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The GOQL Language and its Formal Specifications

Author(s): Euclid Keramopoulos, | Philippos Pouyioutas, | Tasos Ptohos
On-the-fly Construction of Web Services Compositions from Natural Language Requests

Author(s): Alessio Bosca | Fulvio Corno | Giuseppe Valetto | Roberta Maglione
Verifying ODP trader function by using Event B

Author(s): Belhaj Hafid | Mohamed Bouhdadi | Said Elhajji
Interface Theories for (A)synchronously Communicating Modal I/O-Transition Systems

Author(s): Sebastian S. Bauer | Rolf Hennicker | Stephan Janisch
On Formal Specification of Emergent Behaviours in Swarm Robotic Systems

Author(s): Alan FT Winfield | Jin Sa | Mari-Carmen Fernandez-Gago | Clare Dixon | Michael Fisher
Token-Aware Completion Functions for Elastic Processor Verification

Author(s): Sudarshan K. Srinivasan | Koushik Sarker | Rajendra S. Katti
An Entry Point for Formal Methods: Specification and Analysis of Event Logs

Author(s): Howard Barringer | Alex Groce | Klaus Havelund | Margaret Smith
Verifying ODP Computational Behavioral Specification by using B-Method

Author(s): Jalal Laassiri | Saïd El Hajji | Mohamed Bouhdadi
Analysis of Bluetooth Protocol in Presence of Bursty Traffic

Author(s): Pero Latkoski | Liljana Gavrilovska
Heterogeneous Security Policy Validation: From Formal to Executable Specifications

Author(s): Jihène Krichène | Mohamed Hamdi | Noureddine Boudriga
Hybrid modeling of biological networks: mixing temporal and qualitative biological properties

Author(s): Fromentin Jonathan | Eveillard Damien | Roux Olivier
Formal Spsecification and Proof of Multi-Agent Applications Using Event B

Author(s): Hong-Jiang Gao | Zheng Qin | Lei Lu | Li-Ping Shao | Xing-Chen Heng
A Semantics for the Control Part of Lotos

Author(s): R. Mekki | B. Messabih

Author(s): R. Jeevarathinam, | Dr. Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
Modeling ODP Policies by using event-B

Author(s): Belhaj Hafid | Mohamed Bouhdadi | Said Elhajji
Role of information and communication networks in malaria survival

Author(s): Mozumder Pallab | Marathe Achla
Formal Specifications of Trusted OLSR Protocol of Ad hoc Network in Z

Author(s): Amandeep Verma | Manpreet Singh Gujral
Security Analysis and Improvements on WLANs

Author(s): Li Wang | Bala Srinivasan | Nandita Bhattacharjee
From Contracts in Structured English to CL Specifications

Author(s): Seyed M. Montazeri | Nivir K.S. Roy | Gerardo Schneider
Towards Support for Software Model Checking: Improving the Efficiency of Formal Specifications

Author(s): Salamah Salamah | Ann Q. Gates | Steve Roach | Matthew Engskow
Input-output Conformance Testing for Channel-based Service Connectors

Author(s): Natallia Kokash | Farhad Arbab | Behnaz Changizi | Leonid Makhnist
A Conflicts Detection Approach for Merging Formal Specification Views

Author(s): Fathi Taibi | Fouad Mohammed Abbou | Md. Jahangir Alam
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