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Offline Signature Verification Using Critical Region Matching

Author(s): Abhay Bansal | Bharat Gupta | Gaurav Khandelwal | Shampa Chakraverty
Quantization Table Estimation in JPEG Images

Author(s): Salma Hamdy | Haytham El-Messiry | Mohamed Roushdy | Essam Kahlifa
Copy-Move Forgery Detection in Digital Images: Progress and Challenges

Author(s): Sunil Kumar | P. K. Das | Shally | S. Mukherjee
Retrieval of Bitmap Compression History

Author(s): Salma Hamdy | Haytham El-Messiry | Mohamed Roushdy | Essam Kahlifa
Recital of Poles Apart Ridge Cipher with Din

Author(s): Pughazendi.N | R.Sankar
Image Splicing Detection Using Inherent Lens Radial Distortion

Author(s): H. R. Chennamma | Lalitha Rangarajan
Predictors of opioid misuse in patients with chronic pain: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Ives Timothy | Chelminski Paul | Hammett-Stabler Catherine | Malone Robert | Perhac J Stephen | Potisek Nicholas | Shilliday Betsy | DeWalt Darren | Pignone Michael
Forgery Detection in Dynamic Signature Verification by Entailing Principal Component Analysis

Author(s): Shohel Sayeed | S. Andrews | Rosli Besar | Loo Chu Kiong
Digital Tampering Detection Techniques: A Review

Author(s): Kusam | Pawanesh Abrol | Devanand
Exploring Duplicated Regions in Natural Images

Author(s): Kavita V.Hulmukhe | S.S.Sane | Alpana A. Borse
Fast Forgery Detection with the Intrinsic Resampling Properties

Author(s): Cheng-Chang Lien | Cheng-Lun Shih | Chih-Hsun Chou
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