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Mutations of the KRAS oncogene in endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma.

Author(s): Bozena Dobrzycka | Sławomir J Terlikowski | Andrzej Mazurek | Oksana Kowalczuk | Wiesława Niklińska | Lech Chyczewski | Marek Kulikowski
Expression of basal cell marker revealed by RAM11 antibody during epithelial regeneration in rabbits.

Author(s): Grzegorz J Lis | Ewa Jasek | Jan A Litwin | Mariusz Gajda | Joanna Zarzecka | Tadeusz Cichocki
Middle atmospheric water vapor and ozone anomalies during the 2010 major sudden stratospheric warming

Author(s): D. Scheiben | C. Straub | K. Hocke | P. Forkman | N. Kämpfer
Assessing rating-curve uncertainty and its effects on hydraulic model calibration

Author(s): A. Domeneghetti | A. Castellarin | A. Brath
Extreme runoff response to short-duration convective rainfall in South-West Germany

Author(s): V. Ruiz-Villanueva | M. Borga | D. Zoccatelli | L. Marchi | E. Gaume | U. Ehret | E. Zehe
DInSAR coseismic deformation of the May 2011 Mw 5.1 Lorca earthquake, (Southern Spain)

Author(s): T. Frontera | A. Concha | P. Blanco | A. Echeverria | X. Goula | R. Arbiol | G. Khazaradze | F. Pérez | E. Suriñach
Detecting ultra-high energy cosmic rays from space with unprecedented acceptance: objectives and design of the JEM-EUSO mission

Author(s): M. Casolino | J. H. Adams | M. E. Bertaina | M. J. Christl | T. Ebisuzaki | P. Gorodetzky | Y. Hachisu | F. Kajino | Y. Kawasaki | G. Medina-Tanco | H. Miyamoto | H. Ohomori | E. Parizot | I. Park | P. Picozza | N. Sakaki | A. Santangelo | K. Shinozaki | Y. Takizawa | K. Tsuno | JEM-EUSO collaboration
Determination of tropospheric vertical columns of NO2 and aerosol optical properties in a rural setting using MAX-DOAS

Author(s): J. D. Halla | T. Wagner | S. Beirle | J. R. Brook | K. L. Hayden | J. M. O'Brien | A. Ng | D. Majonis | M. O. Wenig | R. McLaren
Heinrich event 1: an example of dynamical ice-sheet reaction to oceanic changes

Author(s): J. Álvarez-Solas | M. Montoya | C. Ritz | G. Ramstein | S. Charbit | C. Dumas | K. Nisancioglu | T. Dokken | A. Ganopolski
Modelling post-fire vegetation recovery in Portugal

Author(s): A. Bastos | C. M. Gouveia | C. C. DaCamara | R. M. Trigo
Rainfall patterns after fire differentially affect the recruitment of three Mediterranean shrubs

Author(s): J. M. Moreno | E. Zuazua | B. Pérez | B. Luna | A. Velasco | V. Resco de Dios
Potential inundation of Lisbon downtown by a 1755-like tsunami

Author(s): M. A. Baptista | J. M. Miranda | R. Omira | C. Antunes
Tsunami vulnerability and damage assessment in the coastal area of Rabat and Salé, Morocco

Author(s): A. Atillah | D. El Hadani | H. Moudni | O. Lesne | C. Renou | A. Mangin | F. Rouffi
A case study of aerosol processing and evolution in summer in New York City

Author(s): Y. L. Sun | Q. Zhang | J. J. Schwab | W. N. Chen | M. S. Bae | Y. C. Lin | H. M. Hung | K. L. Demerjian
Temporal origins and diversification of Artemisia and allies (Anthemideae, Asteraceae)

Author(s): Sanz, M. | Schneeweiss, G. M. | Vilatersana, R. | Vallès, j.
An evaluation of the relationship between rotavirus diarrhea and bacterial infection and acute hepatitis in children

Author(s): Anna Kacerka | Kamila Wójcik | Jan Kuydowicz | Barbara Cielecka | Anna Piekarska
Study of Communication using IPv6 in VANET

Author(s): Prof. Uma Nagaraj | Ms. Deesha G. Deotale
The Performance of Newly Issued Stocks in Thailand

Author(s): Vesarach Aumeboonsuke | Nopphon Tangjitprom
ASTONISHING IMAGES: TV news and accountability processes

Author(s): Braulio B. Neves | Rousiley C. M. Maia
High-sensitivity C-reactive protein predicts postoperative atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Andrés Miranda M. | Rodrigo Gutiérrez R. | Rodrigo Fernández G. | Ramón Rodrigo S.

Author(s): Hayder Abdulhafidh Kurji | Mowafaq Mohammed Ghareeb | Ahmad Tariq Numan | Munaf Hashim Abdulrazzak | Saad Abdulrahman Hussain
Eliot's Delving into the Oriental Wisdom: A Cross-Cultural Study

Author(s): Nasser Maleki | Mostafa Mirzaei
Efeitos a Longo Prazo de Vitimização na Escola

Author(s): Lúcia Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Williams | Sabrina Mazo D Affonseca | Tatiane Alves Correia | Paloma Pegolo Albuquerque
Awakening: 'Spontaneous recovery’ from substance abuse among Aboriginal peoples in Canada

Author(s): Adrien Tempier | Colleen A. Dell | Elder Campbell Papequash | Randy Duncan | Raymond Tempier

Author(s): Sérgio Gualberto Martins | Junior Cesar Avanzi | Marx Leandro Naves Silva | Nilton Curi | Sebastião Fonseca
A Review on Protection Schemes and Coordination Techniques in Microgrid System

Author(s): Ahmad Razani Haron | Azah Mohamed | Hussain Shareef
Leren van huisontruimingen

Author(s): Gert Schout | Gideon de Jong
Obstructive sleep apnea

Author(s): Matthew L. Ho | Steven D. Brass
Clinical results of the application of a hemoglobin spray to promote healing of chronic wounds

Author(s): Arenberger, Peter | Engels, Peter | Arenbergerova, Monika | Gkalpakiotis, Spyridon | García Luna Martínez, Francisco Javier | Villarreal Anaya, Americo | Jimenez Fernandez, Laura
Electroencephalography in eating disorders

Author(s): Jáuregui-Lobera I
Two Types of Belief Report

Author(s): Michael Hegarty
Surgical treatment of postintubation tracheal stenosis: Iranian experience of effect of previous tracheostomy

Author(s): Hashemzadeh S | Hashemzadeh K | Kakaei F | Aligholipour R | Ghabili K
On the retreat of near-Earth neutral line during substorm expansion phase: a THEMIS case study during the 9 January 2008 substorm

Author(s): X. Cao | Z. Y. Pu | A. M. Du | V. M. Mishin | X. G. Wang | C. J. Xiao | T. L. Zhang | V. Angelopoulos | J. P. McFadden | K. H. Glassmeier
Amnésie antérograde consécutive à l’absorption de MDMA et d’alcool : à propos d’un cas Anterograde amnesia following MDMA and alcohol absorption: report of a case

Author(s): Sastre Caroline | Chèze Marjorie | Baillif-Couniou Valérie | Deveaux Marc | Pépin Gilbert | Leonetti Georges | Pélissier-Alicot Anne-Laure
The Prevalence of Bruxism and Correlated Factors in Children Referred to Dental Schools of Tehran, Based on Parents' Report

Author(s): Bahman Seraj | Mehdi Shahrabi | Sara Ghadimi | Rahil Ahmadi | Jaleh Nikfarjam | Farid Zayeri | Fatemeh Pour-Taghi | Hadi Zare
Methods for Detecting and Measuring Adverse Hospital Events

Author(s): A Baba-Akbari Sari | TA Sheldon
Persian version validation in impact of event Scale-Revised

Author(s): L. Panaghi | M. Hakim shooshtari | J. Atari Mogadam
Active tectonics and earthquake destructions in caves of northern and central Switzerland

Author(s): Becker Arnfried | Häuselmann Philipp | Eikenberg Jost | Gilli Eric
The impact of channel effect on Asian dust transport dynamics: a case in southeastern Asia

Author(s): C.-Y. Lin | Y.-F. Sheng | W.-N. Chen | Z. Wang | C.-H. Kuo | W.-C. Chen | T. Yang
Three-dimensional factorization of size-resolved organic aerosol mass spectra from Mexico City

Author(s): I. M. Ulbrich | M. R. Canagaratna | M. J. Cubison | Q. Zhang | N. L. Ng | A. C. Aiken | J. L. Jimenez
GIS-based coastal area suitability assessment of geo-environmental factors in Laoshan district, Qingdao

Author(s): C. Y. Ju | Y. G. Jia | H. X. Shan | C. W. Tang | W. J. Ma
PM-GCD – a combined IR–MW satellite technique for frequent retrieval of heavy precipitation

Author(s): D. Casella | S. Dietrich | F. Di Paola | M. Formenton | A. Mugnai | F. Porcù | P. Sanò
Interaction of anthropogenic and natural emission sources during a wild-land fire event – influence on ozone formation

Author(s): E. Bossioli | M. Tombrou | A. Karali | A. Dandou | D. Paronis | M. Sofiev
Chest Wall Resection and Reconstruction for Thoracic Tumor 
Invading the Chest Wall: A Report of 12 Cases

Author(s): Shaohua MA | Luyan SHEN | Senkai LI | Xiaotian SHI | Zhen LIANG | Keneng CHEN
Hydrothermal Discharge During Submarine Eruptions: The Importance of Detection, Response, and New Technology

Author(s): Edward T. Baker | William W. Chadwick Jr. | James P. Cowen | Robert P. Dziak | Kenneth H. Rubin | Daniel J. Fornari
Survey of Employees\' Safety Attitude in a Teaching Hospital Tehran 2010

Author(s): J. Tabibi | A.A. Nasiripour | M.R. Maleki | P. Raessi | M. Mahmmoudi | L. Azimi
Outcomes of patients with low risk cardiac chest pain underwent immediate exercise testing: two months fallow up

Author(s): Saeed Abbasi | Kambiz Masoumi | Mohsen Ebrahimi | Mohammad Amin Zare | Mohammad Javad Alemzadeh Ansari
A Vision-Based Driver Nighttime Assistance and Surveillance System Based on Intelligent Image Sensing Techniques and a Heterogamous Dual-Core Embedded System Architecture

Author(s): Yen-Lin Chen | Hsin-Han Chiang | Chuan-Yen Chiang | Chuan-Ming Liu | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Jenq-Haur Wang
Evaluating high risks in large-scale projects using an extended VIKOR method under a fuzzy environment

Author(s): S. Ebrahimnejad | S. M. Mousavi | R Tavakkoli-Moghaddam | M Heydar
Sexual harassment among health workers and students in Turkey

Author(s): Güliz Onat Bayram | Hüsniye Dinç
Five-year record of atmospheric precipitation chemistry in urban Beijing, China

Author(s): F. Yang | J. Tan | Z. B. Shi | Y. Cai | K. He | Y. Ma | F. Duan | T. Okuda | S. Tanaka | G. Chen
Structure of mangrove stands on the Bragança peninsula, Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Adriana dos Santos Matni | Moirah Paula Machado de Menezes | Ulf Mehlig
Clinical and prognostic features in asymptomatic and symptomatic patients with arteriosclerosis obliterans

Author(s): Takashi Kiyanagi | Makoto Hiki | Rie Matsumori | Atsumi Kume | Hiroyuki Daida | Tetsuro Miyazaki | Haruyo Yamashita | Takuma Yoshihara | Kosuke Fukao | Kazunori Shimada | Hiromichi Ohsaka | Eiryu Sai | Kuniaki Hirose | Hiroshi Masuda | Yoshifumi Fukushima
Evaluation Regarding the Efficacy and Safety of a Probiotic Mixture in Healthy Volunteers with Evacuation Disorders

Author(s): Guillermo Tellez | Diana Lizbeth Gomez-Galicia | Jorge Reyes-Esparza | Billy Hargis | Adriana Sandoval-Ocampo | Lourdes Rodríguez-Fragoso | Carlos A. Arjona-Canul | Martha Corbalá-Nava
Analysis of projected hydrological behavior of catchments based on signature indices

Author(s): M. C. Casper | G. Grigoryan | O. Gronz | O. Gutjahr | G. Heinemann | R. Ley | A. Rock
Multiple scattering in a dense aerosol atmosphere

Author(s): S. Mukai | T. Yokomae | I. Sano | M. Nakata | A. Kokhanovsky
Marine productivity response to Heinrich events: a model-data comparison

Author(s): V. Mariotti | L. Bopp | A. Tagliabue | M. Kageyama | D. Swingedouw
Spatial variability of herbicide mobilisation and transport at catchment scale: insights from a field experiment

Author(s): T. Doppler | L. Camenzuli | G. Hirzel | M. Krauss | A. Lück | C. Stamm
Seasonal cycle and source analyses of aerosol optical properties in a semi-urban environment at Puijo station in Eastern Finland

Author(s): A. Leskinen | A. Arola | M. Komppula | H. Portin | P. Tiitta | P. Miettinen | S. Romakkaniemi | A. Laaksonen | K. E. J. Lehtinen
Aerosol-precipitation interactions in the southern Appalachian Mountains

Author(s): G. M. Kelly | B. F. Taubman | L. B. Perry | J. P. Sherman | P. T. Soulé | P. J. Sheridan
Obstructive sleep apnea

Author(s): Matthew L. Ho | Steven D. Brass
Caracterización de la brisa de mar en el balneario de Monte Hermoso, Argentina

Author(s): Huamantinco Cisneros, María Andrea | Piccolo, M. Cintia

Author(s): Mayee Rahul | Rawat Swati | Thosar Ambrish | Atre Kavita | Mane Prafulla
Expectant parents’ experiences of parental education within the antenatal health service

Author(s): Norling-Gustafsson A | Skaghammar K | Adolfsson A

Author(s): Narcis MAIER | Ştefan BILAŞCO | Csaba HORVATH
The Effect of Emotional Regulation on Happiness and Mental Rumination of Students

Author(s): Shiva Rezvan | Fatemeh Bahrami | MohammadReza Abedi

Author(s): Singhal Rohit | Ahmed Khaleel | Santani DD

Tuberculosis cutánea por mesoterapia, estudio de seis casos Cutaneous tuberculosis after mesotherapy: report of six cases

Author(s): Dora Orjuela | Gloria Puerto | Graciela Mejía | Claudia Castro | María Consuelo Garzón | Luz Mary García | Elkin Hernández | Wellman Ribón | Gerzaín Rodríguez
Analysis of regulation of pentose utilisation in Aspergillus niger reveals evolutionary adaptations in Eurotiales

Author(s): E. Battaglia | L. Visser | A. Nijssen | G.J. van Veluw | H.A.B. Wosten | R.P. de Vries
Psychometric Properties of Thought Fusion Instrument (TFI) in Students

Author(s): Kazem Khoramdel | Mehdi Rabiee | Hossein Molavi | Hamid Taher Neshatdoost
ASTONISHING IMAGES: TV news and accountability processes

Author(s): Braulio B. Neves | Rousiley C. M. Maia
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