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Carbon Monoxide as an Electron Donor for the Biological Reduction of Sulphate

Author(s): Sofiya N. Parshina | Jan Sipma | Anne Meint Henstra | Alfons J. M. Stams
Pancreatic Involvement During the Early Phase of Shock

Author(s): Pezzilli R | Morselli-Labate AM | Romboli E | Dibenedetti F | Massa M | Migliori M | Barakat B | Merlini G | Corinaldesi R | Melzi d'Eril GV
Mechanisms Involved in the Onset of Post-ERCP Pancreatitis

Author(s): Pezzilli R | Romboli E | Campana D | Corinaldesi R
Use and improvement of microbial redox enzymes for environmental purposes

Author(s): Garcia-Arellano Humberto | Alcalde Miguel | Ballesteros Antonio
Matrix metalloproteinases and lung cancer

BIOREMEDIATION: Biotransformation of toxic wastes to harmless products

Author(s): Mrs. Lakshmi Sivasubramaniam | Madhumathi Seshadri | Neha Shah
Structure-based substrate screening for an enzyme

Author(s): Xu Tao | Zhang Lujia | Wang Xuedong | Wei Dongzhi | Li Tianbi
The Halogenated Metabolism of Brown Algae (Phaeophyta), Its Biological Importance and Its Environmental Significance

Author(s): Stéphane La Barre | Philippe Potin | Catherine Leblanc | Ludovic Delage
Commercial Enzymes Production by Recombinant DNA Technology: A Conceptual Works

Author(s): Sarder Nasir Uddin | A.M. Hasan | M.R. Anower | M.A. Salam | M. J. Alam | S. Islam
Molecular biology of heart disease

Author(s): Robert Roberts
Molecular biology of heart disease

Author(s): Robert Roberts
Early Prediction in Acute Pancreatitis: the Contribution of Amylase and Lipase Levels in Peritoneal Fluid

Author(s): Frossard JL | Robert J | Soravia C | Mensi N | Magnin A | Hadengue A | Rohner A | Morel P
Clinical Usefulness of the Serum Carboxypeptidase B Activation Peptide in Acute Pancreatitis

Author(s): Pezzilli R | Morselli-Labate AM | Barbieri AR | Plate L
Association between ACE Gene Polymorphism and Diabetic Nephropathy in South Indian Patients

Author(s): Viswanathan V | Zhu Y | Bala K | Dunn S | Snehalatha C | Ramachandran A | Jayaraman M | Sharma K
Bicarbonate-Regulated Soluble Adenylyl Cyclase

Author(s): Wuttke MS | Buck J | Levin LR
Antisecretory vs. Antiproteasic Drugs in the Prevention of Post-ERCP Pancreatitis: The Evidence-Based Medicine Derived from a Meta-Analysis Study

Author(s): Andriulli A | Caruso N | Quitadamo M | Forlano R | Leandro G | Spirito F | De Maio G
CFTR, PRSS1 and SPINK1 Mutations in the Development of Pancreatitis in Brazilian Patients

Author(s): Bernardino ALF | Guarita DR | Carlos Barros Mott CB | Pedroso MRA | Machado MCC | Laudanna AA | Tani CM | Almeida FL | Zatz M
Correlation between beta-lactamase production and MIC values against penicillin with coagulase negative staphylococci.

Author(s): Narayani T | Shanmugam J | Naseema K | Bhattacharya R | Shyamkrishnan K
Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in male infertility.

Author(s): Dandekar S | Nadkarni G | Kulkarni V | Punekar S
Tryptophan and tyrosine catabolic pattern in neuropsychiatric disorders.

Author(s): Ravikumar A | Deepadevi K | Arun P | Manojkumar V | Kurup P
Effect of acute noise stress on acetylcholinesterase activity in discrete areas of rat brain.

Author(s): Sembulingam K | Sembulingam Prema | Namasivayam A
Gene Transfer into Mouse Prepancreatic Endoderm by Whole Embryo Electroporation

Author(s): Pierreux CE | Poll AV | Jacquemin P | Lemaigre FP | Rousseau GG
Does the Pancreas Really Produce Much More Lipase than Required for Fat Digestion?

Author(s): Carriere F | Grandval P | Gregory PC | Renou C | Henniges F | Sander-Struckmeier S | Laugier R
Pancreatic Fibrosis in Rats and Its Response to Antioxidant Treatment

Author(s): De las Heras-Castano G | García-Unzueta MT | Domínguez-Diez A | Fernández-González MD,García-de la Paz AM | Mayorga-Fernández M | Fernández-Fernández F
Diferentes tamanhos de partículas e tempos de armazenamento em silagem da parte aérea da mandioca Different particle sizes and storage times in silage from cassava foliage

Author(s): Cenira Monteiro de Carvalho | Jaqueline Maria da Silva | Maria Emília da Silva Menezes | Cristhiane Maria Bazílio de Omena | Maria Beatriz Farias de Oliveira | João Gomes da Costa | Edma Carvalho de Miranda | Denise Maria Pinheiro | Edna Peixoto da Rocha Amorim
Evolution of the mammalian lysozyme gene family

Author(s): Irwin David | Biegel Jason | Stewart Caro-Beth
Genetic and Biochemical Aspects of Ectoine Biosynthesis in Moderately Halophilic and Halotolerant Methylotrophic Bacteria

Author(s): Valentina N. Khmelenina | Ildar I. Mustakhimov | Alexander S. Reshetnikov | Marina G. Kalyuzhnaya | Yuri A. Trotsenko
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