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Author(s): V Sujitha | Bhattacharyya Sayani | Prakasam Kalyani
Bio-optical provinces in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and their biogeographical relevance

Author(s): B. B. Taylor | E. Torrecilla | A. Bernhardt | M. H. Taylor | I. Peeken | R. Röttgers | J. Piera | A. Bracher
Muscle Growth and Poultry Meat Quality Issues

Author(s): Massimiliano Petracci | Claudio Cavani
Evaluation of the Functional Properties of Promising Dioscorea trifida L. Waxy Starches for Food Innovation

Author(s): Elevina Pérez | Olivier Gibert | Agnès Rolland-Sabaté | Xiomara Segovia | Teresa Sánchez | Max Reynes | Dominique Dufour
Analysis of Known Bacterial Protein Vaccine Antigens RevealsBiased Physical Properties and Amino Acid Composition

Author(s): Carl Mayers | Melanie Duffield | Sonya Rowe | Julie Miller | Bryan Lingard | Sarah Hayward | Richard W. Titball
Effect of Cucumber Extract on Soybean Lipoxygenase Activity and the Functional Properties of Soybean Protein Concentrate

Author(s): Yuepeng Wang | Yingnan Yang | Min Shi | Yiting Li | Ying Zhang | Zhenya Zhang
Assessment of bioactive polyphenolic compounds from oenological exhausted material

Author(s): Razvan Filimon | Marius Niculaua | Cristina Arion Mihalache | Roxana Mihaela Anghel
Development of fungi on Lupinus angustifolius L. and Lupinus luteus L.

Author(s): Terese Laimute Nedzinskiene | Rita Asakaviciute

Author(s): Siddhapara Mihir | Tikare Vijay | Ramana MV | Sutariya Bhavesh | Vaghasiya Bhavesh
First-principles calculation of the band gap of AlxGa1¡-xN and InxGa1¡-xN

Author(s): Roberto N ez Gonz lez | Armando Reyes Serrato | Alvaro Posada Amarillas | Donald H. Galv n
Phase Diagrams for Systems Containing Hyperbranched Polymers

Author(s): Sabine Enders | Kai Langenbach | Philipp Schrader | Tim Zeiner
Analysis of human collagen sequences

Author(s): Manisha Nassa | Pracheta Anand | Aditi Jain | Aastha Chhabra | Astha Jaiswal | Umang Malhotra | Vibha Rani*
Mesenchymal stem cell properties of dental pulp cells from deciduous teeth

Author(s): Nikolić N. | Krstić A. | Trivanović D. | Mojsilović S. | Kocić J. | Santibanez J.F. | Jovčić G. | Bugarski D.
Biochemical Characteristics of Flours from Ivorian Taro (Colocasia Esculenta, Cv Yatan) Corm as Affected by Boiling Time

Author(s): Anon Simplice Amon | René Yadé Soro | Pamphile Kouadio Bony Koffi | Edmond Ahipo Dué | Lucien Patrice Kouamé
Nanoferroelectric perovskite oxides with unusual morphology produced by different synthesis procedures

Author(s): Alessio Bassano | Vishwanath Kalayani | Lavinia P. Curecheriu | Maria T. Buscaglia | Vincenzo Buscaglia | Liliana Mitoseriu | Paolo Nanni
Production of Cereal-Based Infant Food from Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench] and Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan)

Author(s): Mazaher Abd Elrahim Mohammed | Hattim Makki Mohamed Makki | Abd El Moneim Ibrahim Mustafa
Metal üzerine preslenebilir seramik restorasyonlar ve klinik uygulamasi: olgu sunumu

Author(s): Rifat Gözneli | Altay Uludamar | Buket Akalın Evren | Yasemin Kulak Özkan
Biomaterials for craniofacial reconstruction

Author(s): Neumann, Andreas | Kevenhoerster, Kevin
Monodisperse 130 kDa and 260 kDa Recombinant Human Hemoglobin Polymers as Scaffolds for Protein Engineering of Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers

Author(s): David A. Marquardt | Michael P. Doyle | Jeffrey S. Davidson | Janet K. Epp | Jacqueline F. Aitken | Douglas D. Lemon | Spencer J. Anthony-Cahill

Comparative Computational Studies of 3,4-Dihydro-2,6-diaryl-4-oxo-pyrimidine-5-carbonitrile Derivatives as Potential Antinociceptive Agents

Author(s): Janaína V. dos Anjos | Rajendra M. Srivastava | João H. Costa-Silva | Luciana Scotti | Marcus T. Scotti | Almir G. Wanderley | Elisa Soares Leite | Sebastião J. de Melo | Francisco J. B. Mendonça Junior
Topological description of the half-metallic transition of MnAs

Author(s): SH Khosravizadeh | SJ Hashemifar | H Akbarzadeh
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a New Polymeric Conjugate and Nanocarrier with Osteotropic Properties

Author(s): Rosario Pignatello | Maria Grazia Sarpietro | Francesco Castelli
Fluorescent Lipids: Functional Parts of Fusogenic Liposomes and Tools for Cell Membrane Labeling and Visualization

Author(s): Christian Kleusch | Nils Hersch | Bernd Hoffmann | Rudolf Merkel | Agnes Csiszár
Antioxidant properties of ginger leaves: An overview

Author(s): Eric WC Chan | YY Lim | SK Wong
Fractionated photothermal antitumor therapy with multidye nanoparticles

Author(s): Gutwein LG | Singh AK | Hahn MA | Rule MC | Knapik JA | Moudgil BM | Brown SC | Grobmyer SR
Pilot in vivo toxicological investigation of boron nitride nanotubes

Author(s): Ciofani G | Danti S | Genchi GG | D’Alessandro D | Pellequer JL | Odorico M | Mattoli V | Giorgi M
only: A Case Study In Projective Meaning

Author(s): Craige Roberts
The effect of fermentation temperature on the functional dairy product quality

Author(s): Kanurić Katarina G. | Hrnjez Dajana V. | Ranogajec Marjan I. | Milanović Spasenija D. | Iličić Mirela D. | Vukić Vladimir R. | Milanović Maja Lj.
Protein-protected luminescent noble metal quantum clusters: an emerging trend in atomic cluster nanoscience

Author(s): Paulrajpillai Xavier | Kamalesh Chaudhari | Ananya Baksi | Thalappil Pradeep
Preparation and Functional Assessment of Composite Chitosan-Nano-Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration

Author(s): Benjamin T. Reves | Jessica A. Jennings | Joel D. Bumgardner | Warren O. Haggard
Effects of climate variability and functional changes on the interannual variation of the carbon balance in a temperate deciduous forest

Author(s): J. Wu | L. van der Linden | G. Lasslop | N. Carvalhais | K. Pilegaard | C. Beier | A. Ibrom
Halogenation processes of secondary organic aerosol and implications on halogen release mechanisms

Author(s): J. Ofner | N. Balzer | J. Buxmann | H. Grothe | P. Schmitt-Kopplin | U. Platt | C. Zetzsch
Web Service Assurance: The Notion and the Issues

Author(s): Marco Anisetti | Claudio A. Ardagna | Ernesto Damiani | Fulvio Frati | Hausi A. Müller | Atousa Pahlevan
Synthetic Strategies towards Fullerene-Rich Dendrimer Assemblies

Author(s): Uwe Hahn | Fritz Vögtle | Jean-François Nierengarten
Transient charge-masking effect of applied voltage on electrospinning of pure chitosan nanofibers from aqueous solutions

Author(s): Dohiko Terada, Hisatoshi Kobayashi, Kun Zhang, Ashutosh Tiwari, Chiaki Yoshikawa and Nobutaka Hanagata
A p-Laplace Equation Model for Image Denoising

Author(s): Wei Wei | Bin Zhou
Model-Based Security Testing

Author(s): Ina Schieferdecker | Juergen Grossmann | Martin Schneider
Functional analysis and structure determination of alkaline protease from Aspergillus flavus

Author(s): Rabbani Syed | Roja Rani | Sabeena | Tariq Ahmad Masoodi | Gowher Shafi | Khalid Alharbi
Effect of Different Supplementation Levels of Soybean Flour on Pearl Millet Functional Properties

Author(s): Limya O. Mallasy | Elfadil E. Babiker | Abd Elmoneim O. Elkhalifa | Maha A. M. Ali | Abdullahi H. El Tinay
Bifidobacteria as Potential Functional Starter Cultures: A Case Study by MSc Students in Food Science and Technology (University of Foggia, Southern Italy)

Author(s): Rossana Lauriola | Stefania Franchino | Angela Pacifico | Milena Sinigaglia | Maria Rosaria Corbo | Maria Teresa Cagnazzo | Antonio Bevilacqua | Cataldo Caldarola | Anna Rita Dragano | Emanuela Ciuffreda
The effect of milling on proteins in model queso fresco cheeses

Author(s): Diane Van Hekken | Alberto Nuñez | Moushumi Paul
The effect of milling on proteins in model queso fresco cheeses

Author(s): Diane Van Hekken | Alberto Nuñez | Moushumi Paul
Functional test of pedotransfer functions to predict water flow and solute transport with the dual-permeability model MACRO

Author(s): J. Moeys | M. Larsbo | L. Bergström | C. D. Brown | Y. Coquet | N. J. Jarvis
Development of Ti-Coated Ferromagnetic Needle, Adaptable for Ablation Cancer Therapy by High-Frequency Induction Heating

Author(s): Takashi Naohara | Hiromichi Aono | Tsunehiro Maehara | Hideyuki Hirazawa | Shinya Matsutomo | Yuji Watanabe
Pro-Inflammatory S100A8 and S100A9 Proteins: Self-Assembly into Multifunctional Native and Amyloid Complexes

Author(s): Thomas Vogl | Anna L. Gharibyan | Ludmilla A. Morozova-Roche
Bioactive Peptides: A Review

Author(s): Shrikant Sharma | Raghvendar Singh | Shashank Rana
Fucoxantin: A Treasure from the Sea

Author(s): Nicolantonio D’Orazio | Eugenio Gemello | Maria Alessandra Gammone | Massimo de Girolamo | Cristiana Ficoneri | Graziano Riccioni
Gas-Foamed Scaffold Gradients for Combinatorial Screening in 3D

Author(s): Kaushik Chatterjee | Alison M. Kraigsley | Durgadas Bolikal | Joachim Kohn | Carl G. Simon
An Approach to Web Services Configuration based on QoS

Author(s): Yogini Marathe | Pravin Game
Estudo de viabilidade da secagem da biomassa da banana verde em spray dryer rotativo

Author(s): Ricardo Kenji Oi | Elias Basile Tambourgi | Deovaldo de Moraes Jr
Comparison of A and B Starch Granules from Three Wheat Varieties

Author(s): Jie Zeng | Guanglei Li | Haiyan Gao | Zhengang Ru

Author(s): Chavan Chetan | Tamboli Ashpak | Patil Priyanka | Chavan Ashwini
Ionic and Polyampholyte N-Isopropylacrylamide-Based Hydrogels Prepared in the Presence of Imprinting Ligands: Stimuli-Responsiveness and Adsorption/Release Properties

Author(s): Miguel A. Lago | Valerij Ya. Grinberg | Tatiana V. Burova | Angel Concheiro | Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo
Gold in the past, today and future

Author(s): R. Rudolf | M. Anžel | E. Marković | M. Čolić | D. Stamenković
Solid dispersions in the form of electrospun core-sheath nanofibers

Author(s): Yu DG | Zhu LM | Branford-White CJ | Yang JH | Wang X | Li Y | Qian W
Iron oxide-based nanomagnets in nanomedicine: fabrication and applications

Author(s): Meng Meng Lin | Hyung-Hwan Kim | Hyuck Kim | Mamoun Muhammed | Do Kyung Kim
Nanocomposites of polymer and inorganic nanoparticles for optical and magnetic applications

Author(s): Shanghua Li | Meng Meng Lin | Muhammet S. Toprak | Do Kyung Kim | Mamoun Muhammed
Design of Improved Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) H2 Adsorbents

Author(s): Terumi Furuta | Izuru Kanoya | Hiroshi Sakai | Mitsuya Hosoe
3D QSAR Pharmacophore Modeling, in Silico Screening, and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Approaches for Identification of Human Chymase Inhibitors

Author(s): Mahreen Arooj | Sundarapandian Thangapandian | Shalini John | Swan Hwang | Jong Keun Park | Keun Woo Lee
Formulation Optimization of Gluten-Free Functional Spaghetti Based on Maize Flour and Oat Bran Enriched in b-Glucans

Author(s): Lucia Padalino | Marcella Mastromatteo | Grazia Sepielli | Matteo Alessandro Del Nobile
Water Soluble Responsive Polymer Brushes

Author(s): Michael P. Weir | Andrew J. Parnell
Several Fruit Characteristics of Rosa sp. Genotypes from the Northeastern Region of Romania

Author(s): Craita Maria ROSU | Ciprian MANZU | Zenovia OLTEANU | Lacramioara OPRICA | Adrian OPREA | Elena CIORNEA | Maria Magdalena ZAMFIRACHE
Soluble Carbohydrates as Osmolytes in Several Halophytes from a Mediterranean Salt Marsh

Author(s): Ricardo GIL | Cristina LULL | Monica BOSCAIU | Inmaculada BAUTISTA | Antonio LIDÓN | Oscar VICENTE
Aspect-Oriented Approach for the Improvement of the Reliability and Time Performance of a Fault-Tolerant System

Author(s): Khalid Bouragba | Hicham Belhadaoui | Mohammed Ouzzif | Mounir Rifi
Mechanical properties of PET composites using multi-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized by inorganic and itaconic acids

Author(s): A. May-Pat | J. V. Cauich-Rodriguez | M. Yazdani-Pedram | F. Aviles | P. Toro
Aging induced changes on NEXAFS fingerprints in individual combustion particles

Author(s): V. Zelenay | R. Mooser | T. Tritscher | A. Křepelová | M. F. Heringa | R. Chirico | A. S. H. Prévôt | E. Weingartner | U. Baltensperger | J. Dommen | B. Watts | J. Raabe | T. Huthwelker | M. Ammann
Functional Properties of Pea (Pisum sativum, L.) Protein Isolates Modified with Chymosin

Author(s): Miroljub Barać | Slavica Čabrilo | Mirjana Pešić | Slađana Stanojević | Milica Pavlićević | Ognjen Maćej | Nikola Ristić
Role of Cytokines in Pathophysiology of Asthma

Author(s): Anita A Mehta | Shailaja Mahajan
FP-LMTO Investigation of the Structural and Electronic Properties of CuxAg1–xI Alloys

Author(s): Mohammed Ameri | Noureddine Bouzouira | Mohammed Doui-Aici | Rabah Khenata | Abdelkader Yakoubi | Mohammed Maachou
Structural and Electronic Properties of Bixo3 (X = Mn, Fe, Cr)

Author(s): Djillali Bensaid | Nour-Eddine Benkhettou | Ali Kourdassi
Spectroscopic Phenomenological Estimation of the Functional State of the Human Organism in Rate and Pathology

Author(s): Michail Yurevich Dolomatov | Nikolay Vasilevich Kalashchenko | Sergei Vladislavovich Dezortsev | Timur Ramilevich Araslanov
Electron Momentum Density and X-ray Structure Factors of Fcc-Copper

Author(s): Neha Munjal | Pooja Bhambhani | Vimal Vyas | Parvez Ahmad Alvi | Ghanshyam Sharma | Bal Krishna Sharma
DC Conductivity and Spectroscopic Characterization of Poly (o-toluidine) Doped with Binary Dopant ZrOCl2/AgI

Author(s): Kiran Kumari | Vazid Ali | Gita Rani | Sushil Kumar | G.B.V.S. Lakshmi | M. Zulfequar
Materials for Spintronics: Magnetic and Transport Properties of Ultrathin (Monolayer Graphene)/MnO(001) and MnO(001) Films

Author(s): Victor Ilyasov | Besarion Meshi | Anatoly Ryzhkin | Igor Ershov | Igor Nikiforov | Alexey Ilyasov
Computational modeling studies on anti-HIV-1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibition by dihydroalkoxybenzyloxopyrimidines analogues: an electrotopological atomistic approach

Author(s): Nitin S. Sapre | Tarang Bhati | Swagata Gupta | Nilanjana Pancholi | Urmila Raghuvanshi | Divya Dubey | Vandana Rajopadhyay | Neelima Sapre
Assessment of Biological Properties of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Characteristics Prior To Differentiation

Author(s): Gary Adams | Lee Buttery | Snow Stolnik | Stephen E. Harding | Nan Wang
Controlled Growth of CdS Nanocrystals: Core/Shell viz Matrix

Author(s): Prinsa. verma | Avinash C Pandey
The Density Functional Study on Lonic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methyl Imodazolium Tetrafluoroborate

Author(s): DAI Peng-fei | HE Guo-tian | GU Ming-xin | JIANG He-lun
Nucleus pulposus cells synthesize a functional extracellular matrix and respond to inflammatory cytokine challenge following long-term agarose culture

Author(s): LJ Smith | JA Chiaro | NL Nerurkar | DH Cortes | SD Horava | NM Hebela | RL Mauck | GR Dodge | DM Elliott
Determining factors of thermoelectric properties of semiconductor nanowires

Author(s): Demchenko Denis | Heinz Peter | Lee Byounghak
Genotypic and functional properties of early infant HIV-1 envelopes

Author(s): Kishko Michael | Somasundaran Mohan | Brewster Frank | Sullivan John | Clapham Paul | Luzuriaga Katherine
Identification of sodium channel isoforms that mediate action potential firing in lamina I/II spinal cord neurons

Author(s): Hildebrand Michael | Mezeyova Janette | Smith Paula | Salter Michael | Tringham Elizabeth | Snutch Terrance
A comparison of in vitro properties of resting SOD1 transgenic microglia reveals evidence of reduced neuroprotective function

Author(s): Sargsyan Siranush | Blackburn Daniel | Barber Siân | Grosskreutz Julian | De Vos Kurt | Monk Peter | Shaw Pamela
Physical properties of naked DNA influence nucleosome positioning and correlate with transcription start and termination sites in yeast

Author(s): Deniz Özgen | Flores Oscar | Battistini Federica | Pérez Alberto | Soler-López Montserrat | Orozco Modesto
Functional Genomics Assistant (FUGA): a toolbox for the analysis of complex biological networks

Author(s): Drozdov Ignat | Ouzounis Christos | Shah Ajay | Tsoka Sophia
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