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Cross-reactive Anti-gp41 HIV-1 Neutralizing Human Monoclonal Antibodies Selected by Competitive Panning Against gp140 – an Update

Author(s): Zhang Mei-Yun | Vu Bang | Choudhry Vidita | Sidorov Igor | Tenev Vladimir | Dimitrov Dimiter
P05-04. Neutralizing antibodies induced by immunization with liposomal gp41 peptide simultaneously bind to both the 2F5 or 4E10 epitope and lipid epitopes

Author(s): Matyas GR | Wieczorek L | Beck Z | Ochsenbauer-Jambor C | Kappes JC | Michael NL | Polonis VR | Alving CR
HIV-1 Entry, Inhibitors, and Resistance

Author(s): Michael A. Lobritz | Annette N. Ratcliff | Eric J. Arts
Modulation of Cytokine Production by the Transmembrane Envelope Protein gp41 of HIV-1

Author(s): Denner Joachim | Behrendt Rayk | Kurth Reinhard
Antiviral properties of two trimeric recombinant gp41 proteins

Author(s): Delcroix-Genête Delphine | Quan Phenix-Lan | Roger Marie-Gaëlle | Hazan Uriel | Nisole Sébastien | Rousseau Cécile
Viroporin potential of the lentivirus lytic peptide (LLP) domains of the HIV-1 gp41 protein

Author(s): Costin Joshua | Rausch Joshua | Garry Robert | Wimley William
P19-02. High protection of female macaques from repeated intravaginal challenges with SHIV-162P3 upon mucosal vaccination with Gp41 subunits-virosomes

Author(s): Bomsel M | Drillet A | Roger M | Amacker M | Mouz N | Lopalco L | Devillers G | Zurbriggen R | Fleury S
P04-06. Evolution of an anti-MPER gp41 antibody response that mediates broad HIV-1 cross-neutralization

Author(s): Gray E | Moore P | Ranchobe N | Abrahams M | Madiga M | Mlisana K | Abdool-Karim S | Williamson C | Morris L
P12-14. Design of hydrophilic, helical peptides that mimic the 4E10 epitope of HIV-1 gp41

Author(s): Lorenz IC | Martin CL | Hoffenberg S | Phogat SK | Kaminsky SM
P09-13. Structure of HIV-1 gp41 interactive region: layered architecture and basis of conformational mobility

Author(s): Pancera M | Majeed S | Ban Y | Chen L | Huang C | Kong L | Kwon Y | Stuckey J | Zhou T | Robinson J | Schief W | Sodroski J | Wyatt R | Kwong P
P10-09. Altered release of RANTES from human, normal platelets: contribution of distinct HIV-1MN gp41 peptides

Author(s): Cognasse F | Hamzeh-cognasse H | Berthet J | Damien P | Lucht F | Pozzetto B | Garraud O
P11-20. HIV-1 gp41-specific mucosal IgAs from highly exposed but IgG seronegative women block HIV-1 epithelial transcytosis and neutralize CD4+ cell infection

Author(s): Tudor D | Derrien M | Diomede L | Houimel M | Drillet A | Moog C | Reynes J | Lopalco L | Bomsel M
S021-05 OA. Broadly neutralizing anti-HIV-1 antibodies disrupt a hinge-related function of gp41 at the membrane interface

Author(s): Song L | Sun ZJ | Coleman KE | Zwick MB | Gach JS | Wang J | Reinherz EL | Wagner G | Kim M
OA021-04. HIV-1 gp41 envelope MPER mutation altered epitope conformation in lipid and increased sensitivity to 2F5 and 4E10 neutralizing antibodies

Author(s): Shen X | Dennison M | Gao F | Montefiori DC | Verkoczy L | Haynes B | Alam M | Tomaras G
Single amino acid change in gp41 region of HIV-1 alters bystander apoptosis and CD4 decline in humanized mice

Author(s): Garg Himanshu | Joshi Anjali | Ye Chunting | Shankar Premlata | Manjunath N
The V1-V3 region of a brain-derived HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein determines macrophage tropism, low CD4 dependence, increased fusogenicity and altered sensitivity to entry inhibitors

Author(s): Rossi Fiorella | Querido Bianca | Nimmagadda Manideepthi | Cocklin Simon | Navas-Martín Sonia | Martín-García Julio
Peptide P5 (residues 628–683), comprising the entire membrane proximal region of HIV-1 gp41 and its calcium-binding site, is a potent inhibitor of HIV-1 infection

Author(s): Yu Huifeng | Tudor Daniela | Alfsen Annette | Labrosse Beatrice | Clavel François | Bomsel Morgane
Close phylogenetic relationship between Angolan and Romanian HIV-1 subtype F1 isolates

Author(s): Guimarães Monick | Vicente Ana | Otsuki Koko | da Silva Rosa | Francisco Moises | da Silva Filomena | Serrano Ducelina | Morgado Mariza | Bello Gonzalo
Evolution of antibody landscape and viral envelope escape in an HIV-1 CRF02_AG infected patient with 4E10-like antibodies

Author(s): Dieltjens Tessa | Heyndrickx Leo | Willems Betty | Gray Elin | Van Nieuwenhove Lies | Grupping Katrijn | Vanham Guido | Janssens Wouter
A novel trifunctional IgG-like bispecific antibody to inhibit HIV-1 infection and enhance lysis of HIV by targeting activation of complement

Author(s): Jia Leili | Xu Yuanyong | Zhang Chuanfu | Wang Yong | Chong Huihui | Qiu Shaofu | Wang Ligui | Zhong Yanwei | Liu Weijing | Sun Yansong | Qiao Fei | Tomlinson Stephen | Song Hongbin | Zhou Yusen | He Yuxian
Neutralization of X4- and R5-tropic HIV-1 NL4-3 variants by HOCl-modified serum albumins

Author(s): Polzer Svenja | van Yperen Melanie | Kirst Martin | Schwalbe Birco | Schaal Heiner | Schreiber Michael
HIV-1 subtype C envelope characteristics associated with divergent rates of chronic disease progression

Author(s): Archary Derseree | Gordon Michelle | Green Taryn | Coovadia Hoosen | Goulder Philip | Ndung'u Thumbi
Membrane topology analysis of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein gp41

Author(s): Liu Shujun | Kondo Naoyuki | Long Yufei | Xiao Dan | Iwamoto Aikichi | Matsuda Zene
Structural analysis of bacteriophage T4 DNA replication: a review in the Virology Journal series on bacteriophage T4 and its relatives

Author(s): Mueser Timothy | Hinerman Jennifer | Devos Juliette | Boyer Ryan | Williams Kandace
The membrane-spanning domain of gp41 plays a critical role in intracellular trafficking of the HIV envelope protein

Author(s): Miyauchi Kosuke | Curran A Rachael | Long Yufei | Kondo Naoyuki | Iwamoto Aikichi | Engelman Donald | Matsuda Zene
Anti-human immunodeficiency virus-1 antibody titers in injection drug users compared to sexually infected individuals

Author(s): Bongertz Vera | Ouverney Elaine Priscilla | Teixeira Sylvia LM | Silva-de-Jesus Carlos | Hacker Mariana A | Morgado Mariza G | Bastos Francisco I
Anti-HIV-1 activity of cellulose acetate phthalate: Synergy with soluble CD4 and induction of "dead-end" gp41 six-helix bundles

Author(s): Neurath A Robert | Strick Nathan | Jiang Shibo | Li Yun-Yao | Debnath Asim
Evolution of the HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins with a disulfide bond between gp120 and gp41

Author(s): Sanders Rogier | Dankers Martijn | Busser Els | Caffrey Michael | Moore John | Berkhout Ben
Characterization of HIV-1 envelope gp41 genetic diversity and functional domains following perinatal transmission

Author(s): Ramakrishnan Rajesh | Mehta Roshni | Sundaravaradan Vasudha | Davis Tiffany | Ahmad Nafees
Kinetic studies of HIV-1 and HIV-2 envelope glycoprotein-mediated fusion

Author(s): Gallo Stephen | Reeves Jacqueline | Garg Himanshu | Foley Brian | Doms Robert | Blumenthal Robert
The testis and epididymis are productively infected by SIV and SHIV in juvenile macaques during the post-acute stage of infection

Author(s): Shehu-Xhilaga Miranda | Kent Stephen | Batten Jane | Ellis Sarah | Van der Meulen Joel | O'Bryan Moira | Cameron Paul | Lewin Sharon | Hedger Mark
Variation in HIV-1 R5 macrophage-tropism correlates with sensitivity to reagents that block envelope: CD4 interactions but not with sensitivity to other entry inhibitors

Author(s): Peters Paul | Duenas-Decamp Maria | Sullivan W Matthew | Brown Richard | Ankghuambom Chiambah | Luzuriaga Katherine | Robinson James | Burton Dennis | Bell Jeanne | Simmonds Peter | Ball Jonathan | Clapham Paul
HLA-C increases HIV-1 infectivity and is associated with gp120

Author(s): Matucci Andrea | Rossolillo Paola | Baroni Miriam | Siccardi Antonio | Beretta Alberto | Zipeto Donato
Frequency of human immunodeficiency virus type-2 in hiv infected patients in Maputo City, Mozambique

Author(s): Maueia Cremildo | Costa Deise | Meggi Bindiya | Ismael Nalia | Walle Carla | Curvo Raphael | Abreu Celina | Bhatt Nilesh | Tanuri Amilcar | Jani Ilesh | Ferreira Orlando
Selected amino acid mutations in HIV-1 B subtype gp41 are Associated with Specific gp120V3 signatures in the regulation of Co-Receptor usage

Author(s): Dimonte Salvatore | Mercurio Fabio | Svicher Valentina | D'Arrigo Roberta | Perno Carlo-Federico | Ceccherini-Silberstein Francesca
Identification of new, emerging HIV-1 unique recombinant forms and drug resistant viruses circulating in Cameroon

Author(s): Ragupathy Viswanath | Zhao Jiangqin | Wood Owen | Tang Shixing | Lee Sherwin | Nyambi Phillipe | Hewlett Indira
A stabilized HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trimer fused to CD40 ligand targets and activates dendritic cells

Author(s): Melchers Mark | Matthews Katie | de Vries Robert | Eggink Dirk | van Montfort Thijs | Bontjer Ilja | van de Sandt Carolien | David Kathryn | Berkhout Ben | Moore John | Sanders Rogier
HIV-1 envelope accessible surface and polarity: clade, blood, and brain

Author(s): Gopichandran Sowmya | Gunasagaran Shamini | Sathyanarayanan Anita | Meena Sakharkar | Venkat Mathura | Hector Rodriguez | Andrew J Levine | Elyse Singer | Deborah Commins | Charurut Somboonwit | John T Sinnott | Harcharan S Sidhu | Ganapathy Rajaseger | Peter Natesan Pushparaj | Pandajarasamme Kangueane | Paul Shapshak
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