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Author(s): Asad Ullah Hyder, Muhammad Sajjad Khan, Pervez Akhtar and Khalid Zafar Gondal1
Allele-specific expression assays using Solexa

Author(s): Main Bradley | Bickel Ryan | McIntyre Lauren | Graze Rita | Calabrese Peter | Nuzhdin Sergey
Estimation of genetic parameters for lamb weight at various ages in Mehraban sheep

Author(s): Farhad Ghafouri Kesbi | Moradpasha Eskandarinasab | Ahmad Hassanabadi
Genetic parameters of two methods of scoring cow fighting ability

Author(s): Cristina Sartori | Roberto Mantovani

Genetic and Phenotypic Relationships Between Mcnally Model Parameters and Egg Production Traits

Author(s): O.O. Oni | B.Y. Abubakar | N.I. Dim | O.E. Asiribo | I.A. Adeyinka
Estimation of (Co) Variance Components for Type Traits in Charolais Cattle

Author(s): D. Norris | N.W. Selapa | C.B. Banga | J.W. Ngambi
Host strain specific sex pheromone variation in Spodoptera frugiperda

Author(s): Groot Astrid | Marr Melanie | Schöfl Gerhard | Lorenz Sybille | Svatos Ales | Heckel David

Author(s): Manzoor Ahmad, J. H. J. van der Werf1 and Khalid laved2
The Association Between Production and Reproduction Traits in Some Iranian Holstein Herd

Author(s): Reza Seyed Sharifi | Taher Yalchi | Raouf Seyed Sharifi | Bahram Fathi Achachlouei
Utilização de bootstrap não-paramétrico para avaliação de correlações fenotípicas, genotípicas e ambientais = Use of the nonparametric bootstrap in evaluating genotypic, phenotypic and environmental correlations

Author(s): Adésio Ferreira | Cosme Damião Cruz | Edmar Soares de Vasconcelos | Moysés Nascimento | Márcio Fernando Ribeiro | Marcia Flores da Silva
Correlation and repeatability in progenies of African oil palm = Correlações e repetibilidade em progênies de dendê

Author(s): Digner Santiago Ortega Cedillo | Willian Silva Barros | Fábio Medeiros Ferreira | Luiz Antônio dos Santos Dias | Rodrigo Barros Rocha | Cosme Damião Cruz
Heterogeneidade e avaliação genética em bovinos, estudo utilizando dados simulados = Heterogeneity and genetic evaluation in bovines, a study using simulated data

Author(s): Antonio Policarpo Souza Carneiro | Robledo de Almeida Torres | Paulo Sávio Lopes | Ricardo Frederico Euclydes | Paulo Luiz Souza Carneiro | Fabyano Fonseca e Silva
Genetic and environmental effects on semen traits in Lacaune and Manech tête rousse AI rams (Open Access publication)

Author(s): David Ingrid | Druart Xavier | Lagriffoul Gilles | Manfredi Eduardo | Robert-Granié Christèle | Bodin Loys
Recording strategies and selection potential of feed intake measured using the X-ray method in rainbow trout

Author(s): Kause Antti | Tobin Declan | Dobly Alexandre | Houlihan Dominic | Martin Sam | Mäntysaari Esa | Ritola Ossi | Ruohonen Kari
Chromosomal Location of Traits Associated with Wheat Seedling Water and Phosphorus Use Efficiency under Different Water and Phosphorus Stresses

Author(s): Hong-Xing Cao | Zheng-Bin Zhang | Cheng-Xu Sun | Hong-Bo Shao | Wei-Yi Song | Ping Xu
Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) hemoglobin genes: multiplicity and polymorphism

Author(s): Borza Tudor | Stone Cynthia | Gamperl A Kurt | Bowman Sharen
Genetic Parameters For The Somatic Cells Count In The Milk Of Buffaloes Using Ordinary Test Day Models

Author(s): G. Mendoza-Sánchez | H. Cardona | D.J. Teixeira Junior | R. Aspilcueta-Borquis | R. Sesana | M. Cerón-Muñoz | H. Tonhati
Genetic parameters estimate for milk and mozzarella cheese yield, fat and protein percentage in dairy buffaloes in Brazil

Author(s): R.V. Campos | M. Jun Iti Yokoo | L.O. Seno | R.C. Sesana | R.R. Aspilcueta Borques | H. Tonhati
Genetic parameters estimates for milk, fat and protein yield analyzed by test day models for Murrah buffaloes in Brazil

Author(s): R. Aspilcueta-Borquis | A. Tanaka | L. Albuquerque | R. Sesana | L. Seno | A. Bignardi | H. Tonhati
Genetic parameters for milk yield, age at first calving and interval between first and second calving in milk buffaloes

Author(s): L. de Oliveira Seno | H. Tonhati | V.L. Cardoso | L. El Faro | R.C. Sesana | R.R. Aspilcueta Borquis
Modeling relationships between calving traits: a comparison between standard and recursive mixed models

Author(s): de Maturana Evangelina | de los Campos Gustavo | Wu Xiao-Lin | Gianola Daniel | Weigel Kent | Rosa Guilherme JM
The molecular basis of beta-thalassemia intermedia in southern China: genotypic heterogeneity and phenotypic diversity

Author(s): Chen Wanqun | Zhang Xinhua | Shang Xuan | Cai Ren | Li Liyan | Zhou Tianhong | Sun Manna | Xiong Fu | Xu Xiangmin
Genetic parameters for casein and urea content in the Italian Brown Swiss dairy cattle

Author(s): A.B. Samoré | C. Romani | A. Rossoni | E. Frigo | O. Pedron | A. Bagnato
Genetic variability and correlation studies in selected mulberry (Morus spp.) germplasm accessions

Author(s): B. C. Keshava Murthy, Puttaraju H. P and Shailaja Hittalmani
A three-stage approach for genome-wide association studies with family data for quantitative traits

Author(s): Chen Ming-Huei | Larson Martin | Hsu Yi-Hsiang | Peloso Gina | Guo Chao-Yu | Fox Caroline | Atwood Larry | Yang Qiong
Mutational spectrum of APC and genotype-phenotype correlations in Greek FAP patients

Author(s): Fostira Florentia | Thodi Georgia | Sandaltzopoulos Raphael | Fountzilas George | Yannoukakos Drakoulis
Genetic parameters for social effects on survival in cannibalistic layers: Combining survival analysis and a linear animal model

Author(s): Ellen Esther | Ducrocq Vincent | Ducro Bart | Veerkamp Roel | Bijma Piter
Estimation of Milk Producing Ability of Holstein Friesian Cattle in a Commercial Herd in Egypt

Author(s): A. Salah Khattab | M. Nagib El Ariain | H�lya Atil
Genetic Evaluation and Selection Criteria of Hybrid Rice in Irrigated Ecosystem of Bangladesh

Author(s): K.M. Iftekharuddaula | M.S. Hassan | M.J. Islam | M.A. Badshah | M.R. Islam | Khaleda Akhter
Genetic Parameter Estimates for Pre-Weaning Litter Traits in Rabbits

Author(s): M. Orunmuyi | I.A. Adeyinka | O.A. Ojo | F.D. Adeyinka
Describing Variation in Carcass Quality Traits of Crossbred Cattle

Author(s): H.R. Mirzaei | A.P. Verbyla | M.P.B. Deland | W.S. Pitchford
Variation and Genetic Studies on Selected Sweet Corn Inbred Lines

Author(s): P. Kashiani | G. Saleh | N.A.P. Abdullah | S.N. Abdullah
Heritability, Performance and Correlation Studies on Single Cross Hybrids of Tropical Maize

Author(s): Sriani Sujiprihati | Ghizan Bin Saleh | Eltahir Siddig Ali
Response to Selection in Sorghum for Resistance to Head Bug (Eurystylus oldi Poppius)

Author(s): F.A. Showemimo | S.O. Alabi | P.E. Olorunju | O. Ajayi
Correlation and Path Analysis Studies of Yield and Economic Traits in Basmati Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): M. Afzal Zahid | M. Akhter | M. Sabar | Zaheen Manzoor | Tahir Awan
Genetic Analysis for Milk Traits in Different Herds of Holstein Friesian Cattle in Turkey

Author(s): H�lya Atil | A. Salah Khattab | Cigdem Yakupoglu
Genetic and Phenotypic Characterization of the Tunisian Noire De Thibar Lambs on Their Growth Traits

Author(s): Abdellah Chalh | Mohamed El Gazzah | Mnaouer Djemali | Noureddine Chalbi
Genetic parameters of yield and morphological fruit and stone properties in apricot

Author(s): Mratinić Evica | Rakonjac Vera | Milatović Dragan

Author(s): Alojzije Lalić | Josip Kovačević | Dario Novoselović | Georg Drezner | Darko Babić | Krešimir Dvojković
Prevalence and novelty of PRPF31 mutations in French autosomal dominant rod-cone dystrophy patients and a review of published reports

Author(s): Audo Isabelle | Bujakowska Kinga | Mohand-Saïd Saddek | Lancelot Marie-Elise | Moskova-Doumanova Veselina | Waseem Naushin | Antonio Aline | Sahel José-Alain | Bhattacharya Shomi | Zeitz Christina
Genetic variances, heritabilities and maternal effects on body weight, breast meat yield, meat quality traits and the shape of the growth curve in turkey birds

Author(s): Aslam Muhammad | Bastiaansen John | Crooijmans Richard | Ducro Bart | Vereijken Addie | Groenen Martien
Association genetics in Solanum tuberosum provides new insights into potato tuber bruising and enzymatic tissue discoloration

Author(s): Urbany Claude | Stich Benjamin | Schmidt Lysann | Simon Ludwig | Berding Hergen | Junghans Holger | Niehoff Karl-Heinz | Braun Alexander | Tacke Eckhard | Hofferbert Hans-Rheinhardt | Lübeck Jens | Strahwald Josef | Gebhardt Christiane
Clinical and molecular characterization of a cohort of patients with novel nucleotide alterations of the Dystrophin gene detected by direct sequencing

Author(s): Magri Francesca | Del Bo Roberto | D'Angelo Maria | Govoni Alessandra | Ghezzi Serena | Gandossini Sandra | Sciacco Monica | Ciscato Patrizia | Bordoni Andreina | Tedeschi Silvana | Fortunato Francesco | Lucchini Valeria | Cereda Matteo | Corti Stefania | Moggio Maurizio | Bresolin Nereo | Comi Giacomo
Inferring causal phenotype networks using structural equation models

Author(s): Rosa Guilherme | Valente Bruno | de los Campos Gustavo | Wu Xiao-Lin | Gianola Daniel | Silva Martinho
Variability of yield determining components in winter rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) and their correlation with seed yield

Author(s): Marjanović-Jeromela Ana | Marinković Radovan | Ivanovska Sonja | Jankulovska Mirjana | Mijić Anto | Hristov Nikola
Estimates of genetic correlations and correlated responses to selection in cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)

Author(s): Azevedo Diógenes Manoel Pedroza de | Crisóstomo João Ribeiro | Almeida Francisco Célio Guedes | Rossetti Adroaldo Guimarães
Genetic parameters for egg and related characteristics of white Leghorn hens in a subtropical environment

Author(s): Sabri Hani M. | Wilson Henry R. | Harms Robert H. | Wilcox Charles J.
Genetics of anthracnose panel canker disease resistance and its relationship with yield and growth characters in half-sib progenies of rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)

Author(s): Gonçalves Paulo de Souza | Furtado Edson Luiz | Bataglia Ondino Cleante | Ortolani Altino Aldo | May André | Belletti Giselle Olmos
Predicting performance of soybean populations using genetic distances estimated with RAPD markers

Author(s): Barroso Paulo Augusto Vianna | Geraldi Isaias Olívio | Vieira Maria Lúcia Carneiro | Pulcinelli Carlos Eduardo | Vencovsky Roland | Dias Carlos Tadeu dos Santos
Genome-wide and Ordered-Subset linkage analyses provide support for autism loci on 17q and 19p with evidence of phenotypic and interlocus genetic correlates

Author(s): McCauley Jacob | Li Chun | Jiang Lan | Olson Lana | Crockett Genea | Gainer Kimberly | Folstein Susan | Haines Jonathan | Sutcliffe James
Evaluation of SLC11A1 as an inflammatory bowel disease candidate gene

Author(s): Crawford Nigel | Eichenberger Maurice | Colliver Daniel | Lewis Robert | Cobbs Gary | Petras Robert | Galandiuk Susan
Aplicability of phenotypic and canonic correlations and path coefficients in the selection of oat genotypes

Author(s): Lorencetti Claudir | Carvalho Fernando Irajá Félix de | Oliveira Antônio Costa de | Valério Igor Pirez | Hartwig Irineu | Benin Giovani | Schmidt Douglas André Mallmann
The effects of tannic acid on the fitness-related traits of Lymantria dispar L. larvae

Author(s): Mrdaković Marija | Perić-Mataruga Vesna | Ilijin Larisa | Vlahović Milena | Todorović Dajana | Nenadović Vera | Lazarević Jelica
Heritability Studies of Yield and Yield Associated Traits in Wheat Genotypes

Author(s): Jalal Ahmad Al-Tabbal | Ahmad H. Al-Fraihat
Estimation of Genetic and Non-Genetic Parameters of Friesian Cattle under Hot Climate

Author(s): Ihlam Ibrahim Eid | Mohamed Omer Elsheikh | Ibrahim A / Salam Yousif
Estimation of Genetic Parameters and Trends in Pre-Weaning Traits of Beef Lines Subject to Phenotypic Selection

Author(s): Z. Wang | L. A. Goonewardene | R. C. Yang | M. A. Price | M. Makarechian | J. Knapp | E. K. Okine | R. T. Berg
Preliminary Results of Short-Term Egg Laying Performance of Pure and Crossbred Chicken Progeny in A Humid Environment

Author(s): T.A. Adedeji | A.O. Adebambo | M.O. Ozoje | L.O. Ojedapo | A.O. Ige
Preliminary Results of Short-Term Egg Laying Performance of Pure and Crossbred Chicken Progeny in a Humid Environment

Author(s): Adedeji, T.A. | A.O. Adebambo | M.O. Ozoje | L.O Ojedapo | A.O. Ige

Author(s): Andrzej RABSZTYN | Krzysztof ANDRES | Michal DUDEK
Exploring Different Model Structures for the Genetic Evaluation of Dairy Bull Fertility

Author(s): Francesco Tiezzi | Mauro Penasa | Christian Maltecca | Alessio Cecchinato | Giovanni Bittante
Variability, heritability and association analysis in plant traits of swiss chard (Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla)

Author(s): Eşiyok Dursun | Bozokalfa Kadri M. | Kaygisiz-Aşçioğul Tansel
Cocaine locomotor activation, sensitization and place preference in six inbred strains of mice

Author(s): Eisener-Dorman Amy | Grabowski-Boase Laura | Tarantino Lisa
Comprehensive genetic dissection of wood properties in a widely-grown tropical tree: Eucalyptus

Author(s): Gion Jean-Marc | Carouché Audrey | Deweer Sylvie | Bedon Franck | Pichavant Frédérique | Charpentier Jean-Paul | Baillères Henri | Rozenberg Philippe | Carocha Victor | Ognouabi Nina | Verhaegen Daniel | Grima-Pettenati Jacqueline | Vigneron Philippe | Plomion Christophe
Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization of a Cohort of Pediatric Wilson Disease Patients

Author(s): Abdel Ghaffar Tawhida | Elsayed Solaf | Elnaghy Suzan | Shadeed Ahmed | Elsobky Ezzat | Schmidt Hartmut
Improving the efficiency of feed utilization in poultry by selection. 1. Genetic parameters of anatomy of the gastro-intestinal tract and digestive efficiency

Author(s): de Verdal Hugues | Narcy Agnès | Bastianelli Denis | Chapuis Hervé | Même Nathalie | Urvoix Séverine | Le Bihan-Duval Elisabeth | Mignon-Grasteau Sandrine
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