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Binary Modulation Formats in Optical Access Networks

Author(s): Vladimir Tejkal | Miloslav Filka | Pavel Reichert | Jan Sporik
FCJ-136 Toward Environmental Criticism

Author(s): Malcolm McCullough

Author(s): Manuel Sánchez Pérez | Antonia María Estrella Ramón | José Luis Ruiz Real | Alicia García Ramírez
Trends in trhee 2003/2004 journalism academic meetings

Author(s): Eduardo Meditsch | Mariana Segala
TERRA NEWS: Sensationalism and Fait-divers on the Internet

Author(s): Carlos Golembiewski | Diógenes Pandini
TshwaneLex, una aplicación lexicográfica singular

Author(s): Ignacio Navascués Benlloch
Study on the Impact of the Personnel Policy in Retailing

Author(s): DABIJA Dan-Cristian | POP Ciprian-Marcel | BODOG Simona-Aurelia
Integrated Environment for Developing E-Learning Lectures

Author(s): Vladimir Bondarev | Alexander Ossyka | Alexander Ossyka
Leading dental journals availability through academic network of Serbia

Author(s): Jaćimović Jelena | Živković Slavoljub
New advertising formats: advergames as a marketing communication tool

Author(s): José Martí Parreño | Rafael Currás Pérez | Isabel Sánchez García

Author(s): Kevin YEE | Jace HARGIS
BMP To JPEG- the conversion process

Author(s): Anjali Anand
A new model for designing uncertain enterprise architecture

Author(s): Jamshid Afshani | Ali Harounabadi | Mashallah Abbasi Dezfouli
Employers’ Perspectives on Future Roles and Skills Requirements for Australian Health Librarians

Author(s): Suzanne Lewis | Gillian Hallam | Ann Ritchie | Catherine Clark | Cheryl Hamill | Melanie Kammermann | Patrick O'Connor
Binary Modulation Formats in Optical Access Networks

Author(s): Vladimir Tejkal | Miloslav Filka | Pavel Reichert | Jan Sporik
Aggregating Data for Computational Toxicology Applications: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource (ACToR) System

Author(s): Richard S. Judson | Matthew T. Martin | Peter Egeghy | Sumit Gangwal | David M. Reif | Parth Kothiya | Maritja Wolf | Tommy Cathey | Thomas Transue | Doris Smith | James Vail | Alicia Frame | Shad Mosher | Elaine A. Cohen Hubal | Ann M. Richard

Author(s): Soumya Sen | Ranak Ghosh | Debanjali Paul | Nabendu Chaki
An Efficient Method of Steganography using Matrix Approach

Author(s): Nirmalya Chowdhury | Puspita Manna
Identities in transition: communication, body and technology in Villavicencio’s urban youth

Author(s): Héctor R. Chaparro-Hurtado | Claudia M. Guzmán Ariza | Armando Acuña-Pineda
A Vietnamese version of the 14-item oral health impact profile (OHIP-14VN)

Author(s): Ewald M. Bronkhorst | Nico H. J. Creugers | Dick J. Witter | Anneloes E. Gerritsen | Thoa C. Nguyen
A Vietnamese version of the 14-item oral health impact profile (OHIP-14VN)

Author(s): Ewald M. Bronkhorst | Nico H. J. Creugers | Dick J. Witter | Anneloes E. Gerritsen | Thoa C. Nguyen
Spatiotemporal Data Mining: Issues, Tasks And Applications

Author(s): K.Venkateswara Rao | A.Govardhan | K.V.Chalapati Rao
TERRA NEWS: Sensationalism and Fait-divers on the Internet

Author(s): Carlos Golembiewski | Diógenes Pandini
Assessment of outcome of an ADHD treatment program using parent feedback

Author(s): Hemamali Perera | Kamal Chandima Jeewandara | Sudharshi Seneviratne | Chandima Guruge
An Enhanced Indexing And Ranking Technique On The Semantic Web

Author(s): Ahmed Tolba | Nabila Eladawi | Mohammed Elmogy
Microblogging Practices of Scientists in E-Learning: A Qualitative Approach

Author(s): Barbara Kieslinger | Martin Ebner | Helga Wiesenhofer
Small Food Businesses: Trying to Improve Taking Records with a Mobile Device Application

Author(s): Esteban Pérez | António Raposo | Conrado Carrascosa | Esther Sanjuán | Cristina Mauricio | Rafael Millán
Joint Bidding under Capacity Constraints

Author(s): Beatriz De Otto-López
Agile parallel bioinformatics workflow management using Pwrake

Author(s): Mishima Hiroyuki | Sasaki Kensaku | Tanaka Masahiro | Tatebe Osamu | Yoshiura Koh-ichiro
An overview on ELISA techniques for FMD

Author(s): Ma Li-na | Zhang Jie | Chen Hao-tai | Zhou Jian-hua | Ding Yao-zhong | Liu Yong-sheng
Cross-species gene normalization by species inference

Author(s): Wei Chih-Hsuan | Kao Hung-Yu
Quality Enhancement of Compressed Audio Based on Statistical Conversion

Author(s): Cantzos Demetrios | Mouchtaris Athanasios | Kyriakakis Chris
SQNR Estimation of Fixed-Point DSP Algorithms

Author(s): Caffarena Gabriel | Carreras Carlos | López JuanA | Fernández Ángel
ATOM - an OMERO add-on for automated import of image data

Author(s): Müller Oliver | Lipp Peter | Kaestner Lars
Frequency shifting approach towards textual transcription of heartbeat sounds

Author(s): Arvin Farshad | Doraisamy Shyamala | Safar Khorasani Ehsan
On the Capacity of FSO Links over Gamma-Gamma Atmospheric Turbulence Channels Using OOK Signaling

Author(s): García-Zambrana Antonio | Castillo-Vázquez Carmen | Castillo-Vázquez Beatriz
Genes2WordCloud: a quick way to identify biological themes from gene lists and free text

Author(s): Baroukh Caroline | Jenkins Sherry | Dannenfelser Ruth | Ma'ayan Avi
Does Medical Students' Preference of Test Format (Computer-based vs. Paper-based) have an Influence on Performance?

Author(s): Hochlehnert Achim | Brass Konstantin | Moeltner Andreas | Juenger Jana
Design of a Low-Power VLSI Macrocell for Nonlinear Adaptive Video Noise Reduction

Author(s): Saponara Sergio | Fanucci Luca | Terreni Pierangelo
Joint Cross-Layer Design for Wireless QoS Content Delivery

Author(s): Chen Jie | Lv Tiejun | Zheng Haitao
Floating-to-Fixed-Point Conversion for Digital Signal Processors

Author(s): Menard Daniel | Chillet Daniel | Sentieys Olivier
Performance of UNHCR nutrition programs in post-emergency refugee camps

Author(s): Doocy Shannon | Tappis Hannah | Haskew Christopher | Wilkinson Caroline | Spiegel Paul
A Transcription System from MusicXML Format to Braille Music Notation

Author(s): Goto D | Gotoh T | Minamikawa-Tachino R | Tamura N
An Efficient Implementation of the Sign LMS Algorithm Using Block Floating Point Format

Author(s): Chakraborty Mrityunjoy | Shaik Rafiahamed | Lee Moon Ho
3D Game Content Distributed Adaptation in Heterogeneous Environments

Author(s): Morán Francisco | Preda Marius | Lafruit Gauthier | Villegas Paulo | Berretty Robert-Paul
Dimensioning Method for Conversational Video Applications in Wireless Convergent Networks

Author(s): Fernandez-Duran Alfonso | Perez Leal Raquel | Alonso JoséI
View Synthesis for Advanced 3D Video Systems

Author(s): Müller Karsten | Smolic Aljoscha | Dix Kristina | Merkle Philipp | Kauff Peter | Wiegand Thomas
Information readout devices for large-size matrices of IR-photodiodes

Author(s): Reva V. P. | Marchishin I. V. | Korinets S. V. | Sizov F. F.
Organizational Consulting: Using Relationship Marketing for Small Business Consulting and the Independent Consultants for Competitiveness

Author(s): José Alberto Carvalho dos Santos Claro | Marco Antonio Sampaio de Jesus | Camila Papa Lopes | Rafael Mateus Barreto
Automated Data Validation for Data Migration Security

Author(s): Manjunath T. N | Ravindra S. Hegadi | Mohan H S
The Aegean sea marine security decision support system

Author(s): L. Perivoliotis | G. Krokos | K. Nittis | G. Korres
"The Iranian Food Consumption Program (IFCP), A Unique Nutritional Software in Iran"

Author(s): M Rafiei | M Boshtam | A Marandi | A Jalali | R Vakili
Working with the DICOM and NIfTI Data Standards in R

Author(s): Brandon Whitcher | Volker J. Schmid | Andrew Thorton
mritc: A Package for MRI Tissue Classification

Author(s): Dai Feng | Luke Tierney
Controlled Terms or Free Terms? A JavaScript Library to Utilize Subject Headings and Thesauri on the Web

Author(s): Shun Nagaya | Yutaka Hayashi | Shuhei Otani | Keizo Itabashi
Assessment of Expanded program on immunization for mothers and children under 2 years old in Shahriar

Author(s): Rezaipour | A. Granmayeh | M. Kazemnejad | A. Hajizadeh | Sh
Evaluation of the Signal to Noise in Different Radiographic Methods and in Standard Digitizer

Author(s): P.Chitra | B.Sheela Rani | B.Venkatraman | Baldev Raj
Performance Elevation Criteria for OFDM under AWGN Fading Channel using IEEE 802.11a

Author(s): Abhishek Katariya | Amita Yadav | Neha Jain
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: An Introduction"

Author(s): Reza Majdzadeh | Sharareh Ahghari | Saharnaz Nedjat | Jaleh Gholami | Katayoun Maleki | Masoud Yunesian | Akbar fotuhi
Easing PAIN with Digital Signatures

Author(s): M. Tariq Banday
Two SAOR Iterative Formats for Solving Linear Complementarity Problems

Author(s): Xian-li Han | Dong-jin Yuan | Shan Jiang
Terbium to Quantum Dot FRET Bioconjugates for Clinical Diagnostics: Influence of Human Plasma on Optical and Assembly Properties

Author(s): Frank Morgner | Stefan Stufler | Daniel Geißler | Igor L. Medintz | W. Russ Algar | Kimihiro Susumu | Michael H. Stewart | Juan B. Blanco-Canosa | Philip E. Dawson | Niko Hildebrandt
A New Test Data Compression Scheme

Author(s): Ling Zhang | Jishun Kuang
BMP To JPEG- the conversion process

Author(s): Anjali Anand | Himanshu Aggarwal
An ECOOP web portal for visualising and comparing distributed coastal oceanography model and in situ data

Author(s): A. L. Gemmell | R. M. Barciela | J. D. Blower | K. Haines | Q. Harpham | K. Millard | M. R. Price | A. Saulter
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