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Comportamiento al desgaste de fundiciones tipo “silal”

Author(s): Camba, C. | Varela, Á. | Blázquez, V. | García, A. | Mier, J. L. | Barbadillo, F.
From superconductivity near a quantum phase transition to superconducting graphite

Author(s): S. S. Saxena | K. Ahilan | T. E. Weller | M. Ellerby | R. P. Smith | N. T. Skipper | S. Rowley | A. Kusmartseva | G. G. Lonzarich
Label-Free Electrochemical Detection of the Specific Oligonucleotide Sequence of Dengue Virus Type 1 on Pencil Graphite Electrodes

Author(s): Elaine Souza | Gustavo Nascimento | Nataly Santana | Danielly Ferreira | Manoel Lima | Edna Natividade | Danyelly Martins | José Lima-Filho
Low-Cost Flexible Nano-Sulfide/Carbon Composite Counter Electrode for Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cell

Author(s): Deng Minghui | Zhang Quanxin | Huang Shuqing | Li Dongmei | Luo Yanhong | Shen Qing | Toyoda Taro | Meng Qingbo
Progress in Preparation of Graphene

Author(s): YUAN Xiao-Ya
Graphitization Mechanisms and Electrochemical Performance of Needle Coke Anode for Li―ion Battery

Author(s): WANG Deng-Jun, WANG Yan-Li, ZHAN Liang, ZHANG Xiu-Yun, Liu Chun-Fa, QIAO Wen-Ming, LING Li-Cheng
Effect of Graphite Particle Size on Friction and Wear Performance of Paper―based Friction Material

Author(s): ZHANG Xiang, LI Ke-Zhi, LI He-Jun, FU Ye-Wei, FEI Jie, LI Hai-Liang
The Relationship between Zinc Deficiency and Febrile Convulsion in Isfahan,Iran

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Modarresi | Seyyed Mohamamd Amir Shahkarami | Omid Yaghini | Javad Shahabi | Davoud Mosaiiebi | Touran Mahmoodian
Microwave sinthesys and characterization of Pt and Pt-Rh-Sn electrocatalysts for ethanol oxidation

Author(s): Stevanović Sanja | Tripković Dušan | Poleti Dejan | Rogan Jelena | Tripković Amalija | Jovanović Vladislava M.
Initial prediction of dust production in pebble bed reactors

Author(s): M. Rostamian | S. Arifeen | G. P. Potirniche | A. Tokuhiro
Auto-analysis system for graphite morphology of grey cast iron

Author(s): Hong Jiang | Yiyong Tan | Junfeng Lei | Libo Zeng | Zelan Zhang | Jiming Hu
Synthesis of Nitrogen Doped Graphene through Microwave Irradiation

Author(s): WANG Can, WANG Yan-Li, ZHAN Liang, HE Xing, YANG Jun-He, QIAO Wen-Ming, LING Li-Cheng
Influences of Mild Oxidation Treatment on the Structure and Electrochemical Behavior of Spherical Graphite

Author(s): JIAN Zhi-Min, LIU Hong-Bo, SHI Lei, HE Yue-De, XIAO Hai-He, KUANG Jia-Cai
DC conductivity of silicon nitride based carbon-ceramic composites

Author(s): B. Fényi | N. Hegman | F. Wéber | P. Arató | Cs. Balázsi
Towards to Extraction of Nanodispersed Noble Metals From Natural Black Graphite Shales

Author(s): Victor G. Zavodinsky | Alexander I. Khanchuk | Elena A. Mikhailenko
Propiedades estructurales de algunos compuestos de intercalación de grafito

Author(s): O. Gonz lez R. | K. Rivas V. | V. Gonz lez M.
Synthesis, Characterization and Ethanol Sensing Properties of Tin Oxide Nanostructures

Author(s): Anima Johari | Vikas Ran | Mukesh Chander Bhatnagar
Modeling of the Electrical Conductivity of Graphite Dispersions in Electrolytes

Author(s): Igor Valentinovich Prushkovsky | Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Fanina | Alexander Nikolaevich Lopanov
The Electrocatalytic Activity of Bare Pyrolytic Graphite and Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Modified Glassy Carbon Sensors Is Same for the Quantification of Bisoprolol Fumarate

Author(s): Anoop Raj Singh Rana | Himanshu Chasta | Sudhanshu P. Singh | Rajendra N. Goyal | Sanghamitra Chatterjee
The Electrocatalytic Activity of Bare Pyrolytic Graphite and Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Modified Glassy Carbon Sensors Is Same for the Quantification of Bisoprolol Fumarate

Author(s): Anoop Raj Singh Rana | Himanshu Chasta | Sudhanshu P. Singh | Rajendra N. Goyal | Sanghamitra Chatterjee

Author(s): Lukáš Bubenko | Radomila Konečná | Gianni Nicoletto
A new route to graphene layers by selective laser ablation

Author(s): S. Dhar | A. Roy Barman | G. X. Ni | X. Wang | X. F. Xu | Y. Zheng | S. Tripathy | Ariando | A. Rusydi | K. P. Loh | M. Rubhausen | A. H. Castro Neto | B. Őzyilmaz | T. Venkatesan
Microwave absorption properties of NiCoFe2O4-graphite embedded poly(o-phenetidine) nanocomposites

Author(s): Anil Ohlan | Kuldeep Singh | Namita Gandhi | Amita Chandra | S. K. Dhawan
Microstructure evolution and the modification of the electron field emission properties of diamond films by gigaelectron volt Au-ion irradiation

Author(s): Kuang-Yau Teng | Huang-Chin Chen | Chen-Yau Tang | Balakrishnan Sundaravel | Sankarakumar Amirthapandian | I-Nan Lin
Simple room-temperature preparation of high-yield large-area graphene oxide

Author(s): Huang NM | Lim HN | Chia CH | Yarmo MA | Muhamad MR
Preparation and mechanical properties of graphite filled HDPE nanocomposites

Author(s): M. Sarikanat | K. Sever | E. Erbay | F. Güner | I. Tavman | A. Turgut | Y. Seki | Özdemir
Size-Dependent Electrocatalytic Activity of Gold Nanoparticles on HOPG and Highly Boron-Doped Diamond Surfaces

Author(s): Tine Brülle | Wenbo Ju | Philipp Niedermayr | Andrej Denisenko | Odysseas Paschos | Oliver Schneider | Ulrich Stimming
Effect of NaCL Upon an AI–Si Casting Alloy Hipoeutec

Author(s): E.J. Martínez–Delgado | R. Ortega de la Rosa | M.A., Cisneros–Guerrero | S. Haro–Rodríguez
Monitoring of radionuclides in carbon steel blooms produced by EAF process

Author(s): Sofilić T. | Barišić D. | Sofilić U. | Živković J.
Investigation and Optimization of Sn/Gr Lubricants Effects on Cold Extrudability of Fe-TiC Nanocomposite Using Taguchi Robust Design Method

Author(s): Seyed Abdolkarim Sajjadi | Seyed Mojtaba Zebarjad | Nasrin Sasani | Heydar Khadivi | Behrooz Naderi
Sequential Injection Analysis of Ampicillin in Pharmaceuticals by Using Potentiometric Detectors Based on PVC and Sol-Gel Membranes

Author(s): Nestor Zárate | Alberto N. Araujo | M. Conceiçao B. S. M. Montenegro | Ricardo Pérez-Olmos
A New Thioamide Derivative for Separation and Preconcentration of Multi Elements in Aquatic Environment by Cloud Point Extraction

Author(s): Mohamed M. Hassanien | Ali M. Hassan | Wael I. Mortada | Ahmed A. El-Asmy
Influences of graphene oxide support on the electrochemical performances of graphene oxide-MnO2 nanocomposites

Author(s): Yang Huanping | Jiang Jian | Zhou Weiwei | Lai Linfei | Xi Lifei | Lam Yeng | Shen Zexiang | Khezri Bahareh | Yu Ting
Rapid large-scale preparation of ZnO nanowires for photocatalytic application

Author(s): Ma Chunyu | Zhou Zhihua | Wei Hao | Yang Zhi | Wang Zhiming | Zhang Yafei
Preparation of Pt Ag alloy nanoisland/graphene hybrid composites and its high stability and catalytic activity in methanol electro-oxidation

Author(s): Feng Lili | Gao Guo | Huang Peng | Wang Xiansong | Zhang Chunlei | Zhang Jiali | Guo Shouwu | Cui Daxiang
Graphitic carbon growth on crystalline and amorphous oxide substrates using molecular beam epitaxy

Author(s): Jerng Sahng-Kyoon | Seong Yu Dong | Hong Lee Jae | Kim Christine | Yoon Seokhyun | Chun Seung-Hyun
Changes in the structure of VM12 steel after being exposed to creep conditions

Author(s): A. Zieliński | J. Dobrzański | M. Sroka

Author(s): Prajapati Parimal M1 | Patel Krunal R | Ganatra Maulik H | Solanki Anil S | Sen Dhrubo Jyoti
Morphological and raman effects on 252Cf irradiated diamond

Author(s): C. V zquez L pez | G. Espinosa | J.I. Golzarri | S. Jim nez Sandoval
A Graphite Oxide Paper Polymer Electrolyte for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Author(s): Ravi Kumar | Mohamed Mamlouk | Keith Scott
New Resistive Switching and Self-Regulating Heating in Foliated Graphite/Nickel Polyvinyl Chloride Nanocomposites

Author(s): Omar A. Al-Hartomy | Falleh Al-Salamy | A. A. Al-Ghamdi | Attieh A. Al-Ghamdi | A. M. Abdel Daiem | Farid El-Tantawy

Author(s): Emami-Khansari F. Ghazi-Khansari M. | Abdollahi M.
Feasibility of biological monitoring for evaluating of exposure to Cr6 in Electroplating workshops

Author(s): F Golbabaie | M Ostadi | V Ostadi | M Rismanchian | A Tirgar | SJ Sahtahery
Unusual case of a graphite foreign body in the anterior chamber

Author(s): Anika Amritanand | Sheeja S. John | Swetha S. Philip | Deepa John | Sarada David
High conductive graphite additives for magnesium catalyzed cast PA6 polymer matrix

Author(s): Ando, Matyas | Kalacska, Gabor | Czigany, T.
Influencia de las Condiciones de Molienda Mecánica en Diferentes tipos de Coques de Petróleo

Author(s): Guzmán, S. | Rabanal, M. E. | Velasco, F. | Torralba, J. M. | Jiménez, J. M.
Reducción superficial de circón en atmósferas de baja Po2 a altas temperaturas

Author(s): Rey, P. | Souto, A. | Franco, J. | Guitián, F.
Self-supported carbon electrodes obtained by tape casting

Author(s): Rubio-Marcos, F. | Chicharro, M. | Bermejo, E. | Moreno, M. | Zapardiel, A. | Villegas, M.
Crystalline Bioceramic Materials

Author(s): de Aza, P. N. | de Aza, A. H. | de Aza, S.
Grafito isotrópico obtenido a partir de coque para aplicaciones en automoción

Author(s): Oñoro, J. | Mielgo, F. J. | Ranninger, C. | Casanova, J.
Propiedades mecánicas y tribológicas del material antifricción Al-Ni-grafito obtenido mediante extrusión en caliente

Author(s): Cambronero, L. E. G. | Rosell, R. | Ruiz-Román, J. M. | Ruiz-Prieto, J. M.
Mejora del proceso de forja mediante la aplicación de nitruración a alta presión y la introducción de una lubricación ecológica

Author(s): Barriga, J. | Igartua, A. | Marín, M. | Romero, J. L. | Gordoa, I. | Monclús, A. | Planell, D.
Soldabilidad de las fundiciones de grafito esferoidal

Author(s): Cembrero, J. | Pascual, M. | Perales, M. | Moreno, J.
Lead Concentrations in Fresh Water, Muscle, Gill and Liver of Catla Catla (Hamilton) from Keenjhar Lake

Author(s): A. L. Korai | G. A. Sahato | T. G. Kazi | K. H. Lashari1
Preparation and Characterization of Highly Oriented Ribbon Shape Pitch―based Carbon Fibers

Author(s): YUAN Guan-Ming, LI Xuan-Ke, DONG Zhi-Jun, CUI Zheng-Wei, CONG Ye, ZHANG Zhong-Wei, WANG Jun-Shan
Preparation of monolayers of [MnIII 6CrIII]3+ single-molecule magnets on HOPG, mica and silicon surfaces and characterization by means of non-contact AFM

Author(s): Gryzia Aaron | Predatsch Hans | Brechling Armin | Hoeke Veronika | Krickemeyer Erich | Derks Christine | Neumann Manfred | Glaser Thorsten | Heinzmann Ulrich
Sinterización por SPS de polvos ultrafinos de TiCxN1-x obtenidos mediante reacciones de autopropagación inducidas mecánicamente

Author(s): Borrell, A. | Fernandez, A. | Torrecillas, R. | Córdoba, J. M. | Avilés, M. A. | Gotor, F. J.
Mecanismo de corrosión a refractarios de MgO-C y MgO-C-Al en horno eléctrico

Author(s): Pena, P. | de Aza, A. H. | Contreras, L. | García-Carrodeguas, R. | de Aza, S. | Almagro, J. F. | Luna, C. | Guerrero Barranco, M. | Ferrer, F. Javier
Controlled Synthesis of Hollow Hemispheric ZnO Shells/Cages on Graphite Fiber

Author(s): Xianbin Liu | Hejun Du | Zhiyuan Zeng | Xiao Wei Sun
Transfer Layers: A Comparison across SWNTs, DWNTs, Graphite, and an Ionic Fluid

Author(s): Randy L. Vander Wal | Kenneth W. Street | Kazuhisa Miyoshi
Thermal stability of carbon nanotubes probed by anchored tungsten nanoparticles

Author(s): Xianlong Wei, Ming-Sheng Wang, Yoshio Bando and Dmitri Golberg
Effect of Nitriding on Wear Behavior of Graphite Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Composites

Author(s): Bhujang Mutt Girish | Bhujang Mutt Satish | Hanyalu Ramegowda Vitala
Synthesis of Carbon Microspheres from Starch by Hydrothermal Process

Author(s): S. Ratchahat | N. Viriya-empikul | K. Faungnawakij | T. Charinpanitkul | A. Soottitantawat
Chronic occupational exposure to hexavalent chromium causes DNA damage in electroplating workers

Author(s): Zhang Xu-Hui | Zhang Xuan | Wang Xu-Chu | Jin Li-Fen | Yang Zhang-Ping | Jiang Cai-Xia | Chen Qing | Ren Xiao-Bin | Cao Jian-Zhong | Wang Qiang | Zhu Yi-Min
STM-induced light emission from thin films of perylene derivatives on the HOPG and Au substrates

Author(s): Fujiki Aya | Miyake Yusuke | Oshikane Yasushi | Akai-Kasaya Megumi | Saito Akira | Kuwahara Yuji
Silver Nanoparticles and Graphitic Carbon Through Thermal Decomposition of a Silver/Acetylenedicarboxylic Salt

Author(s): Dallas Panagiotis | Bourlinos Athanasios | Komninou Philomela | Karakassides Michael | Niarchos Dimitrios
Structural Modification in Carbon Nanotubes by Boron Incorporation

Author(s): Handuja Sangeeta | Srivastava P | Vankar VD
High-yield Synthesis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube by Mechanothermal Method

Author(s): Manafi SA | Amin MH | Rahimipour MR | Salahi E | Kazemzadeh A
Field Emission and Radial Distribution Function Studies of Fractal-like Amorphous Carbon Nanotips

Author(s): Solá F | Biaggi-Labiosa A | Fonseca LF | Resto O | Lebrón-Colón M | Meador MA
Effect of Growth Temperature on Bamboo-shaped Carbon–Nitrogen (C–N) Nanotubes Synthesized Using Ferrocene Acetonitrile Precursor

Author(s): Yadav RamManohar | Dobal PramodSingh | Shripathi T | Katiyar RS | Srivastava ON

Author(s): Ali Akın AKYOL | Yusuf Kağan KADIOĞLU | Şahinde DEMİRCİ
Determination of Dopamine in Presence of Uric Acid at Poly (Eriochrome Black t) Film Modified Graphite Pencil Electrode

Author(s): Umesh Chandra | B. E. Kumara Swamy | Ongera Gilbert | Sathish Reddy | B. S. Sherigara
Amperometric Determination of Serum Cholesterol with Pencil Graphite Rod

Author(s): Nidhi Chauhan | Jagriti Narang | Chandra S. Pundir

Author(s): Z.A. Zailani, | R. Hamidon, | M.S Hussin, | M.F.M.A Hamzas, | Hasnul Hadi, | S. Sulaiman
Preparation and Characterization of Water―soluble Graphene and Highly Conducting Films

Author(s): CHEN Cao, ZHAI Wen-Tao, ZHENG Wen-Ge, LU Ding-Ding, WANG Jing,SHEN Bin, ZHANG Hao-Bin
Low-Cost Gas Sensors Produced by the Graphite Line-Patterning Technique Applied to Monitoring Banana Ripeness

Author(s): Alexandra Manzoli | Clarice Steffens | Rafaella T. Paschoalin | Alessandra A. Correa | William F. Alves | Fábio L. Leite | Paulo S. P. Herrmann
Alumina-Ti(C,N) ceramics with TiB2 additives

Author(s): P. Putyra | M. Podsiadło | B. Smuk
Algorithm for Realistic Modeling of Graphitic Systems

Author(s): A.V. Khomenko | N.V. Prodanov
Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene―Ag Nanoparticles Composites

Author(s): YU Mei, LIU Peng-Rui, SUN Yu-Jing, LIU Jian-Hua, AN Jun-Wei, LI Song-Mei
Unusual case of a graphite foreign body in the anterior chamber

Author(s): Anika Amritanand | Sheeja S. John | Swetha S. Philip | Deepa John | Sarada David
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