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Effects of Biosolids Application on Pasture and Grape Vines in South-Eastern Australia

Author(s): David Nash | Craig Butler | Justine Cody | Michael St. J. Warne | Mike J. McLaughlin | Dianne Heemsbergen | Kris Broos | Mike Bell | Glenn Barry | Deb Pritchard | Nancy Penny
A brief introduction to multivariate methods in grape and wine analysis

Author(s): D Cozzolino | W U Cynkar | N Shah | R G Dambergs | P A Smith
The Influence of the Climatic Factors on the Main Vineyard Diseases When Organic Products Are Used in Fetească Regală Variety

Grapevine throughout the History of Anatolia

Author(s): Z. Gokbayrak | G. Soylemezoglu
Occurrence and Estimation of trans-Resveratrol in One-Year-Old Canes from Seven Major Chinese Grape Producing Regions

Author(s): Ang Zhang | Yulin Fang | Xuan Li | Jiangfei Meng | Hua Wang | Hua Li | Zhenwen Zhang | Zhijun Guo
Cranberry and Grape Seed Extracts Inhibit the Proliferative Phenotype of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Author(s): Kourt Chatelain | Spencer Phippen | Jonathan McCabe | Christopher A. Teeters | Susan O'Malley | Karl Kingsley
Corporate and farmer objectives in the wine business: The key to success or failure

Author(s): Francisco J Gomis Del Campo | David B López Lluch | Fernando Vidal Jiménez
A fast and simple method for wild yeast flora detection in winemaking

Author(s): Francesca Comitini | Mariza Stringini | Manuela Taccari | Maurizio Ciani
Major factors influencing antioxidant contents and antioxidant activity in grapes and wines

Author(s): Jaromír Lachman | Miloslav Šulc | Katerina Faitová | Vladimír Pivec
Results of a phase I pilot clinical trial examining the effect of plant-derived resveratrol and grape powder on Wnt pathway target gene expression in colonic mucosa and colon cancer

Author(s): Anthony V Nguyen | Micaela Martinez | Michael J Stamos | Mary P Moyer | Kestutis Planutis | Christopher Hope | Randall F Holcombe
Effects of resveratrol, an important component of red wine, on intestinal cancer development

Author(s): Xiaoying Zhang | Jan Anderson | Radhey S Kaushik | Chandradhar Dwivedi
Proteome analysis of muscadine grape leaves

Author(s): Sheikh M Basha | Ramesh Katam | Hemanth Vasanthaiah | Frank Matta
Identification of dominant lactic acid bacteria isolated from grape juices. Assessment of its biochemical activities relevant to flavor development in wine

Author(s): Fabiana Maria Saguir | Iris Eleonora Loto Campos | Carmen Maturano | Maria Cristina Manca de Nadra
Triterpene Composition and Bioactivities of Centella asiatica

Author(s): Puziah Hashim | Hamidah Sidek | Mohd Helme M. Helan | Aidawati Sabery | Uma Devi Palanisamy | Mohd Ilham
Study of quality indices of functional vegetal oil mixture

Author(s): Cristina POPOVICI | Tatiana CAPCANARI | Olga DESEATNICOVA | Rodica STURZA
The dynamics of oxidative enzymes during the white winemaking

Author(s): Carmen POPESCU | Elena POSTOLACHE | Gabriela RAPEANU | Mircea BULANCEA | Traian HOPULELE
Dimensioning the Irrigation Variables for Table Grape Vineyards in Litho-soils

Author(s): Pasquale Campi | Francesca Modugno | Domenico A. Palumbo | Marcello Mastrorilli
New genetic tools to identify and protect typical italian products

Author(s): Rosa Rao | Martina Caramante | Antonio Blanco | Sergio Lanteri | Margherita Lucchin | Andrea Mazzucato

Author(s): Necula Cezarina | Popa Camelia | Matei Viorica | Stefania Iordache | Stirbu Clara

Author(s): Vintilescu Monica | Cichi Daniela | Giugea Nicolae | Necula Cezarina | Popa Camelia

Author(s): Ionica Deliu | Elena Brînduse | Daniela Giosanu | Aurelia Tudorache
New genetic tools to identify and protect typical italian products

Author(s): Rosa Rao | Martina Caramante | Antonio Blanco | Sergio Lanteri | Margherita Lucchin | Andrea Mazzucato
An EST-based analysis identifies new genes and reveals distinctive gene expression features of Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora

Author(s): Mondego Jorge | Vidal Ramon | Carazzolle Marcelo | Tokuda Eric | Parizzi Lucas | Costa Gustavo | Pereira Luiz | Andrade Alan | Colombo Carlos | Vieira Luiz | Pereira Gonçalo
An overview of the Phalaenopsis orchid genome through BAC end sequence analysis

Author(s): Hsu Chia-Chi | Chung Yu-Lin | Chen Tien-Chih | Lee Yu-Ling | Kuo Yi-Tzu | Tsai Wen-Chieh | Hsiao Yu-Yun | Chen Yun-Wen | Wu Wen-Luan | Chen Hong-Hwa
Berry skin development in Norton grape: Distinct patterns of transcriptional regulation and flavonoid biosynthesis

Author(s): Ali Mohammad | Howard Susanne | Chen Shangwu | Wang Yechun | Yu Oliver | Kovacs Laszlo | Qiu Wenping
Reciprocity between abscisic acid and ethylene at the onset of berry ripening and after harvest

Author(s): Sun Liang | Zhang Mei | Ren Jie | Qi Jianxun | Zhang Guojun | Leng Ping
A candidate gene association study on muscat flavor in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)

Author(s): Emanuelli Francesco | Battilana Juri | Costantini Laura | Le Cunff Loïc | Boursiquot Jean-Michel | This Patrice | Grando Maria
Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Leaf Number, Leaf Area and Leaf Dry Matter in Grape

Author(s): Zahoor Ahmad BHAT | Rizwan RASHID | Javid Ahmad BHAT
Geospatial Modeling of Wine Grape Quality (Anthocyanin) for Optimum Sampling Strategy in Mechanized On-The-Go Differential Harvesting Programs

Author(s): Balaji Sethuramasamyraja | Harvinder Singh, | George Mathew Mazhuvancheriparambath
Effect of Methomyl on the Phenobarbital and Benzo [a] Pyrene Induced Hepatic Microsomal Mixed Function Oxidase System in Rats

Author(s): Jyotsna A. Patil1, Arun J. Patil1*, Ajit V. Sontakke1, Satish D. Kalme2 and Sanjay P. Govindwar3
Natural process and use of natural matters in organic viticulture

Author(s): Sivčev Branislava V. | Sivčev Ivan L. | Ranković-Vasić Zorica Z.
Comparison of effects of three commercial pectolytic enzyme preparations in white winemaking

Author(s): Kiro Mojsov | Jugoslav Ziberoski | Zvonimir Bozinovic | Meri Petreska
Bio-Functional Aspects of Grape Seeds-A Review

Author(s): Poonam Arora | S. H. Ansari | Iram Nazish
Global retrieval of ATSR cloud parameters and evaluation (GRAPE): dataset assessment

Author(s): A. M. Sayer | C. A. Poulsen | C. Arnold | E. Campmany | S. Dean | G. B. L. Ewen | R. G. Grainger | B. N. Lawrence | R. Siddans | G. E. Thomas | P. D. Watts
Cloud retrievals from satellite data using optimal estimation: evaluation and application to ATSR

Author(s): C. A. Poulsen | P. D. Watts | G. E. Thomas | A. M. Sayer | R. Siddans | R. G. Grainger | B. N. Lawrence | E. Campmany | S. M. Dean | C. Arnold
Application of an E-Tongue to the Analysis of Monovarietal and Blends of White Wines

Author(s): Manuel Gutiérrez | Andreu Llobera | Andrey Ipatov | Jordi Vila-Planas | Santiago Mínguez | Stefanie Demming | Stephanus Büttgenbach | Fina Capdevila | Carme Domingo | Cecilia Jiménez-Jorquera
Review of invasive grapevine aphid, Aphis illinoisensis Shimer, and native parasitoids in the Mediterranean (Hemiptera, Aphididae; Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae)

Author(s): Havelka J. | Shukshuk A.H. | Ghaliow M.E. | La Amari M. | Kavallieratos N.G. | Tomanović Ž. | Rakhshani E. | Pons X. | Starý P.
Biological adhesion of Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Author(s): He Tianxian | Li Zhang | Deng Wenli
Resistance to Elsinoë Ampelina and Expression of Related Resistant Genes in Vitis Rotundifolia Michx. Grapes

Author(s): Clifford Louime | Jiang Lu | Oghenekome Onokpise | Hemanth K. N. Vasanthaiah | Devaiah Kambiranda | Sheikh M. Basha | Hae Keun Yun
The Analysis of Different Factors Affecting the Red Wines Antioxidant Content

Author(s): Anamaria D. HOSU | Claudia CIMPOIU | Nastasia POP | Vasile MICLAUŞ | Sorana D. BOLBOACĂ | Lorentz JÄNTSCHI
An open-database of Grape Harvest dates for climate research: data description and quality assessment

Author(s): V. Daux | I. Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri | P. Yiou | I. Chuine | E. Garnier | E. Le Roy Ladurie | O. Mestre | J. Tardaguila
Effects of Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E on Ethanol- and Aspirin-Induced Ulcers

Author(s): Vivian Molina Cuevas | Yazmín Ravelo Calzado | Yohani Pérez Guerra | Ambar Oyarzábal Yera | Sonia Jiménez Despaigne | Rosa Mas Ferreiro | Daisy Carbajal Quintana

Author(s): Parashar Kshitiz | Zaidka Shipra | Somani Rani | S. Jayanti
VII. The Grape-Vine Typhlocybids of the Mesilla Valley, N. M.

Author(s): T. D. A. Ckll | C. P. Gillette
Effects of mecamylamine (a nicotinic receptor antagonist) on harman induced-amnesia in an inhibitory avoidance test

Author(s): Mohammad Nasehi | Morteza Piri | Shahrbano Sharifi | Maryam-sadat shahin | Mohammad Reza Zarrindast
Antiproliferative and Apoptotic Effects Triggered by Grape Seed Extract (GSE) versus Epigallocatechin and Procyanidins on Colon Cancer Cell Lines

Author(s): Simona Dinicola | Alessandra Cucina | Alessia Pasqualato | Fabrizio D’Anselmi | Sara Proietti | Elisabetta Lisi | Gabriella Pasqua | Donato Antonacci | Mariano Bizzarri
Effects of Ozonated Water on Storage Life and Postharvest Quality of Iranian Table Grape (cv. Bidaneh Qermez)

Author(s): Mahsa Geransayeh | Younes Mostofi | Vahid Abdossi | Mohammad Ali Nejatian
Ochratoxigenic Black Species of Aspergilli in Grape Fruits of Northern Italy Identified by an Improved PCR-RFLP Procedure

Author(s): Davide Spadaro | Subban Patharajan | Alessia Lorè | Angelo Garibaldi | Maria Lodovica Gullino
Chemotherapeutic Agent-induced Nephrotoxicity in Rabbits: Protective Role of Grape Seed Extract

Author(s): Fulya Benzer | Fatih Mehmet Kandemir | Songul Ceribasi | Mustafa Ozkaraca | Nuran Cikcikoglu Yildirim | Sema Temizer Ozan
Development of Vitamin C Rich Value Added Beverage

Author(s): Vandana Mishra | Vinita Puranik | Vinti Singh | Mudita Verma | Neelam Yadav | G.K. Rai
Concentration of Biogenic Amines in ‘Pinot Noir’ Wines Produced in Croatia

Author(s): Ana Jeromel | Karin Kovačević Ganić | Stanka Herjavec | Marin Mihaljević | Ana Marija Jagatić Korenika | Ivana Rendulić | Marijana Čolić
Ruminal degradability of dry matter and crude protein of different by by-products fed to steers Degradabilidade ruminal da matéria seca e proteína bruta de diferentes subprodutos agroindustriais utilizados na alimentação de bovinos

Author(s): Rafael Henrique de Tonissi e Buschinelli de Goes | Rita de Cássia Menchon Tramontini | Gabriel Daltoé de Almeida | Sérgio Tosi Cardim | Juliane Ribeiro | Leila Alves de Oliveira | Fábio Morotti | Kelly Cristina da Silva Brabes | Euclides Reuter de Oliveira
Intestinal digestibility of protein of adapted forages and by-products in Brazilian Northeast by three-steps technique Digestão intestinal da proteína de forrageiras e co-produtos da agroindústria produzidos no Nordeste Brasileiro por intermédio da técnica de três estágios

Author(s): Elzania Sales Pereira | Patrícia Guimarães Pimentel | Labib Santos Duarte | Arturo Bernardo Selaive Villarroel | José Gilson Lousada Regadas Filho | José Nery Rocha Júnior

Author(s): Taghizadeh Ghassem | Delbari Azam Sadat | Kulkarni D. K.
Temperature Effects on Vitamin C Content in Citrus Fruits

Author(s): P.C. Njoku | A.A. Ayuk | C.V. Okoye
Recovery and Concentration of Antioxidants from Winery Wastes

Author(s): María Luisa Soto | Enma Conde | Noelia González-López | María Jesús Conde | Andrés Moure | Jorge Sineiro | Elena Falqué | Herminia Domínguez | María José Núñez | Juan Carlos Parajó
Studies on various grape genotypes through development of bearing zones and pruning severity

Author(s): Palanichamy V#, Bhaskar Mitra, Manish Srivastav and S.K. Singh

The Development of Primordial Germ Cells (PGCs) and Testis in the Quail Embryo

Author(s): G. B. Chang, R. Chen, Y. R. Qin, Y. Zhang, A. Q. Dai and G. H. Chen*

Author(s): Martina Danihelová | Ernest Šturdík

Author(s): Š BOJNEC

Author(s): Josip BELJAK | Ana JEROMEL | Stanka HERJAVEC | Sandi ORLIC

Author(s): Ana JEROMEL | Stanka HERJAVEC | Sandi ORLIC | Sulejman REDŽEPOVIĆ | Mojmir Wondra
Total and yeast assimilable nitrogen composition in grape juices of three grapevine cultivars as affected by vineyard nitrogen fertilization

Author(s): Marko KAROGLAN | Luna MASLOV | Ivana MATIĆ | Aleksandar BRODSKI | Ana JEROMEL | Bernard KOZINA | Ante MIJIĆ
Horticulture in Argentina: a productive alternative with great potential

Author(s): Ana Maria Castagnino | María Belén Rosini | Silvia Benson
Climatic and economic parameters of the grape-wine simulation model

Author(s): Károly Szenteleki | Diána Sidlovits | Csaba Horváth | László Martinovich | Attila Molnár
Experiences about the integrated fruit and grape cultivation target programme in the micro-region of Gyöngyös

Author(s): Cecília Gonda | Antónia Szűcs | Andrea Ambrus | Sebestyén Dr Tóth
Antioxidant Activity, Antiproliferation of Colon Cancer Cells, and Chemical Composition of Grape Pomace

Author(s): John W. Parry | Haiwen Li | Jia-Ren Liu | Kequan Zhou | Lei Zhang | Shuxin Ren
A single amino acid change within the R2 domain of the VvMYB5b transcription factor modulates affinity for protein partners and target promoters selectivity

Author(s): Hichri Imène | Deluc Laurent | Barrieu François | Bogs Jochen | Mahjoub Ali | Regad Farid | Gallois Bernard | Granier Thierry | Trossat-Magnin Claudine | Gomès Eric | Lauvergeat Virginie
Analysis of high-identity segmental duplications in the grapevine genome

Author(s): Giannuzzi Giuliana | D'Addabbo Pietro | Gasparro Marica | Martinelli Maurizio | Carelli Francesco | Antonacci Donato | Ventura Mario
Analyses of the oligopeptide transporter gene family in poplar and grape

Author(s): Cao Jun | Huang Jinling | Yang Yongping | Hu Xiangyang
Development of an indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay applied to the Botrytis cinerea quantification in tissues of postharvest fruits

Author(s): Fernández-Baldo Martín | Fernández Jorge | Pereira Sirley | Messina Germán | Salinas Eloy | Raba Julio | Sanz Ferramola María
The grapevine guard cell-related VvMYB60 transcription factor is involved in the regulation of stomatal activity and is differentially expressed in response to ABA and osmotic stress

Author(s): Galbiati Massimo | Matus José | Francia Priscilla | Rusconi Fabio | Cañón Paola | Medina Consuelo | Conti Lucio | Cominelli Eleonora | Tonelli Chiara | Arce-Johnson Patricio
Transcript and metabolite analysis in Trincadeira cultivar reveals novel information regarding the dynamics of grape ripening

Author(s): Fortes Ana | Agudelo-Romero Patricia | Silva Marta | Ali Kashif | Sousa Lisete | Maltese Federica | Choi Young | Grimplet Jerome | Martinez- Zapater José | Verpoorte Robert | Pais Maria
Phenolics content and antioxidant capacity of commercial red fruit juices

Author(s): Mitić Milan N. | Obradović Mirjana V. | Kostić Danijela A. | Nasković Danijela Č. | Micić Ružica J.
Continental atmospheric circulation over Europe during the Little Ice Age inferred from grape harvest dates

Author(s): P. Yiou | I. García de Cortázar-Atauri | I. Chuine | V. Daux | E. Garnier | N. Viovy | C. van Leeuwen | A. K. Parker | J.-M. Boursiquot
Assessment of a Maturity Index in Jabuticaba Fruit by the Evaluation of Phenolic Compounds, Essential Oil Components, Sugar Content and Total Acidity

Author(s): Gilmara A.C. Fortes | Sara S. Naves | Fabiana F.F. Godoi | Alessandra R. Duarte | Pedro H. Ferri | Suzana C. Santos
Spasmolytic effect of Vitis vinifera leaf extract on rat colon

Author(s): Gharib Naseri M.K. | Zarei M. | Amiri O.
Seed dormancy and release of grapes from different proveniences

Author(s): Yangying Gan | Shaohua Li | Songquan Song | Weiqing Wang | Hongyan Cheng
Anti-jugular vein thrombotic effect of Morinda citrifolia L. [noni] in male SD rats

Author(s): Funmi Ayanbule | Lin Peng | Jacob Nowicki | Gary Anderson | Mian-Ying Wang | Guodong Li
Study of antiobesity activity of grapes seeds extract

Author(s): Arora P*, Ansari SH and Nazish I
Sensory Evaluation of grape yogurt with added calcium and zinc

Author(s): Ivani de Carvalho | Marinêz de Souza | Ornella Maria Porcu
Phenolic compounds of grape extract (Vitis labrusca) and their action on lactic acid bacteria

Author(s): Sheila L. Scher | Renata H. Barros Fuchs | Gisele T. de S. Sora | Laura P. Mardigan | Angela Kwiatkowski
Sensory evaluation of sausage treated with and without grape extract

Author(s): Sheila Luciana Scher | Gisele Teixeira de Souza Sora | Laura Paulino Mardigan | Cássia Inês Lourenzi Franco Rosa | Renata Herrera Barros Fuchs
Japanese Household Fresh Fruits Demand Pattern

Author(s): Alias Abdullah | Hajime Kobayashi | Ichizen Matsumura | Arif Alam
Microbiological testing and physical and chemical analysis of reconstituted fruit juices and coconut waterAvaliação microbiológico e caracterização físico-quimica de refrescos e água de coco

Author(s): F. B. PILÓ | N. O. PEREIRA | L. F. D. FREITAS | A. N. D. MIRANDA | L. S. CARMO | F. C. O. GOMES | R. M. D. NARDI | C. A. ROSA
Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract inhibits glutamate-induced cell death through inhibition of calcium signals and nitric oxide formation in cultured rat hippocampal neurons

Author(s): Ahn Seo-Hee | Kim Hee | Jeong Imju | Hong Yi | Kim Myung-Jun | Rhie Duck-Joo | Jo Yang-Hyeok | Hahn Sang | Yoon Shin
Proanthocyanidins from Grape Seeds Modulate the NF-κB Signal Transduction Pathways in Rats with TNBS-Induced Ulcerative Colitis

Author(s): Xiaoli Li | Xiaolai Yang | Yongqing Cai | Hong Qin | Li Wang | Yanhong Wang | Yanhui Huang | Xiaoxia Wang | Shuai Yan | Liping Wang | Xin Zhao | Wan Li | Sijia Li | Jiajia Chen | Yongjie Wu
Gene expression analysis of flax seed development

Author(s): Venglat Prakash | Xiang Daoquan | Qiu Shuqing | Stone Sandra | Tibiche Chabane | Cram Dustin | Alting-Mees Michelle | Nowak Jacek | Cloutier Sylvie | Deyholos Michael | Bekkaoui Faouzi | Sharpe Andrew | Wang Edwin | Rowland Gordon | Selvaraj Gopalan | Datla Raju
Potential utility of natural products as regulators of breast cancer-associated aromatase promoters

Author(s): Khan Shabana | Zhao Jianping | Khan Ikhlas | Walker Larry | Dasmahapatra Asok
Seasonal climate impacts on the grape harvest date in Burgundy (France)

Author(s): M. Krieger | G. Lohmann | T. Laepple
Pectinases yeast production using grape skin as carbon source

Author(s): María Arévalo-Villena | Mercedes Fernández | Jesús López | Ana Briones
Cholesterol-Lowering Activity of the Major Polyphenols in Grape Seed

Author(s): Sathaporn Ngamukote | Kittana Mäkynen | Thavaree Thilawech | Sirichai Adisakwattana
Phytochemical Properties of Some Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Hybrids

Author(s): Arif Atak | Ahmet Altindisli | Zekiye Goksel
Greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural phase of wine production in the Maremma rural district in Tuscany, Italy

Author(s): Simona Bosco | Claudia Di Bene | Mariassunta Galli | Damiano Remorini | Rossano Massai | Enrico Bonari
Optimization of NIR Spectral Data Management for Quality Control of Grape Bunches during On-Vine Ripening

Author(s): Virginia González-Caballero | Dolores Pérez-Marín | María-Isabel López | María-Teresa Sánchez
Effect of aguamiel (agave sap) on hematic biometry in rabbits and its antioxidant activity determination

Author(s): Clara Lourdes Tovar-Robles | Catarino Perales-Segovia | Alejandro Nava-Cedillo | Luis Lorenzo Valera-Montero | Juan Florencio Gómez-Leyva | Fidel Guevara-Lara | José Luis Moreno Hernández-Duque | Héctor Silos-Espino
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