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P300 brain potential among workers exposed to organic solvents

Author(s): Bente E. Moen | Trond Riise | Knut Rasmus Kyvik

Author(s): Ljubiša Mihajlović | Nevenka K. Mihajlović | Aleksandar Petrović | Radmila Pavlović
Posthumous events affect rated quality and happiness of lives

Author(s): Paul Rozin | Jennifer Stellar
Different Alfvén wave acceleration processes of electrons in substorms at ~4-5 RE and 2-3 RE radial distance

Author(s): P. Janhunen | A. Olsson | J. Hanasz | C. T. Russell | H. Laakso | J. C. Samson
Stage effects of negative emotion on spatial and verbal working memory

Author(s): Li Xuebing | Chan Raymond | Luo Yue-jia
Multimodal evoked potential abnormalities in patients with Wilson's disease

Author(s): Ilić Tihomir V. | Svetel Marina | Petković Stevan | Kostić Vladimir S.
Event-related evoked potentials in chronic respiratory encephalopathy

Author(s): A R Al Tahan | R Zaidan | S Jones | et al
Does erotic stimulus presentation design affect brain activation patterns? Event-related vs. blocked fMRI designs

Author(s): Bühler Mira | Vollstädt-Klein Sabine | Klemen Jane | Smolka Michael
Genetic characterization of the ABO blood group in Neandertals

Author(s): Lalueza-Fox Carles | Gigli Elena | de la Rasilla Marco | Fortea Javier | Rosas Antonio | Bertranpetit Jaume | Krause Johannes
P300 Event Related Potential In Normal Healthy Controls Of Different Age Groups

Author(s): Shukla R | Trivedi J. K | Singh R | Singh Y | Chakravorty P
P 300 Event Related Potential In Depression

Author(s): Singh R | Shukla R | Dalal P. K | Singh P. K | Trivedi J. K
A new parametrization for ambient particle formation over coniferous forests and its potential implications for the future

Author(s): B. Bonn | M. Boy | M. Kulmala | A. Groth | K. Trawny | S. Borchert | S. Jacobi
The anomalous warming of summer 2003 in the surface layer of the Central Ligurian Sea (Western Mediterranean)

Author(s): S. Sparnocchia | M. E. Schiano | P. Picco | R. Bozzano | A. Cappelletti
Electrophysiological evidence for abnormal preparatory states and inhibitory processing in adult ADHD

Author(s): McLoughlin Gráinne | Albrecht Bjoern | Banaschewski Tobias | Rothenberger Aribert | Brandeis Daniel | Asherson Philip | Kuntsi Jonna
Geological and ecological assessment of the exposure degree of the Zăton-Bulba karst system (Mehedinţi Plateau) to anthropogenic hazards: intrinsic vulnerability and biodiversity study

Author(s): Marius Vlaicu | Cristian Mihai Munteanu | Andrei Giurginca | Cristian Goran | Constantin Marin | Rodica Plăiaşu | Raluca Ioana Băncilă | Alin Tudorache
Evaluation of Empirical Mode Decomposition for Event-Related Potential Analysis

Author(s): N. Williams | S. J. Nasuto | J. D. Saddy
Three-dimensional growth as multicellular spheroid activates the proangiogenic phenotype of colorectal carcinoma cells via LFA-1-dependent VEGF: implications on hepatic micrometastasis

Author(s): Valcárcel María | Arteta Beatriz | Jaureguibeitia Arrate | Lopategi Aritz | Martínez Iñigo | Mendoza Lorea | Muruzabal Francisco | Salado Clarisa | Vidal-Vanaclocha Fernando
Parametric study of EEG sensitivity to phase noise during face processing

Author(s): Rousselet Guillaume | Pernet Cyril | Bennett Patrick | Sekuler Allison
A second generation genetic map for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Rexroad Caird | Palti Yniv | Gahr Scott | Vallejo Roger
Usefulness of event-related potentials in the assessment of mild cognitive impairment

Author(s): Papaliagkas Vasileios | Kimiskidis Vasileios | Tsolaki Magda | Anogianakis George
Spatiotemporal dipole source localization of face processing ERPs in adolescents: a preliminary study

Author(s): Wong Teresa | Fung Peter | McAlonan Grainne | Chua Siew
Malaria transmission in non-endemic areas: case report, review of the literature and implications for public health management

Author(s): Zoller Thomas | Naucke Torsten | May Jürgen | Hoffmeister Bodo | Flick Holger | Williams Christopher | Frank Christina | Bergmann Frank | Suttorp Norbert | Mockenhaupt Frank
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection in pregnant women and mother-to-child transmission of genital HPV genotypes: a prospective study in Spain

Author(s): Castellsagué Xavier | Drudis Teresa | Cañadas Maria | Goncé Anna | Ros Ramón | Pérez José | Quintana M Jesús | Muñoz Jesús | Albero Ginesa | de Sanjosé Silvia | Bosch F Xavier
Adjoint inversion modeling of Asian dust emission using lidar observations

Author(s): K. Yumimoto | I. Uno | N. Sugimoto | A. Shimizu | Z. Liu | D. M. Winker
Carbon monoxide distributions from the upper troposphere to the mesosphere inferred from 4.7 μm non-local thermal equilibrium emissions measured by MIPAS on Envisat

Author(s): B. Funke | M. López-Puertas | M. García-Comas | G. P. Stiller | T. von Clarmann | M. Höpfner | N. Glatthor | U. Grabowski | S. Kellmann | A. Linden
Carbon monoxide distributions from the upper troposphere to the mesosphere inferred from 4.7 μm non-local thermal equilibrium emissions measured by MIPAS on Envisat

Author(s): B. Funke | M. López-Puertas | M. García-Comas | G. P. Stiller | T. von Clarmann | M. Höpfner | N. Glatthor | U. Grabowski | S. Kellmann | A. Linden
Validating numerical simulations of snow avalanches using dendrochronology: the Cerro Ventana event in Northern Patagonia, Argentina

Author(s): A. Casteller | M. Christen | R. Villalba | H. Martínez | V. Stöckli | J. C. Leiva | P. Bartelt
Preliminary investigation of plasma levels of sex hormones and human growth factor(s), and P300 latency as correlates to cognitive decline as a function of gender

Author(s): Braverman Eric | Chen Thomas | Chen Amanda | Kerner Mallory | Tung Howard | Waite Roger | Schoolfield John | Blum Kenneth
The calcimimetic R-568 induces apoptotic cell death in prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Li Huaifu | Ruan Guofeng | Li Zhijun | Liu Ziwei | Zheng Xiaoqing | zheng Hao | Cheng Guangming | Li Benyi | Zhan Ming
Contextual blending of ingroup/outgroup face stimuli and word valence: LPP modulation and convergence of measures

Author(s): Hurtado Esteban | Haye Andrés | González Ramiro | Manes Facundo | Ibáñez Agustiń
Computerized surveillance of opioid-related adverse drug events in perioperative care: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Eckstrand Julie | Habib Ashraf | Williamson Abbie | Horvath Monica | Gattis Katherine | Cozart Heidi | Ferranti Jeffrey
Candidate pathways and genes for prostate cancer: a meta-analysis of gene expression data

Author(s): Gorlov Ivan | Byun Jinyoung | Gorlova Olga | Aparicio Ana | Efstathiou Eleni | Logothetis Christopher
Spring molybdenum enrichment in scallop shells: a potential tracer of diatom productivity in coastal temperate environments (Brittany, NW France)?

Author(s): A. Barats | D. Amouroux | C. Pécheyran | L. Chauvaud | J. Thébault | O. F. X. Donard
Can we prevent drug related deaths by training opioid users to recognise and manage overdoses?

Author(s): Gaston Romina | Best David | Manning Victoria | Day Ed
Systematic review and meta-analysis on the adverse events of rimonabant treatment: Considerations for its potential use in hepatology

Author(s): Chavez-Tapia Norberto | Tellez-Avila Felix | Bedogni Giorgio | Crocè Lory | Masutti Flora | Tiribelli Claudio
Functional features of gene expression profiles differentiating gastrointestinal stromal tumours according to KIT mutations and expression

Author(s): Ostrowski Jerzy | Polkowski Marcin | Paziewska Agnieszka | Skrzypczak Magdalena | Goryca Krzysztof | Rubel Tymon | Kokoszyñska Katarzyna | Rutkowski Piotr | Nowecki Zbigniew | Dobosz Anna | Jarosz Dorota | Ruka Wlodzimierz | Wyrwicz Lucjan
Effect of initiation-inhibition and handedness on the patterns of the P50 event-related potential component: a low resolution electromagnetic tomography study

Author(s): Beratis Ion | Rabavilas Andreas | Nanou Eleni | Hountala Chrissanthi | Maganioti Argiro | Capsalis Christos | Papadimitriou George | Papageorgiou Charalabos
Transient eastward-propagating long-period waves observed over the South Pole

Author(s): S. E. Palo | Y. I. Portnyagin | J. M. Forbes | N. A. Makarov | E. G. Merzlyakov
How does the U-shaped potential close above the acceleration region? A study using Polar data

Author(s): P. Janhunen | A. Olsson | F. S. Mozer | H. Laakso
Experimental study of the formation of inverted-V structures and their stratification using AUREOL-3 observations

Author(s): O. Luízar | M. V. Stepanova | J. M. Bosqued | E. E. Antonova | R. A. Kovrazhkin
An observational and numerical case study of a flash sea storm over the Gulf of Genoa

Author(s): A. Orlandi | F. Pasi | L. F. Onorato | S. Gallino
Oxidative Stress Induced Mitochondrial Failure and Vascular Hypoperfusion as a Key Initiator for the Development of Alzheimer Disease

Author(s): Gjumrakch Aliev | Hector H. Palacios | Eldar Gasimov | Mark E. Obrenovich | Ludis Morales | Jerzy Leszek | Valentin Bragin | Arturo Solís Herrera | Dmitry Gokhman

Author(s): Izabela Mocaiber, Mirtes Garcia Pereira, Fátima Smith Erthal, Ivan Figueira, Walter Machado-Pinheiro, Maurício Cagy, Eliane Volchan & Letícia de Oliveira
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Min Song | Yang Yang | Fang Sheng
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Kun Mean HOU
Effect of Partial Sleep Deprivation on Auditory Event Related Potential and Reaction Time in Medical Students

Author(s): Preeti Jain, Arti Sood Mahajan, Peeyush Jain*, Rashmi Babbar
Analysis of a rapid increase of stratospheric ozone during late austral summer 2008 over Kerguelen (49.4° S, 70.3° E)

Author(s): H. Bencherif | L. El Amraoui | G. Kirgis | J. Leclair De Bellevue | A. Hauchecorne | N. Mzé | T. Portafaix
Neurophyhysiology (P300) Auditory Event Related Potentials in Major Depressive Disorder

Author(s): Mustafa Karagöz | Ümmühan İşoğlu Alkaç | Neslihan Ergen | Nezih Eradamlar | Latif Alpkan
Event-Related Potentials in Major Depression

Author(s): Mustafa Karagöz | Ümmühan İşoğlu Alkaç | Neslihan Ergen | Nezih Eradamlar | Latif Alpkan
Effects of etizolam and ethyl loflazepate on the P300 event-related potential in healthy subjects

Author(s): Fukami Goro | Hashimoto Tasuku | Shirayama Yukihiko | Hasegawa Tadashi | Watanabe Hiroyuki | Fujisaki Mihisa | Hashimoto Kenji | Iyo Masaomi
Exploration of transitional life events in individuals with Friedreich ataxia: Implications for genetic counseling

Author(s): White V Brook | Leib Jennifer | Farmer Jennifer | Biesecker Barbara
Development of a Layer of Protection Analysis Tool to Determine the Safety Integrity Level in Process Industries

Author(s): M. El-Harbawi | Z. Azhani Bt. Razali | S.M. Faiz B Sy M Fuzi | S. Mustapha
Analysis of a rapid increase of stratospheric ozone during late austral summer 2008 over Kerguelen (49.4° S, 70.3° E)

Author(s): H. Bencherif | L. El Amraoui | G. Kirgis | J. Leclair De Bellevue | A. Hauchecorne | N. Mzé | T. Portafaix | A. Pazmino | F. Goutail
Emerging role of adipokines as mediators in atherosclerosis

Author(s): Hanrui Zhang | Jian Cui | Cuihua Zhang
International Study to Predict Optimized Treatment for Depression (iSPOT-D), a randomized clinical trial: rationale and protocol

Author(s): Williams Leanne | Rush A | Koslow Stephen | Wisniewski Stephen | Cooper Nicholas | Nemeroff Charles | Schatzberg Alan | Gordon Evian
Recent transfer of an iron-regulated gene from the plastid to the nuclear genome in an oceanic diatom adapted to chronic iron limitation

Author(s): Lommer Markus | Roy Alexandra-Sophie | Schilhabel Markus | Schreiber Stefan | Rosenstiel Philip | LaRoche Julie
A canine leishmaniasis pilot survey in an emerging focus of visceral leishmaniasis: Posadas (Misiones, Argentina)

Author(s): Cruz Israel | Acosta Lucrecia | Gutiérrez Mariana | Nieto Javier | Cañavate Carmen | Deschutter Jorge | Bornay-Llinares Fernando
Imaging the functional connectivity of the Periaqueductal Gray during genuine and sham electroacupuncture treatment

Author(s): Zyloney Carolyn | Jensen Karin | Polich Ginger | Loiotile Rita | Cheetham Alexandra | LaViolette Peter | Tu Peichi | Kaptchuk Ted | Gollub Randy | Kong Jian
Identification of tsunami deposits and liquefaction features in the Gargano area (Italy): paleoseismological implication

Author(s): P. M. De Martini | P. Burrato | D. Pantosti | A. Maramai | L. Graziani | H. Abramson
Possible modulation of neurobehavioural patterns by anxiolytics drugs

Author(s): Zaved Ahmed Khan, | Dr Asit Ranjan Ghosh
A rare etiology of post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pneumoperitoneum

Author(s): Stelios F Assimakopoulos, Konstantinos C Thomopoulos, Sofia Giali, Christos Triantos, Dimitrios Siagris, Charalambos Gogos
Is bisphosphonate therapy for benign bone disease associated with impaired dental healing? A case-controlled study

Author(s): Borromeo Gelsomina | Brand Caroline | Clement John | McCullough Michael | Thomson Wendy | Flitzanis Elly | Wark John
Automated surveillance of 911 call data for detection of possible water contamination incidents

Author(s): Haas Adam | Gibbons Darcy | Dangel Chrissy | Allgeier Steve
Emotion and Autobiographical Memory

Author(s): Nuray Sarp | Ahmet Tosun
Gender Event-related Brain Oscillatory Differences in Normal Elderly Population EEG

Author(s): Stiliyan Georgiev | Zlatogor Minchev | Christina Christova | Dolja Philipova
Advances in Carcinogenic Metal Toxicity and Potential Molecular Markers

Author(s): Preeyaporn Koedrith | Young Rok Seo
Electrophysiological correlates of cognitive inhibition in college students with schizotypal traits

Author(s): Huije Che | Chang-Hwan Im | Kyoung Mi Jang | Myung-Sun Kim | Sung Hwa Oh
Wind Power in Mexico: Simulation of a Wind Farm and Application of Probabilistic Safety Analysis

Author(s): C. Martín del Campo–Márquez | P.F. Nelson–Edelstein | M.Á. García–Vázquez
Automatic Classification of Artifactual ICA-Components for Artifact Removal in EEG Signals

Author(s): Winkler Irene | Haufe Stefan | Tangermann Michael
Distribution and genetic variation of hymenolepidid cestodes in murid rodents on the Canary Islands (Spain)

Author(s): Foronda Pilar | López-González Mercedes | Hernández Mariano | Haukisalmi Voitto | Feliu Carlos

Author(s): Neculina CHEBAC | Cristina Mihaela ONICA
Comparison of Auditory Event-Related Potential P300 in Sighted and Early Blind Individuals

Author(s): Fatemeh Heidari | Saeed Farahani | Ghassem MohammadKhani | Dr. Ebrahim Jafarzadepour | Dr. Shohre Jalaie
Black Swans, Wicked Problems, and Science During Crises

Author(s): Gary E. Machlis | Marcia K. McNutt
Differences in cortical response to acupressure and electroacupuncture stimuli

Author(s): Witzel Thomas | Napadow Vitaly | Kettner Norman | Vangel Mark | Hämäläinen Matti | Dhond Rupali
Relationship between leukotriene-modifying agent prescriptions dispensed and rate of suicide deaths by county in the US

Author(s): Schumock GT | Gibbons RD | Lee TA | Joo MJ | Valuck RJ | Stayner LT
Importance of moisture determination in studies of infiltration and surface runoff for long periods

Author(s): Teresa Reyna | Santiago Reyna | María Lábaque | Fabián Fulginiti | César Riha | Jorge Linares
Pediatric functional magnetic resonance neuroimaging: tactics for encouraging task compliance

Author(s): Schlund Michael | Cataldo Michael | Siegle Greg | Ladouceur Cecile | Silk Jennifer | Forbes Erika | McFarland Ashley | Iyengar Satish | Dahl Ronald | Ryan Neal
Acupuncture for the treatment of severe acute pain in Herpes Zoster: results of a nested, open-label, randomized trial in the VZV Pain Study

Author(s): Ursini Tamara | Tontodonati Monica | Manzoli Lamberto | Polilli Ennio | Rebuzzi Cristina | Congedo Gabriele | Di Profio Sonia | Toro Patrizia | Consorte Augusta | Placido Giuseppina | Laganà Stefano | D'Amario Claudio | Granchelli Carla | Parruti Giustino | Pippa Lucio
Discriminating between ADHD adults and controls using independent ERP components and a support vector machine: a validation study

Author(s): Mueller Andreas | Candrian Gian | Grane Venke | Kropotov Juri | Ponomarev Valery | Baschera Gian-Marco
Identification of essential language areas by combination of fMRI from different tasks using probabilistic independent component analysis

Author(s): Yanmei Tie | Ralph O. Suarez | Stephen Whalen | Isaiah H. Norton | Alexandra J. Golby
Cointegration of event-related potential (ERP) signals in experiments with different electromagnetic field (EMF) conditions

Author(s): Argiro E. Maganioti | Hountala D. Chrissanthi | Papageorgiou C. Charalabos | Rabavilas D. Andreas | Papadimitriou N. George | Capsalis N. Christos
Identification and Categorization of Liver Toxicity Markers Induced by a Related Pair of Drugs

Author(s): Ching-Wei Chang | Frederick A. Beland | Wade M. Hines | James C. Fuscoe | Tao Han | James J. Chen
On the value of combined event runoff and tracer analysis to improve understanding of catchment functioning in a data-scarce semi-arid area

Author(s): M. Hrachowitz | R. Bohte | M. L. Mul | T. A. Bogaard | H. H. G. Savenije | S. Uhlenbrook
Early Middle Frasnian platform reef strata in the Moravian Karst interpreted as recording the atmospheric dust changes: the key to understanding perturbations in the punctata conodont zone

Author(s): Hladil J | Koptíková L | Galle A | Sedláček V | Pruner P | Schnabl P | Langrová A | Bábek O | Frána J | Hladíková J | Otava J | Geršl M
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