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YsxC, an essential protein in Staphylococcus aureus crucial for ribosome assembly/stability

Author(s): Cooper Elizabeth | García-Lara Jorge | Foster Simon
Genome wide exploration of the origin and evolution of amino acids

Author(s): Liu Xiaoxia | Zhang Jingxian | Ni Feng | Dong Xu | Han Bucong | Han Daxiong | Ji Zhiliang | Zhao Yufen
How repetitive are genomes?

Author(s): Haubold Bernhard | Wiehe Thomas
Insights on the evolution of trehalose biosynthesis

Author(s): Avonce Nelson | Mendoza-Vargas Alfredo | Morett Enrique | Iturriaga Gabriel
Sodium 2-mercaptoethanesulfonate monohydrate (coenzyme M sodium salt monohydrate)

Author(s): Stefan Mayr | Detlef Günther | Bernhard Jaun | W. Bernd Schweizer
Identification, Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Chitinase Gene in Bacillus halodurans Isolated from Salted Fish

Author(s): L.A. Rajan | J. Dharini | K.H.P. Singh | S.N. Sivvaswaamy | J.S. Sheela | N. Sundar
Association of symptoms with gastrointestinal microbiota in irritable bowel syndrome

Author(s): Erja Malinen, Lotta Krogius-Kurikka, Anna Lyra, Janne Nikkilä, Anne Jääskeläinen, Teemu Rinttilä, Terttu Vilpponen-Salmela, Atte Johannes von Wright , Airi Palva
D- and L-lactate dehydrogenases during invertebrate evolution

Author(s): Cristescu Melania | Innes David | Stillman Jonathon | Crease Teresa
Chlamydia pneumoniae and Heart Desease

Author(s): Tatjana Grdanoska
The Role of Disordered Ribosomal Protein Extensions in the Early Steps of Eubacterial 50 S Ribosomal Subunit Assembly

Author(s): Youri Timsit | Zahir Acosta | Frédéric Allemand | Claude Chiaruttini | Mathias Springer
DNA-binding by Haemophilus influenzae and Escherichia coli YbaB, members of a widely-distributed bacterial protein family

Author(s): Cooley Anne | Riley Sean | Kral Keith | Miller M Clarke | DeMoll Edward | Fried Michael | Stevenson Brian
Study of the functionality of the Helicobacter pylori trans-translation components SmpB and SsrA in an heterologous system

Author(s): Thibonnier Marie | Aubert Sylvie | Ecobichon Chantal | De Reuse Hilde
The prevalence of gene duplications and their ancient origin in Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1

Author(s): Bavishi Anish | Lin Lin | Schroeder Kristen | Peters Anne | Cho Hyuk | Choudhary Madhusudan
Current millennium biotechniques for biomedical research on parasites and host-parasite interactions

Author(s): Teixeira Antonio RL | Simões-Barbosa Augusto | Faudry Eric | Lozzi Silene P | Argañaraz Enrique R | D'Souza-Ault Marian | Santana Jaime M
A genomic timescale for the origin of eukaryotes

Author(s): Hedges S Blair | Chen Hsiong | Kumar Sudhir | Wang Daniel | Thompson Amanda | Watanabe Hidemi
Large-scale environmental controls on microbial biofilms in high-alpine streams

Author(s): T. J. Battin | A. Wille | R. Psenner | A. Richter
Construction of phylogenetic trees by kernel-based comparative analysis of metabolic networks

Author(s): Oh S June | Joung Je-Gun | Chang Jeong-Ho | Zhang Byoung-Tak
Comparative genomics of regulation of heavy metal resistance in Eubacteria

Author(s): Permina EA | Kazakov AE | Kalinina OV | Gelfand MS
Rooting the tree of life by transition analyses

Author(s): Cavalier-Smith Thomas
Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Cyanobacteria: Structural and Evolutionary Scenarios Based on Comparative Genomics

Author(s): Chengwei Liang , Fangqing Zhao , Wei Wei , Zhangxiao Wen , Song Qin
Phylogenetic and functional analysis of the Cation Diffusion Facilitator (CDF) family: improved signature and prediction of substrate specificity

Author(s): Montanini Barbara | Blaudez Damien | Jeandroz Sylvain | Sanders Dale | Chalot Michel
Bacterial community from gut of white shrimp, Penaeus vannamei, cultured in earthen ponds

Author(s): U-taynapun, K. | Viriyapongsutee, B. | Intrasungkha, N. | Supamattaya, K.
The application of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technique for studying the microbial communities in intestinal tissues of white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)

Author(s): Viriyapongsutee, B. | Chaisarn, D. | Kiriratnikom, S. | Intrasungkha, N. | Prasertsan, P. | Supamattaya, K.
Regional hydrology controls stream microbial biofilms: evidence from a glacial catchment

Author(s): T. J. Battin | A. Wille | R. Psenner | A. Richter
The role of upstream sequences in selecting the reading frame on tmRNA

Author(s): Miller Mickey | Healey David | Robison Stephen | Dewey Jonathan | Buskirk Allen
Accommodation of profound sequence differences at the interfaces of eubacterial RNA polymerase multi-protein assembly

Author(s): Nambudiry Rekha | Lakshmipuram Seshadri Swapna | Narayanaswamy Srinivasan*
Microbial community diversity of the eastern Atlantic Ocean reveals geographic differences

Author(s): C. J. Friedline | R. B. Franklin | S. L. McCallister | M. C. Rivera
Duodenal and faecal microbiota of celiac children: molecular, phenotype and metabolome characterization

Author(s): Di Cagno Raffaella | De Angelis Maria | De Pasquale Ilaria | Ndagijimana Maurice | Vernocchi Pamela | Ricciuti Patrizia | Gagliardi Francesca | Laghi Luca | Crecchio Carmine | Guerzoni Maria | Gobbetti Marco | Francavilla Ruggiero
Regulatory elements in the 5’region of 16SrRNA gene of Bacillus sp. strain SJ-101

Author(s): Braj R. Singh | Javed Musarrat | Saud A. Alarifi | Abdulaziz A. Al-Khedhairy
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