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Estimation of Genetic Parameters and Trends in Pre-Weaning Traits of Beef Lines Subject to Phenotypic Selection

Author(s): Z. Wang | L. A. Goonewardene | R. C. Yang | M. A. Price | M. Makarechian | J. Knapp | E. K. Okine | R. T. Berg
Comparison of Growth Characteristics of Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Their F1 Crossbred during the Wintering Period

Author(s): Y. Sa s?z | A. Hayirli | N. Sabuncuo lu | A. Yildiz | E. La?in | ?. ?oban
Goat Production under Traditional Management in Gaborone Agricultural Region in Botswana

Author(s): A.A. Aganga | U.J. Omphile | R.G. Chabo | M. Kgosimore | M. Mochankana
The Use of Poultry Dropping as Snail Feed

Author(s): Ademolu, K.O. | A.B. Idowu
Efficacy of Ivermectin against GastroIntestinal Nematodes in Calves

Author(s): Sarkar, A. K., | M. Ali | A. Rahman
Effect of Different Levels of Maize Gluten Meal (60%) on the Growth Performance of Broiler Chicks

Author(s): M. Ismail | A.Memon | A.A.Solangi | N. N.Ansari | M. I. Rind
A Comparison of Growth, Efficiency and Maturing Patterns of Meat

Author(s): Goonewardene L.A | Z. Wang | E. K. Okine | M. A. Price | Z. Wang | J. A. Basarab | L. A. Goonewardene | D. H. Crews, Jr | P. Ramsey | K.L. Lyle | N. French | E.K. Okine | S.S. Moore
Applying Social Network Analysis to Analyze a Web-Based Community

Author(s): Mohammed Al-Taie | Mohammed Al-Taie
Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Virtual Machine Load Balancing Algorithm

Author(s): Prof.Meenakshi Sharma | Pankaj Sharma
Secure Cooperative Spectrum Sensing based on the Distance between Bodies of Evidence

Author(s): Xiwen Tang | Yingguan Wang | Yi Wang | Yanjun Hu
Commensal E. Coli Strains Uniquely Alter the ECM Topography Independent of Colonic Epithelial Cells

Author(s): Crystal Foster | Sarah C Glover | Ramana Vishnubhotla | Shruthi S Bharadwaj | Victor Nekrasov
Study on efficacy of Probiotic in Broiler Chickens diet

Author(s): Farhad Mirzaei | Alireza Alinejad | Ahmad Zarea Shahne | Seyed Mozafar Seyed Mehdizadeh Taklimi | Hushang Lotfollahian
Effect of Sodium Tri Polyphosphate (STPP) and Foreign Materials on the Quality of Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) under Ice Storage Condition

Author(s): Mohammed Nurul Absar Khan | Md. Nazrul Islam | Md. Kamal | Imrul Mosaddek Ahmed | Sujay Paul | Md. Shaheed Reza | Abu Saim Mahammed Shadat Mandal
Antidepressant-Like Activity of Tetramethylpyrazine Measured by Chronic Experimental Method in Rat Model of Depression

Author(s): Mingneng Liao | Rundi Ma | Tingxi Yu | Lijian Yu | Xiaodan Jiang | Yongping Zhang
Gain of Chromosomes 1, 2, 7, 10, 13 and 17 in an Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease Associated Renal Cell Carcinoma

Author(s): Julie Branson | Zhanyong Bing | Diane Robirds | Shuting Bai | Dengfeng Cao
Analysis of Winds Affecting Air Pollutant Transport atLa Plata, Argentina

Author(s): Fabián Videla | Andrés Nico | Jorge Reyna Almandos | Gustavo Ratto | Ricardo Maronna | Patricia Repossi
Wideband Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Shaped Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna for X-Band Application

Author(s): Rabindra Kishore Mishra | Dipak Ranjan Poddar | Dipali Soren | Rowdra Ghatak
Low Cost Driving Trainer Assistance System

Author(s): K. Ganesan | V. A. Arun Kumar | Roy Adarsha
Inflated Production Quota Gains Paid for by a Consumption Tax

Author(s): Dwayne Haynes | Andrew Schmitz | Troy G. Schmitz
MIMO Spectral Efficiency over Energy Consumption Requirements: Application to WSNs

Author(s): Ammar Bouallègue | Kosai Raoof | Maha Ben Zid
Effect of -Mannanase on Broiler Performance and Dry Matter Output Using Corn-Soybean Meal Based Diets

Author(s): F.J. Mussini | C.A. Coto | S.D. Goodgame | C. Lu | A.J. Karimi | J.H. Lee | P.W. Waldroup
Evaluation of Canola Meal from Biodiesel Production as a Feed Ingredient for Broilers

Author(s): Y.N. Min | Z. Wang | C. Coto | F. Yan | S. Cerrate | F.Z. Liu | P.W. Waldroup
The Effect on Growth and Lipid Profile in Rats Fed Microwave Heated Corn Oil

Author(s): Fasih Ahmad | Al Kanhal Mohamad Ahmad | Arif Zarina | Hameed Tariq
Supplementation Levels of Palm Oil in Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Culture Fermented Cassava Pulp on Rumen Fermentation and Average Daily Gain in Crossbred Native Cattle

Author(s): Sarunyu Chuelong | Theerawat Siriuthane | Kitsada Polsit | Sommas Ittharat | Uthai Koatdoke | Anusorn Cherdthong | Sittisak Khampa
Supplementation of Cassava and Durian Hull Fermented Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on Rumen Fermentation and Average Daily Gain in Crossbred Native Cattle

Author(s): Kitsada Polsit | Sarunyu Chuelong | Teerawat Siriuthane | Sommas Ittarat | Uthai Koatedoke | Anusorn Cherdthong | Sittisak Khampa
Effects of Moringa oleifera (Lam.) Leaves Meal Incorporation in Diets on Growth Performances, Carcass Characteristics and Economics Results of Growing Indigenous Senegal Chickens

Author(s): S.B. Ayssiwede | A. Dieng | H. Bello | C.A.A.M. Chrysostome | M.B. Hane | A. Mankor | M. Dahouda | M.R. Houinato | J.L. Hornick | A. Missohou
Inflated Production Quota Gains Paid for by a Consumption Tax

Author(s): Dwayne Haynes | Andrew Schmitz | Troy G. Schmitz
MIMO Spectral Efficiency over Energy Consumption Requirements: Application to WSNs

Author(s): Ammar Bouallègue | Kosai Raoof | Maha Ben Zid
Assessing the Role of Transport in the Achievement of Maternal Mortality Reduction in Ghana

Author(s): Patrick Fiagbe | David Asamoah | Francis Tabi Oduro
Effects of Yucca schidigera Extract (Dk 35 Powder) on Awassi Lambs Performance

Author(s): Serafettin Kaya | Mahmut Keskin | Sabri G?l
Efficacy of Methionine Hydroxy Analog and Dl-methionine as Methionine Sources for Growing Pigs

Author(s): Zhanyu Feng | Shiyan Qiao | Yongxi Ma | Xu Wang | Xiaojie Li | P.A. Thacker

Author(s): Tapia, M.O. | A.F. Giordano | A.L. Soraci | C.A. Gonzalez | L.A. Denzoin | I.O. Ortega | W. Olson | M.J. Murphy
Post Mortem Analyses of Mokwa Cattle Ranch, Niger State

Author(s): Okaiyeto, P.O. | Y.U. Abubakar
Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Norduz Male Kids

Author(s): Daskiran, M. Bingol | A. Kor | A.O. Demir | A. Yilmaz | S. Karaca
Gliricidia Leafmeal in Layer?s Diet: Effect on Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Economy of Production

Author(s): Ige, A.O. | A.A. Odunsi | J.A. Akinlade | L.O. Ojedapo | S.A. Ameen | O.A. Aderinola | T.A. Rafiu
The Effect of Initial Age of Fattening on the Fattening Performance and Carcass Traits of Eastern Anatolian Red Cattle Reared in Eastern Turkey

Author(s): Abdulkadir Ozluturk | Olcay Guler | Mete Yanar | Omer Akbulut | Necdet Unlu | Sinan Kopuzlu | Ozmen Biberoglu
Utilisation of Dried Yeast as a Source of Lysine in Broiler Feeds

Author(s): Ayanwale, B.A. | M.J. Ibrahim | F. Aberuagba
The Physiological Impact on the Consumption of Albizia saman Pods by Albino Rats

Author(s): Idowu, A.B. | O.D. Babalola | K.O. Ademolu
Raw Sword Bean Meal as A Substitute for Soya Bean Meal in Broiler Finisher Diets

Author(s): Akinmutimi, A.H. | S.F. Abasiekong | V.O. Shoyinka
Effect of Replacing Maize with Ripe Plantain and Yam Peels in the Diet of Weaner Rabbits

Author(s): A.H. Akinmutimi | V.U. Odoemelam | S.F. Obasienkong
Performance of Wad Goats Fed Panicum maximum Basal Diets with Different Protein Supplements

Author(s): O.M.Arigbede | J.E.N. Olatunji | O.A. Isah | T.O. Bawala | K.A. Oseni
Studies on Milk Mineral Composition of Lactating West African Dwarf Goats

Author(s): T.O.Bawala | O.A. Isah | A.O. Akinsoyinu
Response of Weaner Rabbits to Xylanase Enzyme Supplemented Maize Milling Waste Based Diets

Author(s): W.A. Olayemi | A.O. OSO | A.M. Bamgbose | O.O. Oduguwa | S.A. Onadeko
Utilization of Cassava Peel Meal as Energy Source for Growing Pigs

Author(s): O.T.Irekhore | A.M. Bamgbose | G.A. Olubadewa
The Anticoccidial Efficacy of Natural Herb Extracts in Calves

Author(s): M. Takagi | T. Kuriyagawa | J. Hirose | T. Ryuno | Y. Imura | K. Okamoto | Y. Omata | T. Yasui | E. Deguchi
Effect of Litter Depth on the Performance of Three Strains of Broiler Chickens

Author(s): O.M. Sogunle | B.A. Ogunjimi | A.O. Fanimo
Effect of Dietary Betaine on Growth Performance and Body Composition of Oreochromis aureus Reared in Fresh and Sea WaterA Comparative Study

Author(s): M. Ayce Genc | Nazmi Tekelioglu | Erdal Yilmaz | Arzu Ozluer Hunt | Yasemen Yanar
Mining the Protein Data Bank to Differentiate Error from Structural Variation in Clustered Static Structures: An Examination of HIV Protease

Author(s): Balasubramanian Venkatakrishnan | Miorel-Lucian Palii | Mavis Agbandje-McKenna | Robert McKenna
The nutritional status of a group of pregnant women and its relationship with socioeconomic and dietary intake indicators. Antioquia, Colombia

Author(s): Lorena P. Mancilla L | Sandra L. Restrepo M | Alejandro Estrada R | Luz M. Manjarrés C | Beatriz E. Parra S
Genetic analysis of growth traits in Iranian Makuie sheep breed

Author(s): Shoja Jafari | Ali Hashemi | Ghader Manafiazar | Reza Darvishzadeh | Sarrain Razzagzadeh | Mohammad Farhadian
Methanol-CO correlations in Mexico City pollution outflow from aircraft and satellite during MILAGRO

Author(s): Y. Xiao | K. E. Cady-Pereira | V. H. Payne | D. B. Millet | M. W. Shephard | M. Luo | M. Alvarado | K. C. Wells | E. C. Apel | T. L. Campos | H. B. Singh | G. W. Sachse

Author(s): Rizal Razman | Jadeera PG Cheong | Wan Abu Bakar Wan Abas | Nor Azuan Abu Osman
Born at 27 weeks of gestation with classical PKU: challenges of dietetic management in a very preterm infant

Author(s): Diana Ballhausen | Delphine Egli | Myriam Bickle-Graz | Nicoletta Bianchi | Luisa Bonafé
Evaluation of uptake and transport of cationic and anionic ultrasmall iron oxide nanoparticles by human colon cells

Author(s): Halamoda Kenzaoui B | Vilà MR | Miquel JM | Cengelli F | Juillerat-Jeanneret L
A Survey on Cross Layer Security

Author(s): Sandeep Sharma | Rajesh Mishra | Karan Singh
High Performance Op Amp Design Review

Author(s): Rajashri Deshmukh | Deepak Dandekar
Mobile Viruses

Author(s): Pranav R Shah | Yash Shah | Saurabh Madan
Broadband Shorted Plate Proximity Fed Rectangular Microstrip Antenna

Author(s): A. A. Deshmukh | Sumit Ranka | F. Shah | M. Parekh | K. P. Ray
Broadband Slot Cut Modified Rectangular Microstrip Antenna

Author(s): A. A. Deshmukh | D. Shah | V. Desai | S. Kapadia | K. P. Ray
Design of SallenKey Low Pass Filter for High Bandwidth

Author(s): Sonia Behra | Premprakash Mourya | Kamlesh Chaudhary | Vikas Mishra
Novel Triple Band Helical Antenna for Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement

Author(s): Vinitkumar Jayaprakash Dongre | B. K. Mishra
Differential ultra low noise amplifier for low frequency noise measurements

Author(s): Graziella Scandurra | Gianluca Cannatà | Carmine Ciofi
Self-balanced Q- and gain-switched erbium all-fiber laser

Author(s): Tzong-Yow Tsai | Hao-Hsiang Ma | Yen-Cheng Fang | Hong-Xi Tsao | Shih-Ting Lin
Near-field dynamics of broad area diode laser at very high pump levels

Author(s): Martin Hempel | Jens W. Tomm | Martina Baeumler | Helmer Konstanzer | Jayanta Mukherjee | Thomas Elsaesser
Effect of varying levels of concentrate to roughage ratio on growth of Sudanese desert kids

Author(s): Y. M. Abdalatif, | M. B. Elemam, | O. M. A. Abdelhadi | A. M. Salih
Effect of castration on feedlot performance and some serum metabolites of Nubian male kids

Author(s): Assia I. A. M. Nasr, | M. Atta, | M. I. Elmahi | A. O. Mohammed
Use of black pepper (Piper nigrum) as feed additive in broilers diet

Author(s): Galib A. M. Al-Kassie, | Mamdooh A. M. Al-Nasrawi, | Saba J. Ajeena
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