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Magia, brujería y violencia en Colombia.

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Uribe.
A GUI Prototype for the Framework of Criminal Judicial Reasoning System

Author(s): Sotarat Thammaboosadee | Udom Silparcha
Addiction and guilt

Author(s): Paraskevopoulos Nikolaos
City of Epitaphs

Author(s): Megan Hicks
White Guilt, Past and Future

Author(s): Eric Gans
Transgender children: more than a theoretical challenge

Author(s): Natacha Kennedy | Mark Hellen
Attrition in a Multi-Component Smoking Cessation Study for Females

Author(s): Leeman Robert | Quiles Zandra | Molinelli Laurence | Terwal Donna | Nordstrom Beth | Garvey Arthur | Kinnunen Taru
West German Jewry: Guilt, Power and Pluralism

Author(s): Anthony d. Kauders
Inadvertence and Moral Responsibility

Author(s): Harry Frankfurt
Differences between secular and spiritual identity

Author(s): Kuburić Zorica | Kuburić Ana
Fragmentos del azar en el destino

Author(s): Guillermo Kozameh Bianco
O jogo do morto no corpo: introjeção e mortificação

Author(s): José Waldemar Thiesen Turna | Manoel Tosta Berlinck
Legal and Ethical Implications of GPS Vulnerabilities

Author(s): Muhammad Usman Iqbal | Samsung Lim
Genital self-mutilation in nonpsychotic heterosexual males: Case report of two cases

Author(s): Nerli Rajendra | Ravish Indupur | Amarkhed Shrishailesh | Manoranjan Ujjaini | Prabha Vikram | Koura Ashish
Auto-imagen y estabilidad emocional de homosexuales

Author(s): Joyce Jordan | Peter O. Peretti | Richard Bell
Depression And Guilt In Indian And North American Patients : A Comparative Study

Author(s): Ananth Jambur | Engelsman Frank | Ghadirian A.M | Wohl Marcy | Shamasundara Padmini | Narayanan H.S
Attrition in a Multi-Component Smoking Cessation Study for Females

Author(s): Leeman Robert | Quiles Zandra | Molinelli Laurence | Terwal Donna | Nordstrom Beth | Garvey Arthur | Kinnunen Taru
Caché and the Secret Image

Author(s): Kartik Nair
Moral emotions as determinants of third-party punishment

Author(s): Rob M. A. Nelissen | Marcel Zeelenberg
Investigation of risk factors for acute stress reaction following induced abortion

Author(s): Vukelić Jelka | Kapamadžija Aleksandra | Kondić Biljana
O homoerotismo masculino e o seu grupo familiar

Author(s): Jo o Jorge Raupp Gurgel | J lia S. N. F. Bucher Maluschke
Guilt and Time: My Enemies

Author(s): Jay Baruch
Traumatic sexuality after intrafamilial sexual abuse: a case report with compulsive sexual behaviour

Author(s): Yavuz Selvi | Pınar Güzel Özdemir | Abdullah Atli | Songül Gündoğdu Kıran
Prosecutor: parameter-free inference of gene function for prokaryotes using DNA microarray data, genomic context and multiple gene annotation sources

Author(s): Blom Evert | Breitling Rainer | Hofstede Klaas | Roerdink Jos | van Hijum Sacha | Kuipers Oscar
PlasmoDraft: a database of Plasmodium falciparum gene function predictions based on postgenomic data

Author(s): Bréhélin Laurent | Dufayard Jean-François | Gascuel Olivier
Basic and Social Emotion Recognition in Patients With Parkinson Disease

Author(s): Ana MARTINS | Angelica MURESAN | Mariline JUSTO | Claudia SIMÃO
Repercussões no contexto familiar de injúrias não-intencionais em crianças = The repercussion from unintentional injuries in children on the family context

Author(s): Luiza Jane Eyre de Souza Vieira | Kaline Lucena de Araújo | Rita Neuma Dantas Cavalcante de Abreu | Samira Valentim Gama Lira | Mirna Albuquerque Frota | Lorena Barbosa Ximenes
Differences between homicide and filicide offenders; results of a nationwide register-based case-control study

Author(s): Putkonen Hanna | Weizmann-Henelius Ghitta | Lindberg Nina | Eronen Markku | Häkkänen Helinä
Feelings expressed by women with hiv clinical unable to breastfeed

Author(s): Michelle Larissa Andrade Sousa | Rosália Teixeira de Araújo | Zenilda Nogueira Sales
Struck by lightning or slowly suffocating – gendered trajectories into depression

Author(s): Danielsson Ulla | Bengs Carita | Lehti Arja | Hammarström Anne | Johansson Eva
The characterization of traffic accidents involving children and adolescents admitted to a public tertiary hospital

Author(s): Márcia Maria Pinheiro Dantas | Anamaria Cavalcante e Silva | Paulo César de Almeida | Luilma Albuquerque Gurgel
The meaning of being a health professional and a smoker

Author(s): Maria Cristina Cescatto Bobroff | Júlia Trevisan Martins | Mara Lúcia Garanhani | Karoline Lovato
Program to encourage the process of attachment in children with developmental disorders pervasive through children’s massage

Author(s): Ana María Ruiz Galán | Mª del Carmen Pérez González | Susana Bravo Ferrón | Isabel Romero del Hombrebueno
Assessing functional annotation transfers with inter-species conserved coexpression: application to Plasmodium falciparum

Author(s): Bréhélin Laurent | Florent Isabelle | Gascuel Olivier | Maréchal Éric
General practitioners and the death of their patients

Author(s): Ladevèze M | Levasseur G
The strict liability principle in antidoping rules and the human rights of athletes: an approach critical

Author(s): R.C. Cunha | R.A. Nunes | G.S. Novaes | M.I. Knackfuss | H.F. Miranda | F.I. Cavalcanti
The Shadow of the Italian Colonial Experience: The Impact of Collective Emotions on Intentions to Help the Victims’ Descendants

Author(s): Silvia Mari | Luca Andrighetto | Alessandro Gabbiadini | Federica Durante | Chiara Volpato
Atoning for Colonial Injustices: Group-Based Shame and Guilt Motivate Support for Reparation

Author(s): Jesse A. Allpress | Fiona Kate Barlow | Rupert Brown | Winnifred R. Louis
Gelotophobia, personality and emotion ratings following emotion-inducing scenarios

Author(s): David Rawlings | Tsu Ann Tham | Jessica Milner Davis
Adolescent HIV/AIDS: Issues and challenges

Author(s): Naswa Smriti | Marfatia Y

Reproductive rights: Current issues of late abortion

Author(s): Mujović-Zornić Hajrija
Sexual dysfunction among Ghanaian men presenting with various medical conditions

Author(s): Amidu Nafiu | Owiredu William | Woode Eric | Appiah Roselyn | Quaye Lawrence | Gyasi-Sarpong Christian
Does follow-up in a specialized center influence symptom profile and severity of bipolar depression?

Author(s): Kürşat Altınbaş | Sinan Gülöksüz | Sera Yiğiter | Erhan Kurt | E. Timuçin Oral
Corpus callosum atrophy and psychosis: a case report

Author(s): Yasemin Görgülü | Serap Çakıcı Alparslan | Niyazi Uygur
Position of persons with mental disorders in penal law

Author(s): Mrvić-Petrović Nataša
The lived experiences of late-adolescent female suicide survivors: ‘A part of me died’

Author(s): Willem A. Hoffmann | Chris Myburgh | Marie Poggenpoel
Shame proneness, guilt proneness and psychopathology

Author(s): Fatma Gül Cirhinlioğlu | Gülden Güvenç
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
The Burden of Schizophrenia on Caregivers

Author(s): Hulya Arslantas | Filiz Adana
Intrapersonal Conflict Between Christianity And Homosexuality: The Personal Effects Faced By Gay Men And Lesbians

Author(s): Subhi, N | Mohamad, S. M | Sarnon, N., Nen | S., Hoesni, S. M. | Khadijah Alavi | Sheau Tsuey Chong
Personality Traits in Patients with Diagnoses of Panic Disorder

Author(s): H. Haghshenas | M. Mousavi Nasab | R. Farnam
Las emociones que suscita la violencia en televisión Emotions Elicited by Television Violence

Author(s): Concepción Fernández Villanueva | Juan Carlos Revilla Castro | Roberto Domínguez Bilbao
Predicting gene ontology from a global meta-analysis of 1-color microarray experiments

Author(s): Dozmorov Mikhail | Giles Cory | Wren Jonathan
"Effects of domestic violence on the mental health of married women in Tehran "

Author(s): Ahmadi B. | Alimohamadian M. | Golestan B. | Bagheri A. | Shojaeezadeh D
An Explanatory Model of Depression Among Female Patients in Fars, Kurds, Turks Ethnic Groups of Iran

Author(s): M Dejman | AS Forouzan | Sh Assari | H Malekafzali | Sh Nohesara | N Khatibzadeh | K Falahat | S Ekblad
The Nature of Guilt in Arthur Miller’s All my Sons

Author(s): Noorbakhsh Hooti | Saba Habibi
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