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Pituitary hCG production and cerebral tuberculosis mimicking disease progression during chemotherapy for an advanced ovarian germ cell tumour

Author(s): Rakha Serena | Bayliss Clare | Sanderson Frances | Smith Richard | Seckl Michael | Savage Philip
Record linkage to obtain birth outcomes for the evaluation of screening biomarkers in pregnancy: a feasibility study

Author(s): Lain Samantha | Algert Charles | Tasevski Vitomir | Morris Jonathan | Roberts Christine
Expression of human chorionic gonadotropin beta in gastric carcinoma: A retrospective immunohistochemical study

Author(s): Murhekar Kanchan | Anuratha Jayaram | Majhi Urmila | Rajkumar Thangarajan
The impact of temporal variability of biochemical markers PAPP-A and free β-hCG on the specificity of the first-trimester Down syndrome screening: a Croatian retrospective study

Author(s): Tišlarić-Medenjak Dubravka | Zec Ivana | Šimundić Ana-Maria | Sabolović-Rudman Senka | Kos Milan | Megla Željka
First trimester screening for trisomy 21 in gestational week 8-10 by ADAM12-S as a maternal serum marker

Author(s): Tørring Niels | Ball Susan | Wright Dave | Sarkissian Gaïané | Guitton Marie | Darbouret Bruno
Laparoscopic management of primary abdominal pregnancy: a case report

Author(s): Mehmet Metin Altay | Betül Dündar | Ahmet Okyar Erol | Volkan Kurtaran | Orhan Gelişen
Pituitary glycoprotein hormone a-subunit secretion by cirrhotic patients

Author(s): Oliveira M.C. | Pizarro C.B. | Cassal A. | Cremonese R. | Vieira J.G.H.
Outcome of patients with stage II and III nonseminomatous germ cell tumors: Results of a single center

Author(s): Ataergin S | Ozet A | Arpaci F | Kilic S | Beyzadeoglu M | Komurcu S
Thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy

Author(s): El Baba KA | Azar ST
Optimization of a novel three dimensional risk calculation model for software-based aneuploidy screening in early pregnancy

Author(s): Cindy Hörmansdörfer | Michael Golatta | Bernhard Vaske | Alexander Scharf | Peter Schmidt
Decreased levels of genuine large free hCG alpha in men presenting with abnormal semen analysis

Author(s): Zenzmaier Christoph | Gerth Regine | Gruschwitz Matthias | Lindner Herbert | Plas Eugen | Berger Peter
Twin Pregnancy with Hydatidiform Mole and Coexisting Fetus: Report of Three Cases and Review of Literature

Author(s): Fariba Yarandi | Zahra Eftekhar | Narges Izadi-Mood | Zahra Elahi-Panah | Hadi Shojaei
Effect of Weight Reduction on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and CD34-positive Cells in Circulation

Author(s): Nina A Mikirova, Joseph J Casciari, Ronald E Hunninghake, Margaret M Beezley
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