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Thailand and brain drain

Author(s): Terry Commins
Exporting EU Liberalism Eastwards

Author(s): Lynn M. Tesser
Health sciences students’ opinions on Turkey’s European Union membership

Author(s): Nazan Tuna Oran | Siret Hürsoy | Fisun Şenuzun | Ummahan Yücel
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Huadong Ma | Guojun Wang | Guojun Wang
An Empirical Study of Non-Rigid Surface Feature Matching of Human from 3D Video

Author(s): Ashish Doshi | Jonathan Starck | Adrian Hilton
Pain neurophysiology education improves cognitions, pain thresholds, and movement performance in people with chronic whiplash: A pilot study

Author(s): Jessica Van Oosterwijck, MS | Jo Nijs, PhD | Mira Meeus, PhD | Steven Truijen, PhD, MSc | Julie Craps, MS | Nick Van den Keybus, MS | Lorna Paul, PhD
Development of a series of patient information leaflets for constipation using a range of cognitive interview techniques: LIFELAX

Author(s): Lake Amelia | Speed Chris | Brookes Anna | Heaven Ben | Adamson Ashley | Moynihan Paula | Corbett Sally | McColl Elaine
Gait Recognition Using Image Self-Similarity

Author(s): Larry S. Davis | Ross G. Cutler | Chiraz BenAbdelkader

Author(s): Dumitrita FLOREA (IONESCU | Parascheva NISIOI
Gait Recognition Using Image Self-Similarity

Author(s): BenAbdelkader Chiraz | Cutler Ross G | Davis Larry S

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