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Experimental spatial rogue patterns in an optical feedback system

Author(s): V. Odent | M. Taki | E. Louvergneaux
Usability Testing of a Collaborative and Interactive University on a Mobile Device

Author(s): Gavin McArdle | Teresa Monahan | Michela Bertolotto
網際網路中廣播閱聽眾電台收播研究 | A Study on Audience Behavior in the Internet

Author(s): 蔡清嵐、周宣光 Ching-Lan Tsai、Shrang-Kuang Chou
Developing e-course Robust Constrained PID Control

Author(s): Peter Ťapák | Mikuláš Huba
Does it help teaching? Instructors’ perceptions of a technology enhanced standards-based educational program

Author(s): Hasan Çakır, Barbara A. Bichelmeyer, Thomas Duffy, Alan Dennis, JoAnne Bunnage
Reliable Actuation in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Sean Rooney | Luis Garcés-Erice
Design of Linear Functional Observer for MIMO LTI systems

Author(s): Prakash K. Nakade | Girish G. Galgate
Monolithic Implementation of an Instrumentation Circuit Applied to the CMOS Split-Drain Magnetic Sensor

Author(s): Fernando Cardoso Castaldo | Carlos Alberto dos Reis Filho
An Analog Electronics Mobile Course with a Competitive Learning Approach

Author(s): Rui Neves Madeira | Vitor Pires | Octávio Pascoa Dias | João Martins
Factors promoting engaged exploration with computer simulations

Author(s): Noah S. Podolefsky | Katherine K. Perkins | Wendy K. Adams
Relevance Feedback in Content Based Image Retrieval: A Review

Author(s): Pushpa B. Patil | Manesh B. Kokare
Deterministic mathematical models of the cAMP pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Williamson Thomas | Schwartz Jean-Marc | Kell Douglas | Stateva Lubomira
Development of risk maps to minimize uranium exposures in the Navajo Churchrock mining district

Author(s): deLemos Jamie | Brugge Doug | Cajero Miranda | Downs Mallery | Durant John | George Christine | Henio-Adeky Sarah | Nez Teddy | Manning Thomas | Rock Tommy | Seschillie Bess | Shuey Chris | Lewis Johnnye
Virtual respiratory system for interactive e-learning of spirometry

Author(s): W. Tomalak | T. Gólczewski | M. Michnikowski | M. Darowski
Information search and information distortion in the diagnosis of an ambiguous presentation

Author(s): Olga Kostopoulou | Christos Mousoulis | Brendan Delaney
Design of a complex virtual reality simulation to train finger motion for persons with hemiparesis: a proof of concept study

Author(s): Adamovich Sergei | Fluet Gerard | Mathai Abraham | Qiu Qinyin | Lewis Jeffrey | Merians Alma
Regulation of excitation-contraction coupling in mouse cardiac myocytes: integrative analysis with mathematical modelling

Author(s): Koivumäki Jussi | Korhonen Topi | Takalo Jouni | Weckström Matti | Tavi Pasi
Optimizing Automatic Speech Recognition for Low-Proficient Non-Native Speakers

Author(s): Joost van Doremalen | Catia Cucchiarini | Helmer Strik
Unfolding the procedure of characterizing recorded ultra low frequency, kHZ and MHz electromagetic anomalies prior to the L'Aquila earthquake as pre-seismic ones – Part 1

Author(s): K. Eftaxias | L. Athanasopoulou | G. Balasis | M. Kalimeri | S. Nikolopoulos | Y. Contoyiannis | J. Kopanas | G. Antonopoulos | C. Nomicos
Observations of substorm fine structure

Author(s): L. L. Lazutin | R. Rasinkangas | T. V. Kozelova | A. Korth | H. Singer | G. Reeves | W. Riedler | K. Torkar | B. B. Gvozdevsky
Results of an interactively coupled atmospheric chemistry – general circulation model: Comparison with observations

Author(s): R. Hein | M. Dameris | C. Schnadt | C. Land | V. Grewe | I. Köhler | M. Ponater | R. Sausen | B. B. Steil | J. Landgraf | C. Brühl
Cellular automata model of magnetospheric-ionospheric coupling

Author(s): B. V. Kozelov | T. V. Kozelova
Multi-scale forcing and the formation of subtropical desert and monsoon

Author(s): G. X. Wu | Y. Liu | X. Zhu | W. Li | R. Ren | A. Duan | X. Liang
Game play in vocational training and engineering education

Author(s): Bjarne A. Foss | Ole K. Solbjørg | Tor I. Eikaas | Frank Jakobsen
Noise-Cancelling CMOS Active Inductor and Its Application in RF Band-Pass Filter Design

Author(s): Santosh Vema Krishnamurthy | Kamal El-Sankary | Ezz El-Masry
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Alberto Ochoa O. Zezzatti | Alejandro Padilla
Design of an Automated Essay Grading (AEG) System in Indian Context

Author(s): Siddhartha Ghosh | Sameen S Fatima
Open source challenges for hospital information system (HIS) in developing countries: a pilot project in Mali

Author(s): Bagayoko Cheick-Oumar | Dufour Jean-Charles | Chaacho Saad | Bouhaddou Omar | Fieschi Marius
Avoiding transcription factor competition at promoter level increases the chances of obtaining oscillation

Author(s): Munteanu Andreea | Constante Marco | Isalan Mark | Solé Ricard
Comprehensibility and Prosody Ratings for Pronunciation Software Development

Author(s): Paul Warren | Irina Elgort | David Crabbe
From Editor vol 11, No.4

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
A potential role for intragenic miRNAs on their hosts' interactome

Author(s): Hinske Ludwig | Galante Pedro | Kuo Winston | Ohno-Machado Lucila
A upper limit for water dimer absorption in the 750 nm spectral region and a revised water line list

Author(s): A. J. L. Shillings | S. M. Ball | M. J. Barber | J. Tennyson | R. L. Jones
A report on the piloting of a novel computer-based medical case simulation for teaching and formative assessment of diagnostic laboratory testing

Author(s): Clarence D. Kreiter | Thomas Haugen | Timothy Leaven | Christopher Goerdt | Nancy Rosenthal | William C. McGaghie | Fred Dee
A New Approach for CBIR Feedback based Image Classifier

Author(s): Neetesh Gupta | Dr. R.K. Singh | P.K. Dey
Impact of model grid spacing on regional- and urban-scale air quality predictions of organic aerosol

Author(s): C. A. Stroud | P. A. Makar | M. D. Moran | W. Gong | S. Gong | J. Zhang | K. Hayden | C. Mihele | J. R. Brook | J. G. Abbatt | J. P. D. Slowik
Letting Students Take the Lead: A User-Centred Approach to Evaluating Subject Guides

Author(s): Kimberley Hintz | Paula Farrar | Shirin Eshghi | Barbara Sobol | Jo-Anne Naslund | Teresa Lee | Tara Stephens | Aleha McCauley
Complex Motion Planning for Humanoid Robot: A Review

Author(s): Zhong Qiu Bo | Hong Bing Rong | Piao Song Hao | Pan Qi Shu
Speed Control of BLDC Motor Using DSP

Author(s): G.MadhusudhanaRao | B.V.SankerRam, | B.Smapath Kumar | K.Vijay Kumar
Ontology-based instance data validation for high-quality curated biological pathways

Author(s): Jeong Euna | Nagasaki Masao | Ueno Kazuko | Miyano Satoru
Classification of voice disorder in children with cochlear implantation and hearing aid using multiple classifier fusion

Author(s): Mahmoudi Zeinab | Rahati Saeed | Ghasemi Mohammad | Asadpour Vahid | Tayarani Hamid | Rajati Mohsen
Virtual patient simulation: what do students make of it? A focus group study

Author(s): Botezatu Mihaela | Hult Håkan | Fors Uno
Improved Offline Connected Script Recognition Based on Hybrid Strategy

Author(s): Tanzila Saba | Amjad Rehman | Ghazali Sulong
Antipersistent dynamics in short time scale variability of self-potential signals

Author(s): V. Cuomo | M. Lanfredi | V. Lapenna | M. Macchiato | M. Ragosta | L. Telesca
A Compatible Control Algorithm for Greenhouse Environment Control Based on MOCC Strategy

Author(s): Haigen Hu | Lihong Xu | Bingkun Zhu | Ruihua Wei
Building effective service linkages in primary mental health care: a narrative review part 2

Author(s): Fuller Jeffrey | Perkins David | Parker Sharon | Holdsworth Louise | Kelly Brian | Roberts Russell | Martinez Lee | Fragar Lyn
Written online situational feedback via mobile phone to support self-management of chronic widespread pain: a usability study of a Web-based intervention

Author(s): Kristjánsdóttir Ólöf | Fors Egil | Eide Erlend | Finset Arnstein | van Dulmen Sandra | Wigers Sigrid | Eide Hilde
Impact of model grid spacing on regional- and urban- scale air quality predictions of organic aerosol

Author(s): C. A. Stroud | P. A. Makar | M. D. Moran | W. Gong | S. Gong | J. Zhang | K. Hayden | C. Mihele | J. R. Brook | J. P. D. Abbatt | J. G. Slowik
Uncertainty-aware video visual analytics of tracked moving objects

Author(s): Markus Höferlin | Benjamin Höferlin | Daniel Weiskopf | Gunther Heidemann
An Unsupervised Cluster-based Image Retrieval Algorithm using Relevance Feedback

Author(s): Jayant Mishra | Anubhav Sharma | Kapil Chaturvedi
AI (artificial intelligence) in histopathology--from image analysis to automated diagnosis.

Author(s): Klaus Kayser | JĂźrgen GĂśrtler | Milica Bogovac | Aleksandar Bogovac | Torsten Goldmann | Ekkehard Vollmer | Gian Kayser
Intelligent Adaptive Feedback Assessment System in Learning Environment

Author(s): G. Suvarna Kumar | P. V. G. D. Prasad Reddy | Sumit Gupta | Sandeep V.
eFACT: Formative assessment of classroom teaching for online classes

Author(s): Gina G. BERRIDGE | Samantha PENNEY | Judith A. WELLS
A Gray-Box Neural Network Model of Parkinson’s Disease Using Gait Signal

Author(s): Yashar Sarbaz | Shahriar Gharibzadeh | Farzad Towhidkhah | Masood Banaie | Ayyoob Jafari
Dialogical surface text features in abstracts

Author(s): Ingrid García-Østbye
Pedagogía de la interactividad Pedagogy of Interactivity

Author(s): Roberto Aparici Marino | Marco Silva
Glacial CO2 cycle as a succession of key physical and biogeochemical processes

Author(s): V. Brovkin | A. Ganopolski | D. Archer | G. Munhoven
Central Arctic atmospheric summer conditions during the Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS): contrasting to previous expeditions

Author(s): M. Tjernström | C. E. Birch | I. M. Brooks | M. D. Shupe | P. O. G. Persson | J. Sedlar | T. Mauritsen | C. Leck | J. Paatero | M. Szczodrak | C. R. Wheeler
General practitioner residency consultations: video feedback analysis

Author(s): Afonso M. Cavaco | João Pelicano-Romano | Mariana R. Neves | Francisco Carvalho
Virtual Education and its Importance as a New Method in Educational System

Author(s): Mohammad Behrouzian Nejad | Ebrahim Behrouzian Nejad
Robust Stereo-Vision Based 3D Object Reconstruction for the Assistive Robot FRIEND

Modeling and Generating Organ Pipes Self-Sustained Tones by Using ICA

Author(s): Angelo Ciaramella | Enza De Lauro | Salvatore De Martino | Mariarosaria Falanga | Roberto Tagliaferri
Percepcja krosmodalna

Author(s): Agnieszka Zydlewska | Anna Grabowska
Online Personalization of Hearing Instruments

Author(s): Ypma Alexander | Geurts Job | Özer Serkan | van der Werf Erik | de Vries Bert
Interactive Exploration for Image Retrieval

Author(s): Cord Matthieu | Philipp-Foliguet Sylvie | Gosselin Philippe-Henri | Fournier Jérôme
Accelerating of Image Retrieval in CBIR System with Relevance Feedback

Author(s): Zajić Goran | Kojić Nenad | Radosavljević Vladan | Rudinac Maja | Rudinac Stevan | Reljin Nikola | Reljin Irini | Reljin Branimir
An Attention-Driven Model for Grouping Similar Images with Image Retrieval Applications

Author(s): Marques Oge | Mayron Liam M | Borba Gustavo B | Gamba Humberto R
Effect of auditory feedback on speech production after cochlear implantation

Author(s): Khalesi M | Amirfattahi R | Sheikh Zadeh H | Khorsandi MT | Motesaddi M | Abdi S
Fundamental Frequency, Jitter, and Shimmer of Adult Stuuters` and Nonstutteres` Voice

Author(s): Mahdi Shaker Ardakani | Zahra Soleymani | Farhad Torabinejad | Seyyedeh Maryam Khoddami | Mahmoud Alipour Heydari
Faster simulated laparoscopic cholecystectomy with haptic feedback technology

Author(s): Yiasemidou M | Glassman D | Vasas P | Badiani S | Patel B
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jameela Al-Jaroodi | Nader Mohamed
A Log-Based 3D Model Retrieval Relevance Feedback Scheme Using Biased SVMs

Author(s): Zhiyong Zhang | Bailin Yang | Xun Wang
A Multiple Instance Learning and Relevance Feedback Framework for Retrieving Abnormal Incidents in Surveillance Videos

Author(s): Chengcui Zhang | Wei-Bang Chen | Xin Chen | Lin Yang | John Johnstone
The virtual supermarket: An innovative research tool to study consumer food purchasing behaviour

Author(s): Waterlander Wilma | Scarpa Michael | Lentz Daisy | Steenhuis Ingrid
Age-disparity, sexual connectedness and HIV infection in disadvantaged communities around Cape Town, South Africa: a study protocol

Author(s): Delva Wim | Beauclair Roxanne | Welte Alex | Vansteelandt Stijn | Hens Niel | Aerts Marc | du Toit Elizabeth | Beyers Nulda | Temmerman Marleen
Student Modelling in Adaptive E-Learning Systems

Author(s): Vatcharaporn Esichaikul | Supaporn Lamnoi | Clemens Bechter
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Developing a decision aid to guide public sector health policy decisions: A study protocol

Author(s): Tso Peggy | Culyer Anthony | Brouwers Melissa | Dobrow Mark
The SmartHand transradial prosthesis

Author(s): Cipriani Christian | Controzzi Marco | Carrozza Maria Chiara
Hierarchical Cluster-based Partial Least Squares Regression (HC-PLSR) is an efficient tool for metamodelling of nonlinear dynamic models

Author(s): Tøndel Kristin | Indahl Ulf | Gjuvsland Arne | Vik Jon | Hunter Peter | Omholt Stig | Martens Harald
The Role of Communications in Coaching

Author(s): Urszula Dziewulska | Marcin W. Staniewski
Cognitive and Affective Characteristics of Children in EFL Classes

Author(s): Mostafa Morady Moghaddam | Shirin Malekzadeh
Glacial CO2 cycle as a succession of key physical and biogeochemical processes

Author(s): V. Brovkin | A. Ganopolski | D. Archer | G. Munhoven
Voltage/Current-Mode Multifunction Filters Using One Current Feedback Amplifier and Grounded Capacitors

Author(s): Jiun-Wei Horng | Chun-Li Hou | Wei-Shyang Huang | Dun-Yih Yang
A Study to Examine If Integration of OTAs Features can Make SBTs More Flexible Online Airline Reservation Systems?

Author(s): Arif Mushtaq | Suzia Bt. Sulaiman | P.D.D. Dominic | Sadia Riaz | Muhammad Abdul Tawab Khalil
An upper limit for water dimer absorption in the 750 nm spectral region and a revised water line list

Author(s): A. J. L. Shillings | S. M. Ball | M. J. Barber | J. Tennyson | R. L. Jones
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