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Investigation of genotoxic effects of inhalative occupational exposure to vanadium: results of a multiple endpoint study

Author(s): Ehrlich Veronika | Nersesyan Armen | Hoelzl Christine | Ferk Franziska | Bichler Julia | Atefie Kambis | Valic Eva | Schaffer Andreas | Schulte-Hermann Rolf | Knasmüller Siegfried

Author(s): Božena Košíková | Elena Sláviková | Juraj Lábaj
Biological Effects and Safety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Review

Author(s): Valentina Hartwig | Giulio Giovannetti | Nicola Vanello | Massimo Lombardi | Luigi Landini | Silvana Simi
Molecular Toxicology of Substances Released from Resin–Based Dental Restorative Materials

Author(s): Athina Bakopoulou | Triantafillos Papadopoulos | Pavlos Garefis
The Effects of Arsenic Trioxide on DNA Synthesis and Genotoxicity in Human Colon Cancer Cells

Author(s): Jacqueline J. Stevens | Barbara Graham | Alice M. Walker | Paul B. Tchounwou | Christian Rogers
Analysis of sister-chromatid exchanges in cultured human lymphocytes treated with cymiazole hydrochloride

Author(s): Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Fišter Svetlana L. | Stevanović Jevrosima B.
Genotoxic effects of ovatifolin acetate, a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from Podanthus ovatifolius Lag. (Compositae)

Author(s): Alarcón , Mario | Duk , Soledad | García , María de los Angeles | Weigert , Giselind
In situ monitoring of the genotoxic effects in the vicinity of a petrochemical plant with the Tradescantia micronucleus (Trad-MCN) and with pollen abortion test

Author(s): Mišík Miroslav | Mičieta Karol | Solenská Martina | Markusková Nataša | Mišíková Katarína | Knasmüller Siegfried
Induction of Cell Death, DNA Strand Breaks, and Cell Cycle Arrest in DU145 Human Prostate Carcinoma Cell Line by Benzo[a]pyrene and Benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-diol-9,10-epoxide

Author(s): Onyinye Nwagbara | Selina F. Darling-Reed | Alicia Tucker | Cynthia Harris | Michael Abazinge | Ronald D. Thomas | Richard D. Gragg
Genotoxic Effect Induced by Hydrogen Peroxide in Human Hepatoma Cells Using Comet Assay

Author(s): Benhusein G | Mutch E | Aburawi S | Williams F
Benzene and its Health Effects

Author(s): Mustafa Tozun | Alaattin Unsal
An integrated functional genomic study of acute phenobarbital exposure in the rat

Author(s): Waterman Claire | Currie Richard | Cottrell Lisa | Dow Jacky | Wright Jayne | Waterfield Catherine | Griffin Julian
Evaluation of the Cytotoxic and Genotoxic Potential of Khat (Catha edulis Forsk) Extracts on Human T Lymphoblastoid Cell Line

Author(s): S.S. Barkwan | C.R. Barnett | Y.A. Barnett | P.T. Tomkins | C.N. Fokunang
Current Studies into the Genotoxic Effects of Nanomaterials

Author(s): Cheng-Teng Ng | Jasmine J. Li | Boon-Huat Bay | Lin-Yue Lanry Yung
Evaluation of genotoxic effects of ipronidazol, Gastrogal 10R, in cultures of human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Author(s): Marković Biljana 1 | Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Đelić Ninoslav J. | Anđelković M.
Evalution of the genotoxic effects of tiamulin S-in vivo

Author(s): Marković Biljana 1 | Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Đelić Ninoslav J.
Arsenic-Induced Genotoxic and Cytotoxic Effects in Human Keratinocytes, Melanocytes and Dendritic Cells

Author(s): Barbara Graham-Evans | Hari H. P. Cohly | Hongtao Yu | Paul B. Tchounwou
Cytogenetic Effects of 1,1-Dichloroethane in Mice Bone Marrow Cells

Author(s): Babu P. Patlolla | Anita K. Patlolla | Paul B. Tchounwou
Genotoxicity in child populations exposed to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the air from Tabasco, Mexico

Author(s): Rodríguez T. Gamboa | Aldeco R. Gamboa | Alvarez H. Bravo | Wegman P. Ostrosky
Estudio in vitro de la citotoxicidad y genotoxicidad de los productos liberados del acero inoxidable 316L con recubrimientos cerámicos bioactivos Cytotoxic and genotoxic study of in Vitro released products of stainless Steel 316l with bioactive ceramic Coatings

Author(s): Andrés Pareja López | Claudia Patricia García García | Claudia Patricia García García | Pablo Jesús Abad Mejía | Pablo Jesús Abad Mejía | María Elena Márquez Fernández | María Elena Márquez Fernández
Biomonitoring of environmental pollution on the Algerian west coast using caged mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis

Author(s): Zoheïr M. Taleb | Imène Benali | Hamida Gherras | Amina Ykhlef-Allal | Benabdellah Bachir-Bouiadjra | Jean-Claude Amiard | Zitouni Boutiba

Author(s): Ninoslav Djelic | Dijana Djelic

Author(s): A. Becerril | E. Castaño | Helmer Acevedo | María Victoria Llorente
Titanium dioxide nanoparticles induce oxidative stress and DNA-adduct formation but not DNA-breakage in human lung cells

Author(s): Bhattacharya Kunal | Davoren Maria | Boertz Jens | Schins Roel | Hoffmann Eik | Dopp Elke
Immune- and Pollution-mediated DNA Damage in Two Wild Mya arenaria Clam Populations

Author(s): François Gagné | M. Laura Martín-Díaz | Christian Blaise
Evaluation of the radioprotector effect of the aqueous extract of Mangifera indica L (Vimang), in SOS-Chromotest assays.

Author(s): Luis Alfredo Rosario Fernández | Idania Rodeiro | Eliseo Almeida | Daniel Francisco Arencibia | Osney Leyva | Alena Alonso | Yanet Rodriguez
Spontaneous and induced frequency of anomalies in the head sperm morphology in NMRI mice

Author(s): Daniel Francisco Arencibia Arrebola | Luis Alfredo Rosario Fernández | Dayisell Lazara Curveco Sánchez
Genotoxicity of nano/microparticles in in vitro micronuclei, in vivo comet and mutation assay systems

Author(s): Totsuka Yukari | Higuchi Takashi | Imai Toshio | Nishikawa Akiyoshi | Nohmi Takehiko | Kato Tatsuya | Masuda Shuich | Kinae Naohide | Hiyoshi Kyoko | Ogo Sayaka | Kawanishi Masanobu | Yagi Takashi | Ichinose Takamichi | Fukumori Nobutaka | Watanabe Masatoshi | Sugimura Takashi | Wakabayashi Keiji
Bioremediation Of Heavy Metal Toxicity-With Special Reference To Chromium

Author(s): Suranjana (Arora) Ray and Manas Kanti Ray
DNA-AP sites generation by Etoposide in whole blood cells

Author(s): Rojas Emilio | Mussali Patricia | Tovar Efrain | Valverde Mahara
Molecular Mechanisms of Microcystin Toxicity in Animal Cells

Author(s): Alexandre Campos | Vitor Vasconcelos
Induction of tumours by Indian dietary constituents.

Author(s): Balachandran B | Sivaramkrishnan V
Neoplastic transformation of breast epithelial cells by genotoxic stress

Author(s): Botlagunta Mahendran | Winnard Paul | Raman Venu
Inhibition of gap junctional Intercellular communication in WB-F344 rat liver epithelial cells by triphenyltin chloride through MAPK and PI3-kinase pathways

Author(s): Lee Chung-Hsun | Chen I-Hui | Lee Chia-Rong | Chi Chih-Hsien | Tsai Ming-Che | Tsai Jin-Lian | Lin Hsiu-Fen
Assessment of DNA Damage by RAPD in Paracentrotus lividus Embryos Exposed to Amniotic Fluid from Residents Living Close to Waste Landfill Sites

Author(s): Maurizio Guida | Marco Guida | Bruna De Felice | Daniela Santafede | Raffaella D'Alessandro | Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo | Marianna Scognamiglio | Cinzia Ferrara | Giuseppe Bifulco | Carmine Nappi
Genotoxic Potential of Agricultural Soils of Amritsar

Author(s): J.K. Katnoria | S. Arora | A. Nagpal
Protective Effect of Jasminum grandiflorum Linn. On DMBA-induced Chromosomal Aberrations in Bone Marrow of Wistar Rats

Author(s): Shanmugam Manoharan | Kuppusamy Panjamurthy | Krishnamurthy Vasudevan | Dhanarasu Sasikumar | Kaliyaperumal Kolanjiappan
Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of the Anticancer Drugs Gemcitabine and Cisplatin, Separately and in Combination: in vivo Studies

Author(s): Magdy S. Aly | Mohamad B. Ashour | Soheir M. El Nahas | Mona A. F. Abo Zeid
Cytogenetic Instability in Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Survivors

Author(s): María Sol Brassesco | Danilo Jordão Xavier | Marjori Leiva Camparoto | Ana Paula Montaldi | Paulo Roberto D'Auria Vieira de Godoy | Carlos Alberto Scrideli | Luiz Gonzaga Tone | Elza Tiemi Sakamoto-Hojo
Assessment of DNA Damage by Comet Assay in Lymphocytes of Workers Occupationally Exposed to Petroleum fumes

Author(s): Ravi Kant Singh | Santosh K. Mishra | Narendra Kumar | Ajay K.Singh
Micronuclei and chromosomal aberrations in healthy tobacco chewers and controls: A study from Gujarat, India

Author(s): Patel Beena P. | Trivedi Pina J. | Brahmbhatt Manisha M. | Shukla Shilin N. | Shah Pankaj M. | Bakshi Sonal R.
Examination of genotoxic effects of fumagillin in vivo

Author(s): Kulić Milan | Aleksić Nevenka | Stanimirović Zoran | Ristić Siniša | Medenica Snežana
Mechanisms of genotoxic effects of hormones

Author(s): Đelić Ninoslav J.
Cytogenetic analysis of the effects of epinephrine on cultured human lymphocytes

Author(s): Đelić Ninoslav J. | Đelić Dijana J. | Potparević Biljana M. | Marković Biljana | Živković Lada P.
Evaluation of the genotoxic effects of thyroxine using in vivo cytogenetic test on Swiss albino mice

Author(s): Đelić Ninoslav | Nešić Ivana | Stanimirović Z. | Jovanović S.
Survivin-T34A: molecular mechanism and therapeutic potential

Author(s): Jonathan R Aspe | Nathan R Wall
Cytogenetic changes in human lymphocytes induced by alphachlorhydrine

Author(s): Teodorović Radislava | Stanimirović Z. | Radenković-Damnjanović Brana | Vučinić Marijana | Janković Ljiljana | Đorđević M. | Mirilović M.
The genotoxic effects of mobile phone waves on induction of chromosomal damages in embryos of Balb/C mice

Author(s): Javad Baharara | Farhang Hadad | Mohammad-Ali Shariatzade | Mariam Amirahmadi
Effects of a ciclophosphamide on mouse sperm morphology

Author(s): Ailemys Curbelo Valiente | Yesenia Rivero Salgado | Niurka Somoza Pérez | María Elena Arteaga Pérez | Nereida Mantilla Gattorno
Toxicological Evaluation for Food Applications of Transglutaminase from a Newly Isolated Bacillus circulans BL32

Author(s): C.F.V. de Souza | J.G. Venzke | R.M. Rosa | J.A.P. Henriques | E. Dallegrave | S.H. Flores | M.A.Z. Ayub
Investigation of Genotoxic Effects of Some Ruthenium Complexes According to Cis-platinum

Author(s): F.S. Alanyali | E. Ergin | O. Artagan | K. Benkli
Folic acid supplementation before and during pregnancy in the Newborn Epigenetics STudy (NEST)

Author(s): Hoyo Cathrine | Murtha Amy | Schildkraut Joellen | Forman Michele | Calingaert Brian | Demark-Wahnefried Wendy | Kurtzberg Joanne | Jirtle Randy | Murphy Susan
Influence of insulators on transgene expression from integrating and non-integrating lentiviral vectors

Author(s): Grandchamp Nicolas | Henriot Dorothée | Philippe Stéphanie | Amar Lahouari | Ursulet Suzanna | Serguera Che | Mallet Jacques | Sarkis Chamsy
Clinical and Cytogenetic Effects in Habitants under Large Duration Exposure of Endosulfan

Author(s): R. Saraswathy | G. Alex, B.M. Basil, A.R.S. Badarinath, R. Girish, G. Ribu, V.G. Abilash, G.D.J. Cruz and K.M. Marimuthu
Biological Sensors for Solar Ultraviolet Radiation

Author(s): Teiti Yagura | Kazuo Makita | Hiromasa Yamamoto | Carlos F.M. Menck | André P. Schuch
Mechanisms of oxysterol-induced carcinogenesis

Author(s): Jusakul Apinya | Yongvanit Puangrat | Loilome Watcharin | Namwat Nisana | Kuver Rahul
Retroviral Vectors: Post Entry Events and Genomic Alterations

Author(s): Ali Nowrouzi | Hanno Glimm | Christof von Kalle | Manfred Schmidt
ROS-mediated genotoxicity of asbestos-cement in mammalian lung cells in vitro

Author(s): Dopp Elke | Yadav Santosh | Ansari Furquan | Bhattacharya Kunal | von Recklinghausen Ursula | Rauen Ursula | Rödelsperger Klaus | Shokouhi Behnaz | Geh Stefan | Rahman Qamar
Combustion-derived nanoparticles: A review of their toxicology following inhalation exposure

Author(s): Donaldson Ken | Tran Lang | Jimenez Luis | Duffin Rodger | Newby David | Mills Nicholas | MacNee William | Stone Vicki
Sister-chromatid exchanges in anesthetists

Author(s): Jayakaran F | Thomas I
Effect of dietary honey on intestinal microflora and toxicity of mycotoxins in mice

Author(s): Ezz El-Arab Aly | Girgis Shenouda | Hegazy Eman | Abd El-Khalek Azzat
Time- and concentration-dependent changes in gene expression induced by benzo(a)pyrene in two human cell lines, MCF-7 and HepG2

Author(s): Hockley Sarah | Arlt Volker | Brewer Daniel | Giddings Ian | Phillips David
rAAV2-mediated Gene Expression In Primary Cortical Neural Cells Following Inhibition Of DNA Synthesis and/or EGFR Tyrosine Kinase

Author(s): Heuiran LEE | Young Ran NAM | Sung Jin KİM | DongHou KİM | Yunhee Kim KWON | Yoo Kyum KİM
Overexpressed TP73 induces apoptosis in medulloblastoma

Author(s): Castellino Robert | De Bortoli Massimiliano | Lin Linda | Skapura Darlene | Rajan Jessen | Adesina Adekunle | Perlaky Laszlo | Irwin Meredith | Kim John
Cytogenetic effects in Vicia faba of the polluted water from rivers of the Tlaxcala hydrological system, México

Author(s): Flores Márquez, Ana Rosa | Gómez Arroyo, Sandra | Villalobos Pietrini, Rafael
Cytological effects of some carbamate insecticides. II. Induction of sister chromatid exchanges in Vicia faba by lannate-90

Author(s): Delgado Rodríguez, Alfredo | Juárez Santacruz, Libertad | Sánchez Alarcón, Juana | Valencia Quintana, Rafael
Primary DNA damage and genetic polymorphisms for CYP1A1, EPHX and GSTM1 in workers at a graphite electrode manufacturing plant

Author(s): Moretti Massimo | Dell'Omo Marco | Villarini Milena | Pastorelli Roberta | Muzi Giacomo | Airoldi Luisa | Pasquini Rossana
Monitoring the biological effects of pollution on the Algerian west coast using mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis

Author(s): Zoheïr M. Taleb | Sofiane Benghali | Amina Kaddour | Zitouni Boutiba
Effects of prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust particles on postnatal development, behavior, genotoxicity and inflammation in mice

Author(s): Hougaard Karin | Jensen Keld | Nordly Pernille | Taxvig Camilla | Vogel Ulla | Saber Anne | Wallin Håkan
Signal Transduction Involving the Dmp1 Transcription Factor and its Alteration in Human Cancer

Author(s): Takayuki Sugiyama | Donna P. Frazier | Pankaj Taneja | Robert D. Kendig | Rachel L. Morgan | Lauren A. Matise | Sarah J. Lagedrost | Kazushi Inoue
Genetic Alterations in Pesticide Exposed Bolivian Farmers: An evaluation by analysis of chromosomal aberrations and the comet assay

Author(s): Erik Jørs | Ana Rosa Gonzáles | Maria Eugenia Ascarrunz | Noemi Tirado | Catharina Takahashi | Erika Lafuente | Raquel A Dos Santos | Natalia Bailon | Rafael Cervantes | Huici O | Jesper Bælum | Flemming Lander
Pollutant effects on genotoxic parameters and tumor-associated protein levels in adults: a cross sectional study

Author(s): De Coster Sam | Koppen Gudrun | Bracke Marc | Schroijen Carmen | Den Hond Elly | Nelen Vera | Van de Mieroop Els | Bruckers Liesbeth | Bilau Maaike | Baeyens Willy | Schoeters Greet | van Larebeke Nik
DNA damage induced by mutagens in plant and human cell nuclei in acellular comet assay.

Author(s): Jolanta Juchimiuk | Agnieszka Gnys | Jolanta Maluszynska
Extract of Lillium candidum L. Can Modulate the Genotoxicity of the Antibiotic Zeocin

Author(s): Marcela Kopaskova | Lina Hadjo | Bisera Yankulova | Gabriele Jovtchev | Eliska Galova | Andrea Sevcovicova | Pavel Mucaji | Eva Miadokova | Peter Bryant | Stephka Chankova

Author(s): Ali Faris Hassan | Intesar Tariq Numan | Khulood Wohieb Al-Sammarrae | Saad Abdulrahman Hussain*
Photodynamic Therapy

Author(s): Veerendra Nath Reddy | Rekha Rani K | Chandana G | Sangeeta Sehrawat
Cytogenetic damage induced by magnesium in wheat root meristems

Author(s): Elena Truta | Maria-Magdalena Zamfirache | Olteanu Zenovia | Lacramioara Oprica | Ramona Gales
Lead- induced genotoxicity in wheat

Author(s): Elena Truta | Craita Maria Rosu | Iulia Csilla Bara
Lead- induced genotoxicity in wheat

Author(s): Elena Truta | Craita Maria Rosu | Iulia Csilla Bara
Assessment of toxicity of chemicals in workers of rubber industry

Author(s): Ram Singh, Sachin Kumar and Sunita Sharma*
Analyses of Cytotoxic and Genotoxic Potentials of Loranthus micranthus using the Allium cepa Test

Author(s): B.A. Iwalokun | A.O. Oyenuga | G.M. Saibu | J. Ayorinde
Integrating transcriptomics and metabonomics to unravel modes-of-action of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) in HepG2 cells

Author(s): Jennen Danyel | Ruiz-Aracama Ainhoa | Magkoufopoulou Christina | Peijnenburg Ad | Lommen Arjen | van Delft Joost | Kleinjans Jos
Prevalence of at-risk genotypes for genotoxic effects decreases with age in a randomly selected population in Flanders: a cross sectional study

Author(s): Ketelslegers Hans | Godschalk Roger | Gottschalk Ralph | Knaapen Ad | Koppen Gudrun | Schoeters Greet | Baeyens Willy | Nelen Vera | Geraedts Joep | van Delft Joost | Kleinjans Jos | van Larebeke Nicolas
Therapeutic use of cyclophosphamide and its cytotoxic action : A challenge for researchers

Author(s): Suchitra Ku Panigrahy*, Suresh Jatawa, Archana Tiwari
Evaluation of the genotoxic and mutagenic potentials of phytotherapic and homeopathic solutions of Euphorbia tirucalli Lineu (Aveloz)

Author(s): Juliana Patrão de Paiva | Livia Gonçalves dos Santos Lima | Camila Monteiro Siqueira | Janine Simas Cardoso | Carla Holandino | Alvaro da Costa Leitão
Evaluation of the genotoxic and mutagenic potentials of homeopathic Candida albicans solutions

Author(s): Juliana Paiva | Gleyce Barbosa | Fortune Homsani | André Luis Santos | Carla Holandino | Alvaro Leitao
Evaluation of the genotoxic and mutagenic potentials of a living nosode compounded with Influenza A virus

Author(s): Juliana Paiva | Camila Siqueira | Carla Holandino | Alvaro Leitao
Evaluation of the effects of ephedrine on human lymphocytes in the comet assay

Author(s): Radaković Milena | Đelić N. | Stanimirović Z. | Plećaš-Solarović Bosiljka | Spremo-Potparević Biljana | Živković Lada | Bajić V.
MDM2 antagonist Nutlin-3a potentiates antitumour activity of cytotoxic drugs in sarcoma cell lines

Author(s): Ohnstad Hege | Paulsen Erik | Noordhuis Paul | Berg Marianne | Lothe Ragnhild | Vassilev Lyubomir | Myklebost Ola
An untargeted multi-technique metabolomics approach to studying intracellular metabolites of HepG2 cells exposed to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin

Author(s): Ruiz-Aracama Ainhoa | Peijnenburg Ad | Kleinjans Jos | Jennen Danyel | van Delft Joost | Hellfrisch Caroline | Lommen Arjen
ERCC1 and XRCC1 as biomarkers for lung and head and neck cancer

Author(s): Vaezi A | Feldman CH | Niedernhofer LJ
Cellular effects of an aqueous solution of Losartan® on the survival of Escherichia coli AB1157 in the presence and absence of SnCl2, and on the physiological property (osmotic fragility) of the erytrocyte

Author(s): Thais Lima Zaidan | Wevelin Santos de Matos | Éric Guimarães Machado | Thais Nery Figorelle Junqueira | Solange Campos Vicentini | Giuseppe Antonio Presta | Sebastião David Santos-Filho
Protective role of Eclipta alba L. extract against ethinylestradiol induced genotoxic damage in cultured human lymphocytes

Author(s): Yasir Hasan Siddique | Gulshan Ara | Tanveer Beg | Mohammad Faisal | Mohammad Afzal
Turmeric Alleviates Benzo(a)pyrene Induced Genotoxicity in Rats: Micronuclei Formation in Bone Marrow Cells and DNA Damage in Tissues

Author(s): K. Nirmala | Virendra V. Panpatil | A.K. Raja Kumar | N. Balakrishna | R. Balansky | K. Polasa
Induction of Micronuclei in Mice Lymphocytes Exposed to Microwave and Toluene

Author(s): S. B. Mortazavi | A. Safari | A. Khavanin | A. Kazemnejad | S. M. Moazzeni et al | Abbas Rezaee
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