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Case Tool: Fast Interconnections with New 3Disjoint Paths MIN Simulation Module

Author(s): Ravi Rastogi | Amit Singh | Nikhil Singhal | Nitin singh | Durg Singh Chauhan
A Nullator-Norator Model-Based Approach to Analog Circuit Diagnosis

Author(s): Elissaveta Gadjeva | Nikolay Gadzhev
Wavelet analysis of the seismograms for tsunami warning

Author(s): A. Chamoli | V. Swaroopa Rani | K. Srivastava | D. Srinagesh | V. P. Dimri
Rockfalls Stara gora near Dvor in municipality Žužemberk

Author(s): Magda Čarman | Tina Peternel
An Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Communication Scheme for Body Sensor Networks

Author(s): Guowei Wu | Jiankang Ren | Feng Xia | Zichuan Xu
Accumulation Point Model: Towards Robust and Reliable Deployment

Author(s): Yong Lin, Zhengyi Le and Fillia Makedon
Implementation Of Wavelet And RBF For Power Quality Disturbance Classification

Author(s): Pramila P | Puttamadappa C | S. Purushothaman
A Genetic Algorithm based Two Phase Fault Simulator for Sequential Circuit

Author(s): Dhiraj Sangwan | Seema Verma | Rajesh Kumar
On Line Current Monitoring and Application of a Residual Method for Eccentricity Fault Detection

A Multi-Robot Control Architecture for Fault-Tolerant Sensor-Based Coverage

Author(s): Metin Ozkan | Gokhan Kirlik | Osman Parlaktuna | Alpaslan Yufka | Ahmet Yazici
Single-event Transients in OTA-C Analog Structures: A Case Study

Author(s): Kunz Felix | Petrashin Pablo | Peretti Gabriela | Romero Eduardo | Marqués Carlos
A genetic ensemble approach for gene-gene interaction identification

Author(s): Yang Pengyi | Ho Joshua | Zomaya Albert | Zhou Bing
An Enhancement of AODV Routing Protocol for More Robust Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Zamree Che-aron, Wajdi Al-Khateeb and Farhat Anwar
ADHOCFTSIM: A Simulator of Fault Tolerence In the AD-HOC Networks

Author(s): Ghalem Belalem | Ali Cherif Brakeche | Abderahmann Benaissa | Esma Insaf Djebbar
Seismic Response of Buckling Restrained Braced Frames under Near Fault Ground Motions

Author(s): Z. Baghbanijavid | A. Jalali | Y. Yasrebinia
Bond Graph Modelling for Fault Detection and Isolation of an Ultrasonic Linear Motor

Author(s): Mabrouk KHEMLICHE | Abd Essalam BADOUD | Samia LATRÈCHE
Hierarchical approach to diagnosis of electronic circuits using ANNs

Author(s): Andrejević-Stošović Miona | Litovski Vančo
Radial basis function neural network in fault detection of automotive engines

Author(s): Adnan Hamad | Dingli Yu | J. B. Gomm | Mahavir S. Sangha
Simulation of macroseismic field in Central Greece

Author(s): V. Kouskouna | S. Chailas | K. C. Makropoulos | D. Michalopoulou | J. Drakopoulos

Hierarchical Fault Diagnosis Using Sensor Data Fusion for Robotic System

Author(s): Mohammad A. Nekoui | Amir R. Kashanipour | Karim Salahshoor
Control of Wind Turbine Equipped with DFIG after Fault in Power Grid

Author(s): SayedMohamad Madani | Emadedin Saremian | Kamran Shafafi
Control Power Flow in the Presence of Distributed Generators Using Unified Power Flow Controller

Author(s): Ghazanfar Shahgholiyan | Rahmatollah Houshamnd | Reza Ghanbari
Traffic Based Energy Consumption Analysis of AOMDV Protocol in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): S. Malini | E. Kannan | A. Valarmathi | C. Daniel Sundar Rajan
Impact of replacement of conventional Recloser with PulseCloser

Author(s): Engjell Zeqo | Rajmonda Bualoti | Olgert Metko
Fault-Tolerant Robot Programming through Simulation with Realistic Sensor Models

Author(s): Thomas Braeunl | Andreas Koestler | Axel Waggershauser
Multiscale Simulation of Indentation, Retraction and Fracture Processes of Nanocontact

Author(s): Mei Jifa | Li Junwan | Ni Yushan | Wang Huatao
A fault and seismicity based composite simulation in northern California

Author(s): M. B. Yıkılmaz | E. M. Heien | D. L. Turcotte | J. B. Rundle | L. H. Kellogg

Author(s): K. Valarmathi | Dr.N. Malmurugan
Built-In Self-Test: Milestones and Challenges

Author(s): Jacob Savir | Paul H. Bardell
A Hardware Accelerator for Fault Simulation Utilizing a Reconfigurable Array Architecture

Author(s): Sungho Kang | Youngmin Hur | Stephen A. Szygenda
Switch-level Differential Fault Simulation of MOS VLSI Circuits

Author(s): Evstratios Vandris | Gerald Sobelman
Underwater Sensor Networks: A New Energy Efficient and Robust Architecture

Author(s): Salvador Climent | Juan Vicente Capella | Nirvana Meratnia | Juan José Serrano
Fault Tolerant Congestion based Algorithms in OBS Network

Author(s): Hardeep Singh, Dr.Jai Prakash, Dinesh Arora & Dr.Amit Wason
Fault Rid Through Protection of DFIG Based Wind Generation System

Author(s): S. Sajedi | F. Khalifeh | T. Karimi | Z. Khalifeh
Cyber Physical Systems: A New Approach to Power Electronics Simulation, Control and Testing

Bayes-Based Fault Discrimination in Wide Area Backup Protection

Author(s): WANG, Z. | ZHANG, J. | ZHANG, Y.

Author(s): Hicham Khebbache | Belkacem Sait | Fouad Yacef
Test of Strain Behavior Model with Radon Anomaly in Seismogenic Area: A Bayesian Melding Approach

Author(s): O. P. Mishra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Pushan Kumar Dutta
Developing Fault-Tolerant Heuristic Routing Algorithm Using Ant Colonies in Mesh Networks

Author(s): Alireza Shams Shafigh | Hekmat Mohammadzadeh | Alireza Soleimany | Shahriyar Lotfi
Test of Strain Behavior Model with Radon Anomaly in Seismogenic Area: A Bayesian Melding Approach

Author(s): O. P. Mishra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Pushan Kumar Dutta
Developing Fault-Tolerant Heuristic Routing Algorithm Using Ant Colonies in Mesh Networks

Author(s): Alireza Shams Shafigh | Hekmat Mohammadzadeh | Alireza Soleimany | Shahriyar Lotfi
Wind Power in Mexico: Simulation of a Wind Farm and Application of Probabilistic Safety Analysis

Author(s): C. Martín del Campo–Márquez | P.F. Nelson–Edelstein | M.Á. García–Vázquez
Theoretical Design and Simulation of an Overcurrent Relay with Dynamic Setting

Author(s): Conde–Enriquez A. | Vázquez–Martínez E. | Cantú–Gutiérrez V.P.
Maximizing Resilient Throughput in Peer-to-Peer Network

Author(s): Bo Liu | Fan Qiu | Yanchuan Cao | Bin Chang | Yi Cui | Yuan Xue
An MPSoC-Based QAM Modulation Architecture with Run-Time Load-Balancing

Author(s): Ttofis Christos | Papadopoulos Agathoklis | Theocharides Theocharis | Michael MariaK | Doumenis Demosthenes
Fault-Tolerant Target Localization in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Ding Min | Liu Fang | Thaeler Andrew | Chen Dechang | Cheng Xiuzhen
A Scalable Clustered Camera System for Multiple Object Tracking

Author(s): Velipasalar Senem | Schlessman Jason | Chen Cheng-Yao | Wolf WayneH | Singh JaswinderP
A new adaptive controller of facts-based FMRLC aimed at improving power system stability

Author(s): Abdellatif Naceri | Ramdani Youcef | Hamdaoui Habib
Generalized two axes model of a squirrel-cage induction motor for rotor fault diagnosis

Author(s): Samir Hamdani | Omar Touhami | Rachid Ibtiouen
Combining Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Techniques in Fault-Tolerant Control

Author(s): A. Vargas-Martínez | L. E. Garza-Castañón
Study of a Nine-Phase Fault Tolerant Permanent Magnet Starter-Alternator

Author(s): RUBA Mircea | SURDU Felicia | SZABÓ Loránd
Modeling and Control of a DFIG-Based Wind Turbine During a Grid Voltage Drop

Author(s): A. Babaie Lajimi | S. Asghar Gholamian | M. Shahabi
A Fault Dictionary-Based Fault Diagnosis Approach for CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits

Author(s): Mouna Karmani | Chiraz Khedhiri | Belgacem Hamdi | Brahim Bensalem
The Application of Fuzzy Neural Network in Fault Self-diagnosis System of Automatic Transmission

Author(s): Huifang Kong | Guoqing Ren | Jizhu He | Benxian Xiao
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad M. Banat
Research Of A Small World Architecture And Frangibility For P2P Networks

Author(s): Yuhua Liu | Yongwei Meng | Kaihua Xu | Hongcai Chen
Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Based on Distributed Neural Network

Author(s): Long Wang | Yanheng Liu | Xiaoguang Li | Jian Guan | Qi Song
A Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization Model for Test Sequence Optimization

Author(s): Shuai Wang | Yindong Ji | Shiyuan Yang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohamed Masmoudi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Yun Liu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Dongfeng Yuan | Yiqin Lu
A Temporal Neuro-Fuzzy Monitoring System to Manufacturing Systems

Author(s): Rafik Mahdaoui | Mouss Leila-Hayet | Mohamed Djamel Mouss | Ouahiba Chouhal
A Discrete Event Simulation Framework for Utility Accrual Scheduling Algorithm in Uniprocessor Environment

Author(s): Idawaty Ahmad | Shamala Subramaniam | Mohamed Othman | Zuriati Zulkarnain
Evaluating the Performance of Equitable Dominating based Content Distribution Network Design

Author(s): Amutharaj Joyson | Radhakrishnan Shanmugasundaram
Identification of Lightning Stroke and Fault in the Travelling Wave Protection

Author(s): Guibin Zou | Houlei Gao | Wenbo Su | Dapeng Wang
A Multi-objective QoS Optimization with Fuzzy Based Parameter Setting for Real-Time Multicasting

Author(s): Satyananda Champati Rai | Bijan Bihari Misra | Ajit Kumar Nayak | Rajib Mall | Sateesh Kumar Pradhan
Defect-Oriented Mixed-Level Fault Simulation in Digital Systems

Author(s): Raimund Ubar | Jaan Raik | Eero Ivask | Marina Brik
Minimizing EndtoEnd Delay using Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): S. Pratheema | K.G. Srinivasagan | J. Naskath
Application of Composite Dictionary Multi-Atom Matching in Gear Fault Diagnosis

Author(s): Lingli Cui | Chenhui Kang | Huaqing Wang | Peng Chen
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