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Risk Factors and Severity of Diabetic Retinopathy in Maramureş

Author(s): Mihaela MOCIRAN | Cristian DRAGOŞ | Nicolae HÂNCU
Antioxidant Status of a Polyherbomineral Formulation (Gly-13-C) in STZ-Diabetic Rats

Author(s): P. Ashok | A. Kyada | P. Subbarao | S. Suthar | D. Singh | K. Vadaliya
Protective Effect of Enicostemma littorale Blume on Rat Model of Diabetic Neuropathy

Author(s): Niraj Mukundray Bhatt | Suparna Barua | Sarita Gupta
Outcomes of adding second hypoglycemic drug after metformin monotherapy failure among type 2 diabetes in Hungary

Author(s): Jermendy György | Erdesz Diana | Nagy Laszlo | Yin Don | Phatak Hemant | Karve Sudeep | Engel Samuel | Balkrishnan Rajesh
Patient complexity in quality comparisons for glycemic control: An observational study

Author(s): Safford Monika | Brimacombe Michael | Zhang Quanwu | Rajan Mangala | Xie Minge | Thompson Wesley | Kolassa John | Maney Miriam | Pogach Leonard

Lipoprotein (a) in type 2 diabetes mellitus: Relation to LDL:HDL ratio and glycemic control

Author(s): Singla Seema | Kaur Kiranjeet | Kaur Gurdeep | Kaur Harbir | Kaur Jasbinder | Jaswal Shivani
Prevalence and determinants of albuminuria in a cohort of diabetic patients in Lebanon

Author(s): Taleb Nadine | Salti Haytham | Al-Mokaddam Mona | Merheb Marie | Salti Ibrahim | Nasrallah Mona
Effects of Gymnema lactiferum leaves on glycemic and lipidemic status in type 2 diabetic subjects

Author(s): Thushari Bandara, Begum Rokeya, Sakina Khan, Liaquat Ali, Sagarika Ekanayake, Errol R. Jansz and Kandiah Balasubramanium
Effects of chromium picolinate on glycemic control and kidney of the obese Zucker rat

Author(s): Mozaffari Mahmood | AbdelSayed Rafik | Liu Jun | Wimborne Hereward | El-Remessy Azza | El-Marakby Ahmed
Comparison of multiple and novel measures of dietary glycemic carbohydrate with insulin resistant status in older women

Author(s): O'Sullivan Therese | Bremner Alexandra | O'Neill Sheila | Lyons-Wall Philippa
Sexual dysfunctions in patients with diabetes: a study from Iran

Author(s): Ziaei-Rad Marzieh | Vahdaninia Mariam | Montazeri Ali

Author(s): Khalaf Ban H | Tuma Wafaa E | Hussein Khalid I | Hussein Khalid R | Hussain Saad A
Lack of association of sodium-lithium counter transport with microalbuminuria in young diabetics of Bangladesh

Author(s): Rajani Hada | Zahid Hassan | Liaquat Ali | Ur Rashid | Shafiqul Alam | Khan Azad | Chowdhury Nasima
The well-being and treatment satisfaction of diabetic patients in primary care

Author(s): Saatci Esra | Tahmiscioglu Gulruh | Bozdemir Nafiz | Akpinar Ersin | Ozcan Sevgi | Kurdak Hatice
Effect of a Polyherbal Formulation (Diarun plus) on the Glycemic Status Modified by Physiological Means in Non-diabetic Mice and Rats

Author(s): G. Senthilvel | Anoop Austin | M. Jegadeesan | P. Thirugnanasambantham | N. Narayanan | S. Viswanathan
Insulin resistance and glycemic abnormalities are associated with deterioration of left ventricular diastolic function: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Dinh Wilfried | Lankisch Mark | Nickl Werner | Scheyer Daniel | Scheffold Thomas | Kramer Frank | Krahn Thomas | Klein Rolf | Barroso Michael | Füth Reiner
Seroprevalence of hepatitis C in type 2 diabetes: evidence for a positive association

Author(s): Jadoon Nauman | Shahzad Mohammad | Yaqoob Rehan | Hussain Mansoor | Ali Naseema
The PTPN22 C1858T gene variant is associated with proinsulin in new-onset type 1 diabetes

Author(s): Nielsen Lotte | Pörksen Sven | Andersen Marie Louise | Fredheim Siri | Svensson Jannet | Hougaard Philip | Vanelli Maurizio | Åman Jan | Mortensen Henrik | Hansen Lars
Influence of diabetes mellitus on heart failure risk and outcome

Author(s): Bauters Christophe | Lamblin Nicolas | Mc Fadden Eugène | Van Belle Eric | Millaire Alain | de Groote Pascal
Barriers to self-monitoring of blood glucose among adults with diabetes in an HMO: A cross sectional study

Author(s): Adams Alyce | Mah Connie | Soumerai Stephen | Zhang Fang | Barton Mary | Ross-Degnan Dennis
Predictors of glycemic control among patients with Type 2 diabetes: A longitudinal study

Author(s): Benoit Stephen | Fleming Regina | Philis-Tsimikas Athena | Ji Ming
The use of adherence aids by adults with diabetes: A cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Littenberg Benjamin | MacLean Charles | Hurowitz Laurie
A double-blind, randomized, multicenter study evaluating the effects of pioglitazone in fasting Muslim subjects during Ramadan

Author(s): Vasan Senthil | Thomas Nihal | Bharani | Ameen Mohammed | Abraham Sunil | Job Victoria | John Beulah | Karol Rajani | Kavitha M | Thomas Kurian | Seshadri M
Profile of young diabetes mellitus and its clinical implications

Author(s): Banerjee Samar | Ghosh Uday | Biswas Dibakar
How well do Pakistani patients and physicians adhere to standards of diabetes care?

Author(s): Jabbar Abdul | Hameed Amir | Chawla Rajesh | Akhter Jaweed
Evaluation of peripheral neurovascular status among diabetics in a rural population

Author(s): Mehra Bhupendra | Thawait Anand | Karandikar Sangram | Narang Ravinder
Focus on Vitamin D, Inflammation and Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Carlos Eduardo Andrade Chagas | Maria Carolina Borges | Lígia Araújo Martini | Marcelo Macedo Rogero
Managing diabetes with inhaled insulin

Author(s): Lucy D Mastrandrea
Serum Zinc Levels in Children and Adolescents With Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): M Estakhri | A Djazayery | MR Eshraghian | R Majdzadeh | M Jalali | Z Karamizadeh | M Chamari | M Peyrovi Milani
Depression and associated factors in diabetic patients attending an urban hospital of Bangladesh '

Author(s): Mahbubur Rahman | Md. Anisur Rahman | Meerjady Sabrina Flora | Muhammad Rakibuz-Zaman
The effect of weight loss on fasting blood sugars and hemoglobin A1c in overweight and obese diabetics and non-diabetics

Author(s): Frank Dong | Bobbie Paull-Forney | James Early | James Stanford | Matthew Kaiser | Elizabeth Ablah
The effect of weight loss on fasting blood sugars and hemoglobin A1c in overweight and obese diabetics and non-diabetics

Author(s): Frank Dong | Bobbie Paull-Forney | James Early | James Stanford | Matthew Kaiser | Elizabeth Ablah
Age, gender, insulin and blood glucose control status alter the risk of ischemic heart disease and stroke among elderly diabetic patients

Author(s): Hayashi Toshio | Kawashima Seinosuke | Nomura Hideki | Itoh Hideki | Watanabe Hiroshi | Ohrui Takashi | Yokote Koutaro | Sone Hirohito | Hattori Yoshiyuki | Yoshizumi Masao | Ina Koichiro | Kubota Kiyoshi
Obese Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Have Hippocampal and Frontal Lobe Volume Reductions

Author(s): Hannah Bruehl | Victoria Sweat | Aziz Tirsi | Bina Shah | Antonio Convit
Glycemic Status and Lipid Profiles of Diabetics in Sokoto, Nigeria

Author(s): M.J. Ladan | R.A. Umar | S.W. Hassan | B. Shehu
Profile of the subjects with Diabetes: A hospital-based observational study from Ahmedabad, Western India

Author(s): Mayur Patel | Inam Patel | Yashm patel | Prakash Shah | Suresh Kumar Rathi

Author(s): S Adiga | U Adiga | Jennie Tan Geok Lin
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