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Dynamic Monitoring of Cellular Remodeling Induced by the Transforming Growth Factor-β1

Author(s): Staršíchová Andrea | Kubala Lukáš | Lincová Eva | Pernicová Zuzana | Kozubík Alois | Souček Karel
Tumor-Associated Macrophage: Its Role in Cancer Invasion and Metastasis

Author(s): Jin-Yuan Shih | Ang Yuan | Jeremy J.-W. Chen | Pan-Chyr Yang
High Expression of Twist Is Positively Correlated with the Differentiation of Lung Cancer

Author(s): Linping HUI | Bingbing LIU | Lei ZHA0 | Siyang ZHAND | Baosen ZHOU | Xueshan QIU | Zeshi CUI
TGFβ signaling supports survival and metastasis of endometrial cancer cells

Author(s): XiuFen Lei | Long Wang | Junhua Yang | Lu-Zhe Sun
Substrate stiffness regulates extracellular matrix deposition by alveolar epithelial cells

Author(s): Jessica L Eisenberg | Asmahan Safi | Xiaoding Wei | et al
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