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Convergence pattern studies of folate receptor

Author(s): Kalidoss Ramamoorthy | Rama Shanker Verma
Targeting Gallium to Cancer Cells through the Folate Receptor

Author(s): Nerissa Viola-Villegas | Anthony Vortherms | Robert P. Doyle
Insilco analysis of functionally important residues in folate receptors

Author(s): Kalidoss Ramamoorthy | Sirisha Potala | Rama Shanker Verma
Targeted Thiazole Orange Derivative with Folate: Synthesis, Fluorescence and in Vivo Fluorescence Imaging

Author(s): Xuening Fei | Yingchun Gu | Yiqi Wang | Qingyang Meng | Baolian Zhang
A Comparative Study of Two Folate-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Nanotechnology Applications

Author(s): G. Ali Mansoori | Kenneth S. Brandenburg | Ali Shakeri-Zadeh
Targeted gadolinium-loaded dendrimer nanoparticles for tumor-specific magnetic resonance contrast enhancement

Author(s): Scott D Swanson | Jolanta F Kukowska-Latallo | Anil K Patri | Chunyan Chen | Song Ge | et al
In vivo anti-tumor effect of hybrid vaccine of dendritic cells and esophageal carcinoma cells on esophageal carcinoma cell line 109 in mice with severe combined immune deficiency

Author(s): Guang-Hua Guo, Su-Zuan Chen, Jing Yu, Juan Zhang, Li-Li Luo, Li-Hua Xie, Zhong-Jing Su, Hong-Mei Dong, Hong Xu, Li-Biao Wu
Differentially expressed genes in embryonic cardiac tissues of mice lacking Folr1 gene activity

Author(s): Zhu Huiping | Cabrera Robert | Wlodarczyk Bogdan | Bozinov Daniel | Wang Deli | Schwartz Robert | Finnell Richard
Microarray analysis of E9.5 reduced folate carrier (RFC1; Slc19a1) knockout embryos reveals altered expression of genes in the cubilin-megalin multiligand endocytic receptor complex

Author(s): Gelineau-van Waes Janee | Maddox Joyce | Smith Lynette | van Waes Michael | Wilberding Justin | Eudy James | Bauer Linda | Finnell Richard
Transforming a Targeted Porphyrin Theranostic Agent into a PET Imaging Probe for Cancer

Author(s): Jiyun Shi, Tracy W.B. Liu, Juan Chen, David Green, David Jaffray, Brian C. Wilson, Fan Wang, Gang Zheng
Dual role of sensory neuropeptides in methotrexate-induced liver damage

Author(s): Jarosław Biernat | Ryszard Sendur | Wiesław Pawlik | Tomasz Brzozowski
Folate-mediated targeted and intracellular delivery of paclitaxel using a novel deoxycholic acid-O-carboxymethylated chitosan–folic acid micelles

Author(s): Wang F | Chen Y | Zhang D | Zhang Q | Zheng D | Hao L | Liu Y | Duan C | Jia L | Liu G
A novel folate-modified self-microemulsifying drug delivery system of curcumin for colon targeting

Author(s): Zhang L | Zhu WW | Yang CF | Guo HX | Yu AH | Ji JB | Gao Y | Sun M | Zhai GX
Folate receptor-targeted fluorescent paramagnetic bimodal liposomes for tumor imaging

Author(s): Ding N | Lu Y | Lee RJ | Yang C | Huang L | Liu J | Xiang G
Multimodal Bacteriochlorophyll Theranostic Agent

Author(s): Tracy W.B. Liu, Juan Chen, Laura Burgess, Weiguo Cao, Jiyun Shi, Brian C. Wilson, Gang Zheng
Genetic polymorphisms in folate pathway enzymes, DRD4 and GSTM1 are related to temporomandibular disorder

Author(s): Aneiros-Guerrero Angel | Lendinez Ana | Palomares Arturo | Perez-Nevot Beatriz | Aguado Lidia | Mayor-Olea Alvaro | Ruiz-Galdon Maximiliano | Reyes-Engel Armando
Receptor-mediated gene delivery by folic acid-modified stearic acid-grafted chitosan micelles

Author(s): Du Y | Cai L | Li J | Zhao M | Chen F | Yuan H | Hu F
In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of a Folate-Targeted Copolymeric Submicrohydrogel Based on N-Isopropylacrylamide as 5-Fluorouracil Delivery System

Author(s): M. Dolores Blanco | Sandra Guerrero | Marta Benito | Ana Fernández | César Teijón | Rosa Olmo | Issa Katime | José M. Teijón
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