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Immune-mediated bone marrow failure syndromes of progenitor and stem cells: molecular analysis of cytotoxic T cell clones.

Author(s): Jaroslaw P Maciejewski | Christine O' Keefe | Lukasz Gondek | Ramon Tiu
New insights about the evaluation of human sperm quality: the aromatase example.

Author(s): I Galeraud-Denis | C Travert | C de Vienne | L Said | A Saad | S Carreau
Effects of Upper Rivulet During Rain-wind Induced Vibration

Author(s): P. Xie | C.Y. Zhou | J.Y. Zhu | C. Wang
Phase Balancing of Unbalanced Distribution Network through hybrid GreedyFuzzy Algorithm

Author(s): M. Sathiskumar | A. Nirmal kumar | S.Thiruvenkadam
Transport of Escherichia Coli in Soil Columns under Different Temperature and Flow Conditions

Author(s): A. Safadoust | A. Mahboubi | M. R. Mosaddeghi | GH. Khodakaramian | A. Heydari
Induction of Apoptosis in Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells MCF-7 by Monapurpyridine A, a New Azaphilone Derivative from Monascus purpureus NTU 568

Author(s): Li-Chuan Hsu | Ya-Wen Hsu | Yu-Han Liang | Chia-Ching Liaw | Yao-Haur Kuo | Tzu-Ming Pan
Aerodynamic study of sounding rocket flows using Chimera and patched multiblock meshes

Author(s): João Alves de Oliveira Neto | Edson Basso | João Luiz F. Azevedo
Numerical simulation and nasal air-conditioning

Author(s): Keck, Tilman | Lindemann, Jörg
Structure evolution and properties of biogenic hydroxyapatite-based biocomposite

Author(s): Olena Sych | Nataliya Pinchuk | Liana Ivanchenko
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray

Author(s): Kevin YEE | Jace HARGIS
Ketidakstabilan Gaya dan Interaksi Fluida-Struktur pada Turbin Sumbu Vertikal untuk Pembangkit Energi Arus Laut

Author(s): Ridho Hantoro | I.K.A.P. Utama | Erwandi Erwandi | Aries Sulisetyono
Phylogeographical Analysis on Squalidus argentatus Recapitulates Historical Landscapes and Drainage Evolution on the Island of Taiwan and Mainland China

Author(s): Jin-Quan Yang | Wen-Qiao Tang | Te-Yu Liao | Yang Sun | Zhuo-Cheng Zhou | Chiao-Chuan Han | Dong Liu | Hung-Du Lin
Kinetic structure and wave properties associated with sharp dipolarization front observed by Cluster

Author(s): S. Y. Huang | M. Zhou | X. H. Deng | Z. G. Yuan | Y. Pang | Q. Wei | W. Su | H. M. Li | Q. Q. Wang
Some subtleties concerning fluid flow and turbulence modeling in 4.-valve engines

Author(s): Jovanovic Zoran S. | Basara Branislav S. | Tomić Miroljub V. | Petrović Velimir S.
Estudio microscópico de la vellosidad coriónica en la placenta bilobulada.

Author(s): Olivar C Castejón | Angela J López | Olivar C Castejón | Daniel Quiroz
Review Of Syn-Flooding Attack Detection Mechanism

Author(s): Mehdi Ebady Manna | Angela Amphawan
Recent Seismic Studies at the East Pacific Rise 8°20'–10°10'N and Endeavour Segment: Insights into Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal and Magmatic Processes

Author(s): Suzanne M. Carbotte | Juan Pablo Canales | Mladen R. Nedimović | Hélène Carton | John C. Mutter
Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Plumes in the Near-Bottom Boundary Layer at Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge

Author(s): Susan Hautala | H. Paul Johnson | Matthew Pruis | Irene García-Berdeal | Tor Bjorklund
A Comparative Study of Nozzle/Diffuser Micropumps with Novel Valves

Author(s): Kai-Shing Yang | Tzu-Feng Chao | Ing Youn Chen | Chi-Chuan Wang | Jin-Cherng Shyu

Author(s): Tiplea Augustin
Power laws and inverse motion modelling: application to turbulence measurements from satellite images

Author(s): Patrick Héas | Etienne Mémin | Dominique Heitz | Pablo D. Mininni
Studies and Suggestions on Prewriting Activities

Author(s): Shigao Zheng | Weiping DAI
Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and Financial Sector Development in Small Open Developing Economies

Author(s): Oluwatosin Adeniyi | Festus O. Egwaikhide | Abimbola Oyinlola | Olusegun Omisakin
Mechanical strength of stems in aquatic macrophytes

Author(s): Katarzyna Bociąg | Agnieszka Gałka | Tymon Łazarkiewicz | Józef Szmeja

Author(s): Orosun Rapheal. | Adamu Sunusi Sani
Genome size in Humulus lupulus L. and H. japonicus Siebold and Zucc. (Cannabaceae)

Author(s): Aleksander Grabowska-Joachimiak | Elwira Śliwińska | Magdalena Piguła | Urszula Skomra | Andrzej J. Joachimiak
Development of a conceptual model of the hydrologic response of tropical Andean micro-catchments in Southern Ecuador

Author(s): P. Crespo | J. Feyen | W. Buytaert | R. Célleri | H.-G. Frede | M. Ramírez | L. Breuer
Beltramized flow in a diffuser. Quasi-cylindrical approximation

Author(s): Rafael González | Ricardo Page | Andrés Salvador Sartarelli
Effect of Working Fluid on Thermal Performance of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe: A Review

Author(s): Pramod R. Pachghare | Ashish M. Mahalle | Shekhar Khedkar

Author(s): Mariana VLAD | Ioana COLBU | Alexandra Narcisa CIOBAN

Author(s): Kulkarni P Keshavarao | Dixit Mudit | Panner Selvam | Singh D Rudra
Onset of Turbulence in Planar and Circular Pipe

Author(s): L. Jirkovsky | L. Bo-ot

Author(s): D VANECEK | D KALÁB
Laboratory Assessment of Water Flow Simulator for Porous Parking Lots Reservoir and Soil Layers

Author(s): Meor Othman Hamzah | Zul Fahmi Mohamed Jaafar | Fauziah Ahmad
Economic analysis of replacement regeneration and coppice regeneration in eucalyptus stands under risk conditions

Author(s): Isabel Carolina de Lima Guedes | Luiz Moreira Coelho Júnior | Antônio Donizette de Oliveira | José Márcio de Mello | José Luiz Pereira de Rezende | Charles Plínio de Castro Silva
Mean Structure and Variability of the Cold Dome Northeast of Taiwan

Author(s): Sen Jan | Chung-Chi Chen | Ya-Ling Tsai | Yiing Jiang Yang | Joe Wang | Ching-Sheng Chern | Glen Gawarkiewicz | Ren-Chieh Lien | Luca Centurioni | Jia-Yu Kuo |
Comparison of hydrological model structures based on recession and low flow simulations

Author(s): M. Staudinger | K. Stahl | J. Seibert | M. P. Clark | L. M. Tallaksen
Cluster observations of a transient signature in the magnetotail: implications for the mode of reconnection

Author(s): S. Beyene | C. J. Owen | A. P. Walsh | C. Forsyth | A. N. Fazakerley | S. Kiehas | I. Dandouras | E. Lucek
Metalloproteinases, Mechanical Factors and Vascular Remodeling

Author(s): Stephanie Lehoux | François Tronc | Alain Tedgui
JJo, a Recombinant Dimer of Conformationally Restricted Peptide Elicits Protective Response against Group A Streptococcus (GAS) Isolates from a GAS-Endemic Region

Author(s): Raju Sunagar | Vidiya Ramachandran | Melina Georgousakis | Kadaba S. Sriprakash | Melkote S. Shaila
Synthesis of Polypyrrole Using Ammonium Peroxy Disulfate (APS) as Oxidant Together with Some Dopants for Use in Gas Sensors

Author(s): Hemant K. Chitte | Narendra V. Bhat | Mr. Ajit V. Gore | Ganesh N. Shind
Experimental Study on the Flow Characteristics around the Refraction Groyne

Author(s): Joongu Kang | Hongkoo Yeo | Sungjung Kim
Simulation of Human Phonation with Vocal Nodules

Author(s): Shinji Deguchi | Yuki Kawahara
Integrating systems biology models and biomedical ontologies

Author(s): Hoehndorf Robert | Dumontier Michel | Gennari John | Wimalaratne Sarala | de Bono Bernard | Cook Daniel | Gkoutos Georgios
Genetic structure and seed-mediated dispersal rates of an endangered shrub in a fragmented landscape: a case study for Juniperus communis in northwestern Europe

Author(s): Vanden-Broeck An | Gruwez Robert | Cox Karen | Adriaenssens Sandy | Michalczyk Inga | Verheyen Kris
Bottlenecks drive temporal and spatial genetic changes in alpine caddisfly metapopulations

Author(s): Shama Lisa | Kubow Karen | Jokela Jukka | Robinson Christopher
Designing BEE: A Hardware Emulation Engine for Signal Processing in Low-Power Wireless Applications

Author(s): Kuusilinna Kimmo | Chang Chen | Ammer M Josephine | Richards Brian C | Brodersen Robert W
The curse of the prey: Sarcoptes mite molecular analysis reveals potential prey-to-predator parasitic infestation in wild animals from Masai Mara, Kenya

Author(s): Gakuya Francis | Rossi Luca | Ombui Jackson | Maingi Ndichu | Muchemi Gerald | Ogara William | Soriguer Ramón | Alasaad Samer
An Efficient and Robust Moving Shadow Removal Algorithm and Its Applications in ITS

Author(s): Lin Chin-Teng | Yang Chien-Ting | Shou Yu-Wen | Shen Tzu-Kuei
Macrocell Builder: IP-Block-Based Design Environment for High-Throughput VLSI Dedicated Digital Signal Processing Systems

Author(s): Zergainoh Nacer-Eddine | Tambour Ludovic | Urard Pascal | Jerraya Ahmed Amine
Genetic diversity in natural populations of Sorbus pohuashanensis

Author(s): Jian Zheng | Yongqi Zheng | Chuanhong Zhang | Yichen Zong | Bojing Li | Chao Wu
The electrocurrent microrelay modelling

Author(s): Mukhurov N. I. | Yefremov G. I. | Zhvavyi S. P.
Low Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides in Production of Nitric Acid by the Use of Liquid

Author(s): Zečević, N. | Ljubičić, M. | Vdović, D. | Mikoč, K. | Herjavec, I. | Kabljanac, Ž.
Microsatellite variability reveals high genetic diversity and low genetic differentiation in a critical giant panda population

Author(s): Jiandong YANG, Zhihe ZHANG, Fujun SHEN, Xuyu YANG, Liang ZHANG, Limin CHEN, Wenping ZHANG, Qing ZHU, Rong HOU
Turbulent Flow Inside and Above a Wind Farm: A Wind-Tunnel Study

Author(s): Leonardo P. Chamorro | Fernando Porté-Agel
Corroded scale analysis from water distribution pipes

Author(s): Rajaković-Ognjanović Vladana N. | Grgur Branimir N.

Author(s): Soni Himesh | Patel Sita Sharan | Mishra K | Nayak Govind | Singhai AK
Toward a Heat Recovery Chimney

Author(s): Dan Zhang | Yuelei Yang | Min Pan | Zhen Gao
La historieta española de 1900 a 1951

Author(s): Martín, Antonio
Predicting heat flow in the 2001 Bhuj earthquake (Mw=7.7) region of Kachchh (Western India), using an inverse recurrence method

Author(s): N. Vedanti | O. P. Pandey | R. P. Srivastava | P. Mandal | S. Kumar | V. P. Dimri
Large-Eddy Simulation of a microburst

Author(s): V. Anabor | U. Rizza | E. L. Nascimento | G. A. Degrazia
A physically-based parsimonious hydrological model for flash floods in Mediterranean catchments

Author(s): H. Roux | D. Labat | P.-A. Garambois | M.-M. Maubourguet | J. Chorda | D. Dartus
Creating a catchment scale perspective for river restoration

Author(s): L. Benda | D. Miller | J. Barquín
Influence of upstream flow characteristics on the reattachment phenomenon in shallow cavities

Author(s): Madi Arous Fatima | Mataoui Amina | Bouahmed Zahia
Experimental Investigation on Zonal Structure in Drag-Reducing Channel Flow with Surfactant Additives

Author(s): Masaaki Motozawa | Takahiro Watanabe | Weiguo Gu | Yasuo Kawaguchi
Inhabitation Effect of Linoleic Acid, the Ingredient of Nigella sativa (Black Seed) on MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells

Author(s): Kourosh Hasanzadeh Ghahramanloo | Latiffah A. Latiff | Parichehr Hanachi | Nordin Hj. Lajis
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