnier | C. Gourbeyre
Extended power-law scaling of air permeabilities measured on a block of tuff

Author(s): M. Siena | A. Guadagnini | M. Riva | S. P. Neuman
First measurements of reactive α-dicarbonyl concentrations on PM2.5 aerosol over the boreal forest in Finland during HUMPPA-COPEC 2010 – source apportionment and links to aerosol aging

Author(s): C. J. Kampf | A. L. Corrigan | A. M. Johnson | W. Song | P. Keronen | R. Königstedt | J. Williams | L. M. Russell | T. Petäjä | H. Fischer | T. Hoffmann
Metaphor identification in a terminological dictionary

Author(s): Maity Siqueira | Ana Flávia Souto de Oliveira | Dalby Dienstbach Hubert | Galeno Faé de Almeida | Larissa Moreira Brangel
Direito ao Procedimento e/ou Direito ao Processo para a Defesa do Meio Ambiente

Author(s): Sérgio Augustin | Maria de Fátima Schumacher Wolkmer | Angela Almeida

Author(s): Aries Dwi Siswanto | Widi Agoes Pratikto | Suntoyo | Kriyo Sambodho | Siti Nurlaela
Power laws and inverse motion modelling: application to turbulence measurements from satellite images

Author(s): Patrick Héas | Etienne Mémin | Dominique Heitz | Pablo D. Mininni
Consensus Building: Implications for Labour – Management Relations in Nigeria

Author(s): Samuel Emeka Mbah | Iwuji Innocent Ifeanyi
Economic and Social Factors on Poverty: A Case Study of Sindh

Author(s): Nadeem Bhatti | Lutuf Ali Phulpoto | Naveed Shaikh | Tahira Afridi | Faiz M. Shaikh
A Lagrangian model of air-mass photochemistry and mixing using a trajectory ensemble: the Cambridge Tropospheric Trajectory model of Chemistry And Transport (CiTTyCAT) version 4.2

Author(s): T. A. M. Pugh | M. Cain | J. Methven | O. Wild | S. R. Arnold | E. Real | K. S. Law | K. M. Emmerson | S. M. Owen | J. A. Pyle | C. N. Hewitt | A. R. MacKenzie
Scaling laws of diffusion and time intermittency generated by coherent structures in atmospheric turbulence

Author(s): P. Paradisi | R. Cesari | A. Donateo | D. Contini | P. Allegrini
Sensitivity of basal conditions in an inverse model: Vestfonna Ice-Cap, Nordaustlandet/Svalbard

Author(s): M. Schäfer | T. Zwinger | P. Christoffersen | F. Gillet-Chaulet | K. Laakso | R. Pettersson | V. A. Pohjola | T. Strozzi | J. C. Moore
Anthropogenic and forest fire pollution aerosol transported to the Arctic: observations from the POLARCAT-France spring campaign

Author(s): B. Quennehen | A. Schwarzenboeck | A. Matsuki | J. F. Burkhart | A. Stohl | G. Ancellet | K. S. Law
Precaução e Desenvolvimento: a importância do estudo de impacto ambiental para a sustentabilidade

Author(s): Raquel Fabiana Sparemberger Lopes | Cátia Sarreta Liczbinski

Author(s): Ioan LAZĂR (corresponding author) | Janetta SÎRBU | Nicolae MĂRGINEAN | Gabriela MĂRIEŞ-LE
Remote Sensing Images in Support of Environmental Protocol: Monitoring the Sugarcane Harvest in São Paulo State, Brazil

Author(s): Daniel Alves Aguiar | Bernardo Friedrich Theodor Rudorff | Wagner Fernando Silva | Marcos Adami | Marcio Pupin Mello

Author(s): Richard HULA | Rebecca BROMLEY-TRUJILLO | Roger HAMLIN

Author(s): Dacian Cosmin DRAGOȘ | Raluca VELIȘCU
Mapping permanent preservation areas and natural forest fragments as subsidy to the registration of legal reserve areas in rural properties

Author(s): Vicente Paulo Soares | Adelson de Azevedo Moreira | Carlos Antonio Alvares Soares Ribeiro | José Marinaldo Gleriani
Legal Liability in Environmental Law

Author(s): Ion Rusu | Vasilica Negrut | Monica Pocora | Gina Goga | Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu

Author(s): Petrică TRUŞCĂ | Andrada TRUŞCĂ TRANDAFIR
Physical and chemical properties of pollution aerosol particles transported from North America to Greenland as measured during the POLARCAT summer campaign

Author(s): B. Quennehen | A. Schwarzenboeck | J. Schmale | J. Schneider | H. Sodemann | A. Stohl | G. Ancellet | S. Crumeyrolle | K. S. Law
In-situ observation of Asian pollution transported into the Arctic lowermost stratosphere

Author(s): A. Roiger | H. Schlager | A. Schäfler | H. Huntrieser | M. Scheibe | H. Aufmhoff | O. R. Cooper | H. Sodemann | A. Stohl | J. Burkhart | M. Lazzara | C. Schiller | K. S. Law | F. Arnold
A law of nature?

Author(s): Marvin Chester
Information Disclosure in Environmental Risk Management: Developments in China

Author(s): Arthur P. J. Mol | Guizhen He | Lei Zhang
Citizen Complaints about Environmental Pollution: A Survey Study in Suzhou, China

Author(s): Xianbing Liu | Yanli Dong | Can Wang | Tomohiro Shishime
On the Fractal Mechanism of Interrelation Between the Genesis, Size and Composition of Atmospheric Particulate Matters in Different Regions of the Earth

Author(s): Vitaliy D Rusov | Radomir Ilic | Radojko Jacimovic | Vladimir N Pavlovich | Yuriy A Bondarchuk | Vladimir N. Vaschenko | Tatiana N Zelentsova | Margarita E Beglaryan | Elena P Linnik | Vladimir P Smolyar | Sergey I Kosenko | Alla A Gudyma
Energy, Exergy and Thermoeconomics Analysis of Water Chiller Cooler for Gas Turbines Intake Air Cooling

Author(s): Galal Mohammed Zaki | Rahim Kadhim Jassim | Majed Moalla Alhazmy
Henry’s Equilibrium Partitioning between Ground Water and Soil Air: Predictions versus Observations

Author(s): Jeroen Provoost | Robbe Ottoy | Lucas Reijnders | Jan Bronders | Ilse Van Keer | Frank Swartjes | Daniel Wilczek | David Poelmans
Book reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): Martin Baier | Sri Kuhnt-Saptodewo | H.J.M. Claessen | Annette B. Weiner | Charles A. Coppel | Wang Gungwu | Heleen Gall | W. J. Mommsen | Beatriz van der Goes | C.W. Watson | Kees Groeneboer | Tom van der Berge | Kees Groeneboer | J.E.A.M. Lelyveld | Marleen Heins | R. Anderson Sutton | Marleen Heins | E. Heins | David Henley | Harold Brookfield | Michael Hitchcock | Brita L. Miklouho-Maklai | Antje van der Hoek | Keebet von Benda-Beckmann | Nico Kaptein | Fred R. von der Mehden | Nico Kaptein | Karel Steenbrink | Harry A. Poeze | Rudolf Mrázek | W.G.J. Remmelink | Takao Fusayama | Ratna Saptari | Diana Wolf | Ignatius Supriyanto | Ward Keeler | Brian Z. Tamanaha,S.J.D. | Juliana Flinn | Gerard Termorshuizen | Dorothée Buur | Barbara Andaya Watson | Reinout Vos
Antifungal activity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons against Ligninolytic fungi

Author(s): Memić Mustafa | Selović Alisa | Sulejmanović Jasmina
Planning and corrupting water resources development: The case of small reservoirs in Ghana

Author(s): Jean-Philippe Venot | Marc Andreini | Crossley Beth Pinkstaff
Envisioning the Archipelago

Author(s): Stratford Elaine | Baldacchino Godfrey | Farbotko Carol | Harwood, Andrew
Fragility of Success: Repositioning Mauritian Development in the Twenty-First Century

Author(s): Greig, Alastair | Turner, Mark | D'Arcy, Paul
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Author(s): various
Kinematic first-order calving law implies potential for abrupt ice-shelf retreat

Author(s): A. Levermann | T. Albrecht | R. Winkelmann | M. A. Martin | M. Haseloff | I. Joughin
Characterization of the hydrological functioning of the Niger basin using the ISBA-TRIP model

Author(s): V. Pedinotti | A. Boone | B. Decharme | J. F. Crétaux | N. Mognard | G. Panthou | F. Papa
Large scale changes in 20th century black carbon deposition to Antarctica

Author(s): M. M. Bisiaux | R. Edwards | J. R. McConnell | M. A. J. Curran | T. D. Van Ommen | A. M. Smith | T. A. Neumann | D. R. Pasteris | J. E. Penner | K. Taylor
Reaching the limits of water resources mobilisation: Irrigation development in the Segura river basin, Spain

Author(s): Carles Sanchis Ibor | Marta García Mollá | Llorenç Avellà Reus | José Carles Genovés
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