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Digestibilidade e composição química de "Oreochromis niloticus", alimentados com dietas contendo diferentes níveis de fósforo Digestibility and Chemical Composition of “Oreochromis niloticus”, fed diets containing different phosphorus levels

Author(s): Marinez Moraes de Oliveira | Tamira Maria Orlando | Renato Silva Leal | Mariana Martins Drumond | Ivan Bezerra Allaman | Priscila Vieira e Rosa | Maria Emilia de Sousa Gomes Pimenta | Ligia Maira Neira
Lighting programs for semi-heavy layers

Author(s): Clóvis Eliseu Gewehr | Vladimir de Oliveira | Marcos Rosniecek | Diogo Davi Follmann | Ana Maira de Cezaro
Response of Broilers to Antibiotic and Antistress Dietary Inclusion

Author(s): Olugbemi T.S. | C. O. Ubosi | G. N. Akpa | W.H. Esuga
Study the Effect of Flock Size on Production and Behaviour During Growth Period of Broiler

Author(s): Muhammad Ismail Rind | Nawaz Ali Shahani | Rahmatullah Rind | Amir Bukhsh Kalhoro | Muhammad Misri Rind | Allah Nawaz Rind
The Feasibility of Feeding High Levels of Whey Silage and Effects on Production in Growing Cattle

Author(s): ZoBell, D. R. | E. K. Okine | K. C. Olson | R. D. Wiedmeier | L. A. Goonewardene | C. Stonecipher
Treated Extruded Soybean Meal as a Source of Fat and Protein for Dairy Cows

Author(s): Ure, A. L. | T. R. Dhiman | M. D. Stern | K. C. Olson
Prevalance of Mycotoxins in Poultry Finished Feed

Author(s): Nafeesa Qudsia Hanif | Muhammad Naseem | Salma Khatoon | Najma Malik
Comparative Feeding Value of Palmitate as a Substitute for Conventional Feed Fat in Cattle

Author(s): L. Corona | A. Plascencia | R. A. Ware | R. A. Zinn
Comparison of Growth Characteristics of Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Their F1 Crossbred during the Wintering Period

Author(s): Y. Sa s?z | A. Hayirli | N. Sabuncuo lu | A. Yildiz | E. La?in | ?. ?oban
Goat Production under Traditional Management in Gaborone Agricultural Region in Botswana

Author(s): A.A. Aganga | U.J. Omphile | R.G. Chabo | M. Kgosimore | M. Mochankana
The Use of Poultry Dropping as Snail Feed

Author(s): Ademolu, K.O. | A.B. Idowu
Immunosuppressive Effect of Ochratoxin A in Wistar Rats

Author(s): C.C. Satheesh | A.K. Sharma | P. Dwivedi | K. Prasanna | R.D. Patil | S. Rahul
Effect of Different Levels of Maize Gluten Meal (60%) on the Growth Performance of Broiler Chicks

Author(s): M. Ismail | A.Memon | A.A.Solangi | N. N.Ansari | M. I. Rind
Interactive Effects of Diet Complexity, Zinc Source and Feed-grade Antibiotics on Weanling Pig Growth Performance

Author(s): J.C. Woodworth | M.D. Tokach | J.L. Nelssen | R.D. Goodband | P.R.O. Quinn | T.M. Fakler
A Comparison of Growth, Efficiency and Maturing Patterns of Meat

Author(s): Goonewardene L.A | Z. Wang | E. K. Okine | M. A. Price | Z. Wang | J. A. Basarab | L. A. Goonewardene | D. H. Crews, Jr | P. Ramsey | K.L. Lyle | N. French | E.K. Okine | S.S. Moore
Effect of Flock Size on Fayoumi Layer Production

Author(s): Nasir Rajput | Muhammad Ismail Rind | Rahmatullah Rind
Growth,Morphometry and Reproductive Performance of Creole Cuino Pigs in Mexico

Author(s): C. Lemus-Flores | R. Alonso Morales | J.G. Herrera Haro | M. Alonso-Spilsbury | R. Ram?rez-Necoechea | D. Mota-Rojas
Evaluation of West African Sheep under Two Production Systems

Author(s): Musa, H.H | A.H. Suleiman | F.M. El amin | G.H. Chen | D.M. Mekki | B.C. Li
Effects of different diets on the molt of Ucides cordatus (LINNAEUS, 1763) (Decapoda: Ocypodidae)

Author(s): Keila Patrícia Mota Souza | Rauquírio Marinho da Costa | Fernando Araújo Abruhosa | Luci Cajueiro Carneiro PereiraIII
Molecular Adaptation of Peanut Metabolic Pathways to Wide Variations of Mineral Ion Composition and Concentration

Author(s): Justin C. Duncan | Dwiesha Johnson | Shanique Hyllam | Godson O. Osuji | Tassine K. Brown | Sanique M. South
Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) to frank diabetes: Dietary manipulations in WNIN/GR-Ob rats

Author(s): Subramaniam Kalyanasundaram | Nappanveettil Giridharan | Nemani Harishankar | Eunni Seshadri
Effect of Phytase on the Sodium Requirement of Starting Broilers 2. Sodium Chloride as Sodium Source

Author(s): S.D. Goodgame | F.J. Mussini | C. Lu | C.D. Bradley | N. Comert | P.W. Waldroup
Effect of a -Mannanase on Nutrient Digestibility in Corn-Soybean Meal Diets for Broiler Chicks

Author(s): F.J. Mussini | C.A. Coto | S.D. Goodgame | C. Lu | A.J. Karimi | J.H. Lee | P.W. Waldroup
Effect of -Mannanase on Broiler Performance and Dry Matter Output Using Corn-Soybean Meal Based Diets

Author(s): F.J. Mussini | C.A. Coto | S.D. Goodgame | C. Lu | A.J. Karimi | J.H. Lee | P.W. Waldroup
Evaluation of Canola Meal from Biodiesel Production as a Feed Ingredient for Broilers

Author(s): Y.N. Min | Z. Wang | C. Coto | F. Yan | S. Cerrate | F.Z. Liu | P.W. Waldroup
Evaluation of Rovabio Max in Normal and Reduced-Nutrient Corn-Soybean Meal and Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles Diets for Broilers

Author(s): Y.N. Min | F.Z. Liu | A. Hancock | C. Coto | C. Lu | A. Karimi | F. Yan | P.W. Waldroup
Effect of Dietary Zinc on Certain Blood Traits of Broiler Breeder Chickens

Author(s): Hazim J. Al-Daraji | Mahmood H.M. Amen
Effect of Adding Flaxseed in the Diet of Laying Hens on Both Production of Omega-3 Enriched Eggs and on Production Performance

Author(s): Afaf Y. Al-Nasser | Abdulameer E. Al-Saffar | Faten K. Abdullah | Mariam E. Al-Bahouh | Gehan Ragheb | Magdy M. Mashaly
Supplementation Levels of Palm Oil in Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Culture Fermented Cassava Pulp on Rumen Fermentation and Average Daily Gain in Crossbred Native Cattle

Author(s): Sarunyu Chuelong | Theerawat Siriuthane | Kitsada Polsit | Sommas Ittharat | Uthai Koatdoke | Anusorn Cherdthong | Sittisak Khampa
Supplementation of Cassava and Durian Hull Fermented Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on Rumen Fermentation and Average Daily Gain in Crossbred Native Cattle

Author(s): Kitsada Polsit | Sarunyu Chuelong | Teerawat Siriuthane | Sommas Ittarat | Uthai Koatedoke | Anusorn Cherdthong | Sittisak Khampa
Effects of Moringa oleifera (Lam.) Leaves Meal Incorporation in Diets on Growth Performances, Carcass Characteristics and Economics Results of Growing Indigenous Senegal Chickens

Author(s): S.B. Ayssiwede | A. Dieng | H. Bello | C.A.A.M. Chrysostome | M.B. Hane | A. Mankor | M. Dahouda | M.R. Houinato | J.L. Hornick | A. Missohou
Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) to frank diabetes: Dietary manipulations in WNIN/GR-Ob rats

Author(s): Subramaniam Kalyanasundaram | Nappanveettil Giridharan | Nemani Harishankar | Eunni Seshadri
Protecting Dietary Vitamin C and High Oleic Oil in Feed and its Effect on the Nutritional Profile of Goat Milk

Author(s): Jung Hoon Lee | Arnold M. Saxton | Lester O. Pordesimo | John C. Waller | Sharon L. Melton
Effects of Yucca schidigera Extract (Dk 35 Powder) on Awassi Lambs Performance

Author(s): Serafettin Kaya | Mahmut Keskin | Sabri G?l
Efficacy of Methionine Hydroxy Analog and Dl-methionine as Methionine Sources for Growing Pigs

Author(s): Zhanyu Feng | Shiyan Qiao | Yongxi Ma | Xu Wang | Xiaojie Li | P.A. Thacker
Effect of Including Flax in Beef Creep Feed on Performance and Subsequent Carcass Characteristics

Author(s): Travis. D. Maddock | Brian Kreft | Robert J. Maddock | Vernon L. Anderson | Gregory P. Lardy
Foliage of Flemingia macrophylla for Goats in Samoa

Author(s): Eroarome Martin Aregheore

Author(s): Tapia, M.O. | A.F. Giordano | A.L. Soraci | C.A. Gonzalez | L.A. Denzoin | I.O. Ortega | W. Olson | M.J. Murphy
Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Norduz Male Kids

Author(s): Daskiran, M. Bingol | A. Kor | A.O. Demir | A. Yilmaz | S. Karaca
Gliricidia Leafmeal in Layer?s Diet: Effect on Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Economy of Production

Author(s): Ige, A.O. | A.A. Odunsi | J.A. Akinlade | L.O. Ojedapo | S.A. Ameen | O.A. Aderinola | T.A. Rafiu
The Effect of Initial Age of Fattening on the Fattening Performance and Carcass Traits of Eastern Anatolian Red Cattle Reared in Eastern Turkey

Author(s): Abdulkadir Ozluturk | Olcay Guler | Mete Yanar | Omer Akbulut | Necdet Unlu | Sinan Kopuzlu | Ozmen Biberoglu
Utilisation of Dried Yeast as a Source of Lysine in Broiler Feeds

Author(s): Ayanwale, B.A. | M.J. Ibrahim | F. Aberuagba
The Physiological Impact on the Consumption of Albizia saman Pods by Albino Rats

Author(s): Idowu, A.B. | O.D. Babalola | K.O. Ademolu
Raw Sword Bean Meal as A Substitute for Soya Bean Meal in Broiler Finisher Diets

Author(s): Akinmutimi, A.H. | S.F. Abasiekong | V.O. Shoyinka
Effect of Replacing Maize with Ripe Plantain and Yam Peels in the Diet of Weaner Rabbits

Author(s): A.H. Akinmutimi | V.U. Odoemelam | S.F. Obasienkong
Performance of Wad Goats Fed Panicum maximum Basal Diets with Different Protein Supplements

Author(s): O.M.Arigbede | J.E.N. Olatunji | O.A. Isah | T.O. Bawala | K.A. Oseni
Feeding Value of Mango Leaf (Mangifera indica) for Growing Rabbits

Author(s): A.O. Fafiolu | O.O. Oduguwa | A.M. Bamgbose | A.O. Oso | O.A. Isah | J.E.N. Olatunji | A.V. Jegede
Nutrients Intake and Digestibility by West African Dwarf Goats Fed Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.) Griseb. Basal Diet and Citrus Pulp-Based Diets

Author(s): A.O.Oni | C.F.I. Onwuka | O.O. Oduguwa | O.S. Onifade | O.M. Arigbede | O.O. Oni | U.Y. Anele
Response of Weaner Rabbits to Xylanase Enzyme Supplemented Maize Milling Waste Based Diets

Author(s): W.A. Olayemi | A.O. OSO | A.M. Bamgbose | O.O. Oduguwa | S.A. Onadeko
Utilization of Cassava Peel Meal as Energy Source for Growing Pigs

Author(s): O.T.Irekhore | A.M. Bamgbose | G.A. Olubadewa
Intestine Morphometry of the Coturnix coturnix japonica in Relation with Different Levels of Lysine in the Feed

Author(s): I.J. Ruiz-Garcia | J.R. Orozco Hernandez | J.P. Navarro Aguilar | J.J. Uribe Gomez
Effect of Litter Depth on the Performance of Three Strains of Broiler Chickens

Author(s): O.M. Sogunle | B.A. Ogunjimi | A.O. Fanimo
Effect of Dietary Betaine on Growth Performance and Body Composition of Oreochromis aureus Reared in Fresh and Sea WaterA Comparative Study

Author(s): M. Ayce Genc | Nazmi Tekelioglu | Erdal Yilmaz | Arzu Ozluer Hunt | Yasemen Yanar
Use of Phytase in Canola-Based Diets and the Digestibility of Adult German Shepherder

Author(s): A. Hernandez Anaya | J.R. Orozco Hernandez | J.J. Uribe Gomez | J. Padilla Munoz | V.O. Fuentes | I.J. Ruiz Garcia
Bacterial enteritis in an oriental white backed vulture (Gyps bengalensis) and its successful management

Author(s): Vijay Kumar | Prasenjit Dhar | Mandeep Sharma | Anshu Raj
Impact of using glucogenic precursors and mineral supplements for prevention of metabolic disorders of Holstein cows at parturition

Author(s): Moosa Moeini, | Hamid Amanlou, | Ali Mirza Aghazadeh, | Kambiz Nazr-Adl, | Mehran Aboozar, | Saeideh Noohi
Effect of dietary calcium level on egg production and shell quality in broiler breeder hens at peak production

Author(s): J.Cassius Moreki, | Henning Jacobus van der Merwe | James Paul Hayes
Effects of various stocking density on productive performance and some physiological traits of broiler chicks

Author(s): Ihsan T. Tayeb, | Siamand Nizar Hassan, | Merkhan M. Mustafa, | Shawkat Abdulrazaq M. Sadeq, | Gulizar Issa Ameen, | Asia Mohamed Hassan
Effect of varying levels of concentrate to roughage ratio on growth of Sudanese desert kids

Author(s): Y. M. Abdalatif, | M. B. Elemam, | O. M. A. Abdelhadi | A. M. Salih
Effect of castration on feedlot performance and some serum metabolites of Nubian male kids

Author(s): Assia I. A. M. Nasr, | M. Atta, | M. I. Elmahi | A. O. Mohammed
Use of black pepper (Piper nigrum) as feed additive in broilers diet

Author(s): Galib A. M. Al-Kassie, | Mamdooh A. M. Al-Nasrawi, | Saba J. Ajeena
Constraints of camel pastoralists in Gedarif state, eastern Sudan

Author(s): Y. M. Abdalatif, | M. O. Eisa, | A. B. Mustafa | A. M. Salih
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