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Neuroscience in Psychiatry towards an integrative and personalized medicine in the DSM-V: a proposal

Author(s): Carlos Augusto Novo Olivas | Erick Emmanuel Pérez Solís
Executive functions in the young elderly and oldest old: a preliminary comparison emphasizing decision making

Author(s): Daniela Schneider Bakos, Maria Clara Pinheiro de Paula Couto, Wilson Vieira Melo, Maria Alice de M. P. Parente, Silvia H. Koller and Lisiane Bizarro
Executive functions in young patients with unipolar depression

Author(s): Totić-Poznanović Sanja | Marinković Dragan | Pavlović Dragan | Tomić Gordana | Paunović Vladimir R.
Neuropsychology of prefrontal cortex

Author(s): Siddiqui Shazia | Chatterjee Ushri | Kumar Devvarta | Siddiqui Aleem | Goyal Nishant
What would Karl Popper say? Are current psychological theories of ADHD falsifiable?

Author(s): Johnson Katherine | Wiersema Jan | Kuntsi Jonna
Executive Functions In Depression : A Clinical Report

Author(s): Tandon Rajul | Pratap Singh Anand | Sinha P.K | Trivedi J.K
Executive functions in schizophrenia

Author(s): Sabhesan S | Parthasarathy S
Effect of the G72 (DAOA) putative risk haplotype on cognitive functions in healthy subjects

Author(s): Jansen Andreas | Krach Sören | Krug Axel | Markov Valentin | Eggermann Thomas | Zerres Klaus | Thimm Markus | Nöthen Markus | Treutlein Jens | Rietschel Marcella | Kircher Tilo
Cognitive functions in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder

Author(s): Ozdel Osman | Karadag Filiz | Atesci Figen | Oguzhanoglu Nalan | Cabuk Talip
Electrophysiological evidence for abnormal preparatory states and inhibitory processing in adult ADHD

Author(s): McLoughlin Gráinne | Albrecht Bjoern | Banaschewski Tobias | Rothenberger Aribert | Brandeis Daniel | Asherson Philip | Kuntsi Jonna
Evaluation of Cognitive Functions in Subclinical Hypothyroidism by Event Related Potentials

Author(s): Babürhan GÜLDİKEN | Sibel GÜLDİKEN | Bengür TAŞKIRAN | Hande PEYNİRCİ | Nilda TURGUT | Armağan TUĞRUL
Desempeño mnésico y funciones ejecutivas en pacientes con esclerosis múltiple (EM)

Author(s): Isabel Introzzi | Fernanda López-Ramón | Sebastián Urquijo
Major depression and explicit memory Memoria explícita en el trastorno depresivo mayor

Author(s): Adriana Lucía Ruiz Rizzo | Francisco Lopera Restrepo

Author(s): Aponte H., Mônica | Torres P., Patricia | Quijano M., María Cristina
Neuro – functional and endocrine findings in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder

Author(s): Correa, Rodrigo M.D. | Mena, Ismael M.D. | Sidney, ZisookM.D | Nader, Armando M.D. | Canessa, José | Arteaga, Maria Paz M.D
Tradisionele leiers: erkenning en die pad vorentoe

Author(s): W du Plessis | TE Scheepers
Erythropoietin improves operant conditioning and stability of cognitive performance in mice

Author(s): El-Kordi Ahmed | Radyushkin Konstantin | Ehrenreich Hannelore
Development of task switching and post-error-slowing in children

Author(s): Gupta Rashmi | Kar Bhoomika | Srinivasan Narayanan
A History of Alcohol Dependence Increases the Incidence and Severity of Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Cardiac Surgical Patients

Author(s): Judith A. Hudetz | Kathleen M. Patterson | Alison J. Byrne | Zafar Iqbal | Sweeta D. Gandhi | David C. Warltier | Paul S. Pagel
The Self-Assessment Scale of Cognitive Complaints in Schizophrenia: A validation study in Tunisian population

Author(s): Johnson Ines | Kebir Oussama | Ben Azouz Olfa | Dellagi Lamia | Rabah Yasmine | Tabbane Karim
Differences in fMRI activation between children with and without spelling disability on 2-back/0-back working memory contrast

Author(s): Todd Richards, Virginia Berninger, William Winn, H. Lee Swanson, Patricia Stock, Olivia Liang & Robert Abbott
Cuantificacion paramétrica de los cambios en la perfusión cerebral producidos por abstinencia y con activación cognitiva en dependientes a cocaína.

Author(s): Juan Carlos Quintana. | Rodrigo Jaimovich. | Jaime Pereira. | Julio Pallavicini. | Mónica Servat. | Isabel Alliende. | Teresa Massardo.
Effect of initiation-inhibition and handedness on the patterns of the P50 event-related potential component: a low resolution electromagnetic tomography study

Author(s): Beratis Ion | Rabavilas Andreas | Nanou Eleni | Hountala Chrissanthi | Maganioti Argiro | Capsalis Christos | Papadimitriou George | Papageorgiou Charalabos
The PACE Study: A randomised clinical trial of cognitive activity (CA) for older adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

Author(s): Vidovich Mandy | Lautenschlager Nicola | Flicker Leon | Clare Linda | Almeida Osvaldo

Author(s): Regina Maria Fernandes Lopes | Irani de Lima Argimon
Development and content validity of the Brazilian Brief Neuropsychological Assessment Battery Neupsilin

Author(s): Rochele Paz Fonseca, Jerusa Fumagalli de Salles and Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta Parente

Author(s): Bernadette Ska, Lilian Cristine Scherer, Onici Claro Flôres ,Camila Rosa de Oliveira, Tânia Maria Netto and Rochele Paz Fonseca
Attentional networks in developmental dyscalculia

Author(s): Askenazi Sarit | Henik Avishai
Post-stroke cognitive impairment at 3 months

Author(s): Sundar Uma | Adwani Sikandar
Insight in schizophrenia and its association with executive functions

Author(s): Choudhury Sonali | Khess C.R.J | Bhattacharyya Ranjan | Sanyal Debasish
The independent contribution of executive functions to health related quality of life in older women

Author(s): Davis Jennifer | Marra Carlo | Najafzadeh Mehdi | Liu-Ambrose Teresa
Funcionamiento ejecutivo y luria inicial: A propósito de un caso

Author(s): E. Bausela Herreras | Y. Ramírez Benítez | G. Martínez Gutiérrez | C.I. Orozco Moreno
What the CERAD Battery Can Tell Us about Executive Function as a Higher-Order Cognitive Faculty

Author(s): Rochelle E. Tractenberg | Gerda Fillenbaum | Paul S. Aisen | David E. Liebke | Futoshi Yumoto | Maragatha N. Kuchibhatla
Enigma Of The Orefrontal Lobe

Author(s): Madhusudanan M
The switch from conventional to atypical antipsychotic treatment should not be based exclusively on the presence of cognitive deficits. A pilot study in individuals with schizophrenia

Author(s): Selva-Vera Gabriel | Balanzá-Martínez Vicent | Salazar-Fraile José | Sánchez-Moreno José | Martinez-Aran Anabel | Correa Patricia | Vieta Eduard | Tabarés-Seisdedos Rafael
Changes in executive functions and self-efficacy are independently associated with improved usual gait speed in older women

Author(s): Liu-Ambrose Teresa | Davis Jennifer | Nagamatsu Lindsay | Hsu Chun | Katarynych Lindsay | Khan Karim
Development of Real Time Multitask Kernel

Author(s): B. Sahli | A. Bouaza
Color Trails Test: a Brazilian normative sample

Author(s): Ivan Sant' Ana Rabelo | Sílvia Verônica Pacanaro | Milena de Oliveira Rossetti | Irene F. Almeida de Sá Leme | Nelimar Ribeiro de Castro | Camila Marchi Güntert | Eliane Correa Miotto | Mara Cristina Souza de Lucia
Mild cognitive impairment

Author(s): Pavlović Dragan M. | Pavlović Aleksandra M.
Chronic Cigarette Smoking: Implications for Neurocognition and Brain Neurobiology

Author(s): Timothy C. Durazzo | Dieter J. Meyerhoff | Sara Jo Nixon
Walking behaviour of healthy elderly: attention should be paid

Author(s): de Bruin Eling | Schmidt André
The relationship between executive functions and intelligence on 11- to 12-year-old children

Author(s): Xiaoju Duan | Siwang Wei | Guiqing Wang | Jiannong Shi
A review on primary progressive aphasia

Author(s): Gabriel C Léger | Nancy Johnson
Progression to vascular dementia of patients with mild cognitive impairment: relevance of mild parkinsonian signs

Author(s): Marco Mauri | Simona Corbetta | Cristina Pianezzola | Elena Ambrosoni | Giulio Riboldazzi | Giorgio Bono
Depression vs. Dementia: A comparative analysis of neuropsychological functions

Author(s): Ivana Leposavić | Ljubica Leposavić | Predrag Gavrilović
Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Effects of Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Author(s): Gonca Çelik | Ayşegül Tahiroğlu | Ayşe Avcı
Alzheimer's Disease Patients Generate Late and Reduced Cortical Activity For Movement Preparation

Author(s): Gorsev YENER | Muslum YILMAZ | Meral OGUZ | Pinar KURT
Clinic determinents of cognitive dysfunctions and cognitive endophenotypes in bipolar disorder

Author(s): Murat İlhan Atagün | Özlem Devrim Balaban | Kürşat Altınbaş | Sema Yeşilyurt | Devran Tan
Frontotemporal dementia: a case presentation

Author(s): Nesim Kuğu | Orhan Doğan | Önder Kavakcı | İbrahim Terlemez
Changes in extratemporal integrity and cognition in temporal lobe epilepsy: A diffusion tensor imaging study

Author(s): Wang Xiang-qing | Lang Sen-yang | Hong L | Lin M | Yan-ling M. A. O. | Yang Fei
The transfer from survey (map-like) to route representations into Virtual Reality Mazes: effect of age and cerebral lesion

Author(s): Carelli Laura | Rusconi Maria | Scarabelli Chiara | Stampatori Chiara | Mattioli Flavia | Riva Giuseppe
Peripheral blood and neuropsychological markers for the onset of action of antidepressant drugs in patients with Major Depressive Disorder

Author(s): Tadić André | Wagner Stefanie | Gorbulev Stanislav | Dahmen Norbert | Hiemke Christoph | Braus Dieter | Lieb Klaus
A “Conceptual Nervous System” for multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Vitor Geraldi Haase | Daniel Medeiros Gonzaga | Pedro Pinheiro-Chagas | Marco Aurélio Lana-Peixoto
Hayling Test – adult version: applicability in the assessment of executive functions in children

Author(s): Larissa de Sousa Siqueira | Lilian Cristine Scherer | Caroline Tozzi Reppold | Rochele Fonseca
Development of polytoxicomania in function of defense from psychoticism

Author(s): Nenadović Milutin M. | Šapić Rosa
Cognitive evolution in hypertensive patients: a six-year follow-up

Author(s): Vicario A | del Sueldo MA | Zilberman JM | Cerezo GH
Differential prefrontal-like deficit in children after cerebellar astrocytoma and medulloblastoma tumor

Author(s): Vaquero Encarna | Gómez Carlos | Quintero Eliana | González-Rosa Javier | Márquez Javier
Cognitive development in children with chronic protein energy malnutrition

Author(s): Kar Bhoomika | Rao Shobini | Chandramouli B
Executive Functions in Chronic Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Author(s): Laura Zamarian | Eugen Trinka | Elisabeth Bonatti | Giorgi Kuchukhidze | Thomas Bodner | Thomas Benke | Florian Koppelstaetter | Margarete Delazer
The deficit of executive functions in early stages of Parkinson’s disease

Author(s): Camelia Căpuşan | Doina Cosman | Doina Cosman

Author(s): Quijano Martínez, María Cristina | Cuervo Cuesta , María Teresa
Effects of Fasting During Ramadan Month on Cognitive Function in Muslim Athletes

Author(s): Ho-Heng Tian | Abdul-Rashid Aziz | Weileen Png | Mohamed Faizul Wahid | Donald Yeo | Ai-Li Constance Png
The Impact of Hydrochloride Heroin on Mental Flexibility, Abstract Reasoning, Impulsivity, and Attention

Author(s): Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi | Sara Bakhshi | Siavash Jafari | Afsaneh Moradi | Hamed Ekhtiari
Cognitive Flexibility, Attention and Speed of Mental Processing in Opioid and Methamphetamine Addicts in Comparison with Non-Addicts

Author(s): Suzan Hekmat | Zahra Alam Mehrjerdi | Afsane Moradi | Hamed Ekhtiari | Sara Bakhshi
Clinical Validation of Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery in a Norwegian Epilepsy Population

Author(s): Bernt A. Engelsen | Arne Gramstad | Johan Torgersen | Hans Flaatten
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder secondary to lesion of the basal ganglia

Author(s): Marco Sposato | Domenico Serino | Giovanni Mazzotta | Lucia Lucia Cirulli
Clinical Validation of Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery in a Norwegian Epilepsy Population

Author(s): Bernt A. Engelsen | Arne Gramstad | Johan Torgersen | Hans Flaatten
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder secondary to lesion of the basal ganglia

Author(s): Marco Sposato | Domenico Serino | Giovanni Mazzotta | Lucia Lucia Cirulli
Construct Validity of an Attention and Motor Activity Test for Brazilian Adolescents

Author(s): Caroline Tozzi Reppold | Claudio Simon Hutz
Neuropsychological Function in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder and Suicidal Attempt

Author(s): Manoochehr Gharaipoor | Mohammad Kazem Atef-Vahid | Mehdi Nasr-Esfahani | Ali-asghar Asgharnejad Farid
Zaburzenia funkcji poznawczych u chorych z przewlekłym wirusowym zapaleniem wątroby typu C

Author(s): Wiktor Dróżdż | Waldemar Halota | Elwira Palewicz | Dorota Kozielewicz | Dorota Dybowska | Alina Borkowska
Deficyt funkcji wykonawczych u potomstwa pacjentów z chorobą afektywną dwubiegunową

Author(s): Agnieszka Permoda-Osip | Alina Borkowska | Janusz Rybakowski
Pamięć autobiograficzna – nowe dane

Author(s): Tomasz Maruszewski
Zaburzenia rozpoznawania emocji u chorych na jadłowstręt psychiczny w okresie adolescencyjnym

Author(s): Monika Dmitrzak-Węglarz | Jan Jaracz | Agnieszka Słopień | Małgorzata Maciukiewicz | Andrzej Rajewski
Factor analysis of attentional set-shifting performance in young and aged mice

Author(s): Tanaka Shoji | Young Jared | Gresack Jodi | Geyer Mark | Risbrough Victoria
Functional neural correlates of reduced physiological falls risk

Author(s): Nagamatsu Lindsay | Hsu Chun | Handy Todd | Liu-Ambrose Teresa
Comparison of attentional set shifting in cerebral palsy children with normal in aged 7-12 years

Author(s): Mojtaba Soltanlo | Gholam Reza Olyaei | Mehdi Tehrani Dost | Mehdi Abdolvahab | Hossein Bagheri | Soghrat Faghihzadeh
Comparison of spatial working memory and strategy use in cerebral palsy children with normal subjects with 7-12 years old

Author(s): mojtaba soltanlo | gholam Reza Olyaei | mahdi Tehrani Dost | mahdi Abdolvahab | hossein Bagheri | soghrat Faghihzadeh
Sentence Comprehension and Its Association with Executive Functions in Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Author(s): Katrien S. F. Colman | Janneke Koerts | Laurie A. Stowe | Klaus L. Leenders | Roelien Bastiaanse
Executive Dysfunction in Children and adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Author(s): Mehdi Tehrani-Doost | Reza Rad Goodarzi | Javad Alaghband-Rad
The Effects of Chronic Partial Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Functions of Medical Residents

Author(s): Habibolah Khazaie | Masoud Tahmasian | Mohammad R Ghadami | Hooman Safaei | Hamed Ekhtiari | Sara Samadzadeh | David C. Schwebel | Michael B. Russo
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and cognitive impairment: effects of CPAP

Author(s): Alessandra Giordano | Alessandro Cicolin | Roberto Mutani
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
The comparison of cognitive functions in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder

Author(s): Gülfizar Sözeri Varma | Osman Özdel | Filiz Karadağ | Selim Tümkaya | Demet Kalaycı | Simge Kaya
Alertness can be improved by an interaction between orienting attention and alerting attention in schizophrenia

Author(s): Amado Isabelle | Lupiañez Juan | Chirio Marion | Landgraf Steffen | Willard Dominique | Jean-Pierre Olié JP | Krebs Marie
Executive function impairments in high IQ children and adolescents with ADHD

Author(s): Thomas Edwards Brown | Philipp Christian Reichel | Donald Michael Quinlan
Türkiyede Kurumsal Yönetim:Genel Bir Değerlendirme

Author(s): Yunus Emre AKDOĞAN | Melek Acar BOYACIOĞLU
The importance of measuring psychosocial functioning in schizophrenia

Author(s): Brissos Sofia | Molodynski Andrew | Dias Vasco | Figueira Maria
Neuropsychological Differences in Faulty and Safe Bus Drivers

Author(s): Hassan Hagh-Shenas | Mohammad Ali Ghaffari
Neuropsychological evaluation in patients with eating disorders

Author(s): Esteban Jaime Camacho Ruiz | María del Consuelo Escoto Ponce de León | Juan Manuel Mancilla Díaz
Different Patterns of Prospective, Retrospective,and Working Memory Decline across Adulthood

Author(s): Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta Parente | Irene Meyer de Taussik | Eduardo Daura Ferreira | Christian Haag Kristensen
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