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Age Differences and Changes in Resources Essential to Aging Well: A Comparison of Sexagenarians, Octogenarians, and Centenarians

Author(s): G. Kevin Randall | Peter Martin | Alex J. Bishop | Leonard W. Poon | Mary Ann Johnson
White Matter Lesions Are Not Related to β-Amyloid Deposition in an Autopsy-Based Study

Author(s): Loes C. A. Rutten-Jacobs | Frank-Erik de Leeuw | Lenny Geurts-van Bon | Marije C. Gordinou de Gouberville | Annelieke N. Schepens-Franke | P. Jos Dederen | Wim G. M. Spliet | Pieter Wesseling | Amanda J. Kiliaan
Oxidative Stress and Down Syndrome: A Route toward Alzheimer-Like Dementia

Author(s): Marzia Perluigi | D. Allan Butterfield
Nitric oxide and geriatrics: Implications in diagnostics and treatment of the elderly

Author(s): Ashley C Torregrossa | Mayank Aranke | Nathan S Bryan | Nathan S Bryan
Mental Status of Geriatric Patients with Chronic Locomotor Diseases

Author(s): M. J. Hadianfard | H. Hadianfard
Mechanisms and Implications of Age-Related Changes in the Liver

Author(s): Victoria C. Cogger | Sarah N. Hilmer | Dmitri Svistounov
Fat Modulates the Relationship between Sarcopenia and Physical Function in Nonobese Older Adults

Author(s): Robin L. Marcus | Diana I. Brixner | Sameer Ghate | Paul LaStayo
The Impact of MicroRNAs on Brain Aging and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): Stephan P. Persengiev | Ivanela I. Kondova | Ronald E. Bontrop
Effectiveness of influenza vaccine in aging and older adults: comprehensive analysis of the evidence

Author(s): Lang PO | Mendes A | Socquet J | Assir N | Govind S | Aspinall R
New technologies in medical aid given to veterans of Great Patriotic War of Saratov Region

Author(s): Shuldyakov V.A. | Denisova Т.P. | Alipova L.N.
Assessment of a Chief Complaint–Based Curriculum for Resident Education in Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Author(s): Michael C Wadman | William L Lyons | Lance H Hoffman | Robert L Muelleman
Recent trends in chronic disease, impairment and disability among older adults in the United States

Author(s): Hung William | Ross Joseph | Boockvar Kenneth | Siu Albert
Predictors of adherence to a multifaceted podiatry intervention for the prevention of falls in older people

Author(s): Spink Martin | Fotoohabadi Mohammad | Wee Elin | Landorf Karl | Hill Keith | Lord Stephen | Menz Hylton
Rationale and methods of the multicenter randomised trial of a heart failure management programme among geriatric patients (HF-Geriatrics)

Author(s): Pascual Carlos | Galán Emilio | Guerrero Jose | Colino Rocio | Soler Pedro | Calvo Mercedes | Jaurieta Juan | Arambarri Jorge | Casado Jose | Rodríguez-Artalejo Fernando
[Cost]effectiveness of withdrawal of fall-risk increasing drugs versus conservative treatment in older fallers: design of a multicenter randomized controlled trial (IMPROveFALL-study)

Author(s): Hartholt Klaas | Van der Velde Nathalie | Van Lieshout Esther | Polinder Suzanne | De Vries Oscar | Boyé Nicole | Kerver Albert | Ziere Gijsbertus | Bruijninckx Milko | De Vries Mark | Mattace-Raso Francesco | Uitterlinden André | Van Beeck Ed | Lips Paul | Patka Peter | Van der Cammen Tischa
Lighting and perceptual cues: Effects on gait measures of older adults at high and low risk for falls

Author(s): Figueiro Mariana | Plitnick Barbara | Rea Mary | Gras Laura | Rea Mark
Long-term consequences of an intensive care unit stay in older critically ill patients: design of a longitudinal study

Author(s): Jeitziner Marie-Madlen | Hantikainen Virpi | Conca Antoinette | Hamers Jan
Patterns of ambulatory medical care utilization in elderly patients with special reference to chronic diseases and multimorbidity - Results from a claims data based observational study in Germany

Author(s): van den Bussche Hendrik | Schön Gerhard | Kolonko Tina | Hansen Heike | Wegscheider Karl | Glaeske Gerd | Koller Daniela
Cognitive function is associated with risk aversion in community-based older persons

Author(s): Boyle Patricia | Yu Lei | Buchman Aron | Laibson David | Bennett David
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease and related risk factors in Turkish elders

Author(s): Tekin Nil | Baskan Muammer | Yesilkayali Teoman | Karabay Ozalp
Reducing depression in older home care clients: design of a prospective study of a nurse-led interprofessional mental health promotion intervention

Author(s): Markle-Reid Maureen | McAiney Carrie | Forbes Dorothy | Thabane Lehana | Gibson Maggie | Hoch Jeffrey | Browne Gina | Peirce Thomas | Busing Barbara
Cognitive and memory training in adults at risk of dementia: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Gates Nicola | Sachdev Perminder | Fiatarone Singh Maria | Valenzuela Michael
Sedative load of medications prescribed for older people with dementia in care homes

Author(s): Parsons Carole | Haydock Jane | Mathie Elspeth | Baron Natasha | Machen Ina | Stevenson Elizabeth | Amador Sarah | Goodman Claire
Development of a short form of Mini-Mental State Examination for the screening of dementia in older adults with a memory complaint: a case control study

Author(s): Haubois Gladys | Annweiler Cédric | Launay Cyrille | Fantino Bruno | de Decker Laure | Allali Gilles | Beauchet Olivier
Co-morbidity and drug treatment in Alzheimer's disease. A cross sectional study of participants in the Dementia Study in Northern Norway

Author(s): Andersen Fred | Viitanen Matti | Halvorsen Dag | Straume Bjørn | Engstad Torgeir
Is the Nintendo Wii Fit really acceptable to older people?: a discrete choice experiment

Author(s): Laver Kate | Ratcliffe Julie | George Stacey | Burgess Leonie | Crotty Maria
The effect of testosterone and a nutritional supplement on hospital admissions in under-nourished, older people

Author(s): Piantadosi Cynthia | Visvanathan Renuka | Naganathan Vasi | Hunter Peter | Cameron Ian | Lange Kylie | Karnon Jonathan | Chapman Ian
Study Protocol: The Behaviour and Pain in Dementia Study (BePAID)

Author(s): Scott Sharon | Jones Louise | Blanchard Martin | Sampson Elizabeth
Validity and reliability of the Swaymeter device for measuring postural sway

Author(s): Sturnieks Daina | Arnold Ria | Lord Stephen
Older adults who persistently present to the emergency department with severe, non-severe, and indeterminate episode patterns

Author(s): Kaskie Brian | Obrizan Maksym | Jones Michael | Bentler Suzanne | Weigel Paula | Hockenberry Jason | Wallace Robert | Ohsfeldt Robert | Rosenthal Gary | Wolinsky Fredric
Meeting the home-care needs of disabled older persons living in the community: does integrated services delivery make a difference?

Author(s): Dubuc Nicole | Dubois Marie-France | Raîche Michel | Gueye N'Deye | Hébert Réjean
High frequency of diastolic dysfunction in a population-based cohort of elderly women - but poor association with the symptom dyspnea

Author(s): Germing Alfried | Gotzmann Michael | Schikowski Tamara | Vierkötter Andrea | Ranft Ulrich | Krämer Ursula | Mügge Andreas
The relation between grip strength and dexterity in two age groups 25-45 and 65-85 years in men and women

Author(s): Olyaei GR | Abdolvahab M | Zabihian H | Bagheri H | Jalili | M
Fifteen Dimensions of Health among Community-Dwelling Older Singaporeans

Author(s): Chetna Malhotra | Angelique Chan | Rahul Malhotra | Truls Østbye
Comparing the Neuropsychiatric Profile of Patients with Alzheimer Disease Who Present Spared versus Impaired Executive Functioning

Author(s): Ezequiel Gleichgerrcht | Anabel Chade | Teresa Torralva | María Roca | Facundo Manes
Liver Regeneration and Aging: A Current Perspective

Author(s): Douglas L. Schmucker | Henry Sanchez
Comparative study of the effects of two programs of physical exercises in flexibility and balance of healthy elderly individuals with and without major depression

Author(s): Fernanda Varkala Lanuez | Wilson Jacob-Filho | Mariana Varkala Lanuez | Ana Cláudia Becattini de Oliveira
Primary care for diabetes mellitus: perspective from older patients

Author(s): Wong ELY | Woo J | Hui E | Chan C | Chan WLS | Cheung AWL

Ruptured aneurysm: therapy of abdominal compartment syndrome post EVAR

Author(s): Alberti Vittorio | Costa Pierluigi | Fazzini Stefano | Serrao Eugenia | Ronchey Sonia | Mangialardi Nicola
Hemostatic devices in abdominal surgery

Author(s): Di Capua F | Petrocelli M | Saracco M | Vernillo A | Renda A
The chronic intestinal ischemic disease in the elderly. Clinical - morphologic correlation study

Author(s): Fratta S | Cardin F | Mosele M | Perissinotto E | Inelmen E | Sergi G | Manzato E | Terranova C
Rectal prolapse: mechanical resection sec. altemeier (Reverse Transtar)

Author(s): Barbato D | Sorrentino P | Vincenti R
Spigelian hernia in the elderly

Author(s): Giamattei R | Butuc L | La Rocca F | Viola G | Mercogliano A | Fatigati G | Martino A
N0 colorectal cancer in the elderly: prognostic role of advanced age and correlation with adjuvant chemotherapy

Author(s): Gruppo M | Piatto G | Mazzalai F | Lorenzetti R | Di Giunta M | Terranova C | Bruttocao A | Militello C
Is total colectomy for colorectal cancer contraindicated in elderly patients?

Author(s): Grassia S | La Tessa C | Spiezia S | Romagnuolo R | Carlomagno N | Dodaro C | Renda A
Optimization of long-term graft survival after liver transplantation: the role of donor age

Author(s): Lai Q | Melandro F | Spoletini G | Levi Sandri GB | Guglielmo N | Ginanni Corradini S | Berloco PB | Rossi M
Quid novi in the eldery patient’s anesthesia

Author(s): Lettieri B | Mingione ML | d’Elia A | Capodanno P
The quality of life in patients treated for rectal cancer

Author(s): Mangiapane M | Bonafede EV | Di Carlo G | Lo Piccolo C | Vitrano M | Diana G
Squamous-cell carcinoma arising in a pilonidal sinus: case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Martino Antonio | De Martino Ciro | Pisapia Anna | Maharajan Gautam | Evangelista Marco
Rectus sheath hematoma, rare condition, difficult diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment: report of 5 cases

Author(s): Martino Antonio | De Martino Ciro | Pisapia Anna | Maharajan Gautam | Evangelista Marco
Recovery from general anaesthesia in the elderly patient: sevoflurane vs propofol

Author(s): Bastianini B | Vessicchio L | Grassia F | Lettieri B
Emergency Surgery in the elderly patient

Author(s): Martino Antonio | De Martino Ciro | Maharajan Gautam | Evangelista Marco | Giamattei Rosa | Pisapia Anna
Damage control surgery: a new “way of thinking” in the treatment of the critically injuried

Author(s): Martino Antonio | De Martino Ciro | Maharajan Gautam | Evangelista Marco | Giamattei Rosa | Pisapia Anna
Preliminary results with Habib’s procedure

Author(s): Mastromarino R | D’Angelo S | Saglioccolo A | Rizzo G | Tammaro V | Carlomagno N | Renda A
Use of elder donors for cadaveric single kidney transplantation: a new evolution or an inacceptable risk?

Author(s): Melandro F | Lai Q | Nudo F | Spoletini G | Sandri GB | Poli L | Pretagostini R | Berloco PB
Effectiveness of endovascular thrombolysis in acute mesenteric vein thrombosis

Author(s): Milone M | Di Minno G | Di Minno MND | Iaccarino V | Venetucci P | Milone F
Malignant sigmoid-duodenal fistula: case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Minutolo V | Buttafuoco A | Gagliano G | Minutolo O | Lanteri R | Racalbuto A | Licata A
Surgical site infection in elderly patients

Author(s): Minutolo M | Blandino G | Lanteri R | Puleo S | Minutolo V
New anesthetic programs for big elderly in day surgery

Author(s): Oliva F | Dimarzio G | De Vizia M | Lettieri B
The use of negative pressure wound therapy (npwt) and dermal substitutes in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

Author(s): Sorrentino V | Corte A | Fattopace A | Campitiello F | Ferretti M | Canonico S
The effect of age on long-term survival after pancreatic resection for pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Beltrame Valentina | Tona Federico | Moro Margherita | Militello Carmelo | Pedrazzoli Sergio | Pasquali Claudio | Sperti Cosimo
Actual trends in palliative oncologic surgery

Author(s): Patrizi G | Miscusi G | Pelle F | Di Rocco G | Venturini L | Giannotti D | Frezzotti F | Giordano R | Redler A
Changes of serum calcium levels after thyroid surgery in the elderly

Author(s): Patrizi G | Federici S | Fazi M | Pelle F | Fiengo L | Venturini L | Di Rocco G | Giannotti D | Frezzotti F | Giordano R | Redler A
Right colon angiodysplasia and lower limb chronic obstructive arteropathy: simultaneous endovascular treatment

Author(s): Patrizi G | Fazi M | Fiengo L | Di Rocco G | Pelle F | Giannotti D | Venturini L | Frezzotti F | Giordano R | Redler A | Salvatori FM
Superior mesenteric artery ischemia: endovascular approach

Author(s): Patrizi G | Fazi M | Fiengo L | Di Rocco G | Giannotti D | Pelle F | Frezzotti F | Giordano R | Venturini L | Redler A | Salvatori FM
Improvement of quality of life in elderly after inguinal hernioplasty

Author(s): Patti Rodalia | Aiello Paolo | Di Vita Gaetano
Laparoscopy in bilio-pancreatic surgery in elderly

Author(s): Perrotta S | Desiato V | Mazzei O | Benassai GL | Quarto G | Benassai G
Evaluation of fibrosis in cirrhotic elderly patients with HCC

Author(s): Pesce A | Trovato MA | Branca A | Scilletta R | Portale TR | Puleo S
Angiosarcoma of the thyroid in an old man

Author(s): Petronella P | Freda F | Ferretti M | Fierro D | Scorzelli M | Canonico S
Indications to total thyroidectomy for multinodular goiter in old patients

Author(s): Puzziello A | Lucisano AM | Gervasi R | Siani C | Lerose MA | Orlando G | Innaro N | Vescioe G | Sacco R
TEM in the treatment of recurrent rectal cancer in the elderly

Author(s): Benassai G | Perrotta S | Desiato V | Benassai GL | Mazzei O | Quarto G
Rectal prolapse treatment in elderly patients

Author(s): Racalbuto A | Aliotta I | Lanteri R | Carnazzo SA | Minutolo V | Licata A
Morphological rectal alterations following STARR performed for obstructed defecation syndrome

Author(s): Reginelli A | Mandato Y | Russo A | Iacobellis F | Cappabianca S | Brunese L | Grassi R
Role of Standardized Perfusion Value (SPV) in the characterization of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules (SPN)

Author(s): Reginelli A | Petrillo M | Porto A | Iacobellis F | Cappabianca S | Brunese L | Rotondo A
Treatment of cholecysto-choledocolithiasis in elderly patients: personal experience

Author(s): Ricotta Agostino | Sofia Maria | Latteri Saverio | Cannemi Francesca | La Greca Gaetano | Russello Domenico
Transoral settotomy for Zenker diverticulum: long-term outcomes in elderly patients

Author(s): Rottoli M | Siboni S | Bona D | Russo I | Bonavina L
Carotid endarterectomy versus stenting in octogenarians

Author(s): Savanelli A | Compagna R | De Vito D | Rossi R | Fappiano F | Bianco T | Amato M | Amato B
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in the elderly

Author(s): Spiezia S | Grassia S | De Rosa D | Palmieri DG | Carlomagno N | Dodaro C | Renda A
Surgical treatment of elderly patients with infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm

Author(s): Cappello E | Spinetti F | Di Lorenzo M | Franco E
Pluriannual experience in stapled haemorrhoidopexy in the elderly

Author(s): Spirch S | Tona F | Sperti C | Gruppo M | Mazzalai F | Lorenzetti R | Di Giunta M | Sirianni C | Terranova O
Treatment of Jehovah’s witness patients. Surgical and medico-legal considerations

Author(s): Terranova C | Gruppo M | Mazzalai F | Lorenzetti R | Bruttocao A
Decision making in elderly HCC

Author(s): Trovato M | Pesce A | Scilletta R | Branca A | Mosca F | Puleo S
Surgical treatment for primary hyperparathyroidism in the elderly: a single-center analysis

Author(s): Venturini L | Frezzotti F | Giannella A | Di Rocco G | Fiengo L | Giannotti D | Federici S | Paciotti C | Patrizi G | Pelle F | Sforza N | Redler A
Treatment of aortic aneurysms in elderly patients

Author(s): Vigliotti G | D’Alessandro A | Fornino G | Puca A | Capparelli G | Cuofano M | Naddeo A | Brunico L | Vigliotti R | Accarino G
Prognostic value of Multidetector Computed Tomography of cirrhosis

Author(s): D’Andrea A | Reginelli A | Petrillo M | Iacobellis F | Cappabianca S | Grassi R | Brunese L | Rotondo A
Early thrombolysis in an elderly patient: case report

Author(s): Delle Curti M | Ciao A | Di Costanzo S | Lettieri B
Sentinel node biopsy and radical lymph node dissection for advanced melanoma in the elderly

Author(s): Desiato V | Perrotta S | Benassai GL | Quarto G | Benassai G | Limite G
Pulmonary resection for NSCLC in octogenarians: a single center experience

Author(s): Di Russo S | Mani A | Guetti L | Camplese P | Cipollone G | Iarussi T | Mucilli F
Infuence of co-morbidity in the prognosis of politrauma in geriatric patients

Author(s): Famà F | Murabito L | Beccaria A | Cucinotta F | Caruso A | Foti C | Gioffrè Florio M
Polytrauma in geriatric patients: incidence and mortality

Author(s): Famà F | Murabito L | Beccaria A | Cucinotta F | Caruso A | Foti C | Versace G | La Torre N | Estollere C | Placanica P | Gioffrè Florio M
Wound defects in the elderly: our experience

Author(s): Ferrarese A | Martino V | Nano M
Continuity care in surgery: our experience

Author(s): Ferrocci G | Marzetti A | Rossi C | Possamai L | Durante E | Azzena G
Endovascular repair for acute mesenteric ischemia: case report

Author(s): Fiengo L | Paciotti C | Patrizi G | Venturini L | Pucci A | Fanelli F | Bruni A | Allegritti M | Redler A
Near infrared spectroscopy monitoring during carotid endarterectomy in elderly patients

Author(s): Scolaro A | Di Stefano F | Ramondetta C | Lomeo A
Lynch II syndrome: a case report

Author(s): Scotto B | Spera E | Merola G | Di Simone D
Evaluation design of a reactivation care program to prevent functional loss in hospitalised elderly: A cohort study including a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Asmus-Szepesi Kirsten | de Vreede Paul | Nieboer Anna | van Wijngaarden Jeroen | Bakker Ton | Steyerberg Ewout | Mackenbach Johan
Early and late mortality in elderly patients after hip fracture: a cohort study using administrative health databases in the Lazio region, Italy

Author(s): Castronuovo Esmeralda | Pezzotti Patrizio | Franzo Antonella | Di Lallo Domenico | Guasticchi Gabriella
Delirium risk screening and haloperidol prophylaxis program in hip fracture patients is a helpful tool in identifying high-risk patients, but does not reduce the incidence of delirium

Author(s): Vochteloo Anne | Moerman Sophie | Borger van der Burg Boudewijn | de Boo Maarten | de Vries Mark | Niesten Dieu-Donné | Tuinebreijer Wim | Nelissen Rob | Pilot Peter
Centenarian Studies: Important Contributors to Our Understanding of the Aging Process and Longevity

Author(s): Donald Craig Willcox | Bradley J. Willcox | Leonard W. Poon
A Quantitative Assessment of Tremor and Ataxia in Female FMR1 Premutation Carriers Using CATSYS

Author(s): Vivien Narcisa | Dalila Aguilar | Danh V. Nguyen | Luis Campos | Jeffrey Brodovsky | Shana White | Patrick Adams | Flora Tassone | Paul J. Hagerman | Randi J. Hagerman
Age-Related Changes in the Hepatic Pharmacology and Toxicology of Paracetamol

Author(s): Sarah J. Mitchell | Alice E. Kane | Sarah N. Hilmer
The Effects of Old Age on Hepatic Stellate Cells

Author(s): Alessandra Warren | Victoria C. Cogger | Robin Fraser | Laurie D. DeLeve | Robert S. McCuskey | David G. Le Couteur
Weight gain since menopause and its associations with weight loss maintenance in obese postmenopausal women

Author(s): Sénéchal M | Arguin H | Bouchard DR | Carpentier AC | Ardilouze JL | Dionne IJ | Brochu M
Diurnal salivary cortisol concentrations in Parkinson’s disease: increased total secretion and morning cortisol concentrations

Author(s): Skogar Ö | Fall P-A | Hallgren G | Lökk J | Bringer B | Carlsson M | Lennartsson U | Sandbjork H | Törnhage C-J

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