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Huge pelvi-abdominal malignant inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor with rapid recurrence in a 14-year-old boy

Author(s): Chia-Hsun Lu, Hsuan-Ying Huang, Han-Koo Chen, Jiin-Haur Chuang, Shu-Hang Ng, Sheung-Fat Ko
Kualitas Daging Kancil (Tragulus javanicus)

Author(s): D. Rosyidi | E. Gurnadi | R. Priyanto | Suryahadi
Body weight, lifestyle, dietary habits and gastroesophageal reflux disease

Author(s): Davide Festi, Eleonora Scaioli, Fabio Baldi, Amanda Vestito, Francesca Pasqui, Anna Rita Di Biase, Antonio Colecchia
Protein-Energy Wasting and Mortality in Chronic Kidney Disease

Author(s): Alice Bonanni | Irene Mannucci | Daniela Verzola | Antonella Sofia | Stefano Saffioti | Ezio Gianetta | Giacomo Garibotto
Optimal management of cancer anorexia–cachexia syndrome

Author(s): Josep M Argilés | Mireia Olivan | Sílvia Busquets | et al
High-dose steroid therapy for idiopathic optic perineuritis: a case series

Author(s): Tatsugawa Maria | Noma Hidetaka | Mimura Tatsuya | Funatsu Hideharu
Factors influencing overweight children's commencement of and continuation in a resistance training program

Author(s): Pescud Melanie | Pettigrew Simone | McGuigan Michael | Newton Robert
Loss of deuterium in faecal solids and by sequestration in reindeer: effect on doubly labelled water studies

Author(s): Geir Gotaas | Eric Milne | Paul Haggarty | Nicholas J.C. Tyler
Limited Weight Loss or Simply No Weight Gain following Lifestyle-Only Intervention Tends to Redistribute Body Fat, to Decrease Lipid Concentrations, and to Improve Parameters of Insulin Sensitivity in Obese Children

Author(s): Henry Marcano | Maricelia Fernández | Mariela Paoli | Mercedes Santomauro | Nolis Camacho | Rosanna Cichetti | Zarela Molina | Lenin Valeri | Roberto Lanes
Association between Abdominal Fat (DXA) and Its Subcomponents (CT Scan) before and after Weight Loss in Obese Postmenopausal Women: A MONET Study

Author(s): Caroline Y. Doyon | Martin Brochu | Virginie Messier | Marie-Ève Lavoie | May Faraj | Éric Doucet | Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret | Isabelle J. Dionne
Imaging body composition in obesity and weight loss: challenges and opportunities

Author(s): Heidi J Silver | E Brian Welch | Malcolm J Avison | et al
Sudden unilateral visual loss after autologous fat injection into the nasolabial fold

Author(s): Sang Hyouk Park | Hae Jung Sun | Kyung Seek Choi
Systemic impairment in relation to disease burden in patients with moderate COPD eligible for a lifestyle program. Findings from the INTERCOM trial

Author(s): Carel R van Wetering | Floortje E van Nooten | Stijn J M Mol | Martine Hoogendoorn | Maureen P M H Rutten-van Mölken | Annemie M Schols
Adherence to a behavioral weight loss treatment program enhances weight loss and improvements in biomarkers

Author(s): Sushama D Acharya | Okan U Elci | Susan M Sereika | Edvin Music | et al.

Author(s): Takashi Abe | Mikako Sakamaki | Tomohiro Yasuda | Michael G. Bemben | Masakatsu Kondo | Yasuo Kawakami | Tetsuo Fukunaga
Intestinal lymphangiectasia in adults

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman | Michael Nimmo
Treatment of cachexia in oncology

Author(s): Tazi E | Errihani H
Changes in body weight, body composition and cardiovascular risk factors after long-term nutritional intervention in patients with severe mental illness: an observational study

Author(s): Hassapidou Maria | Papadimitriou Konstantina | Athanasiadou Niki | Tokmakidou Valasia | Pagkalos Ioannis | Vlahavas George | Tsofliou Fotini
Loss of function mutation in toll-like receptor-4 does not offer protection against obesity and insulin resistance induced by a diet high in trans fat in mice

Author(s): Vijay-Kumar Matam | Aitken Jesse | Carvalho Frederic | Ziegler Thomas | Gewirtz Andrew | Ganji Vijay
Response to written feedback of clinical data within a longitudinal study: a qualitative study exploring the ethical implications

Author(s): Lorimer Karen | Gray Cindy | Hunt Kate | Wyke Sally | Anderson Annie | Benzeval Michaela
Circulating interleukin-18: A specific biomarker for atherosclerosis-prone patients with metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Yamaoka-Tojo Minako | Tojo Taiki | Wakaume Kazuki | Kameda Ryo | Nemoto Shinji | Takahira Naonobu | Masuda Takashi | Izumi Tohru
Low density lipoprotein cholesterol is inversely correlated with abdominal visceral fat area: a magnetic resonance imaging study

Author(s): Hoenig Michel | Cowin Gary | Buckley Raymond | McHenery Christine | Coulthard Allan
Streptozotocin, Type I Diabetes Severity and Bone

Author(s): Motyl Katherine | McCabe Laura
Blood lipids and adipokines concentrations during a 6-month nutritional and physical activity intervention for metabolic syndrome treatment

Author(s): Dutheil Frédéric | Lesourd Bruno | Courteix Daniel | Chapier Robert | Doré Eric | Lac Gérard
Epithelial cell-directed efferocytosis in the post-partum mammary gland is necessary for tissue homeostasis and future lactation

Author(s): Sandahl Melissa | Hunter Debra | Strunk Karen | Earp H Shelton | Cook Rebecca
Changes in weight loss, body composition and cardiovascular disease risk after altering macronutrient distributions during a regular exercise program in obese women

Author(s): Kerksick Chad | Wismann-Bunn Jennifer | Fogt Donovan | Thomas Ashli | Taylor Lem | Campbell Bill | Wilborn Colin | Harvey Travis | Roberts Mike | La Bounty Paul | Galbreath Melyn | Marcello Brandon | Rasmussen Christopher | Kreider Richard
The SHED-IT community trial study protocol: a randomised controlled trial of weight loss programs for overweight and obese men

Author(s): Morgan Philip | Collins Clare | Plotnikoff Ronald | McElduff Patrick | Burrows Tracy | Warren Janet | Young Myles | Berry Nina | Saunders Kristen | Aguiar Elroy | Callister Robin
Comparison of the Effects of Swimming and Tai Chi Chuan on Body Fat Composition in Elderly People

Author(s): Tung-Yang Yu | Yu-Cheng Pei | Yiu-Chung Lau | Chih-Kuang Chen | Hung-Chih Hsu | Alice M.K. Wong
A systematic review of the efficacy and safety of herbal medicines used in the treatment of obesity

Author(s): Shirin Hasani-Ranjbar, Neda Nayebi, Bagher Larijani, Mohammad Abdollahi
Strategies for reducing body fat mass: effects of liposuction and exercise on cardiovascular risk factors and adiposity

Author(s): Benatti FB | Lira FS | Oyama LM | Oller do Nascimento CM | Lancha AH Jr
Molecular and cellular pathways associated with chromosome 1p deletions during colon carcinogenesis

Author(s): Payne CM | Crowley-Skillicorn C | Bernstein C | Holubec H | Bernstein H

Author(s): Kurapati Vijaya Kumari | K. Nishteswar
Hemocytes and Enzyme-based Route to Evaluate the Impact of Seed Cocoons Preservation Conditions on Antheraea mylitta Pupae

Author(s): J.P. Pandey | Dinesh Kumar | Sony K. Roy | P.K. Mishra | A.K. Sinha | B.C. Prasad

Author(s): Gupta S.K. | Khandelwal Mayuri | Pancholi S.S. | Gupta M.K. | Khinchi M.P.
Use of coconut meal in slaughter pig diets Uso de farelo de coco nas dietas de suínos para abate

Author(s): José Evânio da Costa Siebra | Maria do Carmo Mohaupt Marques Ludke | Jorge Vitor Ludke | Teresinha Marisa Bertol | Wilson Moreira Dutra Júnior
Carcass quality of sheep finished in confinement receiving increasing levels of bagana of carnauba Qualidade da carcaça de ovinos terminados em confinamento com níveis de bagana de carnaúba na dieta

Author(s): José Almir Ferreira Gomes | Eneas Reis Leite | Ana Clara Rodrigues Cavalcante | Marco Aurélio Delmondes Bomfim | Raimundo Nonato Braga | Magno José Duarte Cândido | Marcos Cláudio Pinheiro Rogério
Características físico-químicas e sensoriais da carne de cordeiros de diferentes genótipos terminados em confinamento Physicochemical and sensory attributes of lamb meat from different genotypes feedlot finished

Author(s): Lúcio Roberto Rodrigues Peixoto | Ana Sancha Malveira Batista | Marco Aurélio Delmondes Bomfim | Ângela Maria de Vasconcelos | José Teodorico de Araújo Filho
Use of plasma proteins in beef patties with different fat content Utilização de proteínas plasmáticas em hambúrgueres bovinos com diferentes teores de gordura

Author(s): William Bertoloni | Fábio Batista Claudino | Renata Maria dos Santos Celeghini | Edivaldo Sampaio de Almeida Filho | Janessa Sampaio de Abreu Ribeiro
Effect of genotype and dietary protein level on lamb meat quality Efeito do genótipo e do teor de proteína da dieta sobre a qualidade da carne de cordeiros

Author(s): Greicy Mitzi Bezerra Moreno | Carolina Buzzulini | Hirasilva Borba | Alvimar José da Costa | Tânia Mara Azevedo de Lima | João Francisco Bigaran Dourado
Effects of a shift from a mixed diet to a lacto-vegetarian diet on some coronary heart disease risk markers

Author(s): Per-Arne Öckerman | Gunnar Johansson | Gunnar Johansson | Börje Källgård
Body Composition and Energy Expenditure Changes during Weight Loss: An Exploratory Study

Author(s): Jo Carol Chezem | Jocelyn E. Holden | Adrienne S. Thomas
Effects of a shift from a mixed diet to a lacto-vegetarian diet on some coronary heart disease risk markers

Author(s): Per-Arne Öckerman | Gunnar Johansson | Gunnar Johansson | Börje Källgård
Body Composition and Energy Expenditure Changes during Weight Loss: An Exploratory Study

Author(s): Jo Carol Chezem | Jocelyn E. Holden | Adrienne S. Thomas
Effects of Prepartum Monensin Feeding on Energy Metabolism and Reproductive Performance of Postpartum High-Producing Holstein Dairy Cows

Author(s): Mahmood Changizi Mohammadi, Abbas Rowshan Ghasrodashti1, Amin Tamadon2,3 and Mohammad Amin Behzadi4*
Oral Appearances in Patients with Diabetic Type I

Author(s): F - Khozeimeh | GhH Mohseni

Effects of Weight Loss on Pericardial Fat and Left Ventricular Mass Assessed with Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Morbid Obesity

Author(s): Stephan M. Schneiter | Ranjana Warrier | Lisa Lefkovits | Cheryl Laurie | Paul E. O’Brien | Andrew J. Taylor
Does Glycine max leaves or Garcinia Cambogia promote weight-loss or lower plasma cholesterol in overweight individuals: a randomized control trial

Author(s): Kim Ji-Eun | Jeon Seon-Min | Park Ki | Lee Woo | Jeong Tae-Sook | McGregor Robin | Choi Myung-Sook
Limited Weight Loss or Simply No Weight Gain following Lifestyle-Only Intervention Tends to Redistribute Body Fat, to Decrease Lipid Concentrations, and to Improve Parameters of Insulin Sensitivity in Obese Children

Author(s): Marcano Henry | Fernández Maricelia | Paoli Mariela | Santomauro Mercedes | Camacho Nolis | Cichetti Rosanna | Molina Zarela | Valeri Lenin | Lanes Roberto
Effect of a conventional energy-restricted modified diet with or without meal replacement on weight loss and cardiometabolic risk profile in overweight women

Author(s): Metzner Christine | Folberth-Vögele Anke | Bitterlich Norman | Lemperle Martin | Schäfer Sandy | Alteheld Birgit | Stehle Peter | Siener Roswitha
Adipose tissue endocannabinoid system gene expression: depot differences and effects of diet and exercise

Author(s): You Tongjian | Disanzo Beth | Wang Xuewen | Yang Rongze | Gong Dawei
Orbital apex syndrome associated with herpes zoster ophthalmicus

Author(s): Kurimoto T | Tonari M | Ishizaki N | Monta M | Hirata S | Oku H | Sugasawa J | Ikeda T
Relationship between Visceral Adiposity and Plasma Adiponectin Concentration: Effect of Weight Loss

Author(s): E Nasseri | M Djalali | SA Keshavarz | M Hosseini | AR Dorosty | M Chamari
Assessment of Nutritional Status in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients

Author(s): L Yazdanpanah | F Shidfar | JA Moosavi | H Heidarnazhad | H Haghani
The Overlooked Role of Obesity in Infertility

Author(s): Safaa Al-Hasani | Khaled Zohni
Bilateral Renal Lymphangiomatosis: Ultrasound, CT, and MRI Findings

Author(s): M. H. Bagheri | Z. Zare | S. Sefidbakht | S. A. Nabavizadeh | J. Roozbeh | M. Salehipour
Signal Intensity Reduction May Be Prior to Height or Volume Loss in Pituitary Gland MRI of Beta-Thalassemic Patients with Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism

Author(s): Ali Hekmatnia | Amir Reza Radmard | Ali Asghar Rahmani | Ali Hekmatnia | Manijeh Motaghi | Farideh Naghshineh
Imaging of Orbital Infections

Author(s): Seyed Hassan Mostafavi
Effects of Portabella mushrooms on collagen-induced arthritis, inflammatory cytokines, and body composition in dilute brown non-agouti (DBA1) mice

Author(s): Sandra Peterson | Edralin A. Lucas | Djibril Traore | Lawrance Christopher | Christine French | Stephen L. Clarke | Brenda J. Smith | Solo Kuvibidila | Stanley A. Lightfoot
Nutrigenomics of Neuradaptogen Amino-Acid-Therapy and Neurometabolic Optimizers: Overcoming carbohydrate bingeing and overeating through neurometabolic mechanisms

Author(s): Kenneth Blum | Debasis Bagchi | Abdalla Bowirrat | B. William Downs | Roger L. Waite | Margaret Madigan | Jaclyn M. Downs | John Giordano | Siohban Morse | Eric R. Braverman | Margaret Polanin | Debmayla Barh | Frank Fornari | Thomas Simpatico
Effect of sire breed and rearing system on growth, carcass composition and meat traits of Cinta Senese crossbred pigs

Author(s): Francesco Sirtori | Alessandro Crovetti | David Meo Zilio | Carolina Pugliese | Anna Acciaioli | Gustavo Campodoni | Riccardo Bozzi | Oreste Franci
The Placenta in a Diabetic Pregnancy

Author(s): Hiden U | Desoye G
Differences in Carcass and Meat Quality between Organically Reared Cocks and Capons

Author(s): Marko Volk | Jernej Malenšek | Maja Prevolnik | Martin Škrlep | Blaž Šegula | Marjeta Čandek-Potokar | Martina Bavec
Effect of Linseed Supplementation on Carcass, Meat Quality and Fatty Acid Composition in Pigs

Author(s): Matjaž Červek | Mihael Geister | Maja Prevolnik | Martin Škrlep | Marko Ocepek | Maksimilijan Brus | Marko Gungl | Zorica Abraham-Panič | Marjeta Čandek-Potokar | Dejan Škorjanc
Resistant starch and exercise independently attenuate weight regain on a high fat diet in a rat model of obesity

Author(s): Higgins Janine | Jackman Matthew | Brown Ian | Johnson Ginger | Steig Amy | Wyatt Holly | Hill James | MacLean Paul
The inhibition of fat cell proliferation by n-3 fatty acids in dietary obese mice

Author(s): Hensler Michal | Bardova Kristina | Jilkova Zuzana | Wahli Walter | Meztger Daniel | Chambon Pierre | Kopecky Jan | Flachs Pavel
Liposuction: Anaesthesia challenges

Author(s): Sood Jayashree | Jayaraman Lakshmi | Sethi Nitin
Loss of deuterium in faecal solids and by sequestration in reindeer: effect on doubly labelled water studies

Author(s): Geir Gotaas | Eric Milne | Paul Haggarty | Nicholas J.C. Tyler
Survival strategies in arctic ungulates

Author(s): N. J. C. Tyler | A. S. Blix
Obesity and dyslipidemia

Author(s): AK Singh | S K Singh, N Singh, N Agrawal , K Gopal

Author(s): Parle Milind | Bansal Nitin | Bansal Seema
Obesity and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Čekerevac Ivan | Lazić Zorica
Overweight worsens apoptosis, neuroinflammation and blood-brain barrier damage after hypoxic ischemia in neonatal brain through JNK hyperactivation

Author(s): Tu Yi-Fang | Tsai Yau-Sheng | Wang Lan-Wan | Wu Hsin-Chieh | Huang Chao-Ching | Ho Chien-Jung
Impact of chromium histidinate on high fat diet induced obesity in rats

Author(s): Tuzcu Mehmet | Sahin Nurhan | Orhan Cemal | Agca Can | Akdemir Fatih | Tuzcu Zeynep | Komorowski James | Sahin Kazim
Effects of diet type and supplementation of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM on body composition, functional status, and markers of health in women with knee osteoarthritis initiating a resistance-based exercise and weight loss program

Author(s): Magrans-Courtney Teresa | Wilborn Colin | Rasmussen Christopher | Ferreira Maria | Greenwood Lori | Campbell Bill | Kerksick Chad | Nassar Erica | Li Rui | Iosia Mike | Cooke Matt | Dugan Kristin | Willoughby Darryn | Soliah LuAnn | Kreider Richard
Words matter: a qualitative investigation of which weight status terms are acceptable and motivate weight loss when used by health professionals

Author(s): Gray Cindy | Hunt Kate | Lorimer Karen | Anderson Annie | Benzeval Michaela | Wyke Sally
Motivational Interviewing as an intervention to increase adolescent self-efficacy and promote weight loss: Methodology and design

Author(s): Walpole Beverly | Dettmer Elizabeth | Morrongiello Barbara | McCrindle Brian | Hamilton Jill
Screen-time Weight-loss Intervention Targeting Children at Home (SWITCH): A randomized controlled trial study protocol

Author(s): Maddison Ralph | Mhurchu Cliona | Foley Louise | Epstein Leonard | Jiang Yannan | Tsai Midi | Dewes Ofa | Heke Ihirangi
Effect of a low fat versus a low carbohydrate weight loss dietary intervention on biomarkers of long term survival in breast cancer patients ('CHOICE'): study protocol

Author(s): Sedlacek Scot | Playdon Mary | Wolfe Pamela | McGinley John | Wisthoff Mark | Daeninck Elizabeth | Jiang Weiqin | Zhu Zongjian | Thompson Henry
Effect of weight loss on adipokine levels in obese patients

Author(s): Roll | C | Hession M | Broom I
T1-weighted dual-echo MRI for fat quantification in pediatric nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Author(s): Lucia Pacifico | Michele Di Martino | Carlo Catalano | Valeria Panebianco | Mario Bezzi | Caterina Anania | Claudio Chiesa
Effects of different heat treatments on lipid quality of striped catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus)

Author(s): Zdzisław Domiszewski | Grzegorz Bienkiewicz | Dominika Plust
Properties of buffalo Mozzarella cheese as affected by type of coagulante

Author(s): Nawal S. Ahmed | Mona A.M. Abd El-Gawad | M.M. El-Abd | N.S. Abd-Rabou
Erythematodes chronicus profundus as dermatology, surgery and cosmetology problem

Author(s): Alendar Faruk | Soskic Samra | Helppikangas Hana | Gavrankapetanovic Alma | Alendar Temeida
Effects of dietary starch concentration on the performance of lactating primiparous rabbit does

Author(s): I. Toschi | L. Rapetti | L. Bava | G. Grilli | C. Castrovilli
Productive level and energy balance in buffalo cow

Author(s): F. Infascelli | C. De Rosa | L. Amante | F. Zicarelli | A. Potena | G. Campanile
Effect of Toxic Fusarium moniliforme on Some Biochemical Component of some Date Palm Cultivars

Author(s): Muneera Alkahtani | M.A. EL-Naggar | S.A. Omer, Eman | M. Abedl-Kareem | M.I. Ammar
Comparison of Quality of Sudanese White Cheese (Gibna bayda) Manufactured with Solanum dubium Fruit Extract and Rennet

Author(s): Sana Eltahir Osman Kheir | Osman Ali Osman El Owni | Mohamed Osman Mohamed Abdalla
Application of high intensity ultrasound treatment on Enterobacteriae count in milk

Author(s): Edita Juraga | Brankica Sobota Šalamon | Zoran Herceg | Anet Režek Jambrak
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