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Dexamethasone effects on Bax expression in the mouse testicular germ cells.

Author(s): Hashemitabar Mahmoud | Orazizadeh Mahmoud | Khorsandi Layasadat | Albughobeish Naeim
Investigations into the Toxicology of Spirolides, a Group of Marine Phycotoxins

Author(s): Rex Munday | Michael A. Quilliam | Patricia LeBlanc | Nancy Lewis | Pamela Gallant | Sandra A. Sperker | H. Stephen Ewart | Shawna L. MacKinnon

Author(s): Adrian Grozavu | Sergiu Pleşcan | Ciprian Mărgărint

Author(s): Irina Istrate | Adrian Badea | Diana Cocârţă | Cora Bulmău
Fuzzy Logic Method for Assessment of Noise Exposure Risk in an Industrial Workplace

Author(s): Rostam Golmohammadi | Mahbobeh Eshaghi | Mehdi Reyahi Khoram
Health risk assessment of jobs involving ionizing radiation sources

Author(s): Spasojević-Tišma Vera D. | Čeleketić Dušica Č. | Tišma Jelena M. | Milačić Snežana B. | Papović-Đukić Gordana V.
Assessment of Human Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in China

Author(s): REN Zhong-yuan | MENG Xiang-zhou | CHEN Ling
Prevention interventions for human immunodeficiency virus in drug-using women with a history of partner violence

Author(s): Stockman JK | Ludwig-Barron N | Hoffman MA | Ulibarri MD | Penniman Dyer TV
Risk assessment in stock calf transportation from France to Italy: the contribution of road inspections

Author(s): Leonardo Nanni Costa | Mario Sapino | Sergio Pippione | Giovanni Mattalia | Mauro Saracco | Savino Di Trani | Cesare Zanasi
Designing and Evaluation of Reliability and Validity of Visual Cue-Induced Craving Assessment Task for Methamphetamine Smokers

Author(s): Hamed Ekhtiari | Zahra Alam-Mehrjerdi | Mehri Nouri | Sanju George | Azarakhsh Mokri
Competence formation and post-graduate education in the public water sector in Indonesia

Author(s): J. M. Kaspersma | G. J. Alaerts | J. H. Slinger
Determination of a Quantitative Job Severity Score Value for Health Hazards in Industry

Author(s): H. Sadeghi Naeini | M. Rismanchian | A. Nayebzadeh
Atmospheric mercury dispersion modelling from two nearest hypothetical point sources

Author(s): Khandakar Md Habib Al Razi, Moritomi Hiroshi, Kambara Shinji
Characterization of near-highway submicron aerosols in New York City with a high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometer

Author(s): Y. L. Sun | Q. Zhang | J. J. Schwab | W.-N. Chen | M.-S. Bae | H.-M. Hung | Y.-C. Lin | N. L. Ng | J. Jayne | P. Massoli | L. R. Williams | K. L. Demerjian
The Naples-Questionnaire of Work Distress (nQ-WD): Bullying at workplace, organizational dysfunctions and bio-psycho-social effects

Author(s): Umberto Carbone | Giuseppe Nolfe | Antonella Cappuccio | Giovanni Nolfe | Maria Triassi
Chemical Food Contaminants, Carcinogenicity and Carcinogenicity Testing: in-vitro Alternatives

Author(s): Raju.S.*1, Uma Maheshwara rao.V2, Sreeramulu Reddy.K3, Ramya.G3, Vasanth Kumar. G4
Assessment of toxicity of chemicals in workers of rubber industry

Author(s): Ram Singh, Sachin Kumar and Sunita Sharma*
Urinary β2 Microglobulin in Workers Exposed to Arc Welding Fumes

Author(s): Omid Aminian | Saeid Eftekhari | Maria Mazaheri | Seyed Akbar Sharifian | Khosro Sadeghniiat-Haghighi
Subclinical carotid atherosclerosis and cardiovascular risk factors in HIV-infected patients

Author(s): Wiesława Kwiatkowska | Brygida Knysz | Justyna Drelichowska-Durawa | Marcin Czarnecki | Jacek Gąsiorowski | Ewa Biłyk | Maciej Karczewski | Wojciech Witkiewicz

Author(s): Talha Jawaid | Nidhi Tewari | Lalita Verma
Prenatal alcohol exposure did not affect impulsivity in rats that performed delay or probability discounting tasks

Author(s): Stefano Pupe | Ivani Brys | Philip J. E. Asherson | Lisiane Bizarro
Assessment of Indoor Air Pollution in Homes with Infants

Author(s): Anna Ruth Pickett | Michelle L. Bell
Characterization of near-highway submicron aerosols in New York City with a high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometer

Author(s): Y. L. Sun | Q. Zhang | J. J. Schwab | W.-N. Chen | M.-S. Bae | H.-M. Hung | Y.-C. Lin | N. L. Ng | J. Jayne | P. Massoli | L. R. Williams | K. L. Demerjian
Tartrazine Exposure Assessment by Using Food Frequency Method in North Jakarta, Indonesia

Author(s): Anisyah Firdaus | Nuri Andarwulan | Purwiyatno Hariyadi
Metanalysis: Respiratory Effects in the General Population Exposed to Urban Pollution

Author(s): Angela Sancini | Francesco Tomei | Assunta Capozzella | Alessandro Pacchiarotti | Simone De Sio | Gianfranco Tomei | Paola Palermo | Manuela Ciarrocca
Low-Level Laser Therapy for Pulpotomy Treatment of Primary Molars

Author(s): M. Vahid Golpayegani | G. Ansari | N. Tadayon | Sh. Shams | M. Mir
Multi-walled carbon nanotube instillation impairs pulmonary function in C57BL/6 mice

Author(s): Wang Xiaojia | Katwa Pranita | Podila Ramakrishna | Chen Pengyu | Ke Pu Chun | Rao Apparao | Walters Dianne | Wingard Christopher | Brown Jared
In vivo assessment of catheter positioning accuracy and prolonged irradiation time on liver tolerance dose after single-fraction 192Ir high-dose-rate brachytherapy

Author(s): Lüdemann Lutz | Wybranski Christian | Seidensticker Max | Mohnike Konrad | Kropf Siegfried | Wust Peter | Ricke Jens
Birth defects in newborns and stillborns: an example of the Brazilian reality

Author(s): Oliveira Camila | Richieri-Costa Antonio | Carvalho Ferrarese Valéria | Móz Vaz Denise | Fett-Conte Agnes
Assessment of an in vitro whole cigarette smoke exposure system: The Borgwaldt RM20S 8-syringe smoking machine

Author(s): Adamson Jason | Azzopardi David | Errington Graham | Dickens Colin | McAughey John | Gaça Marianna
The association of fish consumption with bladder cancer risk: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Li Zhongyi | Yu Jianda | Miao Qilong | Sun Shuben | Sun Lingjun | Yang Houmen | Hou Liejun
Longitudinal variability of time-location/activity patterns of population at different ages: a longitudinal study in California

Author(s): Wu Xiangmei | Bennett Deborah | Lee Kiyoung | Cassady Diana | Ritz Beate | Hertz-Picciotto Irva
Airborne cow allergen, ammonia and particulate matter at homes vary with distance to industrial scale dairy operations: an exposure assessment

Author(s): Williams D'Ann | Breysse Patrick | McCormack Meredith | Diette Gregory | McKenzie Shawn | Geyh Alison
Duration of exclusive breastfeeding; validity of retrospective assessment at nine months of age

Author(s): Agampodi Suneth | Fernando Suranga | Dharmaratne Samath | Agampodi Thilini
In Vitro Assessment of Tobacco Smoke Toxicity at the BBB: Do Antioxidant Supplements Have a Protective Role?

Author(s): Hossain Mohammed | Mazzone Peter | Tierney William | Cucullo Luca
Acceptability, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of internet-based exposure treatment for irritable bowel syndrome in a clinical sample: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Ljótsson Brjánn | Andersson Gerhard | Andersson Erik | Hedman Erik | Lindfors Perjohan | Andréewitch Sergej | Rück Christian | Lindefors Nils
Heavy vehicle traffic is related to wheeze among schoolchildren: a population-based study in an area with low traffic flows

Author(s): Andersson Martin | Modig Lars | Hedman Linnea | Forsberg Bertil | Rönmark Eva
A computable cellular stress network model for non-diseased pulmonary and cardiovascular tissue

Author(s): Schlage Walter | Westra Jurjen | Gebel Stephan | Catlett Natalie | Mathis Carole | Frushour Brian | Hengstermann Arnd | Van Hooser Aaron | Poussin Carine | Wong Ben | Lietz Michael | Park Jennifer | Drubin David | Veljkovic Emilija | Peitsch Manuel | Hoeng Julia | Deehan Renee
Fish Consumption and Ischemic stroke in Southern Sweden

Author(s): Oudin Anna | Wennberg Maria
Interventions to improve work outcomes in work-related PTSD: a systematic review

Author(s): Stergiopoulos Erene | Cimo Adriana | Cheng Chiachen | Bonato Sarah | Dewa Carolyn
Monitoring of Pesticide Residues in Fruits and Vegetables and Related Health Risk Assessment in Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana

Author(s): Crentsil Kofi Bempah | Archibold Buah-Kwofie | Dzifa Denutsui | Jacob Asomaning | Anita Osei Tutu
Healthy and sustainable spaces, biosafety and wastes

Author(s): Simone Cynamon Cohen | Débora Cynamon Kligerman | Mara Rejane Barroso Barcelos
Patient protection in dental radiology: Influence of exposure time on patient dose

Author(s): Aranđić Danijela | Košutić Duško | Lazarević Đorđe
Cumulative Risk Assessment and Environmental Equity in Air Permitting: Interpretation, Methods, Community Participation and Implementation of a Unique Statute

Author(s): Kristie M. Ellickson | Sarah M. Sevcik | Shelley Burman | Steven Pak | Frank Kohlasch | Gregory C. Pratt
Humoral Immune System Alterations in Silica Exposed Workers

Author(s): O Aminian | SA Sharifian | R Mehrdad | H Kaht Narooey | O Giahi
Comparative assessment of total and inhalable dust sampler performance in hexavalent chromium measurement

Author(s): Golbabaei F. | ُKhavvaji S. | Tirgar A. | Shahtaheri SJ. | Nourijelyani K.

Author(s): Nasel saraji J. | Mosavi S.A. | Shahtaheri S.J. | Pourmahabadian M.
Assessment of occupational exposure of glaze workers to lead present in their breathing zone in a ceramic industry

Author(s): F Kargar | SJ Shahtaheri | F Golbabaie | A Barkhordari | A Rahimi Forushani
Development of a Human Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Toolkit for Environmental Pollutants

Author(s): Patricia Ruiz | Meredith Ray | Jeffrey Fisher | Moiz Mumtaz
Evaluation of urine mercury level of dentists in Tehran and its influencial factors

Author(s): Tabatabaei M. | Golbabaei F. | Shariatei B.
Adding Liver Window Setting to the Standard Abdominal CT Scan Protocol: Is It Useful?

Author(s): S. Sabouri | A. Khatami | P. Azadeh | J. Ghoroubi | Gh. Azimi
Patient Dose Calculation Software in Nuclear Medicine1

Author(s): Ali Shabestani Monfared | Mehrangiz Amiri
Gamma radiation dose from building materials in HBRA regions of Ramsar

Author(s): Elham Bavarnegin | Masoud Vahabi-Moghaddam | Asad Babakhani | Nasrin Fathabadi
Value of single injection-double acquisition stress gated SPECT before and during Low-dose Dobutamine infusion for prediction of improvement in myocardial perfusion and function after coronary artery

Author(s): Babak Fallahi | Morteza Bostani | Davood Beiki | Armaghan Fard Esfahani | Mohammad Eftekhari | Mohammad Hossein Mandegar | Mohsen Saghari
Colon transit scintigraphy in the idiopathic constipated patients by 67Ga-citrate

Author(s): Isa Neshandar Asli | Mohammad Javad Ehsani | Hamid Javadi | Sara Jallalat | Majid Assadi

Author(s): K. Sadeghniat | G. Pooryaghoob | E. Rafeemanesh
Development of a Rapid Soil Water Content Detection Technique Using Active Infrared Thermal Methods for In-Field Applications

Author(s): Francesca Antonucci | Federico Pallottino | Corrado Costa | Valentina Rimatori | Stefano Giorgi | Patrizia Papetti | Paolo Menesatti
Optimization of Solid Phase Extraction for Trace Determination of Cobalt (II) Using Chromosorb 102 in Biological Monitoring

Author(s): Monireh Khadem | Farideh Golbabaei | Abbas Rahimi-Froushani | Seyed Jamaleddin Shahtaheri
Assessment of Gamma Dose Rate in Indoor Environments in Selected Districts of Ardabil Province, Northwestern Iran

Author(s): Sadegh Hazrati | Hadi Sadeghi | Mojtaba Amani | Babak Alizadeh | Hasan Fakhimi | Soheila Rahimzadeh
Assessment of Cold Stress and Its Effects on Workers in a Cold-Storage Warehouse

Author(s): Farideh Golbabaei | Mohammad–Hossein Sajadi | Keramat Nouri Jelyani | Farhang Akbar-Khanzadeh
Development of In Vitro Methods for Toxicity Testing of Workplace Air Contaminants

Author(s): Shahnaz Bakand | Amanda Hayes | Chris Winder
Bioassay for Toxicity Assessment of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxideto Escherichia Coli ATCC 35218 and Staphylococcus Aureus ATCC25923 Bacteria

Author(s): Naddafi K. | Zare M.R. | Younesian M. | Rastkari N. | Alimohammadi M. | Mousavi N.
Environmental health risk assessment of VOC's

Author(s): Corina Rugină | Corina Lupu | Iulia Adina Neamtiu | Maria-Cristina Neagu | Irina Dumitraşcu | Eugen S. Gurzău
Air pollution from household solid fuel combustion in India: an overview of exposure and health related information to inform health research priorities

Author(s): Kalpana Balakrishnan | Padmavathi Ramaswamy | Sankar Sambandam | Gurusamy Thangavel | Santu Ghosh | Priscilla Johnson | Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay | Vidhya Venugopal | Vijayalakshmi Thanasekaraan
Modeling Joint Exposures and Health Outcomes for Cumulative Risk Assessment: The Case of Radon and Smoking

Author(s): Teresa Chahine | Bradley D. Schultz | Valerie G. Zartarian | Jianping Xue | S. V. Subramanian | Jonathan I. Levy
A GIS-Aided Assessment of the Health Hazards of Cadmium in Farm Soils in Central Taiwan

Author(s): Po-Huang Chiang | Ta-Chien Chan | Dennis P. H. Hsieh
Increased Suicide Risk among Workers following Toxic Metal Exposure at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant From 1952 to 2003: A Cohort Study

Author(s): LW Figgs | H Holsinger | SJ Freitas | GM Brion | RW Hornung | CH Rice | D Tollerud
The emphysematous lung is abnormally sensitive to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis

Author(s): Morissette Mathieu | Parent Julie | Milot Julie
Nanoparticle exposure at nanotechnology workplaces: A review

Author(s): Kuhlbusch Thomas | Asbach Christof | Fissan Heinz | Göhler Daniel | Stintz Michael
Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder: A pilot study

Author(s): Andersson Erik | Ljótsson Brjánn | Hedman Erik | Kaldo Viktor | Paxling Björn | Andersson Gerhard | Lindefors Nils | Rück Christian
A multifactorial assessment of carcinogenic risks of radon for the population residing in a Russian radon hazard zone

Author(s): Lezhnin Vladimir L. | Polzik Evgeny V. | Kazantsev Vladimir S. | Zhukovsky Mikhail V. | Pakholkina Olga A.
Clinical Significance of Collateral Blood Vessels

Author(s): Stojan Babić | Biljana Lazović | Zorana Vasiljević
Critical appraisal and update on tenofovir in management of human immunodeficiency virus infection

Author(s): Alvarez E | Morello J | Soriano V | Labarga P | Rodriguez-Nóvoa S
Community vulnerability to climate change in the context of other exposure-sensitivities in Kugluktuk, Nunavut

Author(s): Jason Prno | Ben Bradshaw | Johanna Wandel | Tristan Pearce | Barry Smit | Laura Tozer
Assessment of Ethnic Differences in the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Valsartan

Author(s): Gangadhar Sunkara1* | ChingMing Yeh1 | Hiroto Kawashita2 | Monica Ligueros-Saylan1 | Nozomu Koseki2 | Yoshihiro Fukui2
Assessment physical load of dockers in a worker cooperative

Author(s): Hernán D. Zapata | Gloria L. Arango | Luz M. Estrada
Causal assessment of smoking and tooth loss: A systematic review of observational studies

Author(s): Hanioka Takashi | Ojima Miki | Tanaka Keiko | Matsuo Keitaro | Sato Fumihito | Tanaka Hideo
Quantitative in vivo assessment of radiation injury of the liver using Gd-EOB-DTPA enhanced MRI: tolerance dose of small liver volumes

Author(s): Seidensticker Max | Seidensticker Ricarda | Mohnike Konrad | Wybranski Christian | Kalinski Thomas | Luess Sebastian | Pech Maciej | Wust Peter | Ricke Jens
Interactions of a pesticide/heavy metal mixture in marine bivalves: a transcriptomic assessment

Author(s): Dondero Francesco | Banni Mohamed | Negri Alessandro | Boatti Lara | Dagnino Alessandro | Viarengo Aldo
Exposure to phthalates among premenstrual girls from rural and urban Gharbiah, Egypt: A pilot exposure assessment study

Author(s): Colacino Justin | Soliman Amr | Calafat Antonia | Nahar Muna | Van Zomeren-Dohm Adrienne | Hablas Ahmed | Seifeldin Ibrahim | Rozek Laura | Dolinoy Dana
Confounders in the assessment of the renal effects associated with low-level urinary cadmium: an analysis in industrial workers

Author(s): Haddam Nahida | Samira Sekkal | Dumont Xavier | Taleb Abdesselem | Lison Dominique | Haufroid Vincent | Bernard Alfred
Genotoxic potential generated by biomass burning in the Brazilian Legal Amazon by Tradescantia micronucleus bioassay: a toxicity assessment study

Author(s): Sisenando Herbert | Batistuzzo de Medeiros Silvia | Saldiva Paulo | Artaxo Paulo | Hacon Sandra
Use of a total traffic count metric to investigate the impact of roadways on asthma severity: a case-control study

Author(s): Cook Angus | deVos Annemarie | Pereira Gavin | Jardine Andrew | Weinstein Philip
Health impact assessment of waste management facilities in three European countries

Author(s): Forastiere Francesco | Badaloni Chiara | de Hoogh Kees | von Kraus Martin | Martuzzi Marco | Mitis Francesco | Palkovicova Lubica | Porta Daniela | Preiss Philipp | Ranzi Andrea | Perucci Carlo | Briggs David
Paracetamol in therapeutic dosages and acute liver injury: causality assessment in a prospective case series

Author(s): Sabaté Mònica | Ibáñez Luisa | Pérez Eulàlia | Vidal Xavier | Buti Maria | Xiol Xavier | Mas Antoni | Guarner Carlos | Forné Montserrat | Solà Ricard | Castellote José | Rigau Joaquim | Laporte Joan-Ramon
Diagnostics in inflammatory bowel disease: Ultrasound

Author(s): Deike Strobel | Ruediger S Goertz | Thomas Bernatik

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