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Blood Transfusion In Primary Hip And Knee Arthroplasty. Preoperative Treatment With Recombinant Human Erythropoietin

Author(s): Luis A. Gómez-Navalón*, Pedro Zorrilla*, Antonio Marín*, Cristóbal Martínez*, Jose A. Salido*
Recommendations for how to communicate bad news

Author(s): Beatriz Villa López
Nonlinear System Identification Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Purwar S | Kar I. N | Jha A. N
Teenage drinking, alcohol availability and pricing: a cross-sectional study of risk and protective factors for alcohol-related harms in school children

Author(s): Bellis Mark | Phillips-Howard Penelope | Hughes Karen | Hughes Sara | Cook Penny | Morleo Michela | Hannon Kerin | Smallthwaite Linda | Jones Lisa
Organization-wide adoption of computerized provider order entry systems: a study based on diffusion of innovations theory

Author(s): Rahimi Bahlol | Timpka Toomas | Vimarlund Vivian | Uppugunduri Srinivas | Svensson Mikael
Factors that could influence the severity of post-traumatic lung fat embolism - a prospective histological study -

Author(s): Nikolić Slobodan | Micić Jelena | Savić Slobodan | Gajić Milan
Factors associated with psychological and behavioral functioning in people with type 2 diabetes living in France

Author(s): Boini Stephanie | Erpelding Marie-Line | Fagot-Campagna Anne | Mesbah Mounir | Chwalow Judith | Penfornis Alfred | Coliche Vincent | Mollet Etienne | Meadows Keith | Briançon Serge
Adherence and virologic suppression during the first 24 weeks on antiretroviral therapy among women in Johannesburg, South Africa - a prospective cohort study

Author(s): El-Khatib Ziad | Ekstrom Anna | Coovadia Ashraf | Abrams Elaine | Petzold Max | Katzenstein David | Morris Lynn | Kuhn Louise
Epidemiological aspects of adherence to the treatment of hypertension

Author(s): Andrade Jadelson P. | Vilas-Boas Fábio | Chagas Hildenizia | Andrade Marianna
Sequential Parameter Estimation of Time-Varying Non-Gaussian Autoregressive Processes

Author(s): Etienne Perret | Fabien Esteve | Jayesh H. Kotecha | Petar M. Djurić
Sequential Parameter Estimation of Time-Varying Non-Gaussian Autoregressive Processes

Author(s): Djurić Petar M | Kotecha Jayesh H | Esteve Fabien | Perret Etienne
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