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Evaluation of Group specific Nested PCR for detection of Bluetongue virus

Author(s): Chauhan H C | Kher H N | Chandel B S | Dadawala A I | Jain L.,Agrawal S M and Bhadaniya A
Tiling array data analysis: a multiscale approach using wavelets

Author(s): Karpikov Alexander | Rozowsky Joel | Gerstein Mark
Primary and bacterial production processes in the lower Itajaí-Açú estuary, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Author(s): Jurandir Pereira Filho | Leonardo R. Rorig | K. Hesse | K. Poremba | Carlos Augusto França Schettini | Luiz Antônio de Oliveira Proença | J. E. Santos
Daya Pintal dan Kekuatan Benang Bulu Domba Priangan dan Peranakan Merino

Author(s): M. Duldjaman | T.R. Wiradarya | M.I.H. Muttaqin
The properties of electron transport through CNT/trans-PA/CNT system

Author(s): H Milani Moghaddam | S A Ketabi | N Shahtahmasebi
Measuring the effect of fuel treatments on forest carbon using landscape risk analysis

Author(s): A. A. Ager | M. A. Finney | A. McMahan | J. Cathcart
Seed source variation and conservation of Pinus wallichiana in India

Author(s): M. Thapliyal | Ombir Singh | Babita Sah | Nawa Bahar
Replacement of fish meal with maggot meal in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) diets

Author(s): Alphonsus Okey ANIEBO | Ebere Samuel ERONDU | Onyema Joseph OWEN
Recent and historical recombination in the admixed Norwegian Red cattle breed

Author(s): Sodeland Marte | Kent Matthew | Hayes Ben | Grove Harald | Lien Sigbjørn
Immunoregulatory effects of AFP domains on monocyte-derived dendritic cell function

Author(s): Setiyono Agus | Budiyati Akterono | Purwantomo Sigit | Anggelia Madonna | Fanany Ismail | Wibowo Gunawan | Bachtiar Indra | Utama Andi | Tai Susan
Construction and application for QTL analysis of a Restriction Site Associated DNA (RAD) linkage map in barley

Author(s): Chutimanitsakun Yada | Nipper Rick | Cuesta-Marcos Alfonso | Cistué Luis | Corey Ann | Filichkina Tanya | Johnson Eric | Hayes Patrick
Evaluation of exposure-specific risks from two independent samples: A simulation study

Author(s): Reichmann William | Gagnon David | Horsburgh C | Losina Elena
Novel intron markers to study the phylogeny of closely related mammalian species

Author(s): Igea Javier | Juste Javier | Castresana Jose
Structure and dynamics of the operon map of Buchnera aphidicola sp. strain APS

Author(s): Brinza Lilia | Calevro Federica | Duport Gabrielle | Gaget Karen | Gautier Christian | Charles Hubert
Simulation of macroseismic field in Central Greece

Author(s): V. Kouskouna | S. Chailas | K. C. Makropoulos | D. Michalopoulou | J. Drakopoulos
Compilation of the GSHAP regional seismic hazard for Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Author(s): G. Grünthal | C. Bosse | S. Sellami | D. Mayer-Rosa | D. Giardini
Intraoperative ultrasound as an educational guide for laparoscopic biliary surgery

Author(s): Kenichi Hakamada, Shunji Narumi, Yoshikazu Toyoki, Masaki Nara, Motonari Oohashi, Takuya Miura, Hiroyuki Jin, Syuichi Yoshihara, Michihiro Sugai, Mutsuo Sasaki
GH10 xylanase D from Penicillium funiculosum: biochemical studies and xylooligosaccharide production

Author(s): Lafond Mickael | Tauzin Alexandra | Desseaux Véronique | Bonnin Estelle | Ajandouz El-Hassan | Giardina Thierry
Analysis of codon usage and nucleotide composition bias in polioviruses

Author(s): Zhang Jie | Wang Meng | Liu Wen-qian | Zhou Jian-hua | Chen Hao-tai | Ma Li-na | Ding Yao-zhong | Gu Yuan-xing | Liu Yong-sheng
Cost-effectiveness of ward-based pharmacy care in surgical patients: protocol of the SUREPILL (Surgery & Pharmacy In Liaison) study

Author(s): de Boer Monica | Ramrattan Maya | Kiewiet Jordy | Boeker Eveline | Gombert-Handoko Kim | van Lent-Evers Nicolette | Kuks Paul | Dijkgraaf Marcel | Boermeester Marja | Lie-A-Huen Loraine
Growth and characterization of gold catalyzed SiGe nanowires and alternative metal-catalyzed Si nanowires

Author(s): Potié Alexis | Baron Thierry | Dhalluin Florian | Rosaz Guillaume | Salem Bassem | Latu-Romain Laurence | Kogelschatz Martin | Gentile Pascal | Oehler Fabrice | Montès Laurent | Kreisel Jens | Roussel Hervé
Taxon ordering in phylogenetic trees: a workbench test

Author(s): Cerutti Francesco | Bertolotti Luigi | Goldberg Tony | Giacobini Mario
Growing season changes in Fennoscandia and Kola peninsula during the period 1982 to 1999 - Implications for reindeer husbandry (In Norwegian with Summary in English)

Author(s): Hans Tømmervik | Kjell-Arild Høgda | Jan Åge Riseth | Stein-Rune Karlsen | Frans Emil Wielgolaski
Primary Forest Opening of Different Relief Areas in the Republic of Croatia

Author(s): Tibor Pentek | Dragutin Pičman | Hrvoje Nevečerel | Kruno Lepoglavec | Ivica Papa | Igor Potočnik
rDNA Variability Assessed in PCR Reactions of Selected Accessions of Acer

Author(s): Milosz SMOLIK | Marcelina KRUPA-MAŁKIEWICZ | Beata SMOLIK | Justyna WIECZOREK | Katarzyna PREDYGIER
Observed and simulated time evolution of HCl, ClONO2, and HF total column abundances

Author(s): R. Kohlhepp | R. Ruhnke | M. P. Chipperfield | M. De Mazière | J. Notholt | S. Barthlott | R. L. Batchelor | R. D. Blatherwick | Th. Blumenstock | M. T. Coffey | P. Demoulin | H. Fast | W. Feng | A. Goldman | D. W. T. Griffith | K. Hamann | J. W. Hannigan | F. Hase | N. B. Jones | A. Kagawa | I. Kaiser | Y. Kasai | O. Kirner | W. Kouker | R. Lindenmaier | E. Mahieu | R. L. Mittermeier | B. Monge-Sanz | I. Murata | H. Nakajima | I. Morino | M. Palm | C. Paton-Walsh | U. Raffalski | Th. Reddmann | M. Rettinger | C. P. Rinsland | E. Rozanov | M. Schneider | C. Senten | C. Servais | B.-M. Sinnhuber | D. Smale | K. Strong | R. Sussmann | J. R. Taylor | G. Vanhaelewyn | T. Warneke | C. Whaley | M. Wiehle | S. W. Wood
An open-database of Grape Harvest dates for climate research: data description and quality assessment

Author(s): V. Daux | I. Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri | P. Yiou | I. Chuine | E. Garnier | E. Le Roy Ladurie | O. Mestre | J. Tardaguila
Weight-height relationship in girls with normal body fat content - Turner's syndrome vs. healthy short-statured

Author(s): Paweł Tomaszewski | Katarzyna Milde | Edyta Sienkiewicz-Dianzenza | Romuald Stupnicki
Electrostatics of Silicon Nano Transistor

Author(s): Lalit Singh | B.P. Tyag
Cost analysis of Topical Negative Pressure (TNP) Therapy for traumatic acquired wounds

Author(s): Kolios, Leila | Kolios, Georg | Beyersdorff, Marius | Dumont, Clemens | Stromps, Jan | Freytag, Sebastian | Stuermer, Klaus
Observations of brachygnathia superior (underbite) in wild ruminates in Western Montana, USA

Author(s): Judith A Hoy | Gary T Haas | Robert D Hoy | Pamela Hallock
Craniofacial Anthropometry in Newborns and Infants

Author(s): Gaurav Agnihotri; Daljit Singh
Molecular Biology of Hepatitis C Virus: Interactions with the IFN-Betta Signalling Pathway

Author(s): M Sabourighannad | C McCormick | A MacDonald | D Rowlands | M Harris
The impacts of climate, land use, and demography on fires during the 21st century simulated by CLM-CN

Author(s): S. Kloster | N. M. Mahowald | J. T. Randerson | P. J. Lawrence
The Study of Language Performances of Persian Children With Specific Language Impairment

Author(s): Toktam Maleki Shahmahmood | Zahra Soleymani | Soghrat Faghihzade
Productive and Reproductive Performance of Purebred Bos taurus Cattle in Three Large Scale Farms in Kenya

Author(s): Alexander. K. Kahi | Stanley. K. Ng`ang`a | Samuel M. Mbuku | Tobias. O. Okeno | Mary. K. Ambula
Water Quality, Contamination, and Wetlands in the Croton Watershed, New York, USA

Author(s): Martin H. Otz | James Hassett | Ines Otz | Jeffrey M. McKenzie | Donald I. Siegel | Laura K. Lautz

Author(s): Jerry P. Jasinski | James A. Golen | S. Samshuddin | B. Narayana | H. S. Yathirajan
Microsatellite Development for an Endangered Bream Megalobrama pellegrini (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) Using 454 Sequencing

Author(s): Jinjin Wang | Xiaomu Yu | Kai Zhao | Yaoguang Zhang | Jingou Tong | Zuogang Peng

Author(s): Tomislav Treer | Ivica Aničić | Roman Safner | Marina Piria | Tea Odak
Genetic Variability, Correlation and Path Analysis in Rice under Optimum and Stress Irrigation Regimes

Author(s): Mina ABARSHAHR | Babak RABIEI | Habibollah Samizadeh LAHIGI

Coagulation Factor XII Congenital Deficiency in Women with Recurrent Miscarriage

Author(s): Martin-Loeches Mariano | Pallas Yadira | Abad Ana | Lloret Manuel | Lopez-Galvez Jose Jesús
Engineering of an E. coli outer membrane protein FhuA with increased channel diameter

Author(s): Krewinkel Manuel | Dworeck Tamara | Fioroni Marco
Semiconducting properties of layered cadmium sulphide-based hybrid nanocomposites

Author(s): López-Cabaña Zoraya | Sotomayor Torres Clivia | González Guillermo
Effects of a single intraperitoneal administration of cadmium on femoral bone structure in male rats

Author(s): Martiniaková Monika | Chovancová Hana | Omelka Radoslav | Grosskopf Birgit | Toman Róbert
Cost-effectiveness of continuous glucose monitoring and intensive insulin therapy for type 1 diabetes

Author(s): McQueen R Brett | Ellis Samuel | Campbell Jonathan | Nair Kavita | Sullivan Patrick
De novo assembly and characterization of the carrot transcriptome reveals novel genes, new markers, and genetic diversity

Author(s): Iorizzo Massimo | Senalik Douglas | Grzebelus Dariusz | Bowman Megan | Cavagnaro Pablo | Matvienko Marta | Ashrafi Hamid | Van Deynze Allen | Simon Philipp
A geographic cline induced by negative frequency-dependent selection

Author(s): Takahashi Yuma | Morita Satoru | Yoshimura Jin | Watanabe Mamoru
The genomic features that affect the lengths of 5’ untranslated regions in multicellular eukaryotes

Author(s): Chen Chun-Hsi | Lin Hsuan-Yu | Pan Chia-Lin | Chen Feng-Chi
Efficacy of a hybrid assistive limb in post-stroke hemiplegic patients: a preliminary report

Author(s): Maeshima Shinichiro | Osawa Aiko | Nishio Daisuke | Hirano Yoshitake | Takeda Koji | Kigawa Hiroshi | Sankai Yoshiyuki
A time and motion study of patients presenting at the accident and emergency department at Mater Dei Hospital

Author(s): Azzopardi Matthias | Cauchi Marija | Cutajar Karl | Ellul Robert | Mallia-Azzopardi Charles | Grech Victor
Diversity of metalloproteinases in Bothrops neuwiedi snake venom transcripts: evidences for recombination between different classes of SVMPs

Author(s): Moura-da-Silva Ana | Furlan Maria | Caporrino Maria | Grego Kathleen | Portes-Junior José | Clissa Patrícia | Valente Richard | Magalhães Geraldo
The impacts of climate, land use, and demography on fires during the 21st century simulated by CLM-CN

Author(s): S. Kloster | N. M. Mahowald | J. T. Randerson | P. J. Lawrence
Signal Intensity Reduction May Be Prior to Height or Volume Loss in Pituitary Gland MRI of Beta-Thalassemic Patients with Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism

Author(s): Ali Hekmatnia | Amir Reza Radmard | Ali Asghar Rahmani | Ali Hekmatnia | Manijeh Motaghi | Farideh Naghshineh

Author(s): MH. Khalessi | M. Motesaddi Zari | P. Borghei S. Abdi
Multi products single machine EPQ model with immediate rework process

Author(s): Ata Allah Taleizadeh | Leopoldo Eduardo Cárdenas-Barrón | Jahangir Biabani | Ramin Nikousokhan
Constructing a DNA ladder Range for Lambda Phage by multiplex PCR

Author(s): R Gopalakrishnan | S Joseph | S Sellappa
Expected and observed mortality in critically ill patients with initial antibiotic therapy

Author(s): Thorsten Janisch | Johannes Wendt | Rainer Hoffmann | Jan R. Ortlepp
Molecular Study of Sheep Malignant Theileriosis at Barka Region in the Sultanate of Oman

Author(s): P Shayan | E Ebrahimzadeh | MH Tageldin | N Amininia | B Eckert
SOFC mini-tubulares basadas en YSZ

Author(s): Campana, R. | Larrea, A. | Merino, R. I. | Villarreal, I. | Orera, V. M.
Characterizing the Traffic Load Distribution in Dense Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Qinghua Wang | Tingting Zhang | Ilangko Balasingham
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jean-Henry Morin | Shiguo Lian | Xin Wang | David Llewellyn-Jones
Detection of wetland dynamics with ENVISAT ASAR in support of methane modelling at high latitudes

Author(s): A. Bartsch | A. M. Trofaier | G. Hayman | D. Sabel | S. Schlaffer | D. Clark | E. Blyth
Measuring and modelling occupancy time in NHS continuing healthcare

Author(s): Chahed Salma | Demir Eren | Chaussalet Thierry | Millard Peter | Toffa Samuel
Site-specific modification of ED-B-targeting antibody using intein-fusion technology

Author(s): Möhlmann Sina | Bringmann Peter | Greven Simone | Harrenga Axel
Withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining therapy in a Moroccan Emergency Department: An observational study

Author(s): Damghi Nada | Belayachi Jihane | Aggoug Badria | Dendane Tarek | Abidi Khalid | Madani Naoufel | Zekraoui Aicha | Benchekroun Belabes Abdellatif | Zeggwagh Amine Ali | Abouqal Redouane
Growing season changes in Fennoscandia and Kola peninsula during the period 1982 to 1999 - Implications for reindeer husbandry (In Norwegian with Summary in English)

Author(s): Hans Tømmervik | Kjell-Arild Høgda | Jan Åge Riseth | Stein-Rune Karlsen | Frans Emil Wielgolaski
Sized-related changes in winter condition of male calves in reindeer

Author(s): T. Helle | E. Pulliainen | J. Aspi
The role of hormonal ovarian ablation in adjuvant treatment of premenopausal breast cancer

Author(s): Murtezani Zafir | Nešković-Konstantinović Zora | Stanisavljević Nataša | Kovčin Vladimir
Surface display of Salmonella epitopes in Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus carnosus

Author(s): Nhan Nguyen | de Valdivia Ernesto | Gustavsson Martin | Hai Truong | Larsson Gen
Randomized placebo-controlled trial on azithromycin to reduce the morbidity of bronchiolitis in Indigenous Australian infants: rationale and protocol

Author(s): Chang Anne | Grimwood Keith | White Andrew | Maclennan Carolyn | Sloots Theo | Sive Alan | McCallum Gabrielle | Mackay Ian | Morris Peter
Effect of questionnaire length, personalisation and reminder type on response rate to a complex postal survey: randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Sahlqvist Shannon | Song Yena | Bull Fiona | Adams Emma | Preston John | Ogilvie David
Impact of a multifaceted program to prevent postoperative delirium in the elderly: the CONFUCIUS stepped wedge protocol

Author(s): Mouchoux Christelle | Rippert Pascal | Duclos Antoine | Fassier Thomas | Bonnefoy Marc | Comte Brigitte | Heitz Damien | Colin Cyrille | Krolak-Salmon Pierre
Effect of remote ischemic conditioning on atrial fibrillation and outcome after coronary artery bypass grafting (RICO-trial)

Author(s): Brevoord Daniel | Hollmann Markus | De Hert Stefan | van Dongen Eric | Heijnen Bram | de Bruin Anton | Tolenaar Noortje | Schlack Wolfgang | Weber Nina | Dijkgraaf Marcel | de Groot Joris | de Mol Bas | Driessen Antoine | Momeni Mona | Wouters Patrick | Bouchez Stefaan | Hofland Jan | Lüthen Christan | Meijer-Treschan Tanja | Pannen Benedikt | Preckel Benedikt
Analysis of expressed sequence tags generated from full-length enriched cDNA libraries of melon

Author(s): Clepet Christian | Joobeur Tarek | Zheng Yi | Jublot Delphine | Huang Mingyun | Truniger Veronica | Boualem Adnane | Hernandez-Gonzalez Maria | Dolcet-Sanjuan Ramon | Portnoy Vitaly | Mascarell-Creus Albert | Caño-Delgado Ana | Katzir Nurit | Bendahmane Abdelhafid | Giovannoni James | Aranda Miguel | Garcia-Mas Jordi | Fei Zhangjun
New Colloidal Lithographic Nanopatterns Fabricated by Combining Pre-Heating and Reactive Ion Etching

Author(s): Cong Chunxiao | Junus WilliamChandra | Shen Zexiang | Yu Ting
Detection of lineage-specific evolutionary changes among primate species

Author(s): Pertea Mihaela | Pertea Geo | Salzberg Steven
Ψ-RA: a parallel sparse index for genomic read alignment

Author(s): Oğuzhan Külekci M | Hon Wing-Kai | Shah Rahul | Scott Vitter Jeffrey | Xu Bojian
Analysis of SSR dynamics in chloroplast genomes of Brassicaceae family

Author(s): Sumit G. Gandhi | Praveen Awasthi | Yashbir S. Bedi
Survival of prostate cancer patients in central and northern Denmark, 1998–2009

Author(s): Borre M | Erichsen R | Lund L | Larsen EH | Nørgaard M | Jacobsen JB
Selective breeding programme of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) in Serbia: Preliminary results

Author(s): Spasić Milan M. | Poleksić Vesna D. | Stanković Marko B. | Dulić Zorka P. | Rašković Božidar S. | Živić Ivana M. | Ćirić Miloš D. | Relić Renata R. | Vukojević Dalibor B. | Bošković Dejan D. | Marković Zoran Z.
Effect of Coating on the Strain Transfer of Optical Fiber Sensors

Author(s): Shiuh-Chuan Her | Chih-Ying Huang
Measures of Allometric Growth of Black-lip Pearl Oyster Pinctada margaritifera (Linnaeus, 1758) Red Sea, Egypt

Author(s): A.E.H. El-Sayed | Fatma A. Abdel Razek | M.M. Abou-Zaid | Somaya M. Taha
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