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Dostoevsky And His Book Called “Gambler”

Author(s): Dr. Selahattin ÇİTÇİ
Diagnostic instruments for behavioural addiction: an overview

Author(s): Albrecht, Ulrike | Kirschner, Nina Ellen | Grüsser, Sabine M.
Gender differences in risk assessment

Author(s): Christine R. Harris | Michael Jenkins | Dale Glaser
Actor/observer asymmetry in risky decision making

Author(s): Diego Fernandez-Duque | Timothy Wifall
Executive functions in the young elderly and oldest old: a preliminary comparison emphasizing decision making

Author(s): Daniela Schneider Bakos, Maria Clara Pinheiro de Paula Couto, Wilson Vieira Melo, Maria Alice de M. P. Parente, Silvia H. Koller and Lisiane Bizarro
Brain maps of Iowa gambling task

Author(s): Lin Ching-Hung | Chiu Yao-Chu | Cheng Chou-Ming | Hsieh Jen-Chuen
The use of mixed models in a modified Iowa Gambling Task and a prisoner's dilemma game

Author(s): Jean Stockard | Robert M. O'Brien | Ellen Peters
Direct and indirect effects of pathological gambling on risk attitudes

Author(s): Pablo Branas-Garza, | Nikolaos Georgantzis | Pablo Guillen
``Feeling more regret than I would have imagined''

Author(s): Diego Fernandez-Duque | Jessica Landers
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Author(s): Bruce I. Carlin | David T. Robinson

Author(s): M. E. García-Ligero*, M. J., García-Ligero** y P. Román**
From uncertainty to reward: BOLD characteristics differentiate signaling pathways

Author(s): Abler Birgit | Herrnberger Bärbel | Grön Georg | Spitzer Manfred
Internet addiction: A case report

Author(s): Pejović-Milovančević Milica | Popović-Deušić Smiljka | Draganić-Gajić Saveta | Lečić-Toševski Dušica
Record of successful sertraline treatment of a pathological gambler

Author(s): Milovanović Srđan | Leposavić Ljubica | Barišić Jasmina | Nikolić-Balkoski Gordana
Activation instead of blocking mesolimbic dopaminergic reward circuitry is a preferred modality in the long term treatment of reward deficiency syndrome (RDS): a commentary

Author(s): Blum Kenneth | Chen Amanda | Chen Thomas | Braverman Eric | Reinking Jeffrey | Blum Seth | Cassel Kimberly | Downs Bernard | Waite Roger | Williams Lonna | Prihoda Thomas | Kerner Mallory | Palomo Tomas | Comings David | Tung Howard | Rhoades Patrick | Oscar-Berman Marlene
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Author(s): Ingmar H. A. Franken | Irina Georgieva | Peter Muris | Ap Dijksterhuis
Cognitive influences on risk-seeking by rhesus macaques,

Author(s): Benjamin Y. Hayden | Sarah R. Heilbronner | Amrita C. Nair | Michael L. Platt
Perceived time pressure and the Iowa Gambling Task

Author(s): Michael A. DeDonno | Heath A. Demaree
In the winning mood

Author(s): Marieke de Vries | Rob W. Holland | Cilia L. M. Witteman
The Regret/Disappointment Scale

Author(s): Francesco Marcatto | Donatella Ferrante
The retrospective gambler's fallacy

Author(s): Daniel M. Oppenheimer | Benoit Monin
Gain-loss frequency and final outcome in the Soochow Gambling Task: A Reassessment

Author(s): Lin Ching-Hung | Chiu Yao-Chu | Huang Jong-Tsun
Prefer a cash slap in your face over credit for halva

Author(s): Hamed Ekhtiari | Ali Jannati | Morteza Dehghani | Azarakhsh Mokri
Somewhere between illusion of control and powerlessness: Trying to situate the pathological gambler´s locus of control

Author(s): Franz Meyer de Stadelhofen | Laurence Aufrère | Jacques Besson | Jérôme Rossier
Design of Cryptographically Strong Generator By Transforming Linearly Generated Sequences

Author(s): Dasgupta Dipankar | Lih-Yuan Deng | Matthew Nwokejizie Anyanwu
Influencia de Variables Cognitivas en el Iowa Gambling Task

Author(s): González G.,María L. | Ponce J., Guillermo | Díaz F., Hugo M. | Marino D., Julián C.
When decisions of others matter to me: an electrophysiological analysis

Author(s): Marco-Pallarés Josep | Krämer Ulrike | Strehl Saskia | Schröder Andrea | Münte Thomas
A cultural study on decision making: performance differences on the Iowa gambling task between selected groups of Brazilians and Americans

Author(s): Daniela Di Giorgio Schneider-Bakos | Natalie Denburg | Rochele Paz Fonseca | Maria Alice Pimenta Parente
«Gente de mal vivir»: families and incorrigible sons in new Spain, 1721-1729

Author(s): Cáceres Menéndez, Beatriz | Patch, Robert W
Forensic importance of homicide

Author(s): Novaković Milan
Measuring consumer attitudes towards gambling

Author(s): G. G. Rousseau | D. J. L. Venter
Prevalence of hypersexual behavior in Parkinson’s disease patients: Not restricted to males and dopamine agonist use

Author(s): Christine A Cooper | Armon Jadidian | Michelle Paggi | Janet Romrell | Michael S Okun | et al

Author(s): Jelena Jović | Nataša Đinđić
Pathological gambling in women: a review

Author(s): Martins Silvia Saboia | Lobo Daniela S. S. | Tavares Hermano | Gentil Valentim
Validity Study of the South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS) among distinct groups of Brazilian gamblers

Author(s): Oliveira Maria Paula MT | Silva Maria Teresa Araujo | Silveira Dartiu Xavier da
Patterns of sports sponsorship by gambling, alcohol and food companies: an Internet survey

Author(s): Maher Anthony | Wilson Nick | Signal Louise | Thomson George
Primary care patients reporting concerns about their gambling frequently have other co-occurring lifestyle and mental health issues

Author(s): Goodyear-Smith Felicity | Arroll Bruce | Kerse Ngaire | Sullivan Sean | Coupe Nicole | Tse Samson | Shepherd Robin | Rossen Fiona | Perese Lana

Is deck B a disadvantageous deck in the Iowa Gambling Task?

Author(s): Lin Ching-Hung | Chiu Yao-Chu | Lee Po-Lei | Hsieh Jen-Chuen
Is deck C an advantageous deck in the Iowa Gambling Task?

Author(s): Chiu Yao-Chu | Lin Ching-Hung
Immediate gain is long-term loss: Are there foresighted decision makers in the Iowa Gambling Task?

Author(s): Chiu Yao-Chu | Lin Ching-Hung | Huang Jong-Tsun | Lin Shuyeu | Lee Po-Lei | Hsieh Jen-Chuen
Executive function abnormalities in pathological gamblers

Author(s): Marazziti Donatella | Catena Dell'Osso Mario | Conversano Ciro | Consoli Giorgio | Vivarelli Laura | Mungai Francesco | Di Nasso Elena | Golia Francesca
Virtual harm reduction efforts for Internet gambling: effects of deposit limits on actual Internet sports gambling behavior

Author(s): Broda Anja | LaPlante Debi | Nelson Sarah | LaBrie Richard | Bosworth Leslie | Shaffer Howard
From pathological to professional: gambling stories

Author(s): Andrada-Mihaela Istrate

Author(s): Andrzej Augustynek
Impulsivity and its Different Assessment Tools: A Review of View Points and Conducted Researches

Author(s): Hamed Ekhtiari | Mehrnaz Rezvanfard | Azarakhsh Mokri
O desempenho de idosos com e sem Declínio Cognitivo Leve nos Testes Wisconsin de Classificação de Cartas e Iowa Gambling Test

Author(s): Wagner, Gabriela Peretti | Trentini, Clarissa Marceli | Parente, Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta
Frontal stroke: problem solving, decision making, impulsiveness, and depressive symptoms in men and women

Author(s): Morgana Scheffer | Janine Kieling Monteiro | Rosa Maria Martins de Almeida
Correlations between Impulsivity and Technical Performance in Handball Female Athletes

Author(s): Guilherme M. Lage | Lívia G. Gallo | Gabriela J. M. Cassiano | Ingrid L. B. Lobo | Marcus V. Vieira | João V. Salgado | Daniel Fuentes | Leandro F. Malloy-Diniz
Frequency of impulse control behaviours associated with dopaminergic therapy in restless legs syndrome

Author(s): Voon Valerie | Schoerling Andrea | Wenzel Sascha | Ekanayake Vindhya | Reiff Julia | Trenkwalder Claudia | Sixel-Döring Friederike
Cognitive flexibility in verbal and nonverbal domains and decision making in anorexia nervosa patients: a pilot study

Author(s): Abbate-Daga Giovanni | Buzzichelli Sara | Amianto Federico | Rocca Giuseppe | Marzola Enrica | McClintock Shawn | Fassino Secondo
The Effects of Chronic Partial Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Functions of Medical Residents

Author(s): Habibolah Khazaie | Masoud Tahmasian | Mohammad R Ghadami | Hooman Safaei | Hamed Ekhtiari | Sara Samadzadeh | David C. Schwebel | Michael B. Russo
Funciones ejecutivas y marcadores somáticos: apuestas, razón y emociones

Author(s): Gabriel Arteaga D. | David A. Quebradas A.
The RT-18: a new screening tool to assess young adult risk-taking behavior

Author(s): de Haan L | Kuipers E | Kuerten Y | van Laar M | Olivier B | Verster JC
Modeling maladaptive decision-making in a rat version of the Iowa Gambling Task

Author(s): Valton Vincent | Marchand Alain | Dellu-Hagedorn Francoise | Seriès Peggy

Author(s): Ke-yi WANG | Lian-sheng DONG

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