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Dual-tasking and gait in people with Mild Cognitive Impairment. The effect of working memory

Author(s): Montero-Odasso Manuel | Bergman Howard | Phillips Natalie | Wong Chek | Sourial Nadia | Chertkow Howard

Author(s): Vojislava Bugarski | Marija Semnic | Robert Semnic | Dragan Pavlovic
Obstructive sleep apnea: Clinical and diagnostic features

Author(s): Sunitha C | Aravindkumar S
Obstructive sleep apnea and its management

Author(s): Sunitha C | Kumar S
Cognitive psychiatry in India

Author(s): Dalal P | Sivakumar T
The Comparison of Education Faculty Student’s Thinking Styles In Terms of Various Varieties

Author(s): Prof. Dr. Asuman Seda SARACALOĞLU | Assist. Prof. Dr. Nilgün YENİCE | Assist. Prof. Dr. Nuri KARASAKALOĞLU
Major depression and explicit memory Memoria explícita en el trastorno depresivo mayor

Author(s): Adriana Lucía Ruiz Rizzo | Francisco Lopera Restrepo

Author(s): Aponte H., Mônica | Torres P., Patricia | Quijano M., María Cristina
Apathy is associated with executive functioning in first episode psychosis

Author(s): Faerden Ann | Vaskinn Anja | Finset Arnstein | Agartz Ingrid | Ann Barrett Elizabeth | Friis Svein | Simonsen Carmen | Andreassen Ole | Melle Ingrid
COPD exacerbation: Lost in translation

Author(s): Makris Demosthenes | Bouros Demosthenes
Performance on the a-not-b task of Argentinean infants from unsatisfied and satisfied basic needs homes

Author(s): Beatriz Vuelta | Jorge A. Colombo | María I. Martelli | Sebastián J. Lipina
Tradisionele leiers: erkenning en die pad vorentoe

Author(s): W du Plessis | TE Scheepers
Development of task switching and post-error-slowing in children

Author(s): Gupta Rashmi | Kar Bhoomika | Srinivasan Narayanan
A History of Alcohol Dependence Increases the Incidence and Severity of Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Cardiac Surgical Patients

Author(s): Judith A. Hudetz | Kathleen M. Patterson | Alison J. Byrne | Zafar Iqbal | Sweeta D. Gandhi | David C. Warltier | Paul S. Pagel
Differences in fMRI activation between children with and without spelling disability on 2-back/0-back working memory contrast

Author(s): Todd Richards, Virginia Berninger, William Winn, H. Lee Swanson, Patricia Stock, Olivia Liang & Robert Abbott
Effect of initiation-inhibition and handedness on the patterns of the P50 event-related potential component: a low resolution electromagnetic tomography study

Author(s): Beratis Ion | Rabavilas Andreas | Nanou Eleni | Hountala Chrissanthi | Maganioti Argiro | Capsalis Christos | Papadimitriou George | Papageorgiou Charalabos
Atomoxetine for the treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children with ADHD and dyslexia

Author(s): Sumner Calvin | Gathercole Susan | Greenbaum Michael | Rubin Richard | Williams David | Hollandbeck Millie | Wietecha Linda
Approach to Fall in Elderly Population

Author(s): Mehmet Ilkin Naharci | Huseyin Doruk
Decreased response inhibition in middle-aged male patients with type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Ishizawa Kaya | Kumano Hiroaki | Sato Atsushi | Sakura Hiroshi | Iwamoto Yasuhiko
Attentional networks in developmental dyscalculia

Author(s): Askenazi Sarit | Henik Avishai
Multimodal surface-based morphometry reveals diffuse cortical atrophy in traumatic brain injury.

Author(s): Turken And | Herron Timothy | Kang Xiaojian | O'Connor Larry | Sorenson Donna | Baldo Juliana | Woods David
Insight in schizophrenia and its association with executive functions

Author(s): Choudhury Sonali | Khess C.R.J | Bhattacharyya Ranjan | Sanyal Debasish
Classification of ADHD patients on the basis of independent ERP components using a machine learning system

Author(s): Mueller Andreas | Candrian Gian | Kropotov Juri | Ponomarev Valery | Baschera Gian-Marco
Internal representation of hierarchical sequences involves the default network

Author(s): Rogers Baxter | Avery Suzanne | Heckers Stephan
What the CERAD Battery Can Tell Us about Executive Function as a Higher-Order Cognitive Faculty

Author(s): Rochelle E. Tractenberg | Gerda Fillenbaum | Paul S. Aisen | David E. Liebke | Futoshi Yumoto | Maragatha N. Kuchibhatla
Serum glutamine, set-shifting ability and anorexia nervosa

Author(s): Nakazato Michiko | Hashimoto Kenji | Schmidt Ulrike | Tchanturia Kate | Campbell Iain | Collier David | Iyo Masaomi | Treasure Janet
The switch from conventional to atypical antipsychotic treatment should not be based exclusively on the presence of cognitive deficits. A pilot study in individuals with schizophrenia

Author(s): Selva-Vera Gabriel | Balanzá-Martínez Vicent | Salazar-Fraile José | Sánchez-Moreno José | Martinez-Aran Anabel | Correa Patricia | Vieta Eduard | Tabarés-Seisdedos Rafael
Seasonal influences on sleep and executive function in the migratory White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii)

Author(s): Jones Stephanie | Paletz Elliott | Obermeyer William | Hannan Ciaran | Benca Ruth
HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders in sub-Saharan Africa: a pilot study in Cameroon

Author(s): Kanmogne Georgette | Kuate Callixte | Cysique Lucette | Fonsah Julius | Eta Sabine | Doh Roland | Njamnshi Dora | Nchindap Emilienne | Franklin Donald | Ellis Ronald | McCutchan John | Binam Fidele | Mbanya Dora | Heaton Robert | Njamnshi Alfred
Effects of erythropoietin on depressive symptoms and neurocognitive deficits in depression and bipolar disorder

Author(s): Miskowiak Kamilla | Vinberg Maj | Harmer Catherine | Ehrenreich Hannelore | Knudsen Gitte | Macoveanu Julian | Hansen Allan | Paulson Olaf | Siebner Hartwig | Kessing Lars
Walking behaviour of healthy elderly: attention should be paid

Author(s): de Bruin Eling | Schmidt André
The relationship between executive functions and intelligence on 11- to 12-year-old children

Author(s): Xiaoju Duan | Siwang Wei | Guiqing Wang | Jiannong Shi
A review on primary progressive aphasia

Author(s): Gabriel C Léger | Nancy Johnson
Rivastigmine for the treatment of dementia associated with Parkinson’s disease

Author(s): Jennifer L Reingold | John C Morgan | Kapil D Sethi
Alzheimer's Disease Patients Generate Late and Reduced Cortical Activity For Movement Preparation

Author(s): Gorsev YENER | Muslum YILMAZ | Meral OGUZ | Pinar KURT
Impact of COMT Val158Met on executive functioning in the context of HIV and methamphetamine

Author(s): Chad A Bousman | Mariana Cherner | Stephen J Glatt | et al
Changes in extratemporal integrity and cognition in temporal lobe epilepsy: A diffusion tensor imaging study

Author(s): Wang Xiang-qing | Lang Sen-yang | Hong L | Lin M | Yan-ling M. A. O. | Yang Fei
Pattern of neural responses to verbal fluency shows diagnostic specificity for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Author(s): Costafreda Sergi | Fu Cynthia | Picchioni Marco | Toulopoulou Timothea | McDonald Colm | Kravariti Eugenia | Walshe Muriel | Prata Diana | Murray Robin | McGuire Philip
New perspectives on coping in bipolar disorder

Author(s): Rodrigo Grassi-Oliveira | Ledo Daruy-Filho | Elisa Brietzke
A “Conceptual Nervous System” for multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Vitor Geraldi Haase | Daniel Medeiros Gonzaga | Pedro Pinheiro-Chagas | Marco Aurélio Lana-Peixoto
Hayling Test – adult version: applicability in the assessment of executive functions in children

Author(s): Larissa de Sousa Siqueira | Lilian Cristine Scherer | Caroline Tozzi Reppold | Rochele Fonseca
Development of polytoxicomania in function of defense from psychoticism

Author(s): Nenadović Milutin M. | Šapić Rosa

Author(s): Britton, Gabrielle B. | Causadías, José M. | Barb, Genevieve A. | Sánchez, Emelyn Y.
Cognitive evolution in hypertensive patients: a six-year follow-up

Author(s): Vicario A | del Sueldo MA | Zilberman JM | Cerezo GH
Cognitive Impairment among Older Adults in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Hirschman, Karen | Paik, Helen H | Pines, Jesse M | McCusker, Christine M | Naylor, Mary D | Hollander, Judd E
Cognitive, emotional, and quality of life outcomes in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): White Joanne | Hopkins Ramona | Glissmeyer Eric | Kitterman Natalie | Elliott C Gregory
Cognitive function during early abstinence from opioid dependence: a comparison to age, gender, and verbal intelligence matched controls

Author(s): Rapeli Pekka | Kivisaari Reetta | Autti Taina | Kähkönen Seppo | Puuskari Varpu | Jokela Olga | Kalska Hely
Insight dimensions and cognitive function in psychosis: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Cuesta Manuel | Peralta Victor | Zarzuela Amalia | Zandio Maria
Differential patterns of memory performance in relapsing, remitting and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Drake Marina | Carra Adriana | Allegri Ricardo | Luetic Geraldine
Cognitive Performance and Self-Reported Functioning in Daily Life Among Those with Parkinson's Disease: A Brief Report

Author(s): Nancy S. Koven | Robert M. Roth | David J. Coffey | Laura A. Flashman | Andrew J. Saykin
Asperger Syndrome: A Primer For Behavioral Interventionists

Author(s): Susan Rovet Polirstok, Ed.D | Lawrence Houghteling, MSEd
Neuropsychological disposition and its impact on the executive functions and cognitive style in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Author(s): Tarafder Sreemoyee | Bhattacharya Pallabi | Paul Debika | Bandyopadhyay Gautam | Mukhopadhyay Pritha
Effect of multivitamin and multimineral supplementation on cognitive function in men and women aged 65 years and over: a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): McNeill Geraldine | Avenell Alison | Campbell Marion | Cook Jonathan | Hannaford Philip | Kilonzo Mary | Milne Anne | Ramsay Craig | Seymour D Gwyn | Stephen Audrey | Vale Luke
Improvement and decline of cognitive function in schizophrenia over one year: a longitudinal investigation using latent growth modelling

Author(s): Barnett Jennifer | Croudace Tim | Jaycock Sue | Blackwell Candice | Hynes Fiona | Sahakian Barbara | Joyce Eileen | Jones Peter
The Lothian Birth Cohort 1936: a study to examine influences on cognitive ageing from age 11 to age 70 and beyond

Author(s): Deary Ian | Gow Alan | Taylor Michelle | Corley Janie | Brett Caroline | Wilson Valerie | Campbell Harry | Whalley Lawrence | Visscher Peter | Porteous David | Starr John
Research utilization among children's mental health providers

Author(s): Barwick Melanie | Boydell Katherine | Stasiulis Elaine | Ferguson H Bruce | Blase Karen | Fixsen Dean
Executive function abnormalities in pathological gamblers

Author(s): Marazziti Donatella | Catena Dell'Osso Mario | Conversano Ciro | Consoli Giorgio | Vivarelli Laura | Mungai Francesco | Di Nasso Elena | Golia Francesca
Executive function does not predict coping with symptoms in stable patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia

Author(s): Bak Maarten | Krabbendam Lydia | Delespaul Philippe | Huistra Karola | Walraven Wil | van Os Jim
Incentive motivation in first-episode psychosis: A behavioural study

Author(s): Murray Graham | Clark Luke | Corlett Philip | Blackwell Andrew | Cools Roshan | Jones Peter | Robbins Trevor | Poustka Luise
Dopamine transporter 3'UTR VNTR genotype is a marker of performance on executive function tasks in children with ADHD

Author(s): Karama Sherif | Grizenko Natalie | Sonuga-Barke Edmund | Doyle Alysa | Biederman Joseph | Mbekou Valentin | Polotskaia Anna | Ter-Stepanian Marina | De Guzman Rosherrie | Bellingham Johanne | Sengupta Sarojini | Joober Ridha
Huntington's Disease: Two-Year Observational Follow-Up of Executive Function Evaluation with CNS Vital Signs Test in an Adult Patient

Author(s): Anna Lucia Spear King | Alexandre Martins Valença | Adriana Cardoso de Oliveira e Silva | Ana Claudia Cerqueira | Lígia Maria Chaves Ferraz | Antonio Egidio Nardi
Relationship between depressive symptoms and cognitive status in acute ischemic stroke

Author(s): Bugarski Vojislava | Semnic Marija | Slankamenac Petar
The deficit of executive functions in early stages of Parkinson’s disease

Author(s): Camelia Căpuşan | Doina Cosman | Doina Cosman
Effects of Fasting During Ramadan Month on Cognitive Function in Muslim Athletes

Author(s): Ho-Heng Tian | Abdul-Rashid Aziz | Weileen Png | Mohamed Faizul Wahid | Donald Yeo | Ai-Li Constance Png
Cognitive Flexibility, Attention and Speed of Mental Processing in Opioid and Methamphetamine Addicts in Comparison with Non-Addicts

Author(s): Suzan Hekmat | Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi | Afsane Moradi | Hamed Ekhtiari | Sara Bakhshi
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder secondary to lesion of the basal ganglia

Author(s): Marco Sposato | Domenico Serino | Giovanni Mazzotta | Lucia Lucia Cirulli
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder secondary to lesion of the basal ganglia

Author(s): Marco Sposato | Domenico Serino | Giovanni Mazzotta | Lucia Lucia Cirulli
Thalamic alexia with agraphia

Author(s): Fábio Henrique de Gobbi Porto | Maria Isabel d’Ávila Freitas | Maira Okada de Oliveira | Leandro Tavares Lucato | Marco Orsini | Sara Lúcia Silveira de Menezes | Regina Miksian Magaldi | Cláudia Sellitto Porto | Sonia Maria Dozzi Brucki | Ricardo Nitrini
Neuropsychological Function in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder and Suicidal Attempt

Author(s): Manoochehr Gharaipoor | Mohammad Kazem Atef-Vahid | Mehdi Nasr-Esfahani | Ali-asghar Asgharnejad Farid
Frontal stroke: problem solving, decision making, impulsiveness, and depressive symptoms in men and women

Author(s): Morgana Scheffer | Janine Kieling Monteiro | Rosa Maria Martins de Almeida

Author(s): Codrin Dumitru MUNTEANU
Zaburzenia funkcji poznawczych u chorych z przewlekłym wirusowym zapaleniem wątroby typu C

Author(s): Wiktor Dróżdż | Waldemar Halota | Elwira Palewicz | Dorota Kozielewicz | Dorota Dybowska | Alina Borkowska
Zaburzenia rozpoznawania emocji u chorych na jadłowstręt psychiczny w okresie adolescencyjnym

Author(s): Monika Dmitrzak-Węglarz | Jan Jaracz | Agnieszka Słopień | Małgorzata Maciukiewicz | Andrzej Rajewski
Functional neural correlates of reduced physiological falls risk

Author(s): Nagamatsu Lindsay | Hsu Chun | Handy Todd | Liu-Ambrose Teresa
Effects of a physical education intervention on cognitive function in young children: randomized controlled pilot study

Author(s): Fisher Abigail | Boyle James | Paton James | Tomporowski Phillip | Watson Christine | McColl John | Reilly John
Comparison of spatial working memory and strategy use in cerebral palsy children with normal subjects with 7-12 years old

Author(s): mojtaba soltanlo | gholam Reza Olyaei | mahdi Tehrani Dost | mahdi Abdolvahab | hossein Bagheri | soghrat Faghihzadeh
The Effects of Chronic Partial Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Functions of Medical Residents

Author(s): Habibolah Khazaie | Masoud Tahmasian | Mohammad R Ghadami | Hooman Safaei | Hamed Ekhtiari | Sara Samadzadeh | David C. Schwebel | Michael B. Russo
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
The comparison of cognitive functions in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder

Author(s): Gülfizar Sözeri Varma | Osman Özdel | Filiz Karadağ | Selim Tümkaya | Demet Kalaycı | Simge Kaya
Autism and exergaming: effects on repetitive behaviors and cognition

Author(s): Anderson-Hanley C | Tureck K | Schneiderman RL
Single and dual task gait training in people with Parkinson's Disease: A protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Brauer Sandra | Woollacott Marjorie | Lamont Robyn | Clewett Sandy | O'Sullivan John | Silburn Peter | Mellick George | Morris Meg
Executive function impairments in high IQ children and adolescents with ADHD

Author(s): Thomas Edwards Brown | Philipp Christian Reichel | Donald Michael Quinlan
Study protocol for the recreational stimulation for elders as a vehicle to resolve delirium superimposed on dementia (Reserve For DSD) trial

Author(s): Kolanowski Ann | Fick Donna | Litaker Mark | Clare Linda | Leslie Doug | Boustani Malaz
Designing clinical trials for assessing the effects of cognitive training and physical activity interventions on cognitive outcomes: The Seniors Health and Activity Research Program Pilot (SHARP-P) Study, a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Legault Claudine | Jennings Janine | Katula Jeffrey | Dagenbach Dale | Gaussoin Sarah | Sink Kaycee | Rapp Stephen | Rejeski W Jack | Shumaker Sally | Espeland Mark
Clinical and cognitive correlates of employment among patients with schizophrenia: a cross-sectional study in Malaysia

Author(s): Midin Marhani | Razali Rosdinom | ZamZam Ruzanna | Fernandez Aaron | Hum Lim | Shah Shamsul | Radzi Rozhan | Zakaria Hazli | Sinniah Aishvarya
Open-label study of the short-term effects of memantine on FDG-PET in frontotemporal dementia

Author(s): Chow TW | Graff-Guerrero A | Verhoeff NP | Binns MA | Tang-Wai DF | Freedman M | Masellis M | Black SE | Wilson AA | Houle S | Pollock BG
The Management Evaluation-Control Function of Joint Stock Comapanies

Author(s): RADA Ioan Constantin | PACALA Anca
Value Engineering Application in Highway Projects

Author(s): Amiruddin Ismail | Rahim Aminzadeh | Ali Aram | Ishak Arshad
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