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Aquatic Biodiversity in the Amazon: Habitat Specialization and Geographic Isolation Promote Species Richness

Author(s): James S. Albert | Tiago P. Carvalho | Paulo Petry | Meghan A. Holder | Emmanuel L. Maxime | Jessica Espino | Isabel Corahua | Roberto Quispe | Blanca Rengifo | Hernan Ortega | Roberto E. Reis
Multigene phylogeny of the Mustelidae: Resolving relationships, tempo and biogeographic history of a mammalian adaptive radiation

Author(s): Koepfli Klaus-Peter | Deere Kerry | Slater Graham | Begg Colleen | Begg Keith | Grassman Lon | Lucherini Mauro | Veron Geraldine | Wayne Robert
Uppermost Ordovician (upper Katian-Hirnantian) graptolites of north-central Nevada, U.S.A.

Author(s): Štorch P | Mitchell C E | Finney S C | Melchin M J
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