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Histological evaluation of esophageal mucosa in children with acid gastroesophageal reflux.

Author(s): Janusz Semeniuk | Maciej Kaczmarski | Mirosława Uścinowicz | Maria Sobaniec-Łotowska
Preparations containing glycyrrhizic acid employed in dermatovenereologic practice. Conclusions of an international multicentre study

Author(s): Zelenkova Hana | Nejdkova Alena | ?kutilova Eva | Urbani Milan | ?vecova Danka | Cabalova Jirina
Traffic Noise: A Silent Killer of Male Gamate of Albino Rats

Author(s): Purushottam Pramanik , Snehangshu Biswas
Television Advertisements: A Reception Study

Author(s): Figen Ebren | Yeşim Çelik
Production and chemical composition of Istria and Pag whey cheese

Author(s): Neven Antunac | Silvija Hudik | Nataša Mikulec | Mirjana Maletić | Iva Horvat | Biljana Radeljević | Jasmina Havranek
Mapping Evenki Land: The Study of Mobility Patterns in Eastern Siberia

Author(s): Tatiana Safonova | István Sántha
Genetic testing in myelodysplastic syndromes contribution in diagnosis, prognostic and clinical management

Author(s): Aurora Arghir | Sorina Mihaela Chirieac | Nicoleta Berbec | Oana Ciocan | Andreea Cristina Tutulan-Cunita | Agripina Lungeanu
Analysis of the shoulder joint mobility in overhead sports before and after experimental treatment

Author(s): Kaćanski Ivana | Protić-Gava Branka | Soldatović Srđan
Cognitive mapping applied to Brazilian aerospace decision problems

Author(s): Paloma Ribeiro dos Santos | Rocio Soledad Gutierrez Curo | Mischel Carmen Neyra Belderrain
Zircon Typology as Indicator of Provenance in Neoproterozoic Sandstones of the Voltaian Basin, Ghana

Author(s): Chris Anani | Masaaki Tateishi | Daniel Asiedu | David Atta-Petters | Johnson Manu
Physique and Body Composition in Soccer Players across Adolescence

Author(s): Pantelis Theodoros Nikolaidis | Nikos Vassilios Karydis
Urban health, environment, and inequalities Salud urbana, ambiente y desigualdades Saúde urbana, ambiente e desigualdades

Author(s): Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja | Aloyzio Cechella Achutti | Roberta Alvarenga Reis | Jacqueline Oliveira Silva | Paul Douglas Fisher | Roger dos Santos Rosa | Ronaldo Bordin | Francisco Arsego de Oliveira | Roger Keller Celeste | Aline Petter Schneider | Darci Barnech Campani | Lívia Piccinini | Maurem Ramos | Miguel Aloysio Sattler | Paulo Antonio Barros Oliveira | Alzira Maria Baptista Lewgoy

Author(s): Saveanu Tomina Gabriela | Saveanu Sorana Mihaela

Author(s): Kachanathu Shaji John | Verma Satish Kumar | Khanna Gulshan Lal
Ethyl 5-amino-3-(pyridin-4-yl)-1-(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl)-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylate dimethyl sulfoxide hemisolvate

Author(s): Bassam Abu Thaher | Pierre Koch | Dieter Schollmeyer | Stefan Laufer
Executive MBA Programs: What Do Students Perceive as Value for their Practices?

Author(s): Ana Claudia Souza Vazquez | Roberto Lima Ruas
Genetic Divergence Analysis on some Bread Wheat Genotypes Grown in Ethiopia

Author(s): Daniel HAILEGIORGIS | Mebrahtom MESFIN | Tsige GENET
Modelling fungal colonies and communities: challenges and opportunities

Author(s): R.E. Falconer | J.L. Bown | E. McAdam | P. Perez-Reche | A.T. Sampson | J. van den Bulcke | N.A. White
Anaerobic fungi: Neocallimastigomycota

Author(s): G.W. Griffith | S. Baker | K. Fliegerova | A. Liggenstoffer | M. van der Giezen | K. Voigt | G. Beakes
Fungal photobiology: a synopsis

Author(s): L.M. Corrochano
Gene expression in fungi

Author(s): A. Kalkanci | A. Kadioglu | D. Wilson | M.D. Jacobsen
Mathematical modelling of fungal growth and function

Author(s): F.A. Davidson | G.P. Boswew | M.W.F. Fischer | L. Heaton | D. Hofstadler | M. Roper
Calcium acamprosate: a triclinic polymorph

Author(s): Elisabetta Maccaroni | Walter Panzeri | Luciana Malpezzi
Impact Assessment of Women Farmer Activity on Poverty Reduction and Food Security: A Case of Kindia Region/Guinea

Author(s): Moussa Moussa | Yali Wen | Hongmei Wu | Mory Diakite | Kampungu K Gerson | Haichang Wang
Analysis of the impact of land cover spatial structure change on the erosion processes in the catchment

Author(s): Peter Bobáľ | Boris Šír | Jozef Richnavský | Jan Unucka
On the protective effect of omega-3 against propionic acid-induced neurotoxicity in rat pups

Author(s): El-Ansary Afaf | Al-Daihan Sooad | El-Gezeery Amina
Detection of interaction articles and experimental methods in biomedical literature

Author(s): Schneider Gerold | Clematide Simon | Rinaldi Fabio
Comparative susceptibility to Plasmodium falciparum of the molecular forms M and S of Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles arabiensis

Author(s): Ndiath Mamadou | Cohuet Anna | Gaye Ablaye | Konate Lassana | Mazenot Catherine | Faye Ousmane | Boudin Christian | Sokhna Cheikh | Trape Jean-François
Profile of small interfering RNAs from cotton plants infected with the polerovirus Cotton leafroll dwarf virus

Author(s): Silva Tatiane | Romanel Elisson | Andrade Roberto | Farinelli Laurent | Østerås Magne | Deluen Cécile | Corrêa Régis | Schrago Carlos | Vaslin Maite
Mapping QTLs for oil traits and eQTLs for oleosin genes in jatropha

Author(s): Liu Peng | Wang Chun | Li Lei | Sun Fei | Liu Peng | Yue Gen
Strong cardiovascular prognostic implication of quantitative left atrial contractile function assessed by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in patients with chronic hypertension

Author(s): Kaminski Matthew | Steel Kevin | Jerosch-Herold Michael | Khin Maung | Tsang Sui | Hauser Thomas | Kwong Raymond
The burden of diabetes mortality in Finland 1988-2007 - A brief report

Author(s): Manderbacka Kristiina | Peltonen Riina | Koskinen Seppo | Martikainen Pekka
Motor performance in chronic low back pain: is there an influence of pain-related cognitions? A pilot study

Author(s): Kusters Dymphy | Vollenbroek-Hutten Miriam | Hermens Hermie
Covariance Tracking via Geometric Particle Filtering

Author(s): Liu Yunpeng | Li Guangwei | Shi Zelin
An integrated systems biology approach to the study of preterm birth using "-omic" technology - a guideline for research

Author(s): Gracie Sara | Pennell Craig | Ekman-Ordeberg Gunvor | Lye Stephen | McManaman James | Williams Scott | Palmer Lyle | Kelley Maureen | Menon Ram | Gravett Michael
Combining Wavelet Transform and Hidden Markov Models for ECG Segmentation

Author(s): Andreão Rodrigo Varejão | Boudy Jérôme
Effects of RNA interference-mediated gene silencing of JMJD2A on human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 in vitro

Author(s): Li Bei-Xu | Zhang Ming-Chang | Luo Cheng-Liang | Yang Peng | Li Hui | Xu Hong-Mei | Xu Hong-Fei | Shen Yi-Wen | Xue Ai-Min | Zhao Zi-Qin
Framework for the impact analysis and implementation of Clinical Prediction Rules (CPRs)

Author(s): Wallace Emma | Smith Susan | Perera-Salazar Rafael | Vaucher Paul | McCowan Colin | Collins Gary | Verbakel Jan | Lakhanpaul Monica | Fahey Tom
Gene expression profiles of breast biopsies from healthy women identify a group with claudin-low features

Author(s): Haakensen Vilde | Lingjærde Ole | Lüders Torben | Riis Margit | Prat Aleix | Troester Melissa | Holmen Marit | Frantzen Jan | Romundstad Linda | Navjord Dina | Bukholm Ida | Johannesen Tom | Perou Charles | Ursin Giske | Kristensen Vessela | Børresen-Dale Anne-Lise | Helland Åslaug
Building the capacity of family day care educators to promote children's social and emotional wellbeing: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Davis Elise | Williamson Lara | Mackinnon Andrew | Cook Kay | Waters Elizabeth | Herrman Helen | Sims Margaret | Mihalopoulos Cathrine | Harrison Linda | Marshall Bernard
Cystic fibrosis-related liver disease: a single-center experience

Author(s): Paula Catarino Costa | Celeste Canha Barreto | Luisa Pereira | Maria Luisa Lobo | Maria Adília Costa | Ana Isabel Gouveia Lopes

The low-temperature structure of diethyl ether magnesium oxybromide

Author(s): Hannes Vitze | Hans-Wolfram Lerner | Michael Bolte
The Research group on the Learnings By Project ( APP) in the IUT of Tarbes. Intermediate balance assessment and perspectives

Author(s): Bertrand FAURE | Jean-Louis PERNIN | Frédérique GIRARD | Youcef AÏSSANI | André TRICOT
Supercritical Phase Equilibria Modeling of Glyceride Mixtures and Carbon Dioxide Using the Group Contribution EoS

Author(s): Tiziana Fornari | Daniel Tenllado | Carlos Torres | Guillermo Reglero
Genetic Linkage Analysis of 15 DFNB Loci in a Group of Iranian Families with Autosomal Recessive Hearing Loss

Author(s): MA Tabatabaiefar | F Alasti | M Montazer Zohour | L Shariati | E Farrokhi | DD Farhud | GV Camp | MR Noori-Daloii | M Hashemzadeh Chaleshtori
A novel model for prediction solubility in binary solvent system

Author(s): M.Barzegar-jalai | A. Jouyban-Gharamaleki | J. Hanaee M.H. Chookhachizadeh-Moghaddam
Estimating the Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient for Aliphatic Organic Compounds Using Semi-Empirical Electrotopological Index

Author(s): Erica Silva Souza | Laize Zaramello | Carlos Alberto Kuhnen | Berenice da Silva Junkes | Rosendo Augusto Yunes | Vilma Edite Fonseca Heinzen

Four-Dimensional Spin Foam Perturbation Theory

Author(s): João Faria Martins | Aleksandar Mikovic
Determinación de la composición de fases en circona mediante un procedimiento polimórfico simple

Author(s): Hernández-Jiménez, A. | Sánchez-Bajo, F. | Ortiz, A. L. | Cumbrera, F. L.
Assigning Method for Decision Power Based on Linguisitc 2-tuple Judgment Matrices

Author(s): Xixiang Zhang | Guangxue Yue | Xiajie Zheng | Fei Yu
How and why to achieve greater objectivity in taxonomy, exemplified by a fossil ostracod (Amplocypris abscissa) from the Miocene Lake Pannon

Author(s): Danielopol Dan L. | Gross Martin | Harzhauser Mathias | Minati Klaus | Piller Werner E.
Analysis of MMP2 promoter polymorphisms in childhood obesity

Author(s): Morgan Angharad | Han Dug | Thompson John | Mitchell Edwin | Ferguson Lynnette
A formative evaluation of a family-based walking intervention-Furness Families Walk4Life

Author(s): Milton Karen | Kelly Paul | Bull Fiona | Foster Charlie
Low bone mineral density in men with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Duckers James | Evans Bronwen | Fraser William | Stone Michael | Bolton Charlotte | Shale Dennis
NMD and microRNA expression profiling of the HPCX1 locus reveal MAGEC1 as a candidate prostate cancer predisposition gene

Author(s): Mattila Henna | Schindler Martin | Isotalo Jarkko | Ikonen Tarja | Vihinen Mauno | Oja Hannu | Tammela Teuvo | Wahlfors Tiina | Schleutker Johanna
Dorsal stream involvement in recognition of objects with transient onset but not with ramped onset

Author(s): Laycock Robin | Cross Alana | Lourenco Tomas | Crewther Sheila
Intake of micronutrients among Danish adult users and non-users of dietary supplements

Author(s): Inge Tetens | Anja Biltoft-Jensen | Camilla Spagner | Tue Christensen | Maj-Britt Gille | Susanne Bügel | Lone Banke Rasmussen
From the Editor-in-chief

Author(s): Simeon Oka
Performansa Göre Ücretlendirme’nin Doktorlar Tarafından Algılanan Negatif Yönleri

Author(s): Burcu ERŞAHAN | İsmail BAKAN | Ahmet Melih EYİTMİŞ
Anti β2-Glycoprotein I Antibodies in Women with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion

Author(s): Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi | Mohammad Reza Farjam | Farideh Mogharrab | Ali Daryanavard | Abdolhossien Madani
Contributions of Kinanthropometry in Brazil: research groups and scientific production. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n4p306

Author(s): Sueyla Ferreira da Silva dos Santos | Elisa Pinheiro Ferrari | Ricardo Lucas Pacheco | Saray Giovana dos Santos | Tânia Rosane Bertoldo Benedetti | Candido Simões Pires-Neto
Inhibin secretion in women with the polycystic ovary syndrome before and after treatment with progesterone

Author(s): Dafopoulos Konstantinos | Venetis Christos | Messini Christina | Pournaras Spyros | Anifandis George | Garas Antonios | Messinis Ioannis
High protein diet maintains glucose production during exercise-induced energy deficit: a controlled trial

Author(s): Smith Tracey | Schwarz Jean-Marc | Montain Scott | Rood Jennifer | Pikosky Matthew | Castaneda-Sceppa Carmen | Glickman Ellen | Young Andrew
The characterization of a new set of EST-derived simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers as a resource for the genetic analysis of Phaseolus vulgaris

Author(s): Garcia Robertha | Rangel Priscila | Brondani Claudio | Martins Wellington | Melo Leonardo | Carneiro Monalisa | Borba Tereza | Brondani Rosana
Ageing and smoking contribute to plasma surfactant proteins and protease imbalance with correlations to airway obstruction

Author(s): Ilumets Helen | Mazur Witold | Toljamo Tuula | Louhelainen Noora | Nieminen Pentti | Kobayashi Hideo | Ishikawa Nobuhisa | Kinnula Vuokko
Indications of Th1 and Th17 responses in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with Lyme neuroborreliosis: a large retrospective study

Author(s): Henningsson Anna | Tjernberg Ivar | Malmvall Bo-Eric | Forsberg Pia | Ernerudh Jan
Are ribosomal DNA clusters rearrangement hotspots? A case study in the genus Mus (Rodentia, Muridae)

Author(s): Cazaux Benoîte | Catalan Josette | Veyrunes Frédéric | Douzery Emmanuel | Britton-Davidian Janice
Study of the IgG endoglycosidase EndoS in group A streptococcal phagocyte resistance and virulence

Author(s): Sjögren Jonathan | Okumura Cheryl | Collin Mattias | Nizet Victor | Hollands Andrew
Zoonoses and marginalised infectious diseases of poverty: Where do we stand?

Author(s): Molyneux David | Hallaj Zuhair | Keusch Gerald | McManus Donald | Ngowi Helena | Cleaveland Sarah | Ramos-Jimenez Pilar | Gotuzzo Eduardo | Kar Kamal | Sanchez Ana | Garba Amadou | Carabin Helene | Bassili Amal | Chaignat Claire | Meslin Francois-Xavier | Abushama Hind | Willingham Arve | Kioy Deborah
Circulating adiponectin levels are lower in Latino versus non-Latino white patients at risk for cardiovascular disease, independent of adiposity measures

Author(s): Pereira Rocio | Wang Cecilia | Hosokawa Patrick | Dickinson L Miriam | Chonchol Michel | Krantz Mori | Steiner John | Bessesen Daniel | Havranek Edward | Long Carlin
Risk and protective genetic variants in suicidal behaviour: association with SLC1A2, SLC1A3, 5-HTR1B & NTRK2 polymorphisms

Author(s): Murphy Therese | Ryan Maria | Foster Tom | Kelly Chris | McClelland Roy | O'Grady John | Corcoran Eleanor | Brady John | Reilly Michael | Jeffers Anne | Brown Katherine | Maher Anne | Bannan Noreen | Casement Alison | Lynch Dermot | Bolger Sharon | Tewari Prerna | Buckley Avril | Quinlivan Leah | Daly Leslie | Kelleher Cecily | Malone Kevin

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