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Låt skillnaden vara

Author(s): Niclas Månsson
Local knowledge, pattern and diversity of use of Sclerocarya birrea

Author(s): Gouwakinnou Gerard | Lykke Anne | Assogbadjo Achille | Sinsin Brice
Role of CYP2E1 gene polymorphisms association with hepatitis risk in Northeast India

Author(s): Manab Deka, Moumita Bose, Bharati Baruah, Purabi Deka Bose, Subhash Medhi, Sujoy Bose, Anjan Saikia, Premashish Kar

Author(s): Halina Sendera Mohd. Yakin | Saidatul Nornis Hj. Mahali
Ethnic identity: The Serbs in Hungary

Author(s): Prelić Mladena M.
Case Studies ofEmerging Ethnocentric Charter Schools in Hawai'i

Author(s): Nina K Buchanan | Robert A. Fox
The Public Health Impact of Coccidioidomycosis in Arizona and California

Author(s): Richard F. Hector | George W. Rutherford | Clarisse A. Tsang | Laura M. Erhart | Orion McCotter | Shoana M. Anderson | Kenneth Komatsu | Farzaneh Tabnak | Duc J. Vugia | Ying Yang | John N. Galgiani
Metabolic syndrome in South Asian immigrants: more than low HDL requiring aggressive management

Author(s): Dodani Sunita | Henkhaus Rebecca | Wick Jo | Vacek James | Gupta Kamal | Dong Lei | Butler Merlin
Social cohesion through football: a quasi-experimental mixed methods design to evaluate a complex health promotion program

Author(s): Nathan Sally | Bunde-Birouste Anne | Evers Clifton | Kemp Lynn | MacKenzie Julie | Henley Robert
Failed catharsis after the Second World War

Author(s): Bijelić Biljana
Prospective of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author(s): Mašić Alma
Value-sensitive clinical accompaniment in community nursing science

Author(s): Sonya Beukes | Anna G.W. Nolte | Ebin Arries
Epidemiologic Analysis of Gastric Carcinoma in the Western Region of Nepal

Author(s): Arnab Ghosh | Brijesh Sathian | Dilasma Ghartimagar | Raghavan Narasimhan | Om Prakash Talwar
Are symbols useful and culturally acceptable in health-state valuation studies? An exploratory study in a multi-ethnic Asian population

Author(s): Hwee-Lin | Wee | Shu-Chuen Li | Xu-Hao Zhang | Feng Xie | David Feeny | et al
Childhood obesity: A comparison of health habits of middle-school students from two communities

Author(s): Elizabeth A Jackson | Taylor Eagle | Adam Leidal | et al.
Silk-Cloth Weaving Development of the Mon-Khmer Ethnic Group in Lower-Isan

Author(s): Wira Phansuwan | Suoneth Photisan | Anongrit Kangrang
Engaging diverse underserved communities to bridge the mammography divide

Author(s): Engelman Kimberly | Cupertino Ana | Daley Christine | Long Trish | Cully Angelia | Mayo Matthew | Ellerbeck Edward | Geana Mugur | Greiner Allen
Socio-economic status, racial composition and the affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables in neighborhoods of a large rural region in Texas

Author(s): Dunn Richard | Sharkey Joseph | Lotade-Manje Justus | Bouhlal Yasser | Nayga Rodolfo
Children admitted to hospital following unintentional injury: perspectives of health service providers in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Author(s): Ameratunga Shanthi | Abel Sally | Tin Sandar | Asiasiga Lanuola | Milne Sharon | Crengle Sue
Diversity in universality

Author(s): Silva Novljan

Author(s): Sonia Grubits | Martha Olivia Peña Ramos | José Ángel Vera Noriega | María Enriqueta Lunes Pérez | Gerardo Jesús Pérez Gómez
Chronic fatigue syndrome in an ethnically diverse population: the influence of psychosocial adversity and physical inactivity

Author(s): Bhui Kamaldeep | Dinos Sokratis | Ashby Deborah | Nazroo James | Wessely Simon | White Peter
Pathways to child and adolescent psychiatric clinics: a multilevel study of the significance of ethnicity and neighbourhood social characteristics on source of referral

Author(s): Ivert Anna-Karin | Svensson Robert | Adler Hans | Levander Sten | Rydelius Per-Anders | Torstensson Levander Marie
Distributional Benefit Analysis of a National Air Quality Rule

Author(s): Ellen S. Post | Anna Belova | Jin Huang

Author(s): Slavomír Horák
Geographic and Ethnic Distribution of P knowlesi infection in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Daw Khin Saw Naing | Fread Anderios | Zaw Lin
Geographic and Ethnic Distribution of P knowlesi infection in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Daw Khin Saw Naing | Fread Anderios | Zaw Lin
Predicting prediabetes in a rural community: a survey among the Karen ethnic community, Thasongyang, Thailand

Author(s): Lorga T | Aung MN | Naunboonruang P | Thinuan P | Praipaksin N | Deesakul T | Inwan U | Yingtaweesak T | Manokulanan P | Suangkaew S | Payaprom A
Ethnicity and Fatigue: Expressions of Distress, Causal Attributions and Coping

Author(s): Kamaldeep S Bhui | Sokratis Dinos | Marie-Laure Morelli
Effects of Youth´s Exposure to Community Violence: The MORE Project Efectos de la Exposición de los Adolescentes a la Violencia en la Comunidad: El Proyecto MORE

Author(s): Michele Cooley-Strickland | Tanya J. Quille | Robert S. Griffin | Elizabeth A. Stuart | Catherine P. Bradshaw | Debra Furr-Holden
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Adult male circumcision as an intervention against HIV: An operational study of uptake in a South African community (ANRS 12126)

Author(s): Lissouba Pascale | Taljaard Dirk | Rech Dino | Dermaux-Msimang Veerle | Legeai Camille | Lewis David | Singh Beverley | Puren Adrian | Auvert Bertran
Recruiting South Asians to a lifestyle intervention trial: experiences and lessons from PODOSA (Prevention of Diabetes & Obesity in South Asians)

Author(s): Douglas Anne | Bhopal Raj | Bhopal Ruby | Forbes John | Gill Jason | Lawton Julia | McKnight John | Murray Gordon | Sattar Naveed | Sharma Anu | Tuomilehto Jaakko | Wallia Sunita | Wild Sarah | Sheikh Aziz
A study of a culturally focused psychiatric consultation service for Asian American and Latino American primary care patients with depression

Author(s): Trinh Nhi-Ha | Bedoya C | Chang Trina | Flaherty Katherine | Fava Maurizio | Yeung Albert
Health equity in the New Zealand health care system: a national survey

Author(s): Sheridan Nicolette | Kenealy Timothy | Connolly Martin | Mahony Faith | Barber P Alan | Boyd Mary Anne | Carswell Peter | Clinton Janet | Devlin Gerard | Doughty Robert | Dyall Lorna | Kerse Ngaire | Kolbe John | Lawrenson Ross | Moffitt Allan

Author(s): D.D Farhud | H. Sadighi | A.A. Solati | Z. Alinejad | Sh. Mohammad-Ebrahim
«The house that Swift built»: Taganrog jews in search of ethnic identity

Author(s): Tatyana P. Khlynina | Tatyana G. Kurbat
Unused and expired medications disposal practices in the community: a cross-sectional survey in Cheras, Malaysia

Author(s): Omotayo Fatokun*, Ai Wei Chang, Wan Nah Ng, Thashini Nair, Vanitha Balakrishnan
Compliance with eight years of annual ivermectin treatment of onchocerciasis in Cameroon and Nigeria

Author(s): Brieger William | Okeibunor Joseph | Abiose Adenike | Wanji Samuel | Elhassan Elizabeth | Ndyomugyenyi Richard | Amazigo Uche
Acceptability of medical male circumcision in the traditionally circumcising communities in Northern Tanzania

Author(s): Wambura Mwita | Mwanga Joseph | Mosha Jacklin | Mshana Gerry | Mosha Frank | Changalucha John
Prevention of: self harm in British South Asian women: study protocol of an exploratory RCT of culturally adapted manual assisted Problem Solving Training (C- MAP)

Author(s): Husain Nusrat | Chaudhry Nasim | Durairaj Steevart | Chaudhry Imran | Khan Sarah | Husain Meher | Nagaraj Diwaker | Naeem Farooq | Waheed Waquas
Recommendations to improve physical activity among teenagers- A qualitative study with ethnic minority and European teenagers

Author(s): Brophy Sinead | Crowley Annie | Mistry Rupal | Hill Rebecca | Choudhury Sopna | Thomas Non | Rapport Frances
Circulating adiponectin levels are lower in Latino versus non-Latino white patients at risk for cardiovascular disease, independent of adiposity measures

Author(s): Pereira Rocio | Wang Cecilia | Hosokawa Patrick | Dickinson L Miriam | Chonchol Michel | Krantz Mori | Steiner John | Bessesen Daniel | Havranek Edward | Long Carlin
Screen-time Weight-loss Intervention Targeting Children at Home (SWITCH): A randomized controlled trial study protocol

Author(s): Maddison Ralph | Mhurchu Cliona | Foley Louise | Epstein Leonard | Jiang Yannan | Tsai Midi | Dewes Ofa | Heke Ihirangi
Self-Construal and Subjective Wellbeing in Two Ethnic Communities in Singapore

Author(s): Weining C. Chang | Mohd Maliki bin Osman | Eddie M. W. Tong | Daphne Tan

Author(s): Laurian GHERMAN

Author(s): Laurenţiu-Cristian DUMITRU
Interculturality and Globalization

Author(s): Cristina Sepsi Soare
Development Network Pottery to Support Strength of Community

Author(s): T. Jangprajuck | B. Yodmaly | M. Kosayayotin
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