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Author(s): Luciano Rossoni | Edson Ronaldo Guarido Filho | Karine Francisconi | José Bonfim Albuquerque Filho
Child spacing and contraception among the poor in Zambia

Author(s): Vijayan K Pillai | Rashmi Gupta
Relative quantification of TCR Vbeta-chain families by real time PCR for identification of clonal T-cell populations

Author(s): Ochsenreither Sebastian | Fusi Alberto | Busse Antonia | Nagorsen Dirk | Schrama David | Becker Jürgen | Thiel Eckhard | Keilholz Ulrich
Combining Fuzzy partitions Using Fuzzy Majority Vote and KNN

Author(s): Chun sheng Li | Yao nan Wang | Hai dong Yang
Bioinformatic flowchart and database to investigate the origins and diversity of Clan AA peptidases

Author(s): Llorens Carlos | Futami Ricardo | Renaud Gabriel | Moya Andrés
Gertrude Bell’in Anılarında Konya

Author(s): Mehmet İPÇİOĞLU
Registration of Expressions Data using a 3D Morphable Model

Author(s): Curzio Basso | Thomas Vetter
Flux Tensor Constrained Geodesic Active Contours with Sensor Fusion for Persistent Object Tracking

Author(s): Filiz Bunyak | Kannappan Palaniappan | Sumit Kumar Nath | Gunasekaran Seetharaman
A Novel Method for 3D Face Detection and Normalization

Author(s): Robert Niese | Ayoub Al-Hamadi | Bernd Michaelis
A Robust Color Image Quantization Algorithm Based on Knowledge Reuse of K-Means Clustering Ensemble

Author(s): Yuchou Chang | Dah-Jye Lee | Yi Hong | James Archibald | Dong Liang
Efforts and Models of Education for Parents: the Danish Approach

Author(s): Rosendal Jensen, Niels | Brix, Dorthe
Comparative analysis of rosaceous genomes and the reconstruction of a putative ancestral genome for the family

Author(s): Illa Eudald | Sargent Daniel | Girona Elena | Bushakra Jill | Cestaro Alessandro | Crowhurst Ross | Pindo Massimo | Cabrera Antonio | van der Knaap Esther | Iezzoni Amy | Gardiner Susan | Velasco Riccardo | Arús Pere | Chagné David | Troggio Michela
PASS2: an automated database of protein alignments organised as structural superfamilies

Author(s): Bhaduri Anirban | Pugalenthi Ganesan | Sowdhamini Ramanathan
Peer assessment of outpatient consultation letters – feasibility and satisfaction

Author(s): Keely Erin | Myers Kathryn | Dojeiji Suzan | Campbell Craig
Congruence Kernels of Orthoimplication Algebras

Author(s): I. Chajda | R. Halas | H. Laenger
Maximal Independent Neighborhood Set of an Interval Graph

Author(s): A. Sudhakaraiah | V.R. Latha | E.G. Deepika
New dynamic NNORSY ozone profile climatology

Author(s): A. K. Kaifel | M. Felder | C. DeClercq | J.-C. Lambert
Improving Fingerprint Verification Using Minutiae Triplets

Author(s): Miguel Angel Medina-Pérez | Milton García-Borroto | Andres Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodríguez | Leopoldo Altamirano-Robles
Convex sets and inequalities

Author(s): Takahasi Sin-Ei | Takahashi Yasuji | Miyajima Shizuo | Takagi Hiroyuki
Relationships between quality of life and family function in caregiver

Author(s): Rodríguez-Sánchez Emiliano | Pérez-Peñaranda Aníbal | Losada-Baltar Andrés | Pérez-Arechaederra Diana | Gómez-Marcos Manuel | Patino-Alonso Maria | García-Ortiz Luís
CAMBer: an approach to support comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strains

Author(s): Wozniak Michal | Wong Limsoon | Tiuryn Jerzy
Compare the differences of synonymous codon usage between the two species within cardiovirus

Author(s): Liu Wen-qian | Zhang Jie | Zhang Yi-qiang | Zhou Jian-hua | Chen Hao-tai | Ma Li-na | Ding Yao-zhong | Liu Yongsheng
Intelligence and its development: Social representations and social identities

Author(s): Miguel, I. | Pires Valentim, J. | Carugati, F.
El Califato Nazarí

Author(s): Rubiera Mata, M.ª Jesús
Any Pair of 2D Curves Is Consistent with a 3D Symmetric Interpretation

Author(s): Tadamasa Sawada | Yunfeng Li | Zygmunt Pizlo
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