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Norito e Charnoenderbitos da Borda do Maciço Intrusivo de Venda Nova (Espírito Santo)

Author(s): Julio Cezar Mendes | Cristina Maria Wiedemann | Ian McReath
IODP Expeditions 309 and 312 Drill an Intact Section of Upper Oceanic Basement into Gabbros

Author(s): Jeffrey C. Alt | Damon A.H. Teagle | Susumu Umino | Sumio Miyashita | Neil R. Banerjee | Douglas S. Wilson | the IODP Expeditions 309 and 312 Scientists | the ODP Leg 206 Scientific Party
IODP Expeditions 304 & 305 Characterize the Lithology, Structure, and Alteration of an Oceanic Core Complex

Author(s): Benoit Ildefonse | Donna Blackman | Barbara E. John | Yasuhiko Ohara | D. Jay Miller | Christopher J. MacLeod | the IODP Expeditions 304–305 Scientists
Geología y vulcanología de La Palma y El Hierro, Canarias Occidentales

Author(s): Carracedo, J. C. | Badiola, E. R. | Guillou, H. | de la Nuez, J. | Pérez Torrado, F. J.
Petrochemistry of the Reduced, Ilmenite-Series Granitoid Intrusion Related to the Hired Gold-Tin Prospect (Basiran), Eastern Iran

Author(s): M.H. Karimpour | C.R. Stern | A. Malekzadeh Shafaroudi | M.R. Hidarian | A. Mazaheri
Geological Guide to Selected Areas of the Kruger National Park

Author(s): J.W Bristow | R Sweeney | F.J Venter
The structure of the ophiolitic beltin Albania inferred from geomagnetic anomalies

Author(s): I. Kane | A. Stampolidis | N. G. Tsokas | S. Bushati | D. Kondopoulou | P. Tsourlos
Troodos: A Giant Serpentinite Diapir

Author(s): Roelof Dirk Schuiling
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